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What causes dry hands?

Some of the common causes of dry hands include:

  • Cold weather and dry winter air
  • Hot, dry air in desert environments
  • Taking long, hot baths or showers
  • Washing hands frequently
  • Aging

What are the best types of hand treatments for dry hands?

If you have very dry hands, use a hand salve or treatment rather than a lotion and look for formulas with emollient ingredients like Shea Butter and Avocado Oil. In addition to softening and nourishing hands, hand salve can also help lock in moisture to keep hands feeling soft throughout the day.

How often should you apply hand cream?

To keep hands feeling soft and cared for, apply a hand salve or cream after each time that you wash your hands. If your hands still feel rough or dry, apply hand cream as needed throughout the day.

What are the best types of hand creams for winter?

In cold weather, the air is often drier and can contribute to skin feeling dry, tight or rough. If you have dry hands in the winter months, apply a hand cream or salve immediately after washing hands and throughout the day. Be sure to also wear gloves to keep skin protected from harsh temperatures and wind.

What is the difference between hand salves and hand creams?

The main difference between these formulas is the texture or thickness. Hand creams are often lightweight while hand salves tend to have higher concentrations of rich emollient ingredients making them ideal for dry and very dry skin. Depending on how dry your hands are, you may want to apply a scented hand cream during the day and a thicker hand salve overnight.

What is the difference between hand cream and body lotion?

Hand salves tend to absorb quickly and easily compared to body lotions leaving your hands feeling residue-free. While you can use body lotions on your hands, applying a hand salve or cream will help nourish and soften your hands without impacting your daily activities.

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Care for dry skin with our nourishing, moisturizing formulas. Treat dry hands with our intensively hydrating hand salve or a scented hand cream. For very dry areas, apply our intensive emollient treatment to richly moisturize parched skin. Smooth and soften dry hands and feet with rich hydration from Kiehl’s.