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The Best Ways To Part Your Hair


How To Part Hair: An Easy Tutorial, Plus 3 Chic Part Styles

If you’re changing or styling your hair part, this is your guide. With Kiehl’s, learn how to part

Your hair is an important part of you. Curly or straight, blonde or brunette, middle part or side part, the way you wear your hair can feel like a first impression to the world. This means making a change to your mane allows you to reinvent yourself as you please. And while it may take some effort to change your hair texture or switch your hair color, restyling your hair part is easy and quick to do. Read on to learn more about which hair part style fits you best and how to part hair.

What Are The Best Ways To Part Your Hair?

There are numerous options for your part, and here, we’re highlighting three we think you’ll love.

Middle part: In what feels like a nod to ’70s hair (everything old is new again), the middle part is currently one of the most trendy hairstyles for women. The concept is simple: Your hair is parted straight down the center of your head. Center parts are a classic style that’s easy to achieve—just make sure you’re equipped with a fine-toothed comb.

Side part: If your hair naturally falls to one side, wearing a side part style can be both flattering and chic. Of course, we aren’t talking about just shaking your hair out in the morning and letting your locks land where they may. You’ll still want to style your strands, choosing for your part to be as deep or close to the middle as you’d like. You may end up with a part that mimics your natural look (only a bit straighter, we’re sure), but you can also curate exactly how it sits. Your final look is really in your hands, but we will share this one tip: Creating a deeper side part offers a more dramatic look and gives your hair a boost of volume. Yes, please.

Zig-zag part: If you’re looking for something that can subtly make you stand out, the zig-zag part is exactly what you need. Another throwback trend, this hair part style is inspired by the ‘90s. You’ll rock a precise zig-zag through your hair—either down the middle or as a side part. We love this option for adding flair to your hair, and it can be a great choice if you’re in between root touch-up appointments, as it helps break up the harsh line of demarcation when your hair starts to grow out.

How To Choose The Most Flattering Part For Your Face

The part in your hair is completely up to you and your preferences. That said, there are some hair part styles that are extra flattering on certain face shapes.

If you have a round face, a middle part can help to elongate your face and compliment your features.

Those with a heart-shaped face can also benefit from wearing a middle part; the symmetry helps create balance.

For anyone with a square face shape, we recommend a deep side part to soften your shape. An extra-deep side part can offer an elongating effect as well.

Lastly, diamond face shapes are also well-suited to wearing a side part. It can pair well with the sharpness of your cheekbones (lucky you).

How To Part Your Hair

Now that you’ve learned about some popular hair parts and which styles best match your face shape, it’s time to put the information into practice.

1. Start With Clean Hair

We recommend trying a new part or restyling your current one when you have fresh hair. You’ll find it’s easier if your strands haven’t already dried and settled into their normal style. Wash your hair with Amino Acid Shampoo, which is formulated with coconut oil, amino acids, and hydrolyzed wheat protein. It works to cleanse and soften hair, plus add body, fullness, and volume to your locks.

Follow up the shampoo with Amino Acid Conditioner, made with amino acids, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. This formula for all hair types helps maintain your hair’s balance of moisture and leaves you with shiny, healthy-looking strands. It can also help strengthen your hair and improve its manageability, making parting your mane in different ways easier than ever. We suggest leaving the conditioner on for two minutes while you work on the rest of your shower routine, then rinse.

2. Combat Frizz With a Serum

After your shower, while your hair is still damp, apply Silk Groom Serum. Rub a few drops of the serum, which aims to tame frizz and protect against humidity without weighing down your mane, through your clean hair. The serum enriched with vitamin E, sesame oil, and sunflower oil can also help boost shine and leave your hair feeling silky smooth.

3. Use a Comb To Create Your Part

Your hair is clean and frizz-free; now, it’s time to get out your faithful comb. While a larger, wide-tooth comb will always be useful, we suggest using a fine-tooth or long-tail comb to get a neat part going. Use your regular wide-tooth comb to get out any knots, and make sure your hair is smooth, then switch to the small comb. The smaller teeth will be able to create a fine line for your part.

Here’s where you can pick out the part that suits you best: a middle part, side part, zig-zag part, or anything else that feels right. Once you’ve chosen, we have tips for getting the look.

Middle part: Starting at the top of your forehead, slowly draw the comb backward, splitting your hair right down the middle. It may take a couple of tries to get things perfectly centered, so don’t be afraid to give it a do-over if you aren’t happy with your first.

Side part: Use your comb to part your hair in the same way you’d create a center part. The only difference is, you’ll do it to one side of your head. If you’re new to wearing a side part, we suggest trying to part your hair on both sides and seeing which one you like best.

Zig-zag part: Use the tail of your comb to create your zig-zag part. This type of part takes a bit more time—you aren’t just pulling the comb backward—but it has major payoff. Starting at your hairline, pull the comb to one side, creating a sharp diagonal part. About an inch into the part, drag the comb in the opposite direction to create another part. Repeat this, going back and forth until you have a complete zig-zag. You can smooth out each section to create a sharp line or tease them for a messier, more volumized look.

While you can part dry hair, you’ll have the easiest time of it if you work while your strands are still damp. This gives you more control over where your hair sits. Once your part is in place, you can blow dry or air dry your hair. If you choose to blow dry, you may need to touch up your part afterward, but it should be a simple fix. You can also apply a few more drops of your hair serum to help control any flyaways or split ends.

4. Finish With a Styling Cream

Your part is set, and it’s time to seal the deal with some styling cream. Try Stylist Series Creative Wax Cream, a non-greasy cream formulated with silk powders and vitamin E. It controls and shapes your hairstyle while providing you with superior hold.

Is It Good To Change Your Hair Part?

Yes! Changing up your part is good for your hair and for you. Moving your part around can let your hair “breathe” or give it a break, as it won’t always lay in the same position. It also allows you to have fun embracing something new. Whether you’re trying a side part for a day or a middle part for a month, changing your part can be a fun way to mix up your hairstyling without making a major commitment.

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