Enlarged Pores

Enlarged Pores

Visibly reduce the appearance of enlarged pores with our efficacious pore-minimizing products formulated for smoother, healthier-looking skin!

What are enlarged pores?

Pores are openings in the skin that release sweat and sebum (the oil secreted by skin). Pores can become enlarged from excess oil or as a result of normal skin aging making them appear more visible.

What causes enlarged pores?

While there are a number of aggressors (including UV exposure) which can cause enlarged pores, the main factors are:
• Clogged Pores: When pores become clogged with excess oil and debris, they expand which causes them to appear more noticeable.
• Age: Over time, pores lose elasticity and become enlarged.
• Skin Type: Oily skin types often have more visible pores and may be more prone to clogged pores from excess sebum.
• Gender: Men generally have oilier skin and are more likely to have visibly enlarged pores than women.

How do you visibly minimize pores?

While you cannot shrink or tighten pores, you can help visibly reduce their appearance. Exfoliating and cleansing skin can help remove excess oil and dirt which may clog pores. Using a clay mask can also help detoxify skin and visibly minimize pores.

How can you help prevent enlarged pores?

To help prevent pores from clogging and looking more noticeable, cleanse skin twice daily with a gentle cleanser that respects skin’s barrier. Exfoliating skin with a facial scrub or other exfoliant is also essential to help remove dirt and oil. When cleansing, be careful not to scrub your face harshly which can cause irritation (and may cause pores to appear more visible). Hot water can also cause irritation so cleanse your face with warm water instead. Always cleanse skin at night to rinse away dirt and impurities from the day and avoid sleeping in your makeup which can cause clogged pores and even breakouts.

How can you care for enlarged pores on your nose?

Since skin on the nose tends to be oilier, pores on the nose often appear more visible. These enlarged pores are often mistaken for blackheads but they may actually be simply caused by increased oil production in the t-zone. If you have enlarged pores on your nose, cleanse skin morning and night and use a facial toner to help sweep away dirt and oil.

What are the best products to help visibly minimize pores?

To help visibly minimize pores, look for a gentle cleanser or exfoliating scrub to help remove dirt, oil and impurities. Formulas with Vitamin C or Salicylic Acid can also help reduce the appearance of pores. Using a clay face mask several times a week can also help visibly minimize pores and even reduce skin’s oil production. Throughout your skincare routine, look for formulas that are non-comedogenic—meaning that they won’t clog pores.

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Discover smoother skin with our skincare products for enlarged pores. Formulated with Amazonian White Clay, our Rare Earth Collection helps detoxify skin with a deep pore cleanser, pore-minimizing toner, clay face mask and facial lotion. For a targeted approach, apply our powerful pore-minimizing serum to help lift and refine skin.