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Best self-care beauty products


These 7 Skincare Products Make Self-Care Easier Than Ever

Practicing self-care has never been simpler, thanks to these easy-to-use skincare products.

We are firmly supportive of self-care. After all, in today’s crazy world, who couldn’t use a little more ‘me time,’ dedicated to making oneself feel good both inside and out? The only problem: Sometimes, the idea of self-care can actually make you feel more stressed out. How will you fit it into your busy schedule? What kinds of expensive things do you need to buy in order to have a self-care routine? Talk about having the opposite of the intended effect. Here’s a little secret: Self-care doesn’t have to be complicated.

Keep reading for a list of our favorite self-care beauty options, from best-selling classics to exciting new launches to body care staples. They’re all perfect for creating a quick and easy self-care moment that’s guaranteed to help you melt away stress, not cause more of it.

1. Epidermal Re-Texturizing Microdermabrasion

No time to hit the spa for a fancy microderm facial? No worries. This scrub relies on micronized shells to create an effect similar to a professionally administered microdermabrasion, effectively exfoliating the skin to leave it looking smoother (instantly), as well as minimize the look of discoloration and imperfections over time. It works equally well on your decolletage and hands as it does your face, so treat yourself to a treatment in all three areas.

Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter

Swap your standard body lotion for this rich body butter and we guarantee your daily moisturizing routine will feel that much more special and luxurious. Shea and jojoba butters impart tons of moisture, while the whipped formula still feels airy and cloud-like, rather than heavy or greasy. The subtly sweet scent is just the cherry on top of the self-care sundae.

3. Rare Earth Deep Pore Minimizing Cleansing Clay Mask

There’s arguably no beauty product that better exemplifies self-care than a mask. Apply this one for normal to oily skin types and put your feet up while the two types of clay in the formula (Amazonian White clay and bentonite clay) go to town, pulling out dirt, oil and impurities to detoxify your complexion and make pores appear smaller. Bonus: It works in just 10 minutes so it’s great if you’re short on time.

Kiehl’s Amino Acid Scalp Moisture-Restoring Treatment Mask

Masks aren’t just for your face. Hair masks can also be a great addition to your scalp care routine. This formula is ideal for those with a dry or sensitive scalp, loaded with moisturizing amino acids and coconut oil that deeply nourish — without weighing down your hair. Work it into your hair care routine once a week, applying it to your scalp and leaving it for three to five minutes, or for up to 15 for a more intense treatment experience.

5. Ultra Facial Toner

Forget everything you thought you knew about toners. This one is alcohol-free, nothing like the drying ones of your teenage days that left your skin feeling tight and stripped. Rather, this is the perfect extra (yet quick) step to add to your skincare routine, removing excess debris while also hydrating your complexion. It’s an easy way to feel like you’re doing a little bit more for your skin, but with minimal effort required.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Omega Rich Botanical Night Cream

Practicing self-care while you sleep? Yes, please. Apply this night cream before bedtime. Omega 3 and 6 oils plus fatty acids will leave your skin looking plumper, renewed, and more radiant come morning (even if eight hours of shut-eye are hard to come by). Not to mention that its lavender scent is incredibly relaxing in and of itself, and further ups the spa-like experience of using this moisturizer. And the whipped, cloud-like texture really ups the ante on the sensorial experience, you know, if you’re into pampering and things that feel luxe.

7. Midnight Recovery Concentrate Moisturizing Face Oil

A crowd-favorite best-seller, this face oil is a universal must-have for all skin types. It helps reduce fine lines, boosts radiance, and refines texture overnight — talk about getting your beauty sleep. It also contains lavender essential oil for that oh-so soothing fragrance that makes it perfect for a nighttime self-care moment.

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