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Cactus Flower & “Tibetan Ginseng” Hydrating Mist from Kiehl's


Your Face Mist Guide: Ingredients, Benefits, and More

Spritzing with a face mist or spray has a number of benefits, and we want to share them with you. Here, learn about why and how to use a hydrating facial mist.

If you can think back, it used to seem as if spray bottles were mostly reserved for spritzing plants and cleaning households. Maybe spraying your skin to cool down in the heat of summer, too. Anyway, that is to say, they didn’t factor into your regular skincare routine. But something changed in recent years, with face mists and facial sprays becoming skincare staples. Now, facial mists are kept on desks for midday pick-me-ups, used as a finishing touch for your beauty look, and even shared amongst friends before going out (it’s like taking out a pack of gum; pull out your face spray, and everyone will want a spritz).

If you’ve yet to be initiated into the exciting world of misting, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’re breaking down common questions, covering everything from what makes for the best face mists to how (and when) to use one.

What Are Face Mists Used For?

Not all moisturizers serve the exact same purpose, nor do all cleansers or toners. Some hydrate, others make your skin glow, and so on. The same idea applies to face mist sprays; their uses vary. With that said, there are certain benefits that have people reaching for mists most often. These include:

Hydration: A hydrating face mist is one of the most popular varieties. These are used to give the skin a quick burst of hydration whenever it’s needed. We recommend Cactus Flower & “Tibetan Ginseng” Hydrating Mist, which refreshes and hydrates your skin for a healthy-looking finish.

Radiance: Glowy skin is one of the biggest skincare trends this year, and using a mist could just be the ticket. The right one can counteract dullness to help you achieve radiant-looking skin.

Soothing: When your skin is melted down and needs a little soothing, a calming face mist can help. Our hydrating mist is great for hot days because it also helps cool the skin.

Refreshing makeup: While they aren’t interchangeable, there’s a lot of overlap between face mists and makeup setting sprays. One of these areas of intersection is that both can be used to refresh makeup. Throughout the day, your look can start to fall a little flat, but a quick misting helps revive face makeup. Just make sure the specific face mist you’re using can be used over makeup—ours can!

Can Face Mists Be Used As Toner or Essence?

While face mists can be multi-purpose, they don’t serve quite the same role as a toner or essence. The latter products prep your skin for the rest of your routine, while face sprays work to refresh and revive. Even if they have some of the same benefits, they won’t be interchangeable. Toners in particular offer an additional layer of cleansing (after your face wash), which is something you can’t expect a facial mist to provide.

Sometimes toners and essences do come in facial spray varieties, but this only affects application, not their intended uses and benefits. You can learn more about the differences, and similarities, between these products in our article Essence vs. Toner: How Do These Skincare Essentials Differ?

If you want to reap the benefits of both a face mist and a toner or essence, here’s what to do: Cleanse your skin, then apply your essence or toner. For an essence, try Iris Activating Treatment Essence or Ferulic Brew Rejuvenating Facial Essence, both of which help give skin a glowing appearance and visibly improve skin texture. Next, moisturize and complete the rest of your skincare routine before finishing with your face mist. You can also carry it with you and refresh throughout the day.

What Makes a Good Face Mist?

Cactus Flower & “Tibetan Ginseng” Hydrating Mist

The best face mist is one that meets your needs, whether that’s giving your skin an extra dose of hydration or helping your makeup to look that much better. To find a good mist, pay attention to the ingredients. Cactus Flower & “Tibetan Ginseng” Hydrating Mist contains cactus flower and “tibetan ginseng.” Cactus flower helps skin retain moisture, while “tibetan ginseng” is known to help revitalize skin that looks dull. Our face spray is also formulated with other plant ingredients, like rosemary leaf oil and glycerin, which is a humectant.

Does Spraying Water On Your Face Hydrate It?

Filling a spray bottle with water to mist your skin won’t replace using a face mist. Mists contain other hydrating ingredients that allow them to offer all those aforementioned benefits. However, spraying your face with water can still be worthwhile if done right. Applying moisturizer to damp skin, helps lock in hydration. So spray your skin with water, then layer a face cream or lotion on top to help hydrate it. Following with moisturizer is essential; if you skip that step, the water will just evaporate.

How To Use Face Mists

Spraying your skin is simple, but we do have a few questions to go over and tips to share.

Do You Use Face Mists Before or After Moisturizer?

The “when” is an important part of the “how.” Face mist sprays are unique among skincare products in that they can actually be used at a few different points in your routine. Spray one on after cleansing but before moisturizing to dampen your skin and trap even more hydration. Alternatively, use one after moisturizing (or even as the very last step in your makeup routine) for an additional boost. Face mists can be used any time your skin feels dry or looks dull, even on the go—they’re wonderfully flexible.

Can You Use a Face Mist Without Makeup?

We’ve mentioned a link between face mists and makeup, but does one necessitate the other? The answer is no. First and foremost, our hydrating face mist is a skincare product. Use it to get healthy-looking skin. The fact that you can spritz it on after you’ve already applied makeup is a bonus!

How Often Should You Mist Your Face?

There isn’t a strict answer to the frequency with which you should spray your face. Like many things, it’s all about paying attention to your skin and understanding what it needs. If your skin feels dry, give it a spritz. Travel with your face mist so you can use it as needed.

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