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Here at Kiehl’s, we believe the best holiday gifts are the most personal, and there are few things more personal than beauty and grooming products. Every year, we release a selection of holiday-exclusive gift sets and help point you in the direction of Kiehl’s staples that make perfect presents, all in an effort to simplify the process of picking out the best gifts for women. Each set is carefully curated to target specific complexion concerns, such as dryness and dullness. Plus, they are priced specially for the season of giving, with deluxe skincare and body care buys discounted up to 50 percent.

This year, we’ve teamed up with French artist Maite Franchi to create our holiday gift sets and packaging. Franchi took inspiration from the original Kiehl’s apothecary in Manhattan to design the vibrant holiday sets. The limited-edition gift boxes feature playful illustrations of iconic NYC sights to capture the festive spirit of the season. And for the first time, our holiday gift boxes are 100% recyclable to help promote a cleaner, greener world.

Of course, when it comes to gifts, it’s what’s on the inside that tends to spark a purchase. We’ve compiled a holiday gift guide with gift ideas for women, from limited-edition face mask sets to year-round bundles. Ahead, check out our best Christmas and holiday gifts for women, all available at Kiehl’s this holiday season.

For The Woman Who Raised You: Power-Packed Essentials

Inside Power-Packed Essentials ($99, $148 value), you’ll find our most powerful anti-aging products in one convenient, super-portable set that stars our new Super Multi-Corrective Anti-Aging Face and Neck Cream. This creamy formula features hyaluronic acid to help improve skin texture and visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The three-piece kit also includes Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate and Powerful Strength Dark Circle Reducing Vitamin C Serum. These two potent, antioxidant-packed formulas work together to help minimize hyperpigmentation and boost radiance for a younger-looking complexion.


For The Friend On-the-Go: Ultra Hydrators

She’s a staple in your life, and these products should be a staple in hers. Help her keep her complexion feeling healthy and hydrated with Ultra Hydrators ($30, $47 value). This travel-friendly set features our best-selling cocoa butter-infused Creme de Corps body cream to combat dry skin below the neck. The classic Ultra Facial Cleanser and Ultra Facial Cream, which contain hydrating squalane to promote a radiant complexion above the neck, also make an appearance. Finally, Ultimate Strength Hand Salve with avocado oil, eucalyptus oil, and sesame seed oil is a must-have for rough, dry hands.


For The Hardest Worker You Know: Brighten Up & Glow

If she’s all work and no play, help her get the glow she deserves with Brighten Up & Glow ($99, $132 value), a holiday-exclusive set formulated to boost radiance. This gift set puts the spotlight on Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution , an efficacious serum designed to reduce dark spots for a healthy-looking complexion. The four-piece kit also features the classic Ultra Facial Cleanser and Ultra Facial Cream duo. Last but not least, the hydrating Avocado Eye Cream minimizes puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles under the eyes for a more youthful appearance.


For The Self-Care Devotee: Merry Masking

She’s known to love pampering herself with a spa night in and regularly participates in self-care Sunday. So gift her Merry Masking ($40, $61 value), a trio of our top-rated nature-inspired face masks. Each of the three sized-to-try masks is designed to target a different complexion concern. For dullness, there’s Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Mask, which boosts brightness and promotes a healthy-looking glow. If she suffers from blackheads or oily skin, Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask helps to clear congestion for a blemish-free face. Finally, the creamy Avocado Nourishing Hydration Mask softens and replenishes dehydrated complexions. She can use them separately or multi-mask to conquer all of her skincare concerns simultaneously.


For The Selfless Friend: Facial Favorites For All

Gift Facial Favorites for All ($49, $71 value) to the woman who always goes the extra mile to help others. This special-edition set features best-sellers from our Rare Earth and Calendula collections to help her achieve a glowy, clear, and radiant complexion. All profits from the sale of this set (up to $100,000) will be donated to Feeding America, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending hunger nationwide. For every dollar donated, Feeding America will donate up to ten meals to those in need—meaning the sale of just one of these skin-smoothing sets can provide food for up to 490 hungry people. She’ll enjoy the skincare products, but more so, she’ll love knowing her gift helps the less fortunate. It’s one of our favorite gift ideas for women this year.


For The Makeup Expert: Kiss Me With Kiehl’s

We all know and admire a friend who wears lipstick every day. Help her pamper and prep her pout with Kiss Me With Kiehl’s ($25, $30 value), a holiday gift set starring our iconic Lip Balm #1, a Kiehl’s best-seller for nearly 60 years. This three-piece set features the original unscented balm, plus one cranberry-flavored version and another scented with mint. All three are infused with hydrating ingredients, including lanolin and vitamin E, for smooth and pillowy-soft lips.


For The Multitasker: Midnight Recovery Concentrate

If she’s not one for idle hands, she’ll probably appreciate receiving Midnight Recovery Concentrate ($52) in her holiday gift bag. This luxe facial oil is formulated specifically to work with the body’s circadian rhythm to repair skin overnight. It contains hydrating olive-derived squalane and soothing lavender essential oil to help her relax for a more restful night’s sleep. The effective formula absorbs quickly and delivers visible results—we suspect that’s why it’s the #1 best-selling facial oil in our catalog.


For The Exercise Enthusiast: Creme de Corps

Frequent exercise necessitates taking a lot of showers, which can dry out the skin. Treat your cardio-crazy pal to Creme de Corps ($30) to help her keep her body moisturized, despite her extracurricular activities. This Kiehl’s staple features super-hydrating ingredients, including shea butter, squalane, and beta carotene, for 24-hour hydration without a heavy or greasy feel.


For The Nature Lover: Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution Duo

Even if you’re vigilant about wearing sunscreen, excessive sun exposure can (and will) cause visible skin damage, which can appear in the form of sunspots, freckles, crow’s feet, or a standard sunburn. While you can’t completely repair these types of skin injuries, Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution ($56) can help to minimize their appearance. This potent serum is packed with activated C and clarifying white birch extract that work in tandem to help fade hyperpigmentation for a healthier-looking complexion. Gift it to the woman who spends her summers on the beach (and remind her of the importance of wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day).

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