Revive, replenish or calm skin with our aromatic blends of essential and botanical oils.

What is a facial oil?

Face oils are often formulated with botanical and herbal ingredients. At Kiehl’s, our facial oils are infused with distilled botanicals and herbal concentrates. These efficacious essential oils provide benefits to skin’s appearance while helping to seal in moisture.

When should you apply a facial oil?

Apply a face oil morning and night. If you are using a face serum and a face oil, apply the serum first. During the day, apply a face oil after cleansing, and a serum if you use one. After your oil, smooth on a moisturizer and sunscreen. At night, apply a facial oil after a face serum and before a moisturizer.

How do you use a facial oil?

After cleansing and toning skin and applying a facial serum, apply 2-3 drops of face oil into hands. Gently press fingertips to cheeks, forehead and chin to evenly distribute before massaging into skin. Facial oils can be worn alone or under a moisturizer.

Can I use face oil on oily skin?

While it may seem counterintuitive, you can use a face oil on oily skin. Face oils can help maintain skin balance, keep excess oil at a minimum and even help regulate oil production over time. Certain facial oils can treat skin oily and/or blemish-prone skin and visibly minimize the appearance of pores for a smoother appearance without clogging pores. If you’re concerned about clogging pores, look for non-comedogenic facial oils as well as more lightweight oils that absorb quickly into the skin, such as our calmative face oil for problem skin.

Do face oils clog pores?

Face oils, especially lightweight and non-comedogenic face oils can target your skin concerns without clogging pores. If you’re concerned about skin congestion, we recommend avoiding comedogenic facial oils including mineral oil and unfractionated coconut oil. Try our quickly absorbing, lightweight facial oils or our non-comedogenic facial oils to treat your skin, without clogging pores or congesting the skin.

What are the benefits of a non-comedogenic face oil?

Non-comedogenic skincare products have been specially formulated to avoid blocking pores. So, a non-comedogenic facial oil can treat the skin, without blocking pores and causing skin congestion that can lead to breakouts. If you’re concerned about clogging pores, a non-comedogenic facial oil is ideal for keeping skin decongested and healthy-looking. Discover the benefits of using a non-comedogenic face oil.

What is the difference between a face oil and a serum?

Both face oils and face serums tend to have a high concentration of active ingredients but serums are often lightweight formulas that penetrate skin easily while face oils tend to leave more residue on skin. Kiehl’s facial oils are formulated with botanical and herbal oils which help improve skin’s appearance while providing hydration.

Can a face oil replace moisturizer?

While facial oils replenish and smooth skin, your skincare routine can still benefit from the added hydration a moisturizer can offer, so it’s recommended that a face oil and a moisturizer are used together in a routine or as needed to keep your skin hydrated and healthy-looking.

Do you put face oil on before or after a moisturizer?

When applying a face oil and a moisturizer, products should be applied in terms of the weight of the formulas, going in order from lightest to heaviest. In most cases, a face oil will be applied before a moisturizer in your routine.

Which face oil is best for me?

Kiehl’s face oils are carefully formulated to moisturize skin and target specific skin concerns. While face oils help add moisture to dry skin types, facial oils can truly benefit all skin types – including oily skin. Find our best facial oil for you, whether you are using it in the morning or at night.

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Midnight Recovery Face Oil
A nighttime facial oil that visibly restores the appearance of skin.

Total: $50.00

Multiple Sizes
Customer Review Rating 4.7 of 5 1,604 reviews

Total: $27.00 - $125.00

Daily Reviving Concentrate
A daily lightweight facial oil that revitalizes and energizes skin.

Total: $75.00

Multiple Sizes
Customer Review Rating 4.3 of 5 294 reviews

Total: $50.00 - $75.00

Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate
A calmative, non-comedogenic face oil for problem skin.

Total: $50.00

1.0 fl.oz./ 30ml
Customer Review Rating 4.5 of 5 332 reviews

Total: $50.00


Whether your skin is dehydrated, irritated, or needs an added dose of skin-loving vitamins and botanicals, there’s a Kiehl’s face oil for you. What is a facial oil? They are a blend of skin-friendly oils that work as an emollient to seal moisture into the skin. At Kiehl’s, our face oils are infused with powerful active ingredients that can help with everything from minimizing the signs of tired-looking skin to soothing and re-balancing blemish-prone skin. Our bestselling Midnight Recovery Concentrate is a potent bedtime elixir that uses pure essential oils to visibly restore the appearance of skin by morning. Find your best face oil now.