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Rose Water’s Skin Benefits Go Beyond Its Lovely Scent

The Biggest Rose Water Skincare Benefits

Imagine the soft embrace of jumping into a bed full of rose petals; their surface feels like the softest of skin. Now picture their essence enveloping your senses; their sweet perfume wafting in the air. So dreamy. Though beds full of roses can be hard to come by, you can still pamper yourself with this beautiful flower—and make your skin happy in the process, too. The secret: rose water.

Rose water benefits the skin in many ways. As such, rose water toner comes in a variety of forms, from the kind you sprinkle into your hands to rose water spray. Read on to learn all about what rose water toner is, what the best rose water benefits for skin are, and how you can enjoy a decadent rose water skincare routine of your own.

What Is Rose Water Toner?

Rose water toner, as the name suggests, is derived from roses. Rosa damascena, commonly known as the Damask rose, is one of the most important species of the Rosaceae family. Aside from being used as an ornamental plant, it's also an ingredient in the perfume, food, and, unsurprisingly, decorative industries. In the beauty world, it’s been used for centuries.

In skincare, rose water toner and rose water spray made from the Damask rose are used as natural toners to help soothe and calm the skin, as well as help its pH balance. Our new Kiehl’s Heritage Rosewater Toner does just that and more. Inspired by nature and Kiehl’s collection of rose water toners from the ‘60s, it contains both rose water essence and whole petals from Damask rose flowers—sustainably sourced from Turkey and handpicked from “the garden of the world.” The formula comforts your skin and helps maintain optimal moisture. It hydrates and balances your skin to make it feel smooth and petal-soft. Plus, it comes in a limited edition apothecary bottle, which you can sit back and admire as you bask in the rose water’s delicate aroma.

Are Roses Good For Your Skin

In addition to the soothing, calming, and balancing rose water benefits, this lovely scented ingredient is also good for your skin. Rose petals contain a variety of polyphenols, which are strong antioxidants that can help repair and protect your skin from environmental stressors, like UV rays and pollution. 

Does Rose Water Help Skin Glow?

Combine all of the above rose water benefits for skin and, yes, rose water can help give your visage a glowy aura. Reducing free radicals and discoloration, as well as helping to lock in moisture, can all contribute to healthy-looking skin with a lit-from-within glow.

Our Recommended Routine Featuring Rose Water

Toners and essences should generally be applied after cleansing and before any serums or moisturizer. Ahead, learn when to use a rose water toner or rose water spray in the following routine.

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