Dry Skin


Smooth, balance and moisturize dry skin with Kiehl’s facial creams, masks and body lotions. Whether you are looking for a hydrating mask or nourishing moisturizer, we have formulas for softer, smoother skin.

What is dry skin?

Dry skin is a skin type that is lacking in oil and is often characterized by rough skin texture and dry fine lines. Dry skin actually produces less sebum than normal or oily skin.

What causes dry skin?

While there is a wide range of causes of dry skin, some of the most common include aging, extreme cold and heat, poor nutrition, environmental pollution and UV exposure. All of these factors may cause skin to feel tight or taut and appear dull or tired-looking.

What are the signs of dry skin?

Dry skin often looks dull or tired and has a rough skin texture. Dry skin may also experience flaking and scaling, cracked skin and have dry lines and visible redness. If your skin feels tight or taut, you likely have dry skin that could benefit from a nourishing skincare routine.

How do you care for dry skin?

Care for dry skin by looking for nourishing formulas that help replenish skin’s moisture balance. In addition to starting a skincare routine for dry skin, eat nutritious foods, get enough sleep, and help protect skin from external aggressors like UV rays and pollution to help skin look hydrated and healthy-looking.

What skincare routine should you use for dry skin?

If you have dry skin, cleanse with a gentle, low-foaming cleanser followed by an alcohol-free toner. Dry skin may benefit from a hydrating serum or facial oil in addition to a rich cream or facial balm. A daily sunscreen is a must to help protect from UV rays which can damage skin. You can also use a nourishing mask several times a week to give dry skin a boost of hydration.

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Midnight Recovery Face Oil
A nighttime facial oil that visibly restores the appearance of skin.

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Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate
An efficacious hydrating serum that helps moisturize, plump and smooth skin.

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Super Fluid Daily UV Defense SPF 50+
A lightweight facial sunscreen with SPF 50+ and pollution protection.

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