Rosa Arctica Sample

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Rosa Arctica Sample
Already Asked: 1 Question, 1925 Answers
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
wei s: try out Sep 16, 2014
Alma M: Love this product. Sep 15, 2014
Mel W: Got great reviews! Frankly i was just curious! Sep 15, 2014
Sara O: Ratings Sep 15, 2014
Karan L: WANNA TRY Sep 15, 2014
Kandy B: Seems to be a good product Sep 14, 2014
Piyatat T: Want to try this one Sep 14, 2014
YINDI S: my friends recommend me to use it Sep 13, 2014
Juno S: I want to try it Sep 13, 2014
Montgomery F: i forgot Sep 12, 2014
Yaling L: Tryp Sep 10, 2014
Margaret M: d Sep 10, 2014
Bin X: good Sep 10, 2014
Lucille W: Free and heard its good Sep 9, 2014
Yu Z: I've no idea, just see many customers like it, so want to try. Sep 9, 2014
Jing Z: want to try Sep 9, 2014
Gladys B: I use the lightweight moisturizer and want to see what is different. Sep 9, 2014
kasey s: Love the smell! Very moisturizing Sep 8, 2014
Yuri M: love it but haven't bought it for two years. Wanna try again Sep 8, 2014
Liwen Z: Name Sep 7, 2014
de c: my friend need it Sep 7, 2014
Paige N: To try out Sep 4, 2014
John E: Because of the customer recommendations Sep 2, 2014
chenyijing z: looks like cute Sep 1, 2014
Jasmine M: I have very dry skin in the winter Aug 31, 2014
jimmy m: Love it Aug 30, 2014
ruina d: many people choose this Aug 30, 2014
Carolyn L: Ratings of other users. Aug 29, 2014
Carmella R: had good reviews Aug 27, 2014
marilyn t: Reviews Aug 27, 2014
Amanda M: curious Aug 27, 2014
Celeste Z: good review Aug 26, 2014
Zheng Z: try it Aug 25, 2014
Viktoriya P: Want to try it Aug 25, 2014
McKenzie D: sounds like something i would find useful and enjoy Aug 25, 2014
Emilia L: See what the hype is about Aug 25, 2014
anelise w: I would like to prevent skin damage and improve Aug 25, 2014
Jessica L: Want to try out different anti-wrinkle creams Aug 24, 2014
Danielle D: This is a great product totally works. Aug 22, 2014
Bethany N: Ratings Aug 22, 2014
CHRISTINA J: highly recommended Aug 19, 2014
Lora W: want to try something with Arctica in it Aug 19, 2014
Maurice M: saw on Steve harvey show" Aug 19, 2014
Myria M: I wanted to try it. Aug 18, 2014
Yan L: Try. A little bit stimulating for skin but very good smooth effect especially well-done for deep winter use. Aug 17, 2014
Karen L: to try Aug 17, 2014
Yi N: high review Aug 16, 2014
Judith P: never tried before Aug 16, 2014
wei w: "i like it " Aug 14, 2014
Mariam S: Heard great things about the Rosa Arctica for DRY SKIN and want to try. Aug 13, 2014
terrie a: checking it out Aug 13, 2014
zhang y: GOOD Aug 12, 2014
XIAOYE L: just want to try it Aug 12, 2014
Machelle R: full size is expensive Aug 12, 2014
julie S: free sample! Aug 11, 2014
Rengan X: My friend told me to choose this. Aug 10, 2014
zaib n: Hard this is very good Aug 10, 2014
Yeon P: I want to try out this first to compare with the Ultra Moisture Cream. Aug 10, 2014
Guohuan L: Best rated Aug 10, 2014
Lourdes E F: BASE ON REVIEW Aug 10, 2014
Rain S: Just try Aug 10, 2014
Meili j: Like Aug 10, 2014
Ann C: Try it Aug 10, 2014
Alyssa B: haven't tried this product yet and have dark, puffy eyes. just curious to see how it works. Aug 10, 2014
Laura D: I want to try something new. Aug 10, 2014
Weicong D: i like rosa Aug 10, 2014
Weicong D: i like rosa Aug 10, 2014
Jisi C: Because I haven't tried it before. Aug 10, 2014
Lei Y: random pick Aug 10, 2014
yanghee k: i have no idea what that is Aug 10, 2014
chengcong s: LIKE IT Aug 10, 2014
shenglan z: like it Aug 9, 2014
xiaoqian q: I want to try it Aug 9, 2014
RICHARD B: to look better Aug 9, 2014
Alette P: whim Aug 9, 2014
Shu jun Z: Just want to try it Aug 9, 2014
Sun K: Just to try it out Aug 9, 2014
yuanjie m: Its good for my enlarged poles. Aug 9, 2014
Susan M: Looking for a moisturizer to go with my MRC and wanted to try a few, thank you for offering samples! Aug 9, 2014
YITONG Z: sounds good Aug 9, 2014
saijie l: i need it Aug 8, 2014
jie w: dont know, Just curious. Aug 8, 2014
LaVerne W: I am interested in the fragrance, want to check it out. Aug 8, 2014
BUSHENG W: Good Aug 8, 2014
Nazila A: My friends like it Aug 7, 2014
Fred C: Love the smell and texture of this cream. Aug 7, 2014
Ekua S: to give a friend Aug 7, 2014
chyuan k: need it Aug 6, 2014
Shuijing Y: nice Aug 6, 2014
Jennifer G: My friend uses this and loves it! Aug 6, 2014
Yina M: I tried, this is a wonderful product! Aug 5, 2014
ILKYUNG N: based on customer reviews Aug 5, 2014
barbara r: was recommended by a friend. Aug 4, 2014
Haojie J: Because the review is high. Aug 1, 2014
JUAN C: just have a try Jul 31, 2014
Judi G: sounded good Jul 31, 2014
BO Q: want to try it Jul 30, 2014
Marilyn M: trying it out Jul 27, 2014
Patricia M: anything to see if it helps my aging skin Jul 26, 2014
Anthony J: Recommended Moisturizer. Jul 23, 2014
Tingting C: try it Jul 23, 2014
Meijia J: I don't know, I just wanna try. Jul 22, 2014
Shangfeng Z: I WANT TO HAVE A TRY Jul 21, 2014
Weijun G: wanna to try Jul 19, 2014
WANG Q: new for me ,so i want to try this ... Jul 18, 2014
Deborah S: like to try Jul 15, 2014
MEIFANG W: i want to try Jul 15, 2014
Minnah A: ratings Jul 15, 2014
Shaorong L: Try something new. Jul 13, 2014
Miaomiao G: Good Jul 13, 2014
chengye d: I like it Jul 12, 2014
Nan J: try it just Jul 11, 2014
Rebecca F: good Jul 11, 2014
Eduardo O: Rating. Jul 10, 2014
Xuelian Y: want to try. Jul 9, 2014
Chun G: have a try Jul 9, 2014
Megan D: Have tried before and I like this. Jul 7, 2014
Raul O: first time i will use this one!! Jul 7, 2014
vivian z: i like it Jul 7, 2014
kongpeng l: mostly it's what I want to try. from samples . Jul 7, 2014
Becky K: Would like to compare to the Ultra Facial Cream Jul 5, 2014
Jeoffrey C: elder use Jul 4, 2014
Kevin M: rated 5 stars (hearts) Jul 3, 2014
Christine C: Just for a try. Jun 29, 2014
Lizzy B: try it Jun 29, 2014
Xiaoming W: just want to try Jun 29, 2014
Lisa K: to try? Jun 28, 2014
cynthia g: to try it Jun 28, 2014
Derek B: leaves my skin great. use it after shaving Jun 27, 2014
christina d: try it Jun 26, 2014
Xiaohua H: Random selection Jun 26, 2014
Eleonora L: Want to try since a while Jun 26, 2014
Melissa G: read so many good things about rosa artica so i wanted to see if it was worth the high price tag Jun 25, 2014
Carla C: to try it out Jun 25, 2014
Meng L: Just have a try Jun 25, 2014
Hui Y: try Jun 24, 2014
ELAM L: Try Jun 23, 2014
Mandy Y: Wanting to try Jun 20, 2014
Meelisa A: excellent reviews Jun 18, 2014
ZEHAO Q: I want to try this Jun 17, 2014
Beatrice C: Want to try it. Jun 16, 2014
Anthony A: Trying it Jun 16, 2014
Vernon W: read about it,and decided to try it Jun 15, 2014
Cesilia S: to try it Jun 15, 2014
Yanwei Z: Just have a try! Jun 15, 2014
Laura S: just to try Jun 13, 2014
Charlie B: Your customer recommendations Jun 11, 2014
Annie H: Last year I went back to basics and started using the ultra facial creme again, but the rosa arctica is a nice alternative to use at night. Jun 10, 2014
Beth B: Don't have any rosa artica; was a good chance to get some for free! Jun 9, 2014
Amy E: Need a new face wash Jun 8, 2014
Tony L: good reviews Jun 7, 2014
yigao q: nice Jun 3, 2014
Cassandra H: gift May 30, 2014
Kathie G: Curious about this product! May 29, 2014
A L: this will be great in my travel pack. May 28, 2014
Lindsey S: thinking on buying it but want to try again because product is expensive May 28, 2014
Elaine K: Try heavier cream for winter climate May 27, 2014
DANIELLE A: Out of curiosity May 24, 2014
Yang-Eun K: Love to try if I want to switch this with my regular Ultra Facial Cream. May 23, 2014
Georgia C: Have seen ads for this product. Sounds like issues I would like to address and unique ingredients. May 23, 2014
Barry K: Seen in window of store May 20, 2014
Ziming J: Just want to try May 19, 2014
Youli R: want a try May 19, 2014
