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What are Ampoules for Skin?

What are Ampoules for Skin?

Ampoules for skin are conveniently-packaged, concentrated serums intended to target skin concerns and help give your skin a boost. Facial ampoules contain a high concentration of active ingredients targeted to treat specific concerns including brightening, dullness, discoloration, dryness and hyperpigmentation. Whether you’re looking to correct dark spots, repair dry skin or treat acne, an ampoule program could help you see results.

What are Ampoules Used for?

Intended to address your unique skin concerns, you can turn to ampoules to help reveal your healthiest-looking skin. Ampoules are more highly concentrated than serums, so they can be a potent treatment to target concerns such as dark spots and discoloration, uneven skin tone and uneven skin texture.

What’s the Difference Between Ampoules and Serums?

A serum is a lightweight skincare product designed to address skin concerns by penetrating the surface layers of skin and deliver active ingredients to promote healthy skin. Ampoules for skin formulations are similar to serums in that they penetrate the surface skin layers, but they are more highly concentrated than serums and can therefore be more effective over a short period of time. Serums are great for daily use, whereas ampoules should only be used for short periods of time. Since ampoules are more highly concentrated than serums, they may show the desired results faster than using a facial serum alone. Ampoules are typically added into a skincare routine when you need to see more amplified results such as after a period of high stress, following sun damage or as your skincare needs change seasonally.

Can I Use Ampoules and Serums Together?

Facial ampoules are recommended to be used alongside serums, as they have been known to complement each other for a better skin outcome. To amplify a serum’s effectiveness, you can try using an ampoule treatment for the recommended time period for enhanced skin benefits.

When to Use Ampoules Ampoule programs vary, but typically, they’re intended for daily use over the course of a set number of days to see enhanced benefits from your typical routine. Designed to fit seamlessly into your current skincare routine, ampoules for skin are meant to be used after cleansing and toning and before applying another serum or moisturizer. Broad-spectrum sunscreen should be applied after a moisturizer step when using an ampoule, as they can increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun while in use.

How to Apply Ampoules

Ampoules for skin treatment are typically very clearly packaged so that you’re able to apply the correct amount morning and night. You may see ampoules in the form of blister packs or vials meant for individual use throughout a designated time period. Apply one dosage of the concentrated amount at a time to cleansed and toned skin morning and night or as directed before continuing with your skincare routine for optimal results.

How Often Can Ampoules be Used in a Skincare Routine?

Ampoules can be used whenever your skin needs a boost to combat dull skin and other specific skin concerns. Whether the seasons are changing, your skin is showing signs of stress or you’re needing to see results in a matter of days for an important occasion, such as a wedding, the potency of ampoules for skin treatment could be the jumpstart you need for healthier-looking skin.

Can Ampoules be Used Every Day?

Given their potency, ampoules are often meant to be used daily for a limited number of days, but if your skin is showing signs of improvement and is not irritated, you can use ampoules on a more long-term basis as needed. If following an ampoule program, you should continue with your typical routine of cleansing, toning and layering a serum and moisturizer without the addition of an ampoule once the treatment program has ended. You should also keep using sunscreen after an ampoule program, as the skin may have increased sensitivity to the sun for up to a week after the ampoule treatment has ended. Ampoule usage can be repeated seasonally, after a period of high stress or whenever you feel your skin needs a boost for enhanced skin brightness.

Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective™Accelerated Clarity Renewing Ampoules

Target dullness and uneven skin tone for enhanced clarity Our brightening ampoule treatment program is designed to be used morning and night consecutively for 14 days. Specifically formulated to target dullness and uneven skin tone through accelerated skin renewal, our ampoule treatment will help reveal a new level of skin clarity. Formulated for use alongside our Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, you’ll see more amplified results when using in tandem with our dark spot corrector targeted serum. In a clinical test, skin brightness increased 33% when using our ampoules and increased an additional 12%* when paired with our Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution.

14-day ampoule for skin treatment For 14 days, you’ll use a concentrated amount of our facial ampoule formula day and night to help accelerate the skin renewal process to enhance skin’s overall clarity and even skin tone. Our packaging is designed to deliver the correct controlled amount over a 14-day timespan and is packaged to keep our fragile blend of active ingredients stable and ready to deliver the optimal results to your skincare routine. Labeled for morning and night, our 14-day treatment is easy to follow along with so you can use as directed to get healthier-looking skin!

What makes our ampoules unique? Formulated with Activated C and a blend of skin-renewing acids, our water-light ampoule formula begins working immediately on application to penetrate the surface layers of the skin to renew skin for noticeably enhanced clarity. Our ampoule treatment is clinically demonstrated to improve radiance and clarity with consistent use for the duration of the 14-day program.*** A loss of radiance and clarity can be caused by a slower cell turnover rate, but our formula works to accelerate this process for a visibly more luminous complexion. Our program can be implemented into your skincare routine following sun damage, as the seasons change, after a period of high stress or whenever your skin could benefit from a targeted treatment most.

Expert Tip: “In my practice, I recommend ampoules to provide a boost to a skincare regimen for a specific period of time or to enhance the effect of in-office treatments. Ampoules contain high potency ingredients that can more rapidly treat specific skin concerns and are precisely packaged to deliver the optimal dosage.” – Dr. Megan O’Brien, Kiehl’s Consulting Dermatologist

*Results from a 2-week clinical test used twice a day **Based on immediate results for radiance when used with Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

***In a clinical test

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