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Repeat buyer--so useful for so many hairstyles and the hair absorbs it readily.
Kati P on Jan 9, 2018
I love this product - it's just about the only thing that will tame the frizzy parts of my hair without making it feel greasy or very heavy.
Casey R on Jan 1, 2018
A very good moisturizing groom that doesn’t leave your hair oily or crunchy. Use as much or as little as you like, great results either way.
Julian M on Jan 3, 2018
Love the way my hair feels and the way my husband's hair feels!
Elizabeth H on Dec 31, 2017
Does this product have to be kept in the refrigerator in order to stay fresh, and does it have a product life?
A shopper on May 21, 2014
I'm looking for the "Super Thick Volumizer" and i can find it anywhere...Please don't tell me you have discontinued it? This is the only product that works great on my hair and I'm able to use on my fine thin hair...
Your response would be greatly appreciated...
A shopper on Apr 21, 2012
Best Answer: Kiehl's frequently eliminates great products (e.g. "Ultimate Men's After Shave Balm"). When you complain they will say they are sorry you are so "frustrated". It's a baffling situation. I have used Kiehl's for decades and continue to do so but they frequently make it HARD and I am often tempted to change brand loyalty.
Reply · Report · Art A on Jun 23, 2017
Will you ever release this in a TSA approved travel size bottle? I love the stuff
A shopper on Apr 19, 2013
Best Answer: A travel size would be fantastic. I would definitely buy it.
Reply · Report · Jody P on Apr 19, 2013
How is this different from the clear silk groom serum?
A shopper on Aug 11, 2013
Best Answer: Love this stuff! Quite simply it is the best stuff to manage your hair and keep it healthy!
Reply · Report · chris n on Aug 12, 2013
I would love to find this in a travel sized bottle. It is too wonderfully thick to "pour into" a 2 or 3 oz bottle. Can it be mixed with Strong Hold Styling Gel effectively -a little dab of each, mixed together in the palm of my hand? Since I can't get either of those products in a trvel sized bottle, I was going to ask about samples, so I don't have to check my suitcase, but, when I called Nordstroms (in Santa Barbara) to ask if they had any, Rose O'Brien (the manager at the Keihl's counter, she decided to make me some samples in travel sized bottles. What a surprise!
Isabel M on Jul 14, 2012
How does this compare to Creme de la Creme Silk groom that came in a jar? That was my favorite product. My hair is thick and course; no lotion can tame it.
A shopper on Dec 15, 2013
Best Answer: I never used Creme de la Creme Silk groom but I love this product. It's the only thing that tames my hair. My hair is thick & curly. After I wash & condition my hair while it's wet, I put this on and it looks great when it dries. (I don't dry my hair.)
Reply · Report · Elizabeth L on Dec 16, 2013
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Can I use a small amount on dry hair?
A shopper on Mar 27, 2015
Best Answer: Yes, you can use a small amount of Creme with Silk Groom on dry hair. In my experience over many years using this product, I have found it helps reduce the appearance of frizziness and adds shine. My hair is now silver and dry and I find that using a dob about the size of a green pea on each section of hair, such as on top, crown and sides, makes my hair more manageable and shiny. Sometimes I apply Creme with Silk Groom right after shampooing while my hair is still damp.
Reply · Report · Marjorie M on Mar 27, 2015
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Hi, I was wondering if you use this in place of conditioner, or after washing your hair? Thanks!
1 1 on Apr 14, 2012
Best Answer: Generally I use conditioner, and after getting out of the shower dab some silk groom on my palms and then work it through my hear with my fingers to get out snags. After blow-drying my hair I might use a very small amount to lessen fly-away strands. However, I have also found that if you don’t use a conditioner, it will do much that a conditioner does, eliminating tangles and keeping your hair in good condition.
Reply · Report · Anthony K on Apr 14, 2012
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Is this product designed primarily for men or women?
Lee H on May 26, 2012
Best Answer: I am a woman and I love this product. I have been using it for years, maybe 20+ years. And while I am not aware of any men who use this product, I think that most men would like it. I have used it on both long and short, very short hair, and it works great. I highly recommend it. For short hair it takes a very little amount so be careful not to use too much.
Reply · Report · Pamela M on May 27, 2012
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Has Kiehls recently changed the hair creme silk groom container?
A shopper on Jan 18, 2015
Best Answer: Yes. Finally. The new packaging is a much improved delivery system for the product. It not only dispenses better but also stores in the medicine chest better.
Reply · Report · Jason A on Jan 19, 2015
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I know everyone talks about the smell. That is what I like about the product. My question is, can I also use a small amount on my dry scalp in the winter?