Renee D: it received 5 hearts May 19, 2014
Lynda S: I look forward to trying it. May 19, 2014
XIN N: Never try this before May 19, 2014
Zoe P: new thing to try May 19, 2014
Barbara A: Just to try. May 19, 2014
Lily S: Na May 19, 2014
Santosh H: Wanted to try the product May 19, 2014
Hejin W: I did not buy that thing before, I want to try. May 18, 2014
Zhen L: WANT TO BUY IT NEXT TIME May 18, 2014
Anne-Gaelle R: To try May 18, 2014
Xiaolin Y: Just want to try May 18, 2014
min qing c: best seller May 18, 2014
Thomas H: intriguing name May 17, 2014
shaoping h: try May 17, 2014
Jin K: I've tried Rosa Artica light before, and I'm curious how different this would be compared to the light version. May 17, 2014
Qi Z: effective May 17, 2014
Younghyun K: just for a try May 16, 2014
younghwan y: Good review May 16, 2014
lei y: i like it May 15, 2014
Wendy C: To smell and try it out. May 15, 2014
Margaret W: 5 stars, try! May 15, 2014
Alycia D: Just curious. Never Heard of it. May 15, 2014
Yun C: The recommendation of a friend May 15, 2014
Siyue C: try May 15, 2014
Sarah C: just wanted to try the rosa line May 14, 2014
Dahye C: I looked review and this one was a high rated. May 12, 2014
kelli c: TRIAL May 7, 2014
Begum U: friend recommendation May 5, 2014
Jesenia S: to try it mom likes this brand she might like this May 4, 2014
zhe c: I like it May 1, 2014
Marcella G: Nice and light under make up. Apr 30, 2014
Alex I: In the market for a new moisturizer... wanted to try. Apr 24, 2014
Tianxiao S: star Apr 24, 2014
eunhee k: Wanted to try out Apr 20, 2014
Cerissa K: I think rose products Apr 18, 2014
Stephanie D: Like a mini face lift for the evening Apr 18, 2014
Bronwyn K: I'm young so I don't have much anti-aging stuff, but I'd like to try this one out. Apr 18, 2014
Kim M: Looks interesting Apr 17, 2014
Lara H: Sounded good...thought I'd give it a try. Apr 11, 2014
Beth H: love it! Apr 9, 2014
Wenjing G: I believe Rosa Arctica is a rare ingredient... Apr 9, 2014
Yi D: Convenient for travel. Apr 7, 2014
Ula M: Also to try it out Apr 6, 2014
Barbara J: Great moisturizer Apr 6, 2014
janet e: might start using this Apr 6, 2014
erika e: want to try it Apr 2, 2014
Jessica Y: heard it was good Apr 2, 2014
lisa g: for me to travel with Apr 2, 2014
Sheng Z: looking for an effective anti wrinkle cream Apr 2, 2014
Magda G: I am curious to try this product. Apr 1, 2014
Amanda W: Amazing softening moisturizer Apr 1, 2014
Jiang T: Try it for self Mar 31, 2014
woohee l: a lots of stars Mar 31, 2014
Chingjung L: just want to try becuz of the good rating Mar 30, 2014
Juan T: Just to try the product, but I didn't like it very much. Mar 28, 2014
Steven A: Good reviews. Mar 27, 2014
MaryAnn P: Works well and my daughter is trying this. I think she will love it. Mar 26, 2014
Brianna M: It is expensive, want to try before I invest. Mar 24, 2014
WENJING L: make skin nice Mar 24, 2014
Teresa B: picked it because of the reviews. Mar 24, 2014
Hexun M: I want to have a try Mar 24, 2014
Alison S: I have tried this product before and love it Mar 23, 2014
Karen P: Love the fragrance and how it feels on my face! Mar 23, 2014
Yue O: I want to try Mar 22, 2014
FTD l: i dont know Mar 20, 2014
Yuyang Z: want to try Mar 18, 2014
mill h: good Mar 18, 2014
yiwen g: good review Mar 16, 2014
Wanda L: Wanted to try Mar 14, 2014
Jeanne K: Wanted to try Mar 11, 2014
Ya-yu T: the rank from other customers is high. Mar 10, 2014
Faye O: it is for a friend. Mar 10, 2014
Tammy K: Heard great reviews. Mar 10, 2014
Donna R: Used before - liked results - want to try again Mar 9, 2014
Mei Lin H: I would love to try it on my face, hope it suitable my skin. Mar 7, 2014
Yae sol L: curiosity Mar 6, 2014
Sha L: This is the best!!! When i wear this to sleep, my skin shines when i woke up, and stays in a good shape for the entire day!!! Mar 6, 2014
Adam H: Rating Mar 5, 2014
tingting l: try Mar 5, 2014
JUDITH A H: others ratings Mar 3, 2014
Jennifer D: I use to use this, but have not bought it in awhile because it is too expensive. Mar 1, 2014
Christine R: Curiosity Mar 1, 2014
Karla G: I love the product! Feb 28, 2014
Miaoling S: Want to try it Feb 27, 2014
Denise J: To try Feb 27, 2014
John Z: I have never heard of this product before and am interested in finding out what it has to offer. Feb 22, 2014
Brian B: Ratings Feb 21, 2014
Christopher D: Sounds like a great product. Feb 21, 2014
Patty P: For traveling Feb 17, 2014
Hyunjin K: I'd like to order this product after i try this Feb 17, 2014
Connie T: comments Feb 15, 2014
xiaoling l: "just want to try it" Feb 14, 2014
Florian W: Why not? Feb 13, 2014
lingrui z: i love it Feb 13, 2014
Hongmin F: I want to try it. Feb 13, 2014
Luz Angela E: the consumer ratings Feb 13, 2014
HANBING H: free gift Feb 12, 2014
Gregory G: review rating Feb 11, 2014
Candace C A: I wanted to try a lighter cream than your ultimate facial cream of the multi-correctional cream. With summer over the horizon, I will probably want to switch to a lighter moisturizer. Feb 10, 2014
Linda M: For friend Feb 9, 2014
Li-Fen C: based on reviews Feb 6, 2014
Brittany D: Good reviews Feb 4, 2014
Jennifer G: wanted to try it Feb 4, 2014
Cheraye L: Need something new Feb 3, 2014
Ivone H: I'm looking for a good daily moisturizer. Feb 3, 2014
Heng H: like Feb 3, 2014
Tracey P: I've heard good things about this product. Feb 3, 2014
Yaohua Z: I just want to try it. Feb 3, 2014
anqi z: Good review Feb 2, 2014
Rui Z: i saw it 5stars so i wanna try it Feb 2, 2014
margaret p: love this moisturizer. Feb 2, 2014
Laurie F: to travel Feb 1, 2014
JingJing H: Try it Feb 1, 2014
Celina T: I am in search of a new face cream. Feb 1, 2014
Trisha H: With dry winter skin, I'm interested in giving this a try. Feb 1, 2014
Annie Z: Want my mother in law to try it as she is older and says she likes heavier creams now Feb 1, 2014
Cara M: ratings Jan 31, 2014
Mei nin L: Try Jan 31, 2014
Misty M: Had great reviews. Jan 31, 2014
Jane B: just trying Jan 31, 2014
Therese W: Love it!! Wanted the samples for when I travel Jan 31, 2014
Gloria K: want to try rosa artica Jan 31, 2014
Deanne M: HIgh rating Jan 29, 2014
Sharon R: had high reviews Jan 29, 2014
Frances C: Wanna try Jan 28, 2014
Dominic L: Good reviews. Jan 27, 2014
Vivian R: Great reviews Jan 27, 2014
Saho Y: I just want to try it. Jan 25, 2014
john y: JUST WANT TO TRY Jan 24, 2014
Mary T H: Trying it. Jan 23, 2014
Margaret W: Not sure I remember why I chose this Jan 23, 2014
Wenqi H: follow the review Jan 23, 2014
HJ C: This cream is very mild. It has no irritation on my skin. After stressful day, when skin becomes to be stressed, I apply this cream on whole face and neck to calm down without stimulation. Jan 22, 2014
diane m: just to try Jan 21, 2014
Maria G: I bought this because i wanted to try it and see if i got good results so that i can later buy the big size Jan 19, 2014
Kenneth R: Product brand Jan 19, 2014
Feihsiang Y: nice Jan 19, 2014
Jing R: I saw it has 5 hearts Jan 19, 2014
Christine B: I was curious about this one and it was too pricey for me to buy without sampling. Goes on thick and great for dry, chapped skin. Jan 16, 2014
Irene T: A gift to my daughter Jan 13, 2014
Danielle N: I like the name Jan 12, 2014
Shari S: wanted to try it Jan 11, 2014
yong k: very good Jan 11, 2014
shenbo h: it is a famous product Jan 10, 2014
Nancy C: Good reviews Jan 10, 2014
Brittany H: Absolute favorite, have not come across anything that compares. Worth the investment! Jan 6, 2014
Elizabeth M: Read about it online not long ago. Jan 6, 2014
Xiaoxuan C: I want to have a try Jan 5, 2014
Michelle M: Dry Skin Jan 4, 2014
Josephine A: Recommended by a friend Jan 4, 2014
HO KI C: WANNA TRY Jan 4, 2014
emily h: n/a Jan 2, 2014
Angelica NK K: just wanna try it out Jan 2, 2014
Debbie S: to try Jan 1, 2014
Brenda A: try Dec 31, 2013
Jo-Ann M: No reason Dec 31, 2013
Laurence B: I like it.
Useful when I travel.
