Fine Lines and Wrinkles for Men

Dry Skin for Men

Treat dry skin with nourishing skincare products for men

How do men know if they have dry skin?

Dry skin is lacking in oil, frequently appears visibly tired or dull, and has a rough texture. Dry skin may also be scaly, flaky or cracked and show signs of dry lines and/or redness. If skin feels tight or taut, you may have dry skin that could benefit from a nourishing skincare routine that includes a lightweight moisturizer for men.

How can men care for dry skin?

Men can care for dry skin by seeking out nourishing formulas to help replenish moisture balance. Beyond establishing a skincare routine for dry skin, protecting skin from external aggressors — like UV rays and pollution — is a daily must, so always apply SPF during the daytime.

What are the best men’s skincare products for dry skin?

Men with dry skin should use a gentle cleanser followed by an alcohol-free toner. In addition to a daily moisturizer, a hydrating serum, facial oil or beard oil may also benefit dry skin. Men can afterwards apply sunscreen or opt for a moisturizer with SPF, a non-negotiable to help protect skin from damaging UV rays. And finally, men can give skin a boost by applying a hydrating mask several times a week.

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