Should you be using a body butter or body lotion?

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Chances are you put a lot more thought into the products you apply on your face than you do the ones you put on your body. A lotion is a lotion is a lotion, right? Not quite: Just like facial skin, your body needs products that can provide different intensities of hydration since your body skin can be susceptible (sometimes more so) to issues like extreme dryness, breakouts, and sensitivity. So, choosing the right hydrator for your skin is key.

While the most popular type of body moisturizer is technically body lotion, there are a few more options you should consider. Body butter, for instance. Body butters are usually thicker in consistency and feature an array of exceptional skin moisturizing ingredients that can help to target dry areas and go to work re-hydrating and reinforcing skin barriers.

If you’re not familiar with body butter, we think it’s high time to remedy that. Ahead, here are four reasons a body butter might be right for you.

Your Skin Is Always Dry

There’s dry skin and then there’s dry skin. If your skin feels rough and scaly, has visible dry patches, or is constantly itchy, chances are good that you’ve got it. Dry skin happens when your sebaceous cells (located in the dermis layer) do not produce enough sebum. If you’re someone who struggles with acne, you know that too much sebum can cause pimples. However, not enough of it means your skin can’t adequately keep itself, for lack of a better word, lubricated. Without adequate levels of sebum, the skin barrier is compromised and unable to defend skin’s surface from environmental aggressors that can damage skin or retain moisture.

You Skin Is Dehydrated

Dehydrated skin, however, happens when the body isn’t getting enough water. This can be due to factors such as your air conditioner, your diet, to even your sleep habits, and it can happen to anyone, not just dry skin types. You know your skin is dehydrated if it feels tight and appears dull.

You Shower Daily

Showers aren’t the most skin-friendly habits, unfortunately, based on the fact that most of us spend way too much time in them with water that’s a lot hotter than it should be. All that heat and water actually does the opposite of hydrating — it strips the skin of its natural sebum, which can result in dehydration or exacerbate dry skin types.

You’re Outdoors Regularly

Too much sun, wind, cold, and even pollution can all contribute to skin dryness and dehydration. That’s because these are all things that can weaken or damage the skin barrier. When the skin’s barrier is compromised, it lacks the ability to adequately retain moisture and is more susceptible to irritation and sensitivity.

Why Body Butter?

Think of lotion like a daily maintenance moisturizer, and body butter like an intensive treatment cream. Our Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter is our unique take on these high-impact hydrators. It keeps the same non-greasy feel that our original Creme de Corps Lotion is famous for, but features a mix of ingredients and extracts to hydrate skin completely. Honey, a popular humectant, pulls water from the environment into the skin. Meanwhile, emollient Shea and Jojoba Butters are known to hydrate and soften the surface of the skin. The formula nourishes skin and minimizes the look and feel of dry skin. Smooth the luxurious whipped texture on damp skin after a shower, or whenever your body is feeling a bit parched.

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