Dec 31, 2013
seyoung k: i would like to try this product Dec 31, 2013
Wei D: best customer rating Dec 31, 2013
Ellen S: Like product have used for about three years. Seems to reduce aging lines. Dec 31, 2013
Abril I: CURIOUS Dec 31, 2013
Lola R: I like the creamy texture of this cream and how silky it makes my face feel. Dec 31, 2013
Kama S: for travel Dec 31, 2013
Deborah B: I love Rosa and how it makes my skill feel and look. Dec 31, 2013
li y: I like it. Dec 31, 2013
lan c: I want try Dec 31, 2013
Patrick B: Thought I'd give it try. Dec 31, 2013
Valentina P: Excellent for dry aged skin Dec 31, 2013
Laura H: customer recommended means more to me that co. recommended Dec 31, 2013
Johanna B: I want to try before purchasing to see if it works with my skin Dec 31, 2013
Donna T: read reviews Dec 31, 2013
Flora F: I use this as well at night and it helps moisturize my skin. Dec 31, 2013
Alice M: curious Dec 31, 2013
Elma D: No reason Dec 31, 2013
MIN SOO P: try for next purchase Dec 31, 2013
mengqian w: it is very useful Dec 31, 2013
Jing L: good reviews. Dec 31, 2013
Yolanda L: More star Dec 31, 2013
Timothy M: because I haven't used this product yet and it was one of the 4 creams to choose from. Dec 31, 2013
Susan M: I use Rosa Arctica regularly, and wanted a travel size to take with me on short trips Dec 30, 2013
Carla W: 1 Dec 30, 2013
Darlene B: same as above! Dec 30, 2013
Jack K: I've heard really good things about this Dec 30, 2013
ZHU J: I want to try it. Dec 30, 2013
ann s: it sounded interesting. Dec 30, 2013
Laura K: Curious Dec 30, 2013
Bohan Z: recommended by others Dec 30, 2013
Milton P: To try Dec 30, 2013
Norma O: Chose because of 5 star rating. Dec 30, 2013
Yafeng J: because the is expensive Dec 30, 2013
Weiyu X: I heard this is useful Dec 29, 2013
Qing L: There is a good comment on this product online. Dec 29, 2013
YAN Z: good Dec 29, 2013
valerie s: good costumer review Dec 29, 2013
Yuliya S: to try Dec 29, 2013
Tina P: try Dec 29, 2013
Ling W: To try iy Dec 29, 2013
Jenny X: good review Dec 29, 2013
Carol G: Interested in trying it Dec 28, 2013
Gretchen G: Have the eye cream - thought I'd see how this did overall Dec 28, 2013
Jing J: wanna try Dec 28, 2013
Annie V: to try Dec 28, 2013
Han L: nice Dec 28, 2013
Alexandra S: I would like to try it. Dec 27, 2013
Robert M: Sounds interesting Dec 27, 2013
Angela R: curiosity Dec 27, 2013
Ting C: I like it! Dec 27, 2013
Katherine P: . Dec 26, 2013
Ladonna D: Never used before Dec 26, 2013
Lisa P: love it Dec 26, 2013
Yayun X: wanna have a try Dec 26, 2013
neringa k: trying it Dec 26, 2013
Meiriyanti W: curious.... Dec 25, 2013
Shuh Fang H: Trying for the first time. Dec 25, 2013
Michel W: to try it to see if I would like it Dec 25, 2013
xiaotong l: GOOD Dec 25, 2013
Linda H: want to see the difference in the fine lines and texture of the skin. Dec 25, 2013
Huiyi T: want to some thing new Dec 25, 2013
Shawna C: Rating Dec 24, 2013
Susan L: Wanted to try it. Dec 24, 2013
Brenda P: . Dec 23, 2013
Tien L: High rating Dec 23, 2013
Genery G: Curious Dec 23, 2013
li z: try it and find out it good or not. Dec 23, 2013
Ann Marie T: try it Dec 23, 2013
xiaotong l: try Dec 22, 2013
Jeanne W: Thick but great in the winter! Dec 22, 2013
xiaoxue s: I was usa it .i like it very much! Dec 22, 2013
chunmei l: try it Dec 22, 2013
Lu Y: Try Dec 22, 2013
GLORIA T: After reading reviews I thought it would be great to try out. Dec 20, 2013
Ozetta G: Wanted to see how well it worked Dec 20, 2013
Seul L: I am using this item Dec 20, 2013
Sherry S: More of same stuff. Dec 20, 2013
Bettina G: "i want to try this cream" Dec 20, 2013
Yinghuey T: want to know what it is Dec 20, 2013
Andrew P: Good Dec 20, 2013
Kristina S: word of mouth, excellent product Dec 19, 2013
HANH N: great moisturizer. Dec 19, 2013
Angela M: Never tried this one and believe it will benefit my skin Dec 19, 2013
jungtek Y: i want to try Dec 19, 2013
Kristin C: thought my mom would like it Dec 19, 2013
Kyle D: looks good Dec 19, 2013
SHAN H: From advertisement Dec 19, 2013
Susan S: It was recommended to me, so I wanted to try it. Dec 19, 2013
Wei F: it had good reviews. Dec 18, 2013
Janet B: reviews were positive Dec 18, 2013
Elizabeth B: good for travel Dec 18, 2013
Subhajit G: Just want to try out as it seems to have good reviews Dec 17, 2013
Lorry A: to try it Dec 17, 2013
Carol J: I read the reviews and this sounded like a moisturizer that would leave my skin looking fresher upon waking. I am going to give it a try. Dec 17, 2013
chenfang x: good Dec 17, 2013
kathryn r: not sure what it is, but rated high Dec 16, 2013
Jessica W: It's more expensive than what I normally buy from Kiehl's so I need to try it before committing. Dec 16, 2013
Wenrong L: try it Dec 16, 2013
Bradley B: Who knows? Dec 16, 2013
madeline d: to have when I travel Dec 16, 2013
peggy c: i like to use this with the midnight recovery concentrate. im out of this and not sure if i want to try something else or get more of this product. Dec 16, 2013
Andrew I: Tried before Dec 16, 2013
Elizabeth P: I wanted to try it Dec 16, 2013
Le D: Try it Dec 15, 2013
Christine B: It seemed like it might have something nto do with roses ;-) Dec 14, 2013
Julissa G: good reviews! Dec 14, 2013
Kimberlee C: I want to purchase, but would like to try first. Dec 14, 2013
Shannon E: Missing the Cryste Marine Moisturizer. Looking for replacement product. Dec 14, 2013
Rita G: Curious. Dec 14, 2013
Victoria Y: I want to try this Dec 14, 2013
Lisa A: 5 hearts Dec 13, 2013
Shuyan S: small Dec 13, 2013
mike j: try it for the first time Dec 13, 2013
Ann B: It sounds useful for the cold winter. Dec 13, 2013
Timothy F: I always wanted to go to antarctica Dec 13, 2013
Marcia F: Really like this product. Dec 7, 2013
Robin F: I've been wanting to try this ever since it debuted Dec 7, 2013
Rahel L: a great moisturizer especially for dry to combo skin Dec 5, 2013
FEI Z: like Dec 4, 2013
Shannon E: Wanted to try Dec 4, 2013
Laurice K: New, curious Dec 3, 2013
Hsiu-Ling C: y Dec 2, 2013
Xiongnan W: Interested in trying... Dec 2, 2013
Xialu W: it's expensive Dec 2, 2013
Marisa S: Want to try before purchasing Dec 1, 2013
Sandra L R: Looking for more facial moisture. Dec 1, 2013
Lucretia P: Trying this before making purchase Dec 1, 2013
Marie V: I'm still searching for products to help my eyes look better. Nov 30, 2013
Sai Kuan L: JUST TRY Nov 29, 2013
stella k: try Nov 29, 2013
Thaweejit W: great Nov 29, 2013
Rui Y: wanna try Nov 28, 2013
Chen W: Popular Nov 28, 2013
bo h: just have a try Nov 28, 2013
Raymond S: THE BEST Nov 28, 2013
Peter C: New for me, never tried this before. Nov 28, 2013
Elizabeth W: it's a sample, so I'll try it Nov 28, 2013
ruiwen w: it's good Nov 28, 2013
Chia Ling Wu C: Want to try it Nov 28, 2013
Tae Yun K: dry skin Nov 28, 2013
Jessica c: I want to try it. Nov 27, 2013
xin z: random Nov 27, 2013
Wing c J: I want try Nov 27, 2013
geraldine j: never tried Nov 27, 2013
William H: ? Nov 27, 2013
Vanessa P: looking for skin firmer Nov 27, 2013
Yiteng X: recommended Nov 27, 2013
lin z: good Nov 26, 2013
Lauren S: Wanted to try it to see if I like it better than other products Nov 26, 2013
di l: love it Nov 26, 2013
mengjuan y: try it Nov 25, 2013
Jing H: GOOD Nov 25, 2013
BIng Z: Good Nov 25, 2013
Xiangyu S: just try Nov 25, 2013
Rongqian Z: Try something new. Nov 25, 2013
Hsiuling L: good Nov 25, 2013
Laura Mae S: new never tried and didn't like smell Nov 25, 2013
Barbara F: Experiment Nov 24, 2013
Wei Y: want to try Nov 24, 2013
I-Ping H: Just curiosity Nov 23, 2013
Xiaoping X: just want to try Nov 23, 2013
SHIYU Z: Good evaluation Nov 22, 2013
Tehsin N: good quality Nov 22, 2013
Jackie B: highest customer rating of all samples offered Nov 21, 2013
Ya-Hui C: based on customer review Nov 21, 2013
zhengyao z: I DONT KNOW Nov 21, 2013
Yanli W: I like the product in Kiehl's Nov 20, 2013
zhe l: not sure Nov 20, 2013
Debby S: Read the great reviews! Nov 20, 2013
Jie L: First Try, Friend's recommendation Nov 20, 2013
XU D: it is good Nov 19, 2013
Xujun L: heard about it Nov 18, 2013
Xi W: Great! Nov 17, 2013
Yuk Lin C: Just want to try the product, if it work for me, will purchase later. Nov 17, 2013
Alicia M: Love this cream!!!! So soft, leaves my skin feeling smooth and not greasy!!! Nov 17, 2013
Stacy P: It's one of the best product in Kiehls. Nov 16, 2013
Yi L: I want to try it. Nov 16, 2013
Ze J: want to try Nov 16, 2013
Yanming S: good Nov 16, 2013
YUMI S: good product Nov 16, 2013
Zhongyu T: good quality Nov 15, 2013
CAN W: Just want to try! Nov 15, 2013
Tzu-Ling Y: I've used this one, really hydrated my skin. my skin type is dry and oily on T zone. I am around 35. Nov 15, 2013
YUE H: for try Nov 15, 2013
Ronna M: love it Nov 15, 2013
XINGRUI L: GOOD Nov 14, 2013
Doug L: no comment Nov 14, 2013
huishu l: highest review rate Nov 14, 2013
Brooke P: I want to try it Nov 14, 2013
