Ultimate Man Razor

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Product Details
  • Ergonomic design with a well balanced handle for a comfortable shaving experience
  • Handsome ivory-colored handle embossed with a Kiehl's Logo
  • Includes replacable Gillette © Mach 3 razor head
  • Presented in an elegent black gift box
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Direction For Use

• Wash face with a mild cleanser
to remove any surface oils and dirt that
may be present on skin.
• Massage area gently in a
circular motion with lukewarm water to
soften hair.
• Apply a thin layer of the
appropriate Kiehl’s shaving formulation for your skin – a little goes a long way!
• Shave in the direction of hair
growth and glide seamlessly across skin
for the smoothest “Take-Off” imaginable.
• Rinse thoroughly and apply a
small amount of Razor Bump Relief for a bump-free landing