A shopper on Dec 23, 2013
Best Answer: I am really sensitive to perfumie smelling products and I have no problem with the creme with silk groom odor. I think it could be good for your scalp, but there may be more targeted Kiehls products that could help.
Reply · Report · Ann R on Dec 23, 2013
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On the instructions is written to take a small amount of the product. How much would you use for meduim long hair? Like a hazelnut or peanut? Thanks and greetings from Germany.
A shopper on May 2, 2015
Best Answer: I have thick hair that is a few inches past my shoulders and I start with a green pea sized amount and rub it between my palms before distributing it evenly through the length of my hair from the ears down and then I gently comb my fingers through my hair from root to tip. By doing this, more product is concentrated at the ends which are dry and less at the roots which can look oily if they get too much. If I am heat styling or my hair is feeling especially dry I add more as needed. I also apply it to the ends of my hair in between shampooing if it looks dull or dry.
Reply · Report · Julia F on Jul 16, 2017
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What is the shelf life of this product? How long will it keep after I've opened it?
Henry8th on Apr 11, 2015
Best Answer: Hello Maria,

Not exactly sure since I use a little daily and it lasts me for about a month or so. I will say this, this is the BEST hair product I have ever used. Non greasy and doesn't feel like you even have anything in your hair. It's a natural feeling with great styling finish. I would suggest you give it a try. I quarentee you will not be disappointing and may actually not have long enough to worry about its shelf life since you will be using it quite often.

Thank you for asking the question.

hope this helps.

Reply · Report · Hilberto C on Apr 12, 2015
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is this product good for grey hair ?
rosemary g on Sep 23, 2014
Best Answer: This product is good for any color hair. But let's focus on texture or thickness of hair because it is this quality that matters much when using any "leave-in"
hair conditioner including this product. If you hair is wavy or curly and thick
this product will make your hair look great and feel great all day long. You only need to use a little and this is a benefit as that little bottle will last a long time. IF your hair is thin and straight, I am not sure how well this product would work. It might make your hair appear to be wet and greasy.
I have dark brown, curly, thick hair thanks to my Grecian ancestry. And I must say that I have not found a better grooming product for my hair. I also love
Kiehl's shampoo with Olive Oil. Try finding shampoo with Olive Oil at your local supermarket or pharmacy.. Only Kiehls has that and it is the best shampoo around.
Reply · Report · robert v on Sep 23, 2014
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Do you wash this out like you would your conditioner or is it a leave-in?
Marcie E on Jul 31, 2014
Best Answer: Leave-in. Use sparingly until you determine the portion for your desired outcome; I dilute mine with the serum before I actually put it in my hair.
Reply · Report · Ashleigh K on Jul 31, 2014
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Is this product safe for color treated hair?
Amanda H on Mar 15, 2014
Best Answer: Hi Amanda,

I am not positive it mentions on the bottle that it is safe but I have been using for years with color treated hair. I have only seen my hair get softer and much more shiny. Any fade I see with color comes from time and certainly not this product. One of the best things I've used for my hair along with the straightening cream.