Rebecca P: good reviews and age appropriate Nov 14, 2013
Jing S: positive comments Nov 14, 2013
Li Z: want to try Nov 14, 2013
ANNI L: want to try, this one is expensive Nov 14, 2013
Bo y: I want to try it. Nov 14, 2013
Jerry W: People say it's a good product. Nov 14, 2013
HUAIMIN S: it's rose have a try Nov 14, 2013
zhuoling x: same as up Nov 14, 2013
Ting Ting C: Free Nov 13, 2013
Wen Z: I heard good things about this product. I was thinking to give it a try. Nov 13, 2013
CHUN C: I like Nov 13, 2013
weina l: have a try Nov 13, 2013
Li J: interested in this new product Nov 13, 2013
Kristina F: curious Nov 13, 2013
MINJEONG L: Just want to try Nov 12, 2013
YIMING Y: As other customer's rating. Nov 11, 2013
Robin S: Good reviews Nov 10, 2013
Ivin F R: Wanted to try Nov 8, 2013
JEWON L: I used the sample, and it was great Nov 7, 2013
Elena F: Always wanted to try it Nov 6, 2013
Nancy M: Just to try Nov 5, 2013
Xiao M: I am interested in this product and want to try. Nov 5, 2013
XIAOYAN S: Daily use Nov 3, 2013
Xiaoxi W: want to try Nov 3, 2013
Elizabeth M: This comes highly recommended and I'd like to try it out. Nov 2, 2013
Mengmei T: I might need it when traveling. Nov 2, 2013
Giselle G: want to try Oct 31, 2013
Jane S: It sounds very moisturizing from the description. Will give it a try. Oct 31, 2013
NAN Q: I would like to try Oct 31, 2013
Bei Y: randomly Oct 31, 2013
Wei W: Want to try Oct 30, 2013
Sherrie Z: I want to try all the Rosa Arctica products. Oct 30, 2013
Elizabeth G: I am a new customer and I wanted to try these products Oct 30, 2013
Lawrence H: Try it for free Oct 30, 2013
Anastasia D: best alternate option. Oct 29, 2013
QUOC H: Curious Oct 29, 2013
Sarakorn G: Read reviews and want to try Oct 29, 2013
Fei S: just want to try Oct 28, 2013
David H: for wife Oct 28, 2013
Mokammel K: Great reviews on the website- let me find out for myself! Oct 27, 2013
Lucia V: Saw it in Allure magazine that it was pretty good Oct 27, 2013
qian s: famous Oct 25, 2013
Sherri H: interesting Oct 24, 2013
Jamie C: Name seemed interesting. Oct 24, 2013
Leo L: never tried it before Oct 21, 2013
Elizabeth M: I want to see if it makes a difference on my skin :-) Oct 21, 2013
jeanette f: smooth Oct 20, 2013
Kelvin V: really good Oct 20, 2013
Kathryn E. B: It has had great reviews as read on line, was recommended by the on line assessment feature, and also by an on line chat with a Kiehl's representative as helpful in aging. I would like to consider this v. Super Multi-corrective cream for daily bedtime use. Oct 19, 2013
Hui C: I Love Rose Oct 19, 2013
Teresa R: Wanted to try it Oct 19, 2013
huijun M: want to try Oct 18, 2013
Matthew E: I was curious Oct 16, 2013
Darlene C: Try it Oct 16, 2013
Benjamin G: to try it Oct 14, 2013
Melinda S: used it before. Its good. Oct 14, 2013
Jennifer H: Customer rating Oct 13, 2013
Ying C: Try it! Oct 13, 2013
Debra S: To moisturizer Oct 13, 2013
Gabriela K: I have been seeing a lot of publicity of this and it is sold out so it is a good moment to try it before I go ahead and buy it whenever it is available Oct 12, 2013
Kelly W: Curious. Oct 12, 2013
Kim M: Want to try it Oct 11, 2013
nhut t: good Oct 11, 2013
Daneece B: To see how it works. Oct 8, 2013
Elizabeth W: Wanted to try Oct 3, 2013
Kimmy C: For travel use Sep 30, 2013
Marjorie L: Will try this one. Sep 30, 2013
Livia M: Did not like it Sep 26, 2013
LEE D: for my travel bag Sep 24, 2013
s s: compare with other eye creams. Did not like it Sep 21, 2013
Margaret C: Looks to be a fabulous rich cream for dry skin. Sep 21, 2013
Amy P: Interested in seeing how this feels and works... Sep 21, 2013
Anna C: cause it has good comments from customer Sep 21, 2013
Yu H: try Sep 21, 2013
Shuwen L: I like it's color and ingredient in it. Hope it can fit me. Sep 20, 2013
YI L: I want to try Sep 20, 2013
Joanna F: Wanted to compare to the Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream because I have very sensitive skin. Sep 20, 2013
Jia T: Love this Sep 20, 2013
Meng C: had high ratings! Sep 20, 2013
Scott H: to try it Sep 19, 2013
Yijun H: Heard, want to try Sep 18, 2013
Debra D: curious Sep 18, 2013
hiyeun b: because of the high rate Sep 18, 2013
John R: Wanted to try it Sep 16, 2013
Zhanna K: I like direction this product. I will try. Sep 9, 2013
Peter W: Sounded nice, but can't recall using it. Sep 7, 2013
Audrey S: heard good things Sep 5, 2013
Liana G: Reviews on the product were good Sep 5, 2013
Harriet N: another product that is great, a big price, so have slow down using it. Sep 4, 2013
Xiaoli L: I just wanna try Sep 1, 2013
Sohee K: Friend's recommendation Aug 31, 2013
Icelle K: got good reviews. wanted to try. Aug 27, 2013
shujie s: IT IS GOOD Aug 26, 2013
Bernice R: I have sensitive skin and I wanted to try it before buying it Aug 25, 2013
Matthew L: in order to increase skin firmness Aug 25, 2013
Charlotte B: Never tried it. Aug 23, 2013
Elizabeth F: love this Aug 22, 2013
Sue Ann K: fabulous product! I can really see a difference in correcting darkness below the eye. I was without it for a few weeks and noticed the dark circles came back. Aug 21, 2013
Valerie R: Liked the reviews Aug 19, 2013
Phyllis W: Have never used - wanted to try it. Aug 18, 2013
ying y: just try it Aug 16, 2013
Carly W: It had high ratings. Aug 15, 2013
Tsipi K: i like Rosa Arctica line Aug 14, 2013
Regina K: i like the scent of rose Aug 13, 2013
Susan D: Not sure Aug 12, 2013
J G L: Looking for soothing moisturizer. Aug 12, 2013
Elisabeth Y: wanted to try on my skin Aug 10, 2013
Anne S: heard it was good Aug 2, 2013
John B: Wife's request. Aug 2, 2013
Evette R: Love this product. Makes my skin soft and smooth, but not greasy. Jul 28, 2013
Sandra W: Sampling product. Jul 25, 2013
Dean S: Customer Feedback Jul 25, 2013
John L: Just trying something new Jul 22, 2013
Amy L: wanted to try it Jul 22, 2013
Eunice L: I like rose stuffs Jul 21, 2013
Justin G: It had good rating so I'm curious to try it. Jul 21, 2013
Darlene M. W: Very good moisturizer. Jul 19, 2013
PAT S: high rating on the list, so i want to give it a try. Jul 17, 2013
Xiao J: I have plan to choose one of them Jul 16, 2013
CG W: Want to check it out. Jul 16, 2013
Jie H: follow the crowd Jul 13, 2013
Marie B: Good reviews. Jul 10, 2013
XU Z: Just to have a try. Jul 7, 2013
Julie J: reviews seemed awesome! Jul 4, 2013
Cindy C: rich and nourishing skin Jun 29, 2013
Patricia D: Had positive reviews online Jun 29, 2013
Anne Michelle L: I can't remember but I since have bought it because I tried it. Jun 27, 2013
C O: I've read good things about it and wanted to try it. Jun 26, 2013
james a: suit my skin Jun 25, 2013
Kezia G: I was choosing between this and the product I ordered Jun 25, 2013
SANDRA J: Out of curiosity. Jun 17, 2013
Kevin J E: "For my daughter-in-law to try." Jun 17, 2013
Amanda D: try Jun 14, 2013
LAN J: TRY Jun 14, 2013
Gabriela M: Want to check it out before I spend the money. Jun 14, 2013
Susan W: I use this product at night. Jun 13, 2013
Jessica M: Sounds like it works good Jun 13, 2013
Collette P: I didnt know what else to choose Jun 13, 2013
Yangjing L: it is very expensive. like to see if it has miracle result Jun 13, 2013
Mary S: I am looking for a new moisturizer and wanted to check this out because of reviews Jun 13, 2013
sherry m: Love the lightweight cream - interested to see the difference Jun 13, 2013
JIEQIONG D: to try Jun 13, 2013
Kelly W: I want to purchase a new moisturizer and want to give this one a try. Jun 13, 2013
Yiwu J: new to me Jun 13, 2013
Cari-Ann R: love this stuff Jun 13, 2013
Mary E: I had never tried it before, and I like herbal/floral based items. Jun 13, 2013
Liesl C: I've never used it and it's always had great reviews so I figured I'd give it a try. Jun 13, 2013
William T: Old face, needs help. Jun 13, 2013
XIGE X: RATING Jun 13, 2013
Laura D: It was available... Jun 13, 2013
Aihua L: try it Jun 13, 2013
Lindsey K: Fine line and wrinkle reduction in my under-eye area Jun 11, 2013
Junghoon P: Good Rating Jun 8, 2013
Chloe W: this mask i tried once, it's really good for cleansing your pore, love it, so want to try it again Jun 5, 2013
sharlotte g: gave it away May 28, 2013
Gladys M: To take on an week end trip! May 24, 2013
Xi D: Looks good May 23, 2013
Catherine S: See if it helps the pores on my nose. May 22, 2013
Kristina S: a friend told me it was amazing May 22, 2013
Yvette F: Want to try it out. May 22, 2013
Xuexin J: Actually, I like the jar of it. May 21, 2013
Joan V: Again, it was just given with the order. I am glad we now have choices for samples. May 21, 2013
ethelinda r: skin needs stress relief! May 21, 2013
Angela G: Wanted to try... May 15, 2013
EVELYN L: to try it May 15, 2013
kevin h: had good reviews May 14, 2013
JUDY L: WANT TO TRY IT May 14, 2013
Elvis H: I love this product but it is very expensive May 13, 2013
WAN L: never used just want to try May 13, 2013
