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Why did you choose this?
Kiehl's Since 1851 Store
I absolutely love this lotion. Wonderful natural glow, smells great and no streaks.
Holly L on Dec 8, 2017
I think it is the easiest and best sunless tanner
.I have some allergies and this product doesn't cause any issues for me!
denise m on Nov 27, 2017
Reviews & friend recommendations said it's not streaky, smelly & leaves true tan color
Caitlan F on Nov 27, 2017
My daughter and wife feel better when they aren't as pale.
Albert W on Nov 25, 2017
Most of the time, self-tanner is so light it doesn't improve my white legs. Is there a sampler I can buy to try it out?
A shopper on Mar 18, 2014
Best Answer: I'm pretty sure they have samples avalible in stores
Reply · Report · Karen M on May 29, 2017
what is the expiration timing?
A shopper on Jun 11, 2012
how long does it last?
A shopper on May 19, 2014
Best Answer: I do notice that some traces come off onto my towel when I take my next day's shower, but the effects after using, for example, two days in a row, last 3 to 5 days, I suppose depending on your skin color. I'm really fair skinned. The best part is the way it blends more evenly than others I've used, and there is no stinky odor like I found with less expensive products. Hope this helps.
Reply · Report · Carole J on May 20, 2014
does this clog pores/cause breakouts if used on face?
A shopper on Aug 7, 2012
Best Answer: I have no idea since now that it's summer and I'm outdoors all day (shame on me!) I am truly sun tanned. My highly reactive skin had no problems with it when I tested it, trying to perfect application technique, on other more reactive skin areas I have, including inside wrist and on neck. Honestly, this still doesn't precisely predict facial reaction. Sorry.... I'll ifnd out in November when our California sun wanes
Reply · Report · Jean B on Aug 8, 2012
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Is this for sensitive skin?
A shopper on Mar 6, 2014
Best Answer: I have what I consider sensitive skin & I have NEVER had any issues with this product.......I use it about every 3 days on my face in the winter to give me a nice glow........
Reply · Report · Erin M on Mar 7, 2014
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Is this very water resistant?
karen on Dec 26, 2012
Best Answer: Not so much. . . it's a self-tanner, not a sunscreen. Best way to use it in my experience is apply right after exfoliating, then leave it on overnight. If you plan on using it outdoors, apply an at least an hour before you go out, then be sure to apply a good sunscreen on top of it.
Reply · Report · Carol C on Dec 28, 2012
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I'm looking for a self-tanner that is fragrance free? Can you tell me whether yours is?

Don L on Jul 1, 2015
Best Answer: This lotion isn't 100% fragrance free. It goes on smelling clean and light enough that it wouldn't clash with any scent you use later, but after a few hours, you do smell a hint of tanner (which you'd know well if you've used other tanners). If, however, you're just looking for something non-perfumey, then this product would work well. Additionally, I really like the tan shade that this lotion produces more than others. I have olive skin, and this tanner looks very natural!
Reply · Report · Claire A on Jul 1, 2015
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how long does it take to dry/ develop?
A shopper on Nov 11, 2013
Best Answer: Not very long, a few minutes to dry but the color isn't immediate so I usually take an evening bath and apply the lotion. It drys by the time I am ready for bed and the color appears by morning. I have applied in the morning before work and the color intensifies through the day. I love this product. It is the only sunless tanner that I will put on my face. It does not break me out! Enjoy!
Reply · Report · Ginna G on Nov 11, 2013
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can this be used on your face?
A shopper on Aug 1, 2012
Best Answer: Yes I use this on my face. I put it on 2 to 3 x a week then my moisturizer. I love it on my face and legs. Gives great color. I will be honest though, I'm 52 yrs old and have some age spots. It will highlight those spots. That is why I don't use it every day.
Reply · Report · Donna M on Aug 1, 2012
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Is this waterproof?
Danielle on Jul 26, 2016
Best Answer: Not sure but I've used it for 15 yrs and everyone tells me how gt it looks really tiny ants it's the best Mark
Reply · Report · mark m on Jul 26, 2016
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When can I wash my face after applying it?
A shopper on Nov 22, 2015
Best Answer: you should wash your face before you apply it and apply it like a moisturizer. You need to let it dry completely and do not get your face wet for several hours. I apply before going to bed.
It's great stuff.
Reply · Report · dawn t on Nov 23, 2015
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Does this product contain Dihydroxyacetone (or DHA)? Thanks.
Christy H on Apr 4, 2013
Best Answer: Yes, it does.
Reply · Report · Carol C on Apr 5, 2013
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Does it rub off on white clothing? I have had other self-tanning lotions that would turn the collar of my white shirts orange, especially if I am playing a sport and sweating.
William R on Feb 12, 2017
Best Answer: No never. The key to success w this product is not just applying, but continuously rubbing it in. It won't ever streak that way. I apply before I go to bed and let dry 5-10 minutes. Never bleeds on sheets.
Reply · Report · kristi b on Feb 12, 2017
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Does your product have different shades of tan? I am looking for a darker tan.....
doodles on Feb 24, 2016
Best Answer: I've used this product for years, I use it daily and actually mix it 50/50 with facial fuel transformer. It gives me a natural looking tan, if you use it straight without mixing daily I would think it would be plenty dark.
Reply · Report · Benjamin U on Feb 24, 2016
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Is phenoxyethanol in this product?
A shopper on Jun 22, 2017
Best Answer: YES. Click on the ingredient list and the button that says full list. It is listed on it.
Reply · Report · Ilene B on Jun 22, 2017
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does this stink, usually self tanners give me migraines?
c m on Jan 29, 2017
Best Answer: I definitely have never detected any type of odor and I have a very sensitive sense of smell. I have been using this product for a few years now, best self tanning product I have ever used, very natural in its appearance.
Reply · Report · Michele D on Jan 29, 2017
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Does this contain propylene glycol?
A shopper on Jun 10, 2015
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does this have Vitamin C, Soy, or Chamomile?

I'm allergic.

thank you!
Robin F on Aug 6, 2014
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