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How To Treat and Avoid Forehead Wrinkles

Forehead wrinkles can sneak up on you. Ahead, learn what causes forehead wrinkles, how to reduce forehead wrinkles, and how to prevent them.

Tell us if this rings a bell: You’re getting ready for the day, doing your daily skincare routine, when, seemingly out of nowhere, you see them—forehead wrinkles. They’re not the kind that go away when you stop making facial expressions—you’re staring at yourself completely slack-jawed, and they’re still etched into your skin. Now, you’re consumed with thoughts on how to get rid of forehead wrinkles and doing a mental inventory of all the skincare products you know to find the best forehead wrinkle cream. If any of this sounds familiar, we’ve got you covered.

Today, we’re discussing everything you should know about forehead wrinkles, including what causes them, how to reduce forehead wrinkles, and how to prevent forehead wrinkles from forming in the first place. Read on for your Kiehl's guide to these types of wrinkles, as well as to discover some of our best forehead wrinkle creams and treatments.

What Causes Forehead Wrinkles?

Wrinkles, bothersome as their appearance may be, are a natural part of skin aging. They develop for a few reasons, such as that as you age, your skin loses its youthful elasticity. Your production of natural oils also slows down, leading to your skin looking drier and, hence, wrinklier. Fat under your skin diminishes, too, resulting in looser, saggier skin with more noticeable lines. This can technically happen anywhere on your body, but your face and neck are particularly susceptible.

Repetitive facial expressions, like raising your eyebrows or furrowing your brow, are also behind fine lines and forehead wrinkles. Every time your facial muscles move to make them, a groove forms beneath your skin. Eventually, these creases become permanent.

Though genetics can definitely be a factor when it comes to lines like forehead wrinkles, there are lifestyle causes, like dehydration, that can contribute, too. But, by far, the biggest cause of forehead wrinkles (and wrinkles in general) is sun damage. Ultraviolet radiation, which is emitted by the sun, breaks down your skin’s connective tissues, like collagen and elastin. This causes your skin to lose its strength and elasticity, resulting in premature sagging and wrinkling. The lesson: wearing sunscreen is a must.

Super Fluid Daily UV Defense SPF 50+

Super Fluid Daily UV Defense SPF 50+ is up for the job. This lightweight sunscreen with advanced UVA/UVB technology, as well as pollution protection, helps defend your skin against the sun. It won’t clog your pores and absorbs quickly to help shield your skin from early signs of aging. The formula is dermatologist-tested, safe for daily use, and suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

How To Improve The Look Of Forehead Wrinkles

Now that you know what causes them, it’s time to learn how to reduce forehead wrinkles’ appearance. While there is no magical skincare solution that will rid you of them for good, simple habits like moisturizing regularly and using products containing anti-aging ingredients, like retinol, can help make wrinkles appear less prominent. Keep reading to learn about our best forehead wrinkle creams and treatments.

Wrinkle-Fighter #1:

Hydro-Plumping Hydrating Serum

As noted above, proper hydration can help make wrinkles appear less noticeable. Give your skin the moisture it needs with Hydro-Plumping Hydrating Serum. This ophthalmologist- and dermatologist-tested serum helps visibly plump your skin to smooth the appearance of fine lines and uneven texture. It also provides intense hydration and encourages your skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid. Apply it after cleansing and before moisturizing day and night; it’s even safe enough to be used on your eye contours.

Wrinkle-Fighter #2:

Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Serum

There’s a reason for retinol’s holy-grail status amongst skincare buffs: the stuff works. You can reap the skin-renewing benefits of retinol, sans irritation, with Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Serum. This potent anti-aging serum targets deep wrinkles while minimizing the redness, peeling, and sensitivity that can sometimes occur with retinol usage. The ultra-effective formula is clinically-demonstrated to reduce lines and deeper wrinkles for visibly firmer, more refined skin over time.* It can even be used on sensitive areas, like the neck and delicate under-eye skin.