Roy S: To get more of a good product. May 11, 2013
Pamela G: free May 10, 2013
Loralyn K: many people loved this; always read customer reviews. also love trying new things. May 10, 2013
Nathan S: What can I say, moisturizers are great! May 9, 2013
Emilee W: This looked interesting so I will try. May 8, 2013
Lee Ann S: would like to try before I buy. May 7, 2013
Dawn C: wanted to try it and now I buy it.. Love it! Apr 27, 2013
Susan C: wanted to try it Apr 22, 2013
Lisa Marie S: Interested in trying the Rosa Artica line. Too heavy for my skin but the eye cream is nice. Apr 18, 2013
Kristine M: Curiosity. Apr 10, 2013
Morgan W: To try it. Apr 5, 2013
Anne R: Love it. Have been using it for years. Great size for travel. Mar 26, 2013
Lori E: to try. Mar 26, 2013
Tonya R: I wanted to try this item to see its performance on my skin. Mar 26, 2013
Woong Ki M: Try out Mar 25, 2013
Qin Y: Famous Product Mar 25, 2013
Kang C: To try. Mar 25, 2013
DAN W: smell good Mar 25, 2013
Marilyn u: a lot of people liked it so i want to try it Mar 24, 2013
Njideka O: I wanted to try it based on reviews. I also got to try the Rose Arctica eye cream through Birchbox and really enjoyed it. I wanted to see if the moisturizer would work as well as the eye cream Mar 23, 2013
FANG L: want to try Mar 23, 2013
Carol F: Read the description, sounds nice! Mar 22, 2013
Jan L: I want to try it Mar 20, 2013
Yuqi W: review shows good Mar 20, 2013
Fair O P: curiosity Mar 20, 2013
Urszula M: to try Mar 17, 2013
EUNJIN K: famous? Mar 16, 2013
Isabel O: TO TRY Mar 15, 2013
Deana G: I trought about buying this product for hydration and skin correction, but I wanted to try it first because some of the reviews have me skeptical. Mar 15, 2013
Jess L: WANT TO TRY Mar 14, 2013
Seong-Hye M: Good reviews Feb 21, 2013
Xiuchuan L: Just want to try out Feb 20, 2013
ALINA F: Heard good things..wanted to try for myself Feb 19, 2013
Linda M: hope it works Feb 19, 2013
Chang B: have a try Feb 18, 2013
Lisa M: sounded good Feb 17, 2013
Bethany W: Looking for a good anti-aging cream to use at night. Feb 16, 2013
Judith S: want to see how i like it versus my regular lotions Feb 16, 2013
Erica L: am getting older would like prevent aging Feb 14, 2013
Ewa R: to try Feb 14, 2013
heather b: good reviews Feb 12, 2013
Yongmi C: I like to try more products from Kiel's because of its popularity. I want to find the skin care that truly works on my facial skin. Feb 11, 2013
Yuehwen H: I would like to try it Feb 10, 2013
Jefferson F: I always heard good things about it and wanted to try it before buying the actual product. Feb 10, 2013
Cynthia A: Have never tried this product Feb 10, 2013
Anna P: see if I like it Feb 10, 2013
susan f: wanted to try Feb 10, 2013
Barbara E: Recommendation from a friend Feb 9, 2013
Huiting M: Like it! Feb 9, 2013
Sandra A: Never used it Feb 8, 2013
Zhen Z: It looks good. If it is good. I'll buy it in the furture. Feb 8, 2013
nicole c: i did not use before Feb 7, 2013
Chen L: want to try this product, as i was told it is good. Feb 7, 2013
charles r: first time try. Feb 7, 2013
Julia K: great reviews Feb 6, 2013
Jiantao Z: friend suggest Feb 6, 2013
Jiantao Z: Friends suggest Feb 6, 2013
Debbie W: i have used it previously then tried another of your moisturizers Feb 5, 2013
leigh W: Not sure... Feb 5, 2013
Cheryl H: reviews Feb 5, 2013
Michael G: I use the Cryste Marine Ultra Riche so wanted to try something different Feb 4, 2013
debra s: have never tried it Feb 3, 2013
Susann T: wanted to try a more powerful moisturizer than Abysinne Feb 3, 2013
Lu H: sounds good Feb 2, 2013
Ann W: Just wanted to try it. Feb 2, 2013
Rose F: I need to find a good moisturizer Feb 2, 2013
Haoyu Z: Try Feb 1, 2013
Abby L: great for repairing dry skin Feb 1, 2013
Carolyn M: A lot of people already seemed to like it...honestly, I thought the name sounded cool. I don't even know what it is. Jan 30, 2013
Tress E: Trying a new product Jan 30, 2013
Michael K: 5 hearts Jan 28, 2013
Mary Martin N: sampled at Atlanta airport. liked the rich but not oily feel Jan 26, 2013
Micki L M: love the way it looks; like the name Jan 26, 2013
Xue M: more reviewer Jan 25, 2013
Xuyin L: good customer views Jan 25, 2013
Valerie P: Great to use for travel Jan 25, 2013
Hyunjoo L: just want to try Jan 25, 2013
Seoyoun L: I wanted to try a different moisturizer Jan 25, 2013
Helena O: Wanted to try it out. Jan 24, 2013
Elizabeth G: I love the eye cream -so thought I'd give this a try Jan 24, 2013
Catherine P: A friend of mine swears by the Rose Artica eye cream, so I wanted to give this a try. Jan 24, 2013
Lisa A: LOVE this cream! Jan 23, 2013
YAN JIUN L: "Never try it." Jan 22, 2013
YAN JIUN L: Never try it. Jan 22, 2013
lillian yuen c: first try Jan 20, 2013
Lana S: hear it was a good product Jan 19, 2013
Marie D: no specific reason, just wanted to try Jan 19, 2013
Nancy K: want ti try this Jan 17, 2013
Brindha M: Want to try it Jan 16, 2013
Kathy O: Suffer from rosacea so wanted to try it. Jan 16, 2013
Zachary B: it got great reviews Jan 16, 2013
Kevin F: No idea. Name sounded cool. Jan 16, 2013
gail c: curious Jan 15, 2013
Danwei L: Get recomeadation from other people. Jan 15, 2013
cassandra w: super rich Jan 15, 2013
Timothyr R: positive customer reviews Jan 15, 2013
Cherie W: Want to try before I buy. Jan 15, 2013
donna r: to try it Jan 14, 2013
Sharyn R: This product look beneficial to some of my needs. Jan 14, 2013
Tess C: Curious Jan 14, 2013
DIANE P: want to try Jan 14, 2013
Phoebe J: I'd like to try a different moisturizer in a different line.. Jan 13, 2013
Monica G: Haven't tried it yet! Jan 13, 2013
Deborah D: used this before....local Saks does not carry in Kiehls department Jan 13, 2013
Gloria R: Occasional breakout Jan 13, 2013
hui z: I want to try . Jan 13, 2013
LaDosca K: Had to choode something. Please have my other samples be creme de corps Jan 13, 2013
Darlene J: wanted to try it. Jan 13, 2013
Maria B: The name appealed to me Jan 13, 2013
karen c: read reviews and want sheen/glow to face Jan 13, 2013
Emilia B: What is this about. Just want to try it Jan 13, 2013
Starrene R: Curious Jan 13, 2013
Carmen S: Wanted to try it Jan 13, 2013
carey m: It sounds nice Jan 13, 2013
Fang Y: want to try Jan 13, 2013
Abraham M: my wife wants to try this one because was rate good Jan 12, 2013
xiao l: Just because many people choose it. Jan 12, 2013
Susan C: customer review Jan 12, 2013
Cheryl B: Want to see if it's too heavy for my normal/combo aging skin. Jan 12, 2013
Cheryl R: need to try Jan 12, 2013
isabel f: To try... Jan 12, 2013
Nina K: I like cremes with flowers, especially rose Jan 12, 2013
Zhen Z: Just want wo try Jan 12, 2013
Melissa O: Did know what it was Jan 11, 2013
Judith M: Want to try it Jan 11, 2013
Rikki R: I am getting older and need a good wrinkle cream. Jan 10, 2013
Brenda M: not really sure, other than to try it Jan 9, 2013
Kari M: Interested in trying product. Jan 9, 2013
Kenneth L: Just trying it out Jan 9, 2013
Vickie S: Try something new Jan 2, 2013
Yu Z: Want to try something new. Dec 30, 2012
Kristen R: try Dec 29, 2012
Sharp W: Random selected Dec 29, 2012
alex m: same as above Dec 28, 2012
Susan s: used it before and want to try it again before purchase Dec 18, 2012
Susan S: .....because I have not experienced this product as of yet Dec 18, 2012
Pamela D: Curious Dec 18, 2012
Bill C: good review Dec 18, 2012
Deepti S: Would like to compare this with the Artica Light that I have purchased. Dec 18, 2012
Terri I: someone recommended this lotion .. so I am anxious to try it. Dec 17, 2012
SILVIA V: WANT TO TRY Dec 17, 2012
william s: my girlfriend loves to try all the products, if she likes the sample, she buys the full size without fail Dec 17, 2012
HYUN C: product review Dec 16, 2012
Tiffany V: to try Dec 16, 2012
deborah c: i have been interested in purchasing but wanted to try first Dec 16, 2012
Koma C: never try Dec 16, 2012
Adam L: 5 heart customer review. Dec 16, 2012
John L: I like it Dec 15, 2012
Sharon M: I am desperate for a product for my thin, sensitive skin. Many of the products for my wrinkled, sagging neck area leave my skin, itching and even more sensitive. I wish that the so called skin experts would learn more about skin issues of non whites. We also need help. Dec 15, 2012
NATALIE T: never try this one before Dec 15, 2012
Kristi W: friend's recommendation Dec 15, 2012
Pamela L: Thought my sister would like it :) Dec 14, 2012
Virginia R: I'm loving this product so much. I just started using it but already I can see an improvement in the overall appearance of my skin. So far I'm very happy with it and would definitely recommend it! Dec 14, 2012
Amber H: to give to my mom, who can't afford a lot of things, and she loves this stuff... Dec 13, 2012
Patricia D: To see how it feels on my skin Dec 13, 2012
Cecelia A: I want to try it Dec 13, 2012
Marianne F: I wondered what it was all about. Dec 13, 2012
