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Boost Skin Hydration With These 8 Kiehl’s Favorites

No bathroom shelf is complete without a few hydrating skincare products. Here, discover 8 hydrating favorites from Kiehl’s.

Adequate skin hydration is crucial if you want to put your best face forward. Dehydration can plague anyone, regardless of your skin type, and can make skin appear dull and feel rough. While drinking enough water can help, we recommend keeping your skin well-hydrated with proper skincare. Products containing hydrating ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin, can help keep your skin looking plump, smooth, and radiant.

Thankfully, skin hydration is something Kiehl’s does well. Ahead, we’ll introduce you to our best hydrating skincare products and teach you how to use them. Keep reading to learn how to hydrate skin with eight of our favorite face and body care products.

1. Ultra Facial Cream with Squalane

If you’re looking to hydrate your skin (and keep it hydrated), a good moisturizer is a must. We recommend the cult-classic Ultra Facial Cream with Squalane, which—as the name suggests—contains squalane, as well as glycerin. The rich yet non-greasy formula absorbs quickly, providing both instant and long-lasting hydration. In one study, the lightweight moisturizer was shown to boost skin hydration by a whopping 132%.* With continued use, it also helps strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier. The formula is suitable for all skin types (even sensitive) and can be used morning and night for softer, smoother-looking skin over time.

*Based on stripped skin instrumental study.

2. Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream

For those who prefer oil-free products, we also offer an oil-free version of our classic moisturizer. Made for normal and oily skin types, Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream provides fast-absorbing, long-lasting hydration without leaving behind any weighty residue. In addition to its hydrating abilities, the water-based moisturizer helps control excess oiliness, leaving skin feeling balanced and fresh for up to 24 hours. Over time, it also helps visibly minimize the appearance of enlarged pores. As with the original, this moisturizer can be used morning and night for lasting hydration.

3. Hydro-Plumping Hydrating Serum

Moisturizer is a must, but for seriously-hydrated skin, we recommend adding a hydrating serum to your daily routine, too. Try Hydro-Plumping Hydrating Serum, which contains 15% glycerin and epidermal hydration filler. The unique serum deeply hydrates the skin, leaving it looking plumper, smoother, and more elastic. It’s dermatologist and ophthalmologist-tested for safety and suitable for use on sensitive skin (including around the delicate eye area). We recommend applying one pump to your face and neck after cleansing, then following it up with the moisturizer of your choice.

4. Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Mask

Generally speaking, skin dehydration occurs when your skin loses an excessive amount of water—among skincare professionals, this is known as transepidermal water loss. One way to help minimize water loss is by protecting your skin’s natural moisture barrier with moisturizing and hydrating products. Our Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Mask with 10.5% Squalane is great for this purpose. The intensively hydrating, balm-to-oil formula works to replenish the skin, stabilizing the skin’s natural moisture barrier and reducing overnight water loss. Consumer studies have found that the unique sleep mask provides deep hydration, improving the sensation of dryness and diminishing flakiness within two weeks.* Apply an even layer to dry skin three times per week before going to bed for more resilient, healthier-looking skin over time.

*Based on a consumer use study on 95 subjects after two weeks.

Kiehl’s Tip: Our hydrating face mask can also be used as a quick 15-minute treatment if you’re in a hurry: Just apply an even, visible layer of the creamy formula to clean skin, then tissue off the excess after 15 minutes. If desired, you can also use the mask as a cleansing balm for a gentle yet effective clean.

5. Ultra Facial Toner

Soothe, hydrate, and help cleanse your skin with Ultra Facial Toner. The gentle, alcohol-free formula is pH-balanced and infused with emollients—including squalane, avocado oil, and apricot kernel oil—to help comfort and hydrate the skin. Apply the toner with a clean cotton round or pat it directly onto your skin after washing your face, then follow with serum and moisturizer to help lock in hydration.

6. Avocado Eye Cream

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest on your entire body, which makes this area uniquely vulnerable to drying and dehydrating stressors. To help keep your eye area hydrated and healthy-looking, we recommend adding Avocado Eye Cream to your daily skincare routine. The creamy formula with avocado oil and shea butter provides long-lasting hydration and instantly improves the look of under-eye skin texture. It also helps brighten and de-puff tired-looking eyes with consistent use. Tap a small amount around your eyes in the morning and night as part of your regular skincare routine, or DIY an at-home eye mask by applying a thick layer of the avocado-hued formula and removing the excess after 10 minutes.

7. Buttermask For Lips

Like your eye area, the skin on your lips is thin, and as such, easily loses moisture (and licking your lips only makes it worse, as anyone who frequently battles chapped lips knows all too well). Keep your pout hydrated with Buttermask for Lips, which stars fairly-traded coconut oil and wild mango butter. The hydrating mask helps repair the lip moisture barrier while you sleep, revealing softer, smoother lips by morning. Apply a thick layer before going to bed and reapply throughout the day as needed for nourished-feeling lips.

8. Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter

Skin is skin—so it should come as no surprise that if your facial skin is prone to dehydration, your body skin may be, too. Keep the skin below your neck feeling soft and hydrated with Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter. The indulgent yet surprisingly lightweight formula absorbs quickly, offering skin-softening hydration that lasts for up to 24 hours. It’s suitable for all skin types, but if your skin is especially dry, consider pairing it with a body oil for added nourishment.

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