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Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm

A nourishing facial moisturizer for dry skin.

Nourish skin with a daily facial moisturizer for dry skin. Enriched with Edelweiss Flower Extract, this moisturizing facial balm helps strengthen skin’s barrier function to help lock in hydration. This rich moisturizer melts onto skin with a creamy texture leaving it softer, smoother and more comfortable, even in the driest climates.
  • Nourishes dry skin with 24-hour hydration leaving it soft and soothed
  • Helps strengthen the skin barrier function
  • Formulated with a creamy texture that melts onto the skin’s surface
  • Infused with Edelweiss Flower Extract, known to thrive in the high altitudes of the Swiss Alps
  • Formulated and tested to moisturize dry skin to very dry skin in even the driest climates
  • For dry skin and very dry skin