Liping X: NICE Dec 13, 2012
anne n: USEFUL IN PURSE OR FOR TRAVEL Dec 13, 2012
Elaine C: Most recommended by customers Dec 13, 2012
Shuyun L: Friend recommendation Dec 12, 2012
Nancy H: to try Dec 12, 2012
Jin P: want to try it Dec 12, 2012
RENE B: 'cause I'm hopin' it's going to make me look 30 again. Dec 12, 2012
Sam K: based on the description Dec 12, 2012
Whitney B: Never heard of it, wanted to check it out Dec 12, 2012
Catherine S: Looking for a good face cream. Dec 12, 2012
Terri N: good for travel Dec 12, 2012
SHEILA B: wanted to try it - i hear good things Dec 12, 2012
JIEMIN Y: expensive Dec 11, 2012
John H: 5 hearts Dec 11, 2012
Xian W: It looks useful Dec 11, 2012
Jessica F: I heard good reviews about it Dec 11, 2012
hyeyong y: great to hydrate winter dry skin Dec 11, 2012
Corey H: Interested in how it will work Dec 11, 2012
Vy N: My friend recommended me. Dec 11, 2012
elizabeth w: trial Dec 10, 2012
Peggy H: No comment Dec 10, 2012
Yolanda P: got high rating Dec 10, 2012
Elizabeth L: always good to try new products Dec 10, 2012
Emily B: saw good reviews Dec 10, 2012
Laurie C: 5 stars Dec 10, 2012
holly h: "super-rich deep moisturizer, plus, it's UNSCENTED!!!" Dec 10, 2012
ROBYN C: best Dec 10, 2012
Maricela C: to try Dec 10, 2012
Lillian A: to try Dec 10, 2012
Colleen M: for travel Dec 9, 2012
Michael E: I like the name. Dec 9, 2012
jane m: to try Dec 9, 2012
Colleen B: Interested in seeing if it works Dec 9, 2012
helen c: sounds good Dec 9, 2012
EUNHYE K: I wanna try new stuff for cream Dec 9, 2012
Deanna B: me Dec 9, 2012
Cheryl H: comes in kit Dec 8, 2012
Youngeun K: I heard this is good for anti-aging. Dec 8, 2012
Olof V: got 5 stars Dec 8, 2012
xiaoxiao m: try more cream Dec 8, 2012
Thaweejit W: great Dec 8, 2012
jennifer c: First time using Dec 7, 2012
Anne C: Just wanted to try it. Dec 7, 2012
Deonne W: Heard this was very good. Dec 7, 2012
Hailun Z: the packaging is pretty. nice color scheme. Dec 7, 2012
Eun O: wanted to try this product Dec 7, 2012
Sandy R: to try it Dec 6, 2012
Donna M: Sounds good, but very expensive, so I'd like to try it before spending the money. Dec 6, 2012
Lana A: Great reviews. Dec 6, 2012
QI W: I saw other people's feedback Dec 6, 2012
Jamie L: curiosity Dec 6, 2012
XINYUE Y: try Dec 6, 2012
Sally U: never used before Dec 6, 2012
Rose S: seems like it will smell fantastic! Dec 6, 2012
Sharon H: It was a favorite of others so I want to try it. Dec 6, 2012
Mary Hanna F: sounds heavenly and rave reviews Dec 6, 2012
Drenda H: try new product Dec 5, 2012
Ning Z: want to try Dec 5, 2012
Yuning Z: just want try to see how it work. Dec 5, 2012
Jieun K: try-out for future purchase Dec 5, 2012
Rosalind P: Wanted to try this for my skin Dec 5, 2012
Lei L: I maybe consider to buy in the future Dec 5, 2012
kathy l: Try it. Dec 5, 2012
Martha H: to try Dec 5, 2012
Alice S: reviews were good Dec 5, 2012
Joanne D: want to try Dec 5, 2012
Ashley M: wanted to try it out without purchasing the full size. Dec 5, 2012
Amy P: I really like this product and will more than likely purchase it in the near future. I wanted to try it again. Dec 5, 2012
ying c: I like Dec 4, 2012
yanqin l: I like it Dec 4, 2012
Linda H: Want to try it Dec 4, 2012
Jaime T: sounded interesting Dec 4, 2012
Angela H: heard good things through bellebellebeauty Dec 4, 2012
En-hui B: want to try it Dec 4, 2012
Dave J: Can't tell what it is by the name so I was curious. Dec 4, 2012
Latanya H: high customer rating Dec 4, 2012
Jing Z: give it a try Dec 3, 2012
Sheila S: never tried before...would love to try it Dec 3, 2012
Yangyang L: recommended by friend Dec 3, 2012
Laury M: tried the eye cream and liked it Dec 3, 2012
susan e: travel Dec 3, 2012
caroline p: wanted a travel size of my fav cream Dec 3, 2012
JILL B: travel size Dec 3, 2012
Jeanine S: I've been using the Ultra Facial Lotion for years, and wanted to branch out, but I don't know what to try! Dec 3, 2012
rose d: trying new Dec 2, 2012
Barbara N: It had really good reviews. Dec 2, 2012
Rosalie R: I've read the reviews on this and I thought I'd give it a try and see how my skin reacts. Dec 2, 2012
I-Chun C: would like to try this line Dec 2, 2012
Karol J C: I want to try this Dec 1, 2012
Sharon C: just want to try it Dec 1, 2012
JUAN W: have a try Dec 1, 2012
Manuel S: guess Dec 1, 2012
per e: want to try it Nov 30, 2012
Rosemarie J: TRIAL Nov 30, 2012
Abigail L: I want to try it after reading good reviews. Nov 30, 2012
Christie G: Want to see if I like their skin care products. Nov 25, 2012
Hung T: HIgh rating Nov 25, 2012
Li Y: I just want to have a try Nov 25, 2012
christy c: used it before. a great product for dry winter skin. Nov 25, 2012
Xiao W: want to try Nov 25, 2012
Xiao W: want to try Nov 25, 2012
Dan L: to have a try Nov 25, 2012
Yue L: want to try Nov 25, 2012
Yolanda L: High reviews, I would like to try it first before getting the real size Nov 25, 2012
Ziyou Y: GOOD COMMENT Nov 25, 2012
Li C: want to try this series Nov 25, 2012
Xin W: try Nov 25, 2012
huan z: good Nov 25, 2012
Jiashen Z: i heard it from my friend Nov 25, 2012
Rui D: wanna try Nov 25, 2012
Stephen F: use ultra facial cream currently, interested in changing to this. Nov 25, 2012
XIN Y: have a try Nov 25, 2012
Jing X: try Nov 25, 2012
PATTARAJIT M: I want my mom to try this Nov 25, 2012
Nancy C: I don't know! Nov 25, 2012
XU Z: recommended by friends Nov 25, 2012
FEI X: good reviews Nov 24, 2012
lin l: It a famous product Nov 24, 2012
Susan F: I've used this product in samples before and it's wonderful! I love having some on hand for those times when my skin is exceptionally dry. Nov 24, 2012
HEE EUN K: good Nov 24, 2012
Shan C: WANT TO TRY IT Nov 24, 2012
Jian H: for try Nov 24, 2012
Stephen E: The site chose for me Nov 24, 2012
YANJING F: new product, wanna try Nov 24, 2012
Laura C: I wanted to try this before I buy it. I don't usually like scented moisturizers. Nov 23, 2012
ANNA C: I use it and see results Nov 23, 2012
wenman l: GOOD Nov 23, 2012
Jingran L: Just want to try Nov 23, 2012
Yan C: Just want to try. Nov 23, 2012
Sheila B: It sounded pleasant Nov 23, 2012
Daozhi H: full stars, i wanna try it Nov 23, 2012
xu y: good replies Nov 23, 2012
Xinyue L: I have never used it before and I want to try it. Nov 23, 2012
Li Z: Just have a try. Nov 23, 2012
chienyi l: want to try it on Nov 23, 2012
Yuanwei L: try Nov 23, 2012
Michele P: This goes in my travel bag for those away weekends. Nov 23, 2012
Kyounghee W: to try it out Nov 23, 2012
Mei L: popular Nov 23, 2012
Gaoming Y: HAVE A TRY Nov 23, 2012
jesse r: I don't get enough sleep so I hope this reduces dark bags under my eyes Nov 23, 2012
Susan S: to try Nov 23, 2012
Rae D: dieing to try Nov 23, 2012
Matthew R: Curiosity Nov 23, 2012
yuhong w: good reviews Nov 23, 2012
Barbara R: Tried this and love it. Nov 23, 2012
Yun L: Recommendation by friends. Nov 23, 2012
Yi T: brighter skin Nov 23, 2012
Angel L: interested to use Nov 23, 2012
cindy w: It got good reviews Nov 23, 2012
angelique l: need substitute for la mer, giving this a try Nov 22, 2012
huiqiong c: based on customer review Nov 22, 2012
Jeremy F: It's rated 5 stars Nov 22, 2012
Zhuyun L: I'm thirsty to try it. Nov 22, 2012
Jane M: This is amazing cream Nov 22, 2012
Annie G: just want to give a try. Nov 22, 2012
Yaxian H: I have never used kiel's, but I heard it's great. Nov 22, 2012
Liang S: have a try Nov 22, 2012
Yaxian H: I heard it's great. Nov 22, 2012
Zhuojun H: Want to have a try Nov 22, 2012
Yuan Z: brighten skin Nov 22, 2012
Meilan P: moisture face Nov 22, 2012
Chiu-Ju H: just want to try it Nov 22, 2012
Wenbin J: see the high rate Nov 22, 2012
Xin B: want to try Nov 22, 2012
Sandra W: To try thr product before buying the regular size. Nov 22, 2012
JINGYAN L: dark circle Nov 22, 2012
Juliana m: I want to try Nov 21, 2012
Catherine B: It was chosen for me! Nov 21, 2012
deborah b: cos it had a lot of hearts Nov 21, 2012
Caitlin N: Popular product and wanted to try Nov 21, 2012
Hope D: Never used it. Want to try it. Nov 21, 2012
Yushan L: wanna try Nov 21, 2012
vicki g: looks interesting - heard good things Nov 21, 2012
Jindan Y: I bought it for full size, pretty good, and smells nice too. Nov 21, 2012
Blaine C B: For fun! Nov 20, 2012
Cheryl P: Wanted to try. Nov 20, 2012
Inhwa K: I want to try it Nov 20, 2012
Ann P: Wanted to try. Nov 20, 2012
Natalie L: Good for dry skin! Nov 20, 2012
Deanna S: Seems interesting Nov 20, 2012
Panpan X: RECOMMEND Nov 20, 2012
Kristina L E: Not super impressed with product. Didn't notice much of a difference. Nov 19, 2012
CHENYU M: My friend told me this is good. Nov 19, 2012
Kathy L: It had good reviews Nov 19, 2012
Yunji K: first use Nov 19, 2012
Deborah B: wrinkles Nov 19, 2012
Starletta D: would like to see how it works on my skin Nov 19, 2012
Valerie Z: Curious about product. Would like to try. Nov 19, 2012
deborah c: to see how excellent it is, never tried it before. Nov 19, 2012
