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Your Guide To Getting a Kiehl's Facial

Beauty products aren’t the only thing you can get at Kiehl’s: We also offer various facials in-stores. Learn more about Kiehl’s services and treatments here.

The very first Kiehl’s storefront opened in Manhattan’s East Village in 1851. The original Kiehl’s was a small neighborhood pharmacy and apothecary focused on serving the local community. While we’ve long since outgrown our humble roots, we remain as committed to the community we serve as we did back when our doors first opened.

Part of the way in which we uphold that mission is by offering in-store skincare treatments to our customers. Here, we’ll explain how to get a facial treatment at your local Kiehl’s store and walk you through some of the types of treatments you can receive. You’ll also learn a little bit about the ways in which our experts can help you achieve your skincare goals. Keep reading for your introduction to Kiehl’s customer-favorite in-store services.

Complimentary In-Store Treatments

When customers ask, "Does Kiehl’s do facials?" we’re thrilled to tell them the answer is yes! We offer a 30-minute skin pro treatment complimentary with a $75 in-store purchase. The treatment can be booked in advance to ensure one of our skin pros is available when you arrive.

As for what to expect, every facial starts the same way: with a quick Healthy Skin Consultation in which our experts will analyze your skin and help determine what your primary skin concerns may be. Our skin pros use our Healthy Skin Analysis Tool to determine the strength of your skin barrier, as well as your skin’s hydration level. After conducting this assessment, your skin pro will work closely with you to choose a routine that best suits your needs. You will receive a full, sensorial product application using our latest innovation, the healthy skin activator wand.

The healthy skin activator wand is meant to boost the efficacy of our most beloved products. It has two faces: one large face for broader planes of the face, like the cheeks and forehead, and one small face for the orbital area. There are also three settings: warm, cool, and vibrate.

The warm setting increases product penetration into the skin barrier so key product ingredients can work immediately. The cool setting helps calm and refine your skin’s texture. This setting also boosts circulation, leaving your skin feeling lifted and firmed. Finally, the vibration setting stimulates blood flow, reduces puffiness and aids in lymphatic drainage.

Esthetician-Led Facials

If you’re lucky enough to visit our Flagship location in the East Village of Manhattan, we are proud to be introducing our esthetician-led facials. These services start at $105. At a base, each service includes a full healthy skin analysis, thorough cleanse, facial steam to prepare for targeted extractions, and a lymphatic facial massage. Every facial also comes with a full application of personalized product recommendations.

Two of our most luxe esthetician-led facials are "The Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Facial" and "The Super Multi-Corrective Anti-Aging Facial". The Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Facial focuses on clearing congested and exaggerated pores while saying goodbye to excess shine. It includes a galvanic treatment to break up congestion, a high-frequency treatment to help oxygenate the skin, and an oil-controlling mask.

The Super Multi-Corrective Anti-Aging Facial addresses brightness, firmness, and volume, all while reducing the look of lines and wrinkles. It includes a hydrating cleanse with light exfoliation, a firming mask followed by a galvanic treatment, and a calming hand massage.

What To Expect After Your Kiehl’s Skincare Treatment

After your service, you’ll be left with pampered-feeling skin. Post-treatment, we suggest asking your facialist to demonstrate the various techniques they employed for your treatment, so you can incorporate them into your at-home skincare routine. They’ll also give you the full run-down on all the products used during your skincare treatment, plus any tips that may come in handy when using them. Be sure to let your skincare expert know if you have any questions regarding at-home maintenance: We’re happy to share our expert knowledge to help you keep your skin looking and feeling its best between in-store treatments.

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