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This Is Our Best Eye Cream to Wear Under Your Makeup

Our best eye cream for under makeup can make all the difference in how under-eye makeup applies and looks. Here, we share our best formula to layer with makeup.

Makeup and skincare are more closely related than you might think. Use the wrong skincare products underneath your makeup, and your dreams of a flawless face look go out the window. Case in point: the world of difference it makes when you use our best eye cream for under makeup. Avocado Eye Cream is a Kiehl’s best-seller that’s clinically demonstrated to de-puff,* which makes it a skincare essential, but it’s just as worthy of a spot in your makeup routine. Below, we’re breaking down everything you should know about partnering your eye cream with your under-eye makeup, including why moisturizing your under-eyes is important and our tips for doing exactly that.

*Results based upon expert grading evaluated with product in a 4-week clinical test.

Can You Wear Eye Cream Under Makeup?

We already started to answer this question, but not only can you wear eye cream under makeup—you should. Of course, it all comes down to using the right product. It’s true that the wrong eye cream can spell disaster for your concealer and under-eye eyeliner. A formula that tends to migrate may cause your makeup to move around, too. Since creased concealer is never the goal, we love that Avocado Eye Cream has a uniquely-concentrated formula (with avocado oil, beta-carotene, and shea butter) that doesn’t migrate; this also prevents it from getting into your eyes.

As for the pros of using eye cream under makeup, they’re numerous. You can use all of the best makeup for under eyes, but without the right eye cream, those products just won’t work as they should. Avocado Eye Cream provides all-day hydration, and keeping your under-eye area moisturized is key if you don’t want the face makeup you layer on top to cling to dry patches and settle into fine lines.

Our popular eye cream also has been demonstrated to brighten the skin under your eyes.* This means your concealer has to do less heavy lifting to make your eye area look more awake and healthy. Further, the formula immediately improves under eye texture, so your eye cream can act as a primer for your makeup, giving you a smooth canvas to work with.

Kiehl’s Expert Tip: Not many people think to layer their eye treatments and creams, but you absolutely can. If you’re looking for a targeted treatment that can really help minimize the appearance of dark circles, use Powerful-Strength Dark Circle Reducing Vitamin C Eye Serum underneath Avocado Eye Cream. Not only does this formula help decrease the appearance of dark circles, but it also visibly improves puffiness, lines, and crow’s feet. The lightweight eye serum is formulated with 10% pure vitamin C, tri-peptide, and hyaluronic acid and also warms upon application to help it absorb, which makes it perfect for layering.

A person dipping their fingers into Kiehl's Avocado Eye Cream.

How To Use Avocado Eye Cream Under Your Makeup

Applying our eye cream for under makeup isn’t so different from using an eye cream or serum in any other situation. There are simple steps you can follow to smooth on the formula and elevate your makeup routine in the process.

1. Start with clean skin.

Almost every beauty routine starts with a clean complexion, and this is no exception. You’ll want to apply your eye cream to freshly cleansed skin. This means you can’t put on your concealer then backtrack to add eye cream. To get things right from the beginning, wash your face and use makeup remover, ensuring none of yesterday’s makeup is left behind.

2. Dab on your eye cream.

If you’re layering Powerful-Strength Dark Circle Reducing Vitamin C Eye Serum underneath Avocado Eye Cream, gently pat and smooth the formula onto the skin under your eyes. Give it a moment to absorb, then proceed with applying your second cream.

Use your ring finger to pick up half a pea-sized amount of Avocado Eye Cream. Rub it between your fingers, then tap it onto your eye area. Be ever so gentle when you do this, and make sure not to pull at your skin.

3. Pat it in.

Now, you should have little dots of eye cream beneath your eyes. Use the pad of your finger to pat the product until it absorbs. This may take a minute, but it’s super gentle on your eye area, which is why it’s our recommendation over rubbing the formula onto your skin.

4. Follow with under-eye makeup.

Your makeup comes next. Apply your foundation, concealer, and powder and observe the difference in how it goes on, not to mention in the finished product.

5. Wash it all away at the end of the day.

Taking off your makeup before bed is non-negotiable. Beyond the fact that sleeping with it on is not particularly pleasant, leaving your makeup on overnight isn’t good for your complexion either. End your day on the right note with Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil. This lightweight cleansing oil stars a blend of botanical oils and squalane for a formula that removes impurities without over-drying your skin. It dissolves not just dirt and oil but also hard to remove makeup.

Once your makeup is off, you can apply Avocado Eye Cream for your nightly dose of hydration. Think of this eye cream as the bookends for your day; it offers morning moisture and nighttime replenishment.

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