Claire W: I like rose products Nov 19, 2012
Yun Ji K: first try Nov 19, 2012
Stephen M: Again, something for my spouse, who enjoys your products Nov 19, 2012
Rebecca M: For me Nov 19, 2012
Fran S: I didn't you did. I'll see how it works! Nov 19, 2012
Nira H: Just to try new product Nov 19, 2012
Jung Seon H: heard a lot about it and wanted to try. Nov 18, 2012
HELEN K: I WANT TRY Nov 18, 2012
Darlene L: free Nov 18, 2012
karen S: Wanted to try it Nov 18, 2012
haesun y: I need lifting my I want to see what's happening after use this product! Nov 18, 2012
carlye b: Great product! I use this at night on my neck to keep my skin there young looking and feeling. Nov 18, 2012
Ann J J: Curious, never used it before... Nov 18, 2012
Fang L: One of my friends introduce me about it Nov 18, 2012
amy c: Just chose this one on the recomendation of the kiehls site. Can't wait to try it! Nov 18, 2012
Thomas M: for my wife Nov 18, 2012
Lubai Z: like it Nov 18, 2012
Carol B: Love the way this works Nov 18, 2012
Ting L: See reviews Nov 18, 2012
Jiwon L: wanted to see the difference from olive eye cream, plus said it would help with wrinkles Nov 18, 2012
juan c: try Nov 18, 2012
xuanbai j: good Nov 17, 2012
Ying C: good for travel Nov 17, 2012
Xiaoli C: wondering how it is Nov 17, 2012
Zelan X: customer rating Nov 17, 2012
Mingming X: might be good Nov 17, 2012
su w: want to try new item. Nov 17, 2012
Dina D: Trying it out. Nov 17, 2012
Yuan C: never used it before Nov 17, 2012
Xiangchun G: CUSTOMER REVIEW Nov 17, 2012
Leanna B: I haven't tried this before, but the reviews were very positve. Nov 17, 2012
Cecilia F: I never try, but I saw the review was excellent! Nov 17, 2012
Paula z: I've used it before and wish to re use it. Nov 17, 2012
Nanyan J: give it a try Nov 17, 2012
Pedro A C: it has good review Nov 17, 2012
RAPHAEL L: GIFT Nov 16, 2012
Ying W: My face need more water in winter Nov 16, 2012
tong w: good item Nov 16, 2012
Lijie L: Love it Nov 16, 2012
Yupeng w: good for skin Nov 16, 2012
Fan Z: head its good Nov 16, 2012
Bing H: sounds like an interesting serum Nov 15, 2012
Sally S: This was recommended to me. Nov 15, 2012
Xiaodan Y: want to try Nov 15, 2012
xiuqiong z: i want to try Nov 15, 2012
boshu w: TRY ONE THING NEW Nov 15, 2012
Jo Ann A: I haven't tried this product but chose it because it was so well recommended Nov 15, 2012
Elaine D: I have used this before and like these packets for travelling Nov 15, 2012
Shirley C: I would like to try the new product. Nov 15, 2012
minne x: wanna to try Nov 14, 2012
Chenyu X: want to try Nov 14, 2012
Hana K: the name is beautiful lol Nov 14, 2012
ji won k: it is new one and i wanna use it. Nov 14, 2012
adelina b: good reviews Nov 14, 2012
Gang C: try Nov 14, 2012
Bill R: 1st time user Nov 14, 2012
Lesong C: want to have a try Nov 14, 2012
Rebecca B: i read about it while on your website, but i wanted to try it before i spent the money. i did order another moisturizer for acne prone skin Nov 14, 2012
Teona P: I wanted to see if it works Nov 14, 2012
Hui Z: just try Nov 14, 2012
Shuna W: want to try new product Nov 14, 2012
chenlin W: I like this product Nov 14, 2012
Alice Y: Trying anti-aging products around Nov 14, 2012
Barbara K: The description of this product intrigued me & am looking forward to seeing the texture of it. Nov 13, 2012
Sara S: sounds interesting Nov 13, 2012
litao s: i want to try it Nov 13, 2012
Ronghua Y: want to try. Nov 13, 2012
FANG Y: try it Nov 13, 2012
Yuliya z: I just want to try this product Nov 13, 2012
Linda C: Have tried before and it's very rich and lovely. Nov 13, 2012
Mary F: Because it had good customer reviews. Nov 13, 2012
Susana L: Heard good things about this product. Nov 5, 2012
Qiaozhaohuan W: i heard it is moisture Nov 5, 2012
adrienne b: wanted to try it Nov 4, 2012
Victoria H: Seems very popular. Nov 4, 2012
Shanshan X: friends Nov 4, 2012
Charla B: Just trying it out Nov 4, 2012
Virginia S G: I am 42 years old and thought this would be a great product for me Nov 4, 2012
Donna T: curious and the samples really seem to be enough to inform. Nov 4, 2012
Alice L: I want to find as much help as possible too improve my aging skin. Nov 4, 2012
Lucia B: I would like to try this product before committing myself. Nov 4, 2012
Sue Been P: It's a new edition. Nov 4, 2012
Lynn D: great reviews! Nov 3, 2012
Jose S: The website raves about this moisturizer, so I'm curious to see what it's about. I didn't purchase the full size because it has no SPF already mixed in. Also, I am a male, and some of the reviews say it has glitter or something similar. I don't want glitter on my face Nov 3, 2012
Caroline F: I love this product, and this is good to have on hand in a small quantity while traveling. Nov 2, 2012
Amy Y: because this is a new product Nov 2, 2012
Melanie M: wanted to try it Nov 2, 2012
Barbara H: curious about the name Nov 2, 2012
Denise A: It was rated well Nov 2, 2012
AManda S: Want to try before I buy Nov 1, 2012
wipawee w: trial before ordering Nov 1, 2012
Heidi N: It had 5 stars Nov 1, 2012
Nov 1, 2012
marjorie t: need some eye help Nov 1, 2012
Lexie T: Been wanting to try this because of the good reviews. Nov 1, 2012
Jean K: Want to try something new. Nov 1, 2012
Valerie B: Trying this on a whim Nov 1, 2012
Matthew A: idem Oct 31, 2012
Darryl B: to try Oct 31, 2012
Dianne M: like this product Oct 31, 2012
Jerri J: I want to give it a try. Oct 31, 2012
Kristin T: Wanted to try Oct 31, 2012
Sandra S: Because of its good reviews ... worth a try Oct 31, 2012
Carol L: Want to try it. Oct 31, 2012
shanghua c: like Oct 31, 2012
Beth D: curious Oct 31, 2012
Elva S: Wanted to try out the face cream Oct 30, 2012
Rita S: I want to try Oct 30, 2012
Sharon M: want to try Oct 29, 2012
Christal D: of the six free offers this was the only one Oct 29, 2012
Michelle K: Just looking to revive overall look Oct 29, 2012
Colleen G: Want to try it Oct 29, 2012
wulin f: try it Oct 29, 2012
JAN B: wanted to try Oct 29, 2012
Shuhui Z: This is a new product. I want to try it. Oct 28, 2012
sharon A: I can really try this much needed item if it works I will order some Oct 28, 2012
Janelle O: Always wanted to try it. Oct 28, 2012
fredia r: na Oct 28, 2012
Adelma S: dry skin Oct 28, 2012
k m: Had to pick something! Oct 28, 2012
Jean L: there is 5 star rating Oct 28, 2012
Marti L: customers reviews Oct 28, 2012
Harriet J: trying product Oct 28, 2012
Barbara L G: dry skin Oct 28, 2012
Leola M: free Oct 28, 2012
Ying Ming C: Based on the review Oct 28, 2012
Elizabeth S: To try and see if it works. Oct 28, 2012
Rebecca W: It had many hearts from customer reviews. Oct 28, 2012
marsha s: customer rating Oct 28, 2012
Kenneth S: curious to try Oct 27, 2012
Crystal C: Havent tried it yet! It was free so what the heck!! Oct 27, 2012
Lisa F: after reading product info wanted to try Oct 27, 2012
Therese K: great reviews Oct 27, 2012
Amy V: Sounds wonderful! Oct 27, 2012
Susan K: To give it a try. Oct 27, 2012
Kimeen S: -to try Oct 27, 2012 a: has good reviews Oct 27, 2012
Susan S: Good reviews and have never tried it. Oct 27, 2012
Trina Y: always looking for something new Oct 27, 2012
Jerry Jean B: needed Oct 27, 2012
Tracey K: reviews Oct 27, 2012
Kayre P: Anti-aging Oct 27, 2012
vickie a: future purchase Oct 27, 2012
Christy B: wanted to try it Oct 27, 2012
Mary E: To see if it would improve my skin. Oct 26, 2012
sharon l s: to try Oct 26, 2012
patricia m: sounds good Oct 26, 2012
Darryl B: Trial usage and reviewers' ratings Oct 26, 2012
Toni L: It was a free offer sample, good time to try it out. Oct 26, 2012
tina g: interested Oct 26, 2012
Susan K: Great Customer reviews Oct 26, 2012
Debra R: I've never used one and only have a small touch as it was pointed out when I had my last facial. Oct 26, 2012
Ramona S: I am new to this product. Oct 26, 2012
Rebecca H: looking for new product Oct 26, 2012
Sara M: looked interesting and got good reviews Oct 26, 2012
Dawn W: want to find out about this product Oct 26, 2012
Leslie M: Wanted to try and saw it's good rating. Oct 26, 2012
Roberta E: To give it a try Oct 26, 2012
Anne C: wanted to try it Oct 25, 2012
Kimberly B: Sounded interesting. Oct 25, 2012
Elizabeth A B: I use this product and I can take it when I travel overnight Oct 25, 2012
Shati C: I would like to try it. Oct 25, 2012
James H: Just wanted to try. Kiehls is known for quality products. Oct 25, 2012
Michelle L: It's worth a try! Oct 25, 2012
Rapheal R: looked at review and willing to try. Oct 25, 2012
Jerrie T: I don't know what it is but it has 5 starts Oct 25, 2012
Sharon B: wanted to try product Oct 25, 2012
terry b: sounds nice Oct 25, 2012
angela m: customer rating Oct 25, 2012
Barbara W: Good review from customer Oct 25, 2012
Diane D: Reviews were excellent. Oct 25, 2012
yunming c: moisturize Oct 25, 2012
Jodi L: no particular reason Oct 24, 2012
