Sensitive Skin for Men

Sensitive Skin for Men

Cleanse, comfort, and strengthen skin’s barrier with our gentle, yet efficacious skincare products for sensitive skin

How do men know if they have sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is a skin type that can vary widely from person to person but may be irritable and is often characterized by visible redness, dryness and feelings of discomfort.

How can men care for sensitive skin?

Since external aggressors can affect your skin’s sensitivity, be sure to include in your skincare routine a daily sunscreen to protect from UV rays, pollution and other external aggressors. Apply a daily sunscreen or a men’s facial moisturizer with SPF even on cloudy days. In addition to maintaining a healthy skin routine, eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep and take care to avoid stress.

What are the best men’s skincare products for sensitive skin?

More than looking for products for men, look for formulas specifically made for sensitive skin that are both gentle on skin and help strengthen skin’s barrier. To establish a skincare routine for sensitive skin choose products that can help reduce visible redness, boost hydration and soothe feelings of discomfort.

Can shaving cause discomfort for sensitive skin types?

The skin surrounding your hair follicles is especially prone to sensitivity and feelings of discomfort. For all skin types – especially sensitive skin – shaving can increase irritation, including razor burn and bumps. Use gentle, light pressure when you shave and avoid using a razor with dull blades which can pull on skin and increase discomfort.

How do you choose a men’s shave cream for sensitive skin?

Shaving can be especially uncomfortable for sensitive skin types. Look for an unscented men’s shave cream for sensitive skin that can help soothe skin and prepare it for a close shave. After shaving, comfort skin with an after shave to help refresh and nourish sensitive skin.

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Care for men’s sensitive skin with our gentle, yet effective formulas. From a mild, no-rinse face wash to a hydrating moisturizer to a facial oil for problem skin, our sensitive skincare products help calm, soothe, and protect.