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Refresh your scent with fragrances, essence oils and aromatic body lotions.

Showing 6 products
Showing 6 products

Musk Eau de Toilette Spray

A classic Musk eau de toilette spray.

1.7 fl. oz. Spray

Original Musk Bath and Shower Liquid Body Cleanser

A luxurious Musk bath and shower gel.

8.4 fl. oz. Bottle

Original Musk Oil

Our signature Musk essence oil.

0.5 oz.

Original Musk Body Lotion

A luxurious and lightweight Musk body lotion.

8.4 fl. oz. Bottle

Musk Essence Oil with Roller Ball Applicator

A roll-on essence oil in our iconic Musk fragrance.



Kiehl’s Heritage Essence Oil

A 1920s-inspired essence oil featuring limited edition Heritage Collection packaging.

0.3 fl. oz.

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