Refresh your cleansing routine with a foaming cleanser, exfoliating scrub, or gentle micellar water. Find your best facial cleanser to remove impurities and leave skin feeling clean and balanced.

What does a facial cleanser do for your skin?

Facial cleansers are formulations to help remove dirt, oil and impurities from skin. By removing these impurities, facial cleansers help restore skin’s balance and prepare it for the rest of your skincare routine. Use a face wash formulated for your skin concerns to effectively cleanse without stripping skin of natural oils.

What is the difference between a facial cleanser and a scrub?

Cleansers and scrubs are both designed to cleanse skin, remove dirt and oil, and leave it with a refreshed feeling. Unlike cleansers, facial scrubs have an ingredient that gives it texture which helps exfoliate surface skin to leave skin looking smooth and refined.

How often should you use a facial cleanser?

We recommend using a cleanser twice a day—morning and night—as the first step in your skincare routine. After exercising, you should also cleanse your skin to remove dirt, sweat and oil. Take care not to over cleanse your skin as that may strip skin of natural oils which help protect your skin barrier.

How often should you use a facial scrub?

Some facial scrubs are formulated to be used daily while others may be used several times a week for a deeper exfoliation. Check the directions for your facial scrub to see how often you should use this exfoliating formula.

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