In which order should the line be applied? I have almost the whole line?

Asked by: Salvatore De Luca

What is the ph level in this clenser?

Asked by: Ling0906

Is this safe to use on your eyes? Does it take off makeup? If not which one can you recommend? Thank you

Asked by: Corinna Abrica
Kiehl's says that you should avoid the eye area with this. After I wash my face, I use eye makeup remover. I tried Kiehl's eye makeup remover, but I found that it was not very efficient in removing the eye makeup. Having said that, this is my absolute FAVORITE cleanser. The eyes are sensitive - don't expect that there will be any cleanser that can do the same job for your face as it does for your eyes. In the long run your eyes will suffer - you don't want swollen lids, bags, etc. I recommend this product 110% - it has a great feel in the hands, on the face and my face and pores are clean. The other cleanser that I have used is the Ultra Facial Cleanser. This one appears to be just as effective in cleansing the face, maybe a bit gentler, and also outstanding. The only reason I prefer Clearly Corrective cleanser is that I like the fragrance and texture better, and I like that it helps clear up and prevent dark spots on my face which I am prone to (I have vitiligo).
Answered by: Elyse Kaplan
Date published: 2018-01-31

May this product used in pregnancy?

Asked by: Alberta Gunardi

I used this for 2 days - now my face has been burning- how do I get the burning to go away?

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