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Why You Need To Start Using Neck Cream

It’s never too early to start using an anti-aging neck cream. Ahead, learn what a neck cream is, why you need it, and how to incorporate one into your routine.

As children, we’re blessed with plump, resilient skin. As we age, however, the proteins responsible for those characteristics begin to degrade. Eventually, you’ll begin to notice fine lines, and later, deeper wrinkles. This is especially true when it comes to the thin skin on the neck. Because skin on the neck is so delicate, it’s uniquely vulnerable to age-related concerns like fine lines and sagging skin. Despite this, the neck is often overlooked when it comes to skincare.

That’s where neck creams come in. They’re anti-aging moisturizers , but for your neck—and if you’re not using one yet, you should be. Ahead, we’ll tell you why and provide recommendations for the best neck creams to add to your skincare routine for smooth, healthy-looking skin. Keep reading for everything you need to know about adding an anti-aging neck cream to your skincare routine.

What Is Neck Cream?

A neck cream is a cream specifically designed for use on the neck, jawline, and upper chest. Neck creams are typically formulated to help reduce the visible signs of aging. The best neck creams will also hydrate and protect the skin from environmental aggressors, like UV radiation and pollution. The goal of most neck creams, ultimately, is to achieve smoother, firmer, healthy-looking skin.

Why Do I Need a Different Cream For My Neck?

The skin on your neck is very different from facial skin—or, for that matter, the rest of your body. Your face has a high density of pores that secrete sebum to keep it looking plump and feeling moisturized. The neck, by contrast, has far fewer pores and is therefore much drier than the face. Neck skin is also thin, without much underlying fat or muscle. As a result, signs of skin aging—including fine lines and wrinkles—tend to appear much more prominently on the neck.

In addition to the natural progression of skin aging, several external factors can influence the appearance of skin on the neck. One of the most significant ones is technology. In recent years, thanks to the rise in usage of smartphones and tablets, a theory referred to as “tech neck” (or sometimes “text neck”) has emerged. This concept suggests that fine lines and wrinkles on the neck may be caused, at least in part, by bending your head down to look at your phone or other devices.

In addition to natural dryness, age-related collagen depletion can make neck wrinkles appear more prominent. Collagen is one of two proteins that give skin its elasticity. Without sufficient collagen production, skin isn’t able to “bounce back” or revert to its natural shape as effectively after repetitive movements. So, when you’re staring down at your phone or a tablet all day, the horizontal creases that appear on your neck naturally will eventually become permanent fine lines and wrinkles. Unsurprisingly, research indicates that the number of people with these horizontal wrinkles is on the rise, and it’s occurring more often in younger people.

Our Best Neck-Firming Creams For Your Anti-Aging Routine

While some reduction in skin elasticity is a natural part of getting older, a proper skincare routine can help slow the process of skin aging caused by external forces. Read on to discover our best neck creams to add to your daily skincare routine.

For Correcting Existing Concerns:

Super Multi-Corrective Anti-Aging Face and Neck Cream

To improve the texture and appearance of neck skin, we recommend an anti-aging neck cream, such as Super Multi-Corrective Anti-Aging Face and Neck Cream. This face- and neck-firming cream features a powerful blend of hyaluronic acid, phytomimetic vitamin A, and antioxidant-rich chaga mushroom. Together, these potent, naturally-derived ingredients are clinically-demonstrated to visibly reduce wrinkles, firm skin, refine texture, and boost elasticity after just four weeks of continuous use.* This effective, lightweight moisturizer is suitable for all skin types and gentle enough to be used on the face and neck daily.

*Based on a 12-week consumer use study with a panel of 53 women. Individual results may vary

For Preventing Future Wrinkles:

Super Fluid Daily UV Defense 50+

You can also combat the development of fine lines and wrinkles on the neck by using a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day. We know—you’ve heard this before. But UV radiation is one of the primary external causes of premature skin aging. Studies show that exposure to UVA and UVB rays can significantly slow the body’s production of collagen and elastin, ultimately causing skin to sag and lose elasticity.

To help keep skin protected against this damage, reach for a broad-spectrum sunscreen, like Super Fluid Daily UV Defense 50+. This lightweight facial sunscreen is formulated with vitamin E to help protect skin against environmental stressors, like pollution. The formula is also non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores, and absorbs quickly for an invisible, matte finish, making it ideal for those with darker complexions.

How To Apply Neck Cream

Whether you’re using a hydrating moisturizer or a targeted neck-tightening cream, the application process will be the same (though, you should always read the instructions on the packaging, just in case). According to Kiehl’s consulting esthetician, Shamara Bondaroff, you’ll reap the most benefits if you massage the formula onto your neck, rather than lightly pat it on as you would a serum or oil. She explains, “The reason why it’s important to take the time to massage your creams in is [because] you want the blood flow to come around [and enhance] product penetration.”

After cleansing and using your chosen toner and serum, apply a nickel-sized amount of your moisturizer to your neck, starting right where your collarbones meet. Working upwards, Bondaroff advises massaging the cream in “with your knuckles, gently—[with] enough firmness to feel the flow of your blood and lymph fluids, but gently enough that you don’t hurt yourself.” This massage and stretching technique, she explains, “will help with tech neck [and] jowls” for firmer-looking skin.

Be sure to massage the cream over your entire neck, as well as under your chin and along your jawline for best results. If it’s a face and neck cream, you can continue massaging the treatment upward over your cheekbones, nose, and forehead. Top with a broad-spectrum sunscreen, if your chosen formula doesn’t have SPF in it.

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