Serums and Facial Oils

Boost your skincare routine with targeted facial serums and replenishing facial oils.

What is a facial serum?

A facial serum is a lightweight, highly concentrated formulation that helps target concerns and improve skin’s overall appearance. Unlike creams and lotions, serums often absorb easily, penetrating below skin’s surface to deliver active ingredients to the skin. With a targeted approach to skin concerns, serums can often help improve skin’s appearance more quickly than creams or moisturizers.

What does a facial serum do for your skin?

Facial serums help target skin concerns by delivering highly concentrated formulations of active ingredients. Targeted serums can help improve a range of skin concerns including fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration, dark spots, and rough skin texture.

When should you apply a facial serum?

To effectively target your skin concerns, apply a facial serum morning and night. In the morning, apply a serum after cleansing and toning and before smoothing on a moisturizer and sunscreen. At night, apply a serum before your moisturizer.

Do you use a serum before or after a moisturizer?

Apply your facial serum before smoothing on your moisturizer. Many moisturizers provide a protective barrier on skin to help lock in moisture and skincare treatments (like your serums). If a serum is applied after a moisturizer, it may even be less effective as it may not penetrate this moisture barrier.

What is the difference between a serum and a facial oil?

Both serums and facial oils tend to have a high concentration of active ingredients but serums are often lightweight formulas that penetrate skin easily while facial oils tend to leave more residue on skin. Kiehl’s facial oils are formulated with botanical and herbal oils which help improve skin’s appearance while providing hydration. If you are using both a serum and a facial oil, apply the serum first before pressing on the facial oil.

What is a facial oil?

Facial oils are often formulated with botanical and herbal ingredients. At Kiehl’s, our facial oils are infused with distilled botanicals and herbal concentrates. These efficacious oils provide benefits to skin’s appearance while helping to seal in moisture.

When should you apply a facial oil?

Apply a facial oil morning and night. During the day, apply a facial oil after cleansing, and a serum if you use one. After your oil, smooth on a moisturizer and sunscreen. At night, apply a facial oil after a facial serum and before a moisturizer. If you are using a facial serum and a facial oil, apply the serum first.

How do you use a facial oil?

After cleansing and toning skin and applying a facial serum, apply 2-3 drops of facial oil into hands. Gently press fingertips to cheeks, forehead and chin to evenly distribute before massaging into skin. Facial oils can be worn alone or under a moisturizer.

Which facial serum and facial oil is best for me?

Improve skin’s overall appearance and target concerns with a highly concentrated facial serum or hydrating facial oil. Read on to discover our best facial serum and our best facial oil for your skin concern.

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Breakout Control Acne Treatment Facial Lotion
An acne treatment lotion with Salicylic Acid and Vitamin B3.

Total: $48.00

2.0 fl. oz.
Customer Review Rating 3.9 of 5 19 reviews

Total: $48.00

Breakout Control Targeted Acne Spot Treatment
A targeted acne spot treatment with Sulfur and Vitamin B3.

Total: $28.00

0.68 fl. oz.
Customer Review Rating 3.0 of 5 27 reviews

Total: $28.00

Blue Herbal Spot Treatment
An acne spot treatment with Salicylic Acid that helps clear blackheads, whiteheads and blemishes.

Total: $18.00

15 ml
Customer Review Rating 2.5 of 5 29 reviews

Total: $18.00