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Wake Up Your Skin With These Morning Moisturizers

A good night’s sleep is essential to healthy skin, but it’s a lot harder than it sounds to get the necessary shut eye required to send your body into repair mode. Unfortunately, if you don’t get in the hours, your skin isn’t able to go into repair mode, working to undo the damage it’s been subjected to throughout the day. That means you’ll still roll out of bed in the morning with dull skin, dryness, and puffiness.

More troubling, though, is the potential for long-term cumulative damage. When skin can’t repair free radical attacks and moisture loss, it begins to add up, making it harder and harder for skin to bounce back to its optimal health. Collagen production slows down, the moisture barrier is weakened, dead skin cells accumulate, and suddenly you’re dealing with fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and sagging skin a lot sooner than anticipated.

If you constantly struggle with sleep, you need to give your skin a helping hand by finding the best morning moisturizer. What exactly is a morning moisturizer? It’s a skin cream, serum, or lotion that’s made to jumpstart the skin by providing long-lasting hydration, instant brightening, a smoothing effect, and a circulation boost. They provide both short-term and long-term benefits, helping your skin look healthy and vibrant regardless of how much sleep you actually got the night before. And, of course, many morning moisturizers also have SPF built into their formulas to help protect against UV damage.

Not sure which moisturizers are best for a skin wake-up call? Check out our list to find the best morning moisturizer for your skin.

Best For Daily Hydration: Ultra Facial Cream Spf 30

Non-greasy and balancing, this 24-hour hydrator leaved skin comfortable and moisturized, plus defends skin against UVA and UVB rays with SPF 30. Extracts of Fountain Plant and Glacial Glycoprotein help deeply hydrate and protect against moisture loss, as well as improve skin barrier function.

Best For Anti-Aging Concerns: Super Multi-Corrective Cream Spf 30

This does-it-all moisturizer is packed with anti-aging benefits that visibly lifts, smooths, firms, and moisturizes your skin. Skin-hydrating Fragmented Hyaluronic Acid provides an instant plumping effect to create a healthy appearance and draw moisture into the skin. Jasmonic Acid and Beech Tree Extract improve elasticity and firmness. And, of course, SPF helps protect from UV damage.

Best For Men’s Skin: Facial Fuel Spf 20

Infused with Caffeine, consider this men’s hydrator a morning cup of coffee for your skin. Known for its stimulating properties, Caffeine energizes the skin and helps combat dullness, while Vitamin C & Vitamin E provide free-radical neutralizing powers. A non-oily texture and revitalizing effect make this an essential everyday moisturizer.

When you can’t get a good night’s sleep, having one of these morning moisturizers in your bathroom cabinet is the next best thing. Well, that and a giant mug of coffee.

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