*Results based upon expert grading in a clinical test for subjects showing improvement after 12 weeks of use.

Wrinkle-Fighter #3:

Powerful-Strength Vitamin C Serum

You can address fine lines and dullness simultaneously with Powerful-Strength Vitamin C Serum. This potent, water-free serum with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid instantly boosts radiance while helping to improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles over time. With continued use, the concentrated serum helps firm aging skin and promotes a smooth, glowing appearance. The powerful formula is suitable for all skin types and can be used daily as part of your anti-aging skincare routine: Just smooth it on after cleansing and toning and allow the lightweight formula to absorb before applying your moisturizer (and SPF, of course).

Wrinkle-Fighter #4:

Midnight Recovery Concentrate Face Oil

Bolster your nighttime skincare routine with a moisturizing face oil, like Midnight Recovery Concentrate Face Oil. This luxurious formula, made with squalane, lavender essential oil, and evening primrose oil, works while you sleep to help visibly reduce fine lines and refine your skin’s texture. The lightweight oil absorbs easily and is suitable for all skin types (even oily skin). Apply a few drops to clean, dry skin before bed for more radiant, youthful-looking skin by morning.

Wrinkle-Fighter #5:

Super Multi-Corrective Anti-Aging Face & Neck Cream

To help target wrinkles on both your face and neck, try Super Multi-Corrective Anti-Aging Face & Neck Cream. The supercharged formula, which stars glycerin, phytomimetic vitamin A (a retinol alternative), and chaga mushroom, takes a multi-targeted approach to help address visible signs of aging. It’s fast-absorbing and clinically proven to visibly reduce wrinkles, even skin tone, and smooth skin texture in just four weeks. It’s also safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and comes in recyclable packaging.

Wrinkle-Fighter #6:

Powerful Wrinkle-Reducing Cream

Powerful-Wrinkle Reducing Cream is a must-have Kiehl’s moisturizer for visibly wrinkled skin. This potent formula with copper PCA and calcium PCA helps target wrinkles while refining your skin’s texture. It’s clinically-tested to help improve skin’s elasticity by 32% and can be used daily to help promote a smoother, more youthful appearance.*

*Skin elasticity significantly improved by 32% after four weeks. Tested on 50 women aged 35 to 55.

Wrinkle-Fighter #7:

Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Firming Mask

Five times a week, finish your nighttime skincare routine by applying Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Firming Mask. You’ll immediately feel the firming effect of this rich, velvety formula, which stars sustainably-sourced ginger leaf and hibiscus seed extract. The anti-aging mask helps visibly smooth and firm your skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines over time. Safe for all skin types, you’ll wake up with skin that feels silky and looks more youthful.

How To Prevent The Look Of Forehead Wrinkles

It should go without saying that the best way to manage forehead wrinkles is to not get them in the first place. Easier said than done, but there are a few things you can do. Keep these three tips top of mind as you go about your day.

1. Stay out of direct sunlight. We’ve already gone over how the sun’s harmful rays can wreak havoc on your skin and make it more wrinkle-prone. So, be proactive and limit the amount of time you spend in the sun, especially during midday. Also, wear protective clothing, like wide-brimmed hats and long-sleeved shirts—don’t forget your sunglasses either.

2. Apply sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! You probably guessed that this one was coming. We can’t stress the importance of wearing sunscreen, like the aforementioned Super Fluid Daily UV Defense SPF 50+, enough every day, all year long. You can also look for products with SPF built into them, such as Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream SPF 30. The SPF-loaded version of our Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream, it boasts all the same benefits with the added value of helping to protect your skin from the sun. Yet, don’t rely on it alone. You’ll still need sunscreen—and to reapply it at least every two hours.

3. Stay moisturized. Dry skin equals shriveled skin, which can accentuate forehead wrinkles. You can use some of the luxurious wrinkle creams and treatments we just covered or browse our other wrinkle products.

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