Is this unisex?

Asked by: mykulonly

Are these fragrances perfume or eau d toilette?

Asked by: Tinka

How can you identify the scent if you are not sure what it is?

I have a bottle of Kiehls Aromatic Blends, but I do not remember the scent's name. It does not seem to be noted there any type of markings or ID codes I can look for?
Asked by: Katbyrd76

Orange Blossom & Lychee

Why has the Orange Blossom & Lychee scent been discontinued?! I am super disappointed......that is my favorite scent. It seems like many customers are requesting this scent to come back as well. PLEASE bring it back!!!!
Asked by: Elena12

Is this the cedarwood vanilla that had been discontinued? Or is this a new blend?

Asked by: Kyndra Wilson