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Why did you choose this?
Kiehl's Since 1851 Store
This is my husbands favorite fragrance. It has a very nice musk smell.
Jacqueline R on Dec 9, 2017
A light clean fragrance that people compliment every time I wear.
Beverly R on Dec 9, 2017
I have been using this spray for at least 15 years! I love it! I am allergic to most scents but not to this one.
A S on Dec 9, 2017
I like Musk fragrances and this one smells real nice. I always get compliments on how good it smells. Not overpowering, soft, and after awhile I can't smell it but everyone else smells it. It smells different on each individual, which your body makes it Your own fragrance. Love it! Wish you had a bigger rollerball bottle. How about a Musk spray & Body Lotion set sale sometimes?
Vicky D on Dec 8, 2017
Is this a unisex scent? I
A shopper on Aug 2, 2012
Best Answer: I am male. The 1st time I smelled musk was on a woman I dated in the 70's..
I married her. She had other attributes as well. I began wearing Houbigant Musk
for the next several years. After they discontinued the product, it took a few years to find this product. For me, this the most sensual scent I know. I have known women to swoon in the elevator when I wore this to work. One woman passed up her stop to sniff the musk for several more floors before getting off. (no, the elevator silly)

Reply · Report · ANDREW B on Aug 4, 2012
Why don't you do the 3.4 ounce bottles any more?
A shopper on Oct 13, 2013
Best Answer: I agree - why don't you?
Reply · Report · sally b on Oct 13, 2013
I saw a promotional code or coupon. What is it please?
Deborah F M on Jun 8, 2014
Is the musk scent extracted from animal or vegetable source?
Barbara K on Feb 8, 2014
Best Answer: I'm pretty sure it's not - it certainly doesn't smell like animal "musk". I suggest you write the management for the ingredients. Isn't it wonderful?
Reply · Report · sally b on Feb 8, 2014
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why did you change the formula of the original musk when you bought the company from the Kiehls family? I have worn that scent for about 40 years and really miss it. This version is not as nice...
Charles S on Jul 20, 2012
Best Answer: I have been using the Musk Eau de Toilette Spray for a number of years, since I don't know when Kiehls was purchased & sold, I can only speak to the product I use & know.
I like this fragrance because it is light, not over-powering, but lasting. It's really the only other fragrance I use except for mixing a few drops of patchouli oil into a sesame oil based oil. Absolutely recommend this product !
Reply · Report · Charlene S on Jul 21, 2012
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Does this smell like a old man?
A shopper on Mar 10, 2014
Best Answer: Not at all! Its actually a very classic musk smell. Masculine and earthy. A little goes a long way as well with it. Its really nice after a hot shave. I would reccommend it.
Reply · Report · Paul A on Mar 10, 2014
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Where may I try this scent before purchase? Is it sold at Nordstrom's or Nieman's?
A shopper on Apr 24, 2012
Best Answer: We've purchased this product at a Kiehl's store. I don't know if Kiehl's products are sold at Nordstrom's or Nieman's since I don't shop either store. Sorry I can't be more helpful. But I can say, Musk Eau de toilette Spray is a super scent .. my husband uses it often!
Reply · Report · Janice B on Apr 24, 2012
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Is this good for teens too?
A shopper on Aug 7, 2015
Best Answer: May 16 year old niece loves it. I also have a 14 year old who loves it but her mom says she's too young!
Reply · Report · Lucille C on Aug 7, 2015
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Is this a girls parfume too?
A shopper on Jun 11, 2015
Best Answer: Absolutely! Musk is a fixative used as a base in many fragrances. It also mixes with your own chemistry and gives a light clean smell. I get stopped at least once a day , wearing it for over 15 years.
Only other fragrance I use is a pink grapefruit body lotion as a base. Use it almost ne or mix with other scents.
Reply · Report · ronnie b on Jun 11, 2015
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Is this a unisex product? and does it smells masculin?
Sankar P on Aug 8, 2013
Best Answer: Certainly could be considered unisex , but more on the masculine side.
Reply · Report · Blake B on Aug 8, 2013
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Does this fragrance contain phthalates?
Paul P on Mar 3, 2017
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is this for men or women?
A shopper on Feb 11, 2013
Best Answer: Hmmm, well, I think it can be for either. Musks more than most scents wind up smelling very different on every body regardless of gender. I'm thinking of the Kinsey scale though and if you are considering it for a super masculine man, I might pick something else. I am a not-too-feminine woman and have worn this for years...I get tons of compliments.
Reply · Report · Mary Margaret H on Apr 12, 2013
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Describe the smell of this de toilette spray?
A shopper on Mar 10, 2014
Best Answer: Of course it has the Musky smell, but it is very mild and I believe the fragrance itself has become weaker than the original formula. I go through a bottle twice as fast as It used to be. As far as the smell I would say bergamot, oranges and patchouli all come to mind. It's very nice.
Reply · Report · Steve R on Mar 10, 2014
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Hi, are the musk essential oil and Eau de toilette spray the same fragrance? Is there a difference between the two?
Nic D on Nov 12, 2015
Musk Eau de Toilette Spray
Musk Eau de Toilette Spray
Musk Essence Oil
Musk Essence Oil
Best Answer: Hi Nic, The Musk fragrance is the same, for either, but the Eau de Toilette Spray is a bit lighter.
My 32 year old son has the worn Musk oil daily since he was 23!
Reply · Report · Liz Y on Nov 12, 2015
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Is this alcohol free?
A shopper on Aug 8, 2013
Best Answer: No, it is not alcohol free. The label list Alcohol Denat. as the first ingredient and Parfum/Fragrance and Aqua Water as the second and third ingredients.
To me that simply means that these are the main three ingredients and it also means that you are getting a high percentage of Kiehl's Musk Oil fragrance.
I've been using this product since the late 1960s. I still get compliments from young and old noses :-).
Reply · Report · Robert M on Aug 9, 2013
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TESS W on Apr 16, 2016
Best Answer: Not floral. Pretty unisex. That having been said I absolutely love it. If you remember white musk that bath and body works out out during the 90s it's kinda like that
Reply · Report · Susie C on Apr 16, 2016
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do you have an aftershave splash not spray?
A shopper on Mar 25, 2017
Best Answer: I have The Musk Spray and The Musk Roll On... I Havine been using Kiehles For Years ❤
Reply · Report · ROSE P on Mar 25, 2017
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Is the musk essential oil still available without the roller top?
A shopper on Sep 9, 2012
Best Answer: Hello! Yes, this product is still in stock!
Reply · Report · Kiehl's AStaff on Sep 12, 2012
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Are there any plans to release an eau de parfum spray? The eau de toilette is a little too weak for me and the oil is inconvenient.
Lex P on Jun 13, 2013
Best Answer: I'm not sure about any new products, but I love the Musk the way it is! I get compliments regularly! The fragrance lasts all day!
Try again, just use a little extra!
Reply · Report · Susan M on Jun 13, 2013
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Is this the cologne?
A shopper on Sep 5, 2016
Best Answer: My opinion is that it is neither a cologne nor a is a distinct fragrance which I find to be quite pleasing. It is richer & heavier than cologne yet not at all like a perfume - just quite distinct.
Reply · Report · elizabeth k on Sep 5, 2016
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What happened to Chinese Flowers Oil perfume?
A shopper on Jul 16, 2012
Best Answer: I too wondered for a while. But, it is back-at least a version of it. I preferred the original. This is a much lighter version and also quite lovely-not as long lasting because the potency differs. do give it a try.
Reply · Report · elizabeth k on Jul 16, 2012
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