Reply · Report · Christina M on Mar 15, 2014
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Do you apply to wet hair after shampooing and conditioning?
A shopper on Dec 2, 2016
Best Answer: Yes, I use after I wash / condition my hair and can't live without it. My hair is naturally wavy and i can air dry or dry it straight. Please NEVER stop making this amazing product!!!
Reply · Report · Beverly N on Dec 5, 2016
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What happened to the 8.4 oz bottle??
A shopper on Mar 1, 2015
Best Answer: I have ordered this item many is not available? or only silk/groom is the tube?
Reply · Report · Stanley s on Mar 1, 2015
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Did the packaging change? I though the silk groom came in a bottle?
A shopper on Aug 15, 2016
Best Answer: The silk groom I have comes in a bottle.
Reply · Report · Jane L on Aug 15, 2016
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How is it as pre heat protection such as blow dryer?
A shopper on Dec 3, 2015
Best Answer: It works really well for before and after blow drying. I put a dime size along with a bit of frizz serum before I blow dry and it keeps the ends very soft and manageable. I also put in a little more on the ends after blow drying to smooth my thick and wavy textured hair down a bit more. Used this product for about 15 years and love it.
Reply · Report · naomi b on Dec 3, 2015
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Is Creme with Silk Groom recommended for children?
A shopper on Mar 6, 2014
Best Answer: I used it on my daughter's hair. It's very mild, almost like lotion but thicker.. Nice mild smell, not perfumey.
Reply · Report · marnie f on Dec 2, 2016
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is it safe to use this product when using a blow dryer and a flat iron? will it harm my hair to use this product with heat?

thank you
cris teena
A shopper on Jul 16, 2012
Best Answer: Hi
I use a blow dryer and flat iron and the creme with silk groom is amazing. It is rich and seems to protect my hair from the heat.
Reply · Report · Michele F on Jul 16, 2012
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what happened to the larger size cream with silk groom ?
A shopper on Nov 20, 2016
Best Answer: Thank you for the question! I want to know the answer too, what did happen to the larger size?
Reply · Report · jo b on Nov 20, 2016
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do yoo have a larger size of creme with silk groom?
Diane M on Sep 24, 2016
Best Answer: Yes
Reply · Report · Bret I on Sep 25, 2016
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Is there anything similar to creme with silk groom for hair that is thining?
Sue D on Jan 7, 2016
Best Answer: I wish I had an answer for you. Creme with Silk Groom is a terrific product that I have been using since 1997. I cannot address thinning hair because I do not have that problem but the product does give me volume when I blow dry my hair. You only need to use a very small amount. I have medium length hair (3 inches past my shoulders) I squeeze out about the size of a large green pea. If you use too much your hair will be greasy. I hope I could be of assistance. Crime with Silk Groom is definitely worth the money. I usually buy it once a year.
Reply · Report · Marianne C on Jan 7, 2016
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Does this contain any toxins? I have very sensitive skin and seemed to have developed
Allergies to things like lanolin.
Malone on Mar 15, 2015
Best Answer: I have allergies but this doesn't seem to bother me. It's very mild with a nice smell but not perfumey. I even use it on my eyebrows to condition them.
Reply · Report · marnie f on Dec 2, 2016
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How in the world due you order this product? There is no way to get to the check out, even after repeated attempts. The "Add to Bag" goes NOWHERE. Very frustrating. I want 3 bottles of Creme with Silk Groom that are 8.4 fl. oz. in size, and there does not appear to be a way to order it.
A shopper on Aug 5, 2012
Best Answer: Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with checking out. If you are still experiencing this problem, we recommend that you call our Customer Service line at 1-800-KIEHLS-2 (1-800-543-4572).
Reply · Report · Kiehl's AStaff on Aug 15, 2012
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Why is this always out of stock?????
A shopper on Jul 29, 2015
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Does this have an expiration date? If not what is the shelf life?
A shopper on Mar 6, 2015
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Why is this product still out of stock?!
A shopper on Nov 26, 2014
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Do you send out free samples of this product???
A shopper on Oct 12, 2013
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what is shipping cot for one bottle (8.4 oz) Creme with Silk Groom?
Alan S on Mar 10, 2013
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