Skin Tone & Texture

Skin Tone & Texture

Smooth and Even Your Skin
With Unique Formulations

What causes uneven skin tone?

A wide range of factors can contribute to an uneven skin tone. Exposure to the sun and pollution and other past damage to skin can cause dark spots, post-acne marks or an overall uneven skin tone. If you have visible redness, your skin may also look uneven and unbalanced.

What are the best products to help even skin tone?

If your skin tone is uneven, look for formulas that can help exfoliate and brighten skin. Start your routine with a facial scrub to effectively exfoliate and help smooth skin’s texture. When cleansing, avoid excessively scrubbing the skin which may cause skin to become irritated. During the day, defend skin with a sunscreen to help prevent new discolorations from forming. If you have persistent dark spots and discolorations, treat them with a dark spot corrector to help visibly improve skin clarity.

How to treat uneven skin tone?

Uneven skin tone? We’ve got you covered! Watch to learn how to get rid of dark spots in three easy steps or read on to discover how to even skin tone.

What causes uneven skin texture?

Uneven skin texture ranges from rough areas of skin to enlarged pores to acne blemishes. Dryness or dehydration can cause skin to feel parched and even flaky. External aggressors like the sun, pollution and extreme weather can damage skin and cause it to appear rough or uneven. Over time, skin’s renewal process also slows down so dull, dry skin may remain on skin’s surface longer which can contribute to a rough skin texture.

How can you improve skin’s texture?

Exfoliating regularly and keeping skin hydrated is a key way to help even skin’s texture for soft, supple skin. Moisturizers or serums with Hyaluronic Acid can help visibly plump and smooth skin. Vitamin C and Retinol and Pro-Retinol are also skincare ingredients known to help visibly smooth skin’s texture over time. Exfoliating formulas like facial scrubs or clay masks are also an effective way to help smooth skin and visibly minimize pores.

What are the best products for uneven skin texture?

For rough skin texture, use an exfoliating face wash to effectively cleanse and help slough away dead skin. Smooth on a moisturizer morning and night and add a hydrating serum for an extra boost of moisture. For very rough skin, look for a potent facial serum which can help smooth and improve. To target visibly enlarged pores, use a clay mask several times a week to help refine skin’s texture.

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Reveal radiant, glowing skin with products formulated to help smooth and refine. Gently exfoliate with an overnight facial peel to help refine skin texture, brighten skin tone with an brightening face mask or boost your glow with an illuminating moisturizer. Smooth and even skin tone and texture for radiant, healthy-looking skin.