This product sucks. Bring the balm back. What the heck???

Asked by: Adam Kan

Bring back the balm Seek customers then loose customers not a great business strategy. Love to be a fly on that dum-ass discison.? Was loyal MB

Asked by: Mark Baida

What happened to Ultimate After Shave Balm?

Asked by: Christian Vercler
Christian, That is truly a great question. I'm assuming this replaced the ultimate after shave balm which is disappointing. As soon as I noticed that, I went to Grooming Lounge and purchased several Ultimate after shave balm bottles and I have no idea what I am going to do when I run out.
Answered by: Brad Caruso
Date published: 2018-01-20

What happened to Ultimate After Shave Balm? I am freaking out. I have used it for years and this product is nothing like it.

Asked by: Anonymous
Same for me. I used it for years and had actually 2 in stock. When I ran out of it I bought the new one, assuming it was the same, but what a dissapointment. I have a sensitive skin and the older formula was perfect, but this one was already absorbed even before I had fininished applying it to my face and I was irritated like never in a long time. Nevertheless I gave it another chance to see if it was possibly me and my skin type, but after a week I was ready to throw it into the garbage. Didn't work. I returned to the store where I purchased it and asked about the new formula or if they had something similar to the old formula. The only answer I got was that the did changed the formula, but there was no equivalent for the old formula. They offered me to try the Ultimate Man Razor Bump Relief (paying the difference, of course) and it worked better but not even close to what the old formula was. Very dissapointed.
Answered by: arturo molina
Date published: 2018-01-20

is this replacing a product ?

Asked by: Anonymous
Not specifically, but I have found that it is a nice combination of an after-shave and a moisturizer. It has a nice cooling sensation with a light body feel, not at all oily. I use it on my scalp as well.
Answered by: Hai Luong
Date published: 2018-01-20