I purchased this concentrate 3 months ago, i tried to use it tonight but the color is dark yellow like mustard, I read vitamins C oxidate my question is, it is still safe for use under my eyes? And if it got oxidate will still works?
Asked by: analore

Formula change?

I've been using this product for a year and love it. But I just went to reorder, and there are a number of negative reviews recently. It looks like there has been a formula change. Is this the case, or has there been a quality control issue? I don't want to order if I'll be getting an entirely different product!
Asked by: EmilySGD

Immediately after applying it started burning violently and 10-15 after it felt itchy. Why? Tried it on my husbend and he felt no discomfort at all.

Asked by: Anonymous
It has vitamin C in it which can be a little much for sensitive skin. Be sure to use it as a treatment (like once a week) but if you are having a reaction, stop using it.
Answered by: Stephen
Date published: 2018-02-08

Is this an eye lifting cream?

Asked by: Dusty
No, its a serum (think boosting agent). There is a cream in this product line that is the eye cream. This product just enhances the cream - much like a face serum or elixir that goes with a face cream.
Answered by: Stephen
Date published: 2018-02-08

How many times i should apply this in one day ?

Asked by: Monirah Alnasser