Oily Skin for Men

Oily Skin for Men

Treat oily skin with balancing skincare products for men

How do men know if they have oily skin?

Characterized by excess oil all over, oily skin has a shiny appearance and frequently visibly enlarged pores and a thick, rough texture.

How can men care for oily skin?

Look for men’s skincare products for oily skin, which help reduce excess oil but don’t over-dry skin. Cleanse with an exfoliating men’s face wash every morning, night and following rigorous activity. Apply a facial toner for men after cleansing to help eliminate impurities and residue and reduce surface oil. Moisturize every day with a moisturizer for oily skin and wear sunscreen to help protect skin from UV rays during the day. Contrary to what you might expect, oily skin still needs a moisturizer. Depriving oily skin of a moisturizer can cause dehydration and, in turn, oilier skin. Applying a daily moisturizer to oily skin helps keeps excess oil at bay as it hydrates.

What are the best men’s skincare products for oily skin?

In order to help keep skin clear and shine-free, men with oily skin should look for non-comedogenic formulas that are lightweight and won’t clog pores. Begin with an exfoliating face wash, gently massaging onto skin rather than scrubbing (which can trigger excess oil production). Use a toner next, followed by a moisturizer — and SPF during the day — to help keep skin protected and balanced after cleansing. To reveal shine-free, healthy-looking skin, care for and control oil with a skincare routine for oily skin.

How do you choose a men’s cleanser for oily skin?

Men with oily skin should use an exfoliating face wash or scrub that helps remove dirt and excess oil without stripping skin. Facial scrubs can help slough off dead skin and help keep skin shine-free. And always pick a cleanser uniquely formulated for facial skin, as opposed to body wash or soap, and gently massage over skin.

How do you choose a men’s toner for oily skin?

Men with oily skin can select a toner that helps eliminate impurities and residue and reduces surface oil. Smooth on with a cotton pad or apply a spray toner to help refresh skin on the go.

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Keep men’s skin balanced and healthy-looking with efficacious formulas and treatments for men’s oily skin. From a cleanser for oily skin to a face toner to a moisturizer for men with oily skin, we have the best skincare for men with oily skin.