Is this product for anti-aging only?

I am 24 and my skin doesn't show any aging properties yet. I am looking for a product to make my skin radiant but then yet I don't want to start anti aging formulas this early? is this product really for me or should I look for a different one?
Asked by: Soli
I don’t think this particular item is what you’re looking for. I am 40. It fills lines and makes skin very soft. In my 20s I used a product from Clinique that made it radiant where the product container read that it would make your skin “radiate from within.” They prob sell sell it as I used it for a decade. At your age, this oil will help you if you are feeling like your winter skin is dry; it will hydrate it and make it feel soft and smell pleasant for a bit.
Answered by: JennieJace
Date published: 2018-08-21

Accidentally heated bottle...

Hi! I have a leaky hot water faucet in my bathroom. I left for the evening and when I came back the next day, I realized my sample vial of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate had falling and had been in the sink all night. The water is burning hot, and I was concerned that at such a high temperature, some of the product could destabilized. Should I re-order a vial or is it still okay to use? I do love the product!
Asked by: Leks

Can this be mixed with your foundation ?

Asked by: Yvette
Yes! I use a small amount and pat on, let your face “rest” (i.e. brush your teeth) before foundation. FYI, I live in a very dry place, and typically do this in the winter. Avoid eye areas, as waterproof eyeliner and mascara won’t hold up.
Answered by: Thebellabee
Date published: 2018-04-23

Can I use this with the new hibiscus mask

Asked by: CincoRich8

Does MRC turn? Mine smells like bad oil.

Asked by: Zandra