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Combination Skin for Men

Treat combination skin with a targeted skincare routine for men

How do men know if they have combination skin?

Combination skin is, precisely how it sounds, a combination of two skin types. It tends to be oily in the t-zone (the forehead, nose and chin) and dry or normal around the eyes and on cheeks.

How can men care for combination skin?

Given combination skin is comprised of two different skin types, caring for it can be complicated. While men could use different formulas on different areas of their face, the easiest method to care for combination skin is to use products formulated for all skin types. These will help balance skin without causing excess oil in the t-zone or over-drying dry areas.

What are the best men’s skincare products for combination skin?

Men with combination skin should seek out a gentle cleanser, such as a gel face wash, a toner — which can help reduce extra surface oil in those areas that are oily — and a facial moisturizer with SPF or a daily sunscreen to help protect the skin barrier from damaging UV rays, which can prematurely age skin. Start with a skincare routine for combination skin to find products for balanced, smooth, healthy-looking skin!

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Help treat, hydrate, and protect men’s part oily, part dry skin with our best skincare products for men with combination skin! Explore cleansers, toners, face masks, and moisturizers uniquely formulated for men to help reduce oil and maintain hydration for balanced, healthy-looking skin.