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How To Use Skincare Tools

How To Use Skincare Tools

At Kiehl’s, we believe a skincare routine doesn’t have to be a chore. Taking the time to care for your skin is also a great way to cultivate a self-care ritual for yourself. Whether it’s a weekly face mask or taking a little extra time to massage in your hand cream these little steps can have an impact on both your skin and potentially help calm your mood. One easy way to add a bit of pampering to your daily routine is by incorporating skincare tools.

Jade rollers, gua sha stones, and metal eye-rollers are just a few of the common tools that can be used alongside your favorite Kiehl’s products. Most commonly found in aestheticians’ treatment rooms, they function as a form of facial massage and as a way to help boost product efficacy for more noticeable results. Recently, these tools have been making their way into the mainstream as part of at-home skincare routines.

Chances are good you’ve at least seen one of these tools, but might not have known what it is or what it can do. To help you better understand how they can be incorporated into an everyday regimen, we’ve put together this guide to skincare tools. Keep reading to learn how to use skincare rollers and gua sha stones, plus the best Kiehl’s products they work best with.


A facial roller is a handheld massaging tool that usually has two ends — one larger and one smaller — made of stone. Each circular head has a rolling action that helps it perform lymphatic massage, it can also help relieve muscle tension in the face and from headaches when rolled over the temples. The two most common types of facial rollers are jade and rose quartz. Continue reading below to see what their respective benefits are.


Jade rollers have been used for centuries in Chinese culture, purportedly boosting circulation and reducing swelling by helping remove any excess fluid. Jade rollers were said to be part of the beauty routine of emperors. To use, cleanse skin and then apply a generous layer of facial oil or serum. You want to avoid pulling or tugging on the skin, so applying a moisturizing formula will provide slip and allow the roller to glide over the skin.


This tool helps to reduce facial puffiness and promote lymphatic drainage. The rose quartz stone has a cooling and soothing sensation to the skin and is known for its calming properties and encouragement of self-love. Begin your self-care ritual by first cleansing the skin then applying your favorite facial oil or serum. Gently glide your rose quartz roller over the contours of your face to improve circulation and massage skin.

How To Use:

Using the large stone, start at the base of the neck and roll upwards to the underside of the chin. Then, roll in an upwards and outwards motion from the center of the face, rolling each section three times. Move across the forehead, from the center towards your ears. Using the small stone, work in between the eyes, around the orbital bone, and down the center of the nose. Don’t forget to clean your tools after every use! To sanitize, spritz with alcohol and wipe clean.

Kiehl’s Product Pick: Daily Reviving Concentrate & Midnight Recovery Concentrate

For a morning boost, the Daily Reviving Face Oil paired with a facial rolling session can help refresh and revive a sleepy, puffy complexion. The daily lightweight facial oil features a revitalizing blend of Ginger Root, Tamanu, and Sunflower Oils to help correct the visible appearance of skin fatigue. In the evening, soothe tired skin and release muscle tension with our Midnight Recovery Face Oil. A replenishing elixir of pure essential oils and distilled botanicals, which helps visibly reduce fine lines, refine skin’s texture, and boost radiance in just one night.


These flat stones can be made from a few different types of crystals, but the two most common are rose quartz and jade. They can also come in a variety of shapes that range from butterflies to crescents to simple rectangles. Gua sha stones work similarly to jade rollers in that they are a form of facial massage. But, instead of rolling, you are gliding and sweeping the tool over the face. Experts say gua sha can also help visibly lift, firm, and slim the appearance of your face in addition to de-puffing and reviving dull skin. It’s also helpful to temporarily contour the jawline and smooth the neck.

How To Use:

Gua sha stones are very versatile in that the results will differ depending on which edge you use, the direction you go, and how much pressure you apply. While it’s best to watch a professional to help hone your technique (our Kiehl’s Customer Representatives can show you how in store). In general, the same movements you would use for a jade roller are applicable here. Simply angle the stone at a 45-degree angle, then stroke upwards and outwards in the direction of the perimeter of your face. Again, be sure to cleanse your skin first and apply a generous amount of face oil or moisturizer before you begin the massage.

Kiehl’s Product Pick: Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate

Our Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate is a calmative, non-comedogenic oil that is safe for problem skin and has anti-inflammatory properties that make it a great companion to your gua sha treatment. With hemp-derived Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, it can help re-balance skin hydration and calm the feeling of stressed skin.


Think of this little metal orb as a much more user-friendly and ergonomic version of the old “cold spoons on the eyelids” trick. The round metal orb has smooth sides that make it ideal for gliding gently over the eye area with tugging or pulling on delicate skin. A quick session with this tool can help drain the excess fluid that causes puffiness and jumpstart a sluggish circulation to help reduce the appearance of dark circles.

How To Use:

This tool is very simple and intuitive to use. After cleansing skin, apply a moisturizing eye cream, then take the eye roller and place it under the eye, starting at the inner corner. Gently sweep in an outwards motion, making sure not to press too hard. Repeat this action for a few minutes, or until your eyes look sufficiently de-puffed and revitalized. Since it’s made of metal, the tool will feel cold and refreshing on the skin, but for an added de-puffing and eye-brightening boost, stick it in the fridge for a few minutes to make it extra chilly.

Kiehl’s Product Pick: Avocado Eye Cream

Our bestselling Avocado Eye Cream has a rich texture and moisturizing ingredients that pair nicely with a metal eye roller. Its creamy preparation with Avocado Oil has a concentrated texture that won’t migrate into the eyes as it gently hydrates dry skin.

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