KimLien L: Had a lot of hearts and is something I've nerver tried. Oct 24, 2012
Betsy L: For my mother Oct 24, 2012
Saritha C: Because you've indicated it is a customer favorite and I wanted to see for myself! Oct 24, 2012
Rebecca H: It had 5 hearts and the description of the product seems to address some of the aging issues that I have Oct 24, 2012
Stella G: Something new to me and I'd like to try it. Oct 24, 2012
jill t: I like to use this product first, it makes my face look smooth. Oct 24, 2012
kris k: read various reviews Oct 24, 2012
Won Sue L: my friend's recommendation Oct 24, 2012
Beverly H: to try something new Oct 23, 2012
JIEYING C: TYR Oct 23, 2012
jian g l: friend say this is good Oct 23, 2012
Sandra H: I want to give it a trial run to find out how I feel about the product. Oct 22, 2012
Rosemary H: Wanted to try it. Oct 21, 2012
amy h: seems good Oct 21, 2012
Mary W: Wanted to try this Oct 21, 2012
Tracy J: It's Kiehl's new product so I wanted to try it. Oct 21, 2012
Janice D: Positive reviews...just wanted to try it. Oct 21, 2012
Hsu Su Pin C: I have been used it Oct 21, 2012
Barbara M: I am a first-time user of Kiehl's products Oct 21, 2012
Beth C: Seduced by the ad Oct 21, 2012
Angela S: interested in anti-aging cremes Oct 20, 2012
Kristin R: want to try before I buy Oct 19, 2012
Kourtnei R: Looking for a new moisturizer Oct 19, 2012
Heather W: I want to try it. Oct 19, 2012
Meg S: new to me Oct 18, 2012
Jennie L: Reviews online of customers layering this with Midnight recovery. Oct 18, 2012
Mary S: I own it and love it...great fro travel Oct 18, 2012
Chitose M: i wanna try first Oct 18, 2012
JUDITH HYDE K: It looks interesting so I am sampling it. Oct 18, 2012
Shuai X: like Oct 17, 2012
Margaret R: works great-leaves my skin moisturized all day Oct 17, 2012
Virginia A: I'm debating whether to get a larger size of this. Oct 17, 2012
trisha q: read your reviews; couldn't help a minor? problem Oct 17, 2012
Kelly M: It had five hearts Oct 16, 2012
Tamra B: Highly rated! Oct 16, 2012
Beatrice R: see if its a good product for myself Oct 16, 2012
Deborah W: haven't heard of this product Oct 16, 2012
min-shya k: lift my skin.. I hope it will... Oct 15, 2012
Johairy B: wanted to try something new for my skin care routine Oct 15, 2012
Judy H: Looking for products which will help my aging skin -- I'm 66! Oct 15, 2012
NICOLE M: to try out the new product Oct 15, 2012
JU-YEON Y: wants to try Oct 15, 2012
Diane N: something new Oct 15, 2012
Aliya W: It got good reviews and I wanted to try it Oct 15, 2012
josely c: traveling Oct 15, 2012
Ruth R: Always interested in trying new products Oct 15, 2012
Carrie C: Great travel size for overnight trip--love this product! Oct 15, 2012
Luis D: Want to try it Oct 14, 2012
yun w: try Oct 14, 2012
suzan b: to try it Oct 14, 2012
Nancy B: I already use it but because it's so expensive every little bit helps! Oct 14, 2012
JESSICA C: wanted to try! Oct 14, 2012
Lynette D: Trying. Oct 14, 2012
Wenhsin C: other people's suggestion Oct 13, 2012
Michelle L: Looked interesting Oct 13, 2012
SUMIN L: just want to try the cream Oct 13, 2012
madaleine f: curious Oct 13, 2012
Nancy O: Wanted to try a new product Oct 13, 2012
Christine L: Try a new rare ingredient. Oct 11, 2012
Cindy M: try Oct 11, 2012
melissa m: I want my skin to stay young and healthy Oct 10, 2012
emily g: trying for the first time Oct 10, 2012
sue r: wanted to try to see if would put some life back into my skin. after 40, it needs help Oct 10, 2012
Mary Ann M: to try something new Oct 9, 2012
Cheryl T: this product gets great reviews. i want to see if it can make me happier than my normal skin cream. Oct 9, 2012
Alina T: I wanted to see the difference between the lightweight I ordered and the original. Oct 9, 2012
Kelly M: I am eager to try this new product. I like the idea of a product that is both effective and lightweight. Oct 8, 2012
Phung N: want to have good facial skin tone. Oct 8, 2012
Gwenn W: Anti Aging concerns Oct 8, 2012
FAN-PEI K: TRY IT Oct 7, 2012
Carolyn G: free sample, would like to try before I buy Oct 7, 2012
elle l: to try it Oct 7, 2012
Lucy G: Heard good things about it. Curious Oct 7, 2012
Sungmin L: want it to try out Oct 6, 2012
Stephanie S: I'm looking for a fantastic lotion and hope this is it. Oct 5, 2012
Theresa L: Because I love it. It was out of stock a few months ago and I bought the Cryste Marine as a substitute and I don't like it near as well as the Rosa Arctica Oct 5, 2012
Maura B: Heard about it. Oct 5, 2012
Ciel L: just to try Oct 3, 2012
hui j: try it to see how is it work Oct 3, 2012
Max C: try a new product Oct 2, 2012
Jacquelyn N: Wanted to try a cream that would maybe be good for night. Oct 2, 2012
Kay R: great Oct 1, 2012
Haoting F: seems good. i wanna try it Oct 1, 2012
Jie L: just wanna try it~ if it is good, I may buy it. Oct 1, 2012
Luci B H: The first item on your site and thought I would like to try it. I wanted the Midnight Night Cream first. Sep 30, 2012
Michael S: Cool name, makes me want to try it Sep 30, 2012
Rebekah A: I got an ad and wanted to try it Sep 30, 2012
sandie c: I wanted to try this lotion. Sep 29, 2012
Bianca C: Wanted to try it. Sep 29, 2012
LING L: want to try Sep 28, 2012
Anne L: great results Sep 28, 2012
Doyeon P: I have dry skin, so i just wanna try it. Sep 28, 2012
Linzi Z: choose randomly Sep 28, 2012
Tadeja G: reviews Sep 27, 2012
Denise M: new product Sep 27, 2012
Rebekah P: Just wanted to try it. Sep 27, 2012
Kathleen Y: Wanted to try it before I spent the $60. Sep 26, 2012
Jennifer F: the talk segment Sep 26, 2012
Christine F: Would like to try this before purchasing. Sep 26, 2012
JULIE C: wanted to try Sep 24, 2012
Ling L: want to try out Sep 24, 2012
kevin a: try something new Sep 24, 2012
Linda L: i want to try it Sep 24, 2012
Gwen M: something new to try... Sep 24, 2012
Phillip S: always like to try the new products before buying full sizes Sep 24, 2012
Ekaterina T: Wanted to try the new product before purchasing. Sep 24, 2012
Tina K: Because it doesn't look like you have samples of the new lightweight version. I really want to try the lightweight version! Sep 24, 2012
Crystal S: WANT TO TRY NEW PRODUCT Sep 24, 2012
Nicole D: never tried it before Sep 24, 2012
Lisa O: I've heard good reviews and wanted to try it for myself. Sep 24, 2012
Cynthia H: to try it out Sep 24, 2012
Catherine M: I like it's anti aging qualities Sep 24, 2012
Wendy W: liked the name Sep 24, 2012
Holli R: wanted to try Sep 24, 2012
Zhen C: random Sep 24, 2012
Sandi A: honestly, i loved your vitamin e cream and you don't carry it anymore so I wanted to try something else. Sep 24, 2012
Christine G: would like to know how it works Sep 24, 2012
JI YEON L: i love it Sep 24, 2012
rui z: good Sep 24, 2012
Chia-ing H: wanted to try it Sep 24, 2012
Mary M: For travel use. Sep 24, 2012
Yanira B: I travel love these samples. Sep 24, 2012
manfang l: WANT TO TRY NEW STUFF Sep 24, 2012
Jacinta S: Want to try it out Sep 24, 2012
Kelly B: anxious to try Sep 24, 2012
Amy P: travel size Sep 24, 2012
Meghan L: Got an email about this new product and wanted to try it. Sep 24, 2012
Carolyn B: love it Sep 24, 2012
chee hoon l: have a try Sep 24, 2012
Julie S: reviews Sep 24, 2012
Ariel H: Semi-close equivalent to earth minerals cleanser Sep 24, 2012
LouAnn W: purchased the eye cream and wanted to try the moisturizer also Sep 24, 2012
Ellen T: Great travel size Sep 24, 2012
Tamara S: getting older i want to see if this clears skin up Sep 24, 2012
Jessica A: want to try it before a purchase a full size Sep 23, 2012
haihong Z: I would like moisturizing. Sep 23, 2012
Amber P: This seemed like it was worth a try! Sep 23, 2012
Kim C: new Sep 23, 2012
Dolly S: I think I see lines on my forhead Sep 23, 2012
Runmin Y: want to try it for making choices in the future Sep 23, 2012
Cathy G: Want to try it. Sep 23, 2012
Nguyet L: i've been using this product. it's a little heavy therefore i want to try the "light rosa artica" but it doesn't available. this product works great during winter/very cold weather time...however during summer, i don't recommended . it's too heavy. Sep 23, 2012
Susan P: I want to try it! Sep 23, 2012
Lillian L: Just trying it out to see if it is better for me than the Abyssine cream Sep 23, 2012
Jamie J: to give a try Sep 23, 2012
mandy c: NEW PRODUCT, TRY IT Sep 23, 2012
Linjing C: try... Sep 23, 2012
Xiaoxue Y: i want to try it Sep 23, 2012
Shaina N: To help moisturize my skin and make my skin look healthier. Sep 23, 2012
Laura P: To try Sep 23, 2012
Lorraine M: Would like to try to see if cream is to heavy for me. Sep 23, 2012
Lorraine M: Thinking of buying this cream for the winter. Sep 23, 2012
Jaclyn R: want to try Sep 23, 2012
Mary R: heard about it. want to try it Sep 23, 2012
MIMI E: My girlfriend said to try it Sep 23, 2012
dong w: The name sounds really fresh so I wanna have a try Sep 23, 2012
Carol N: It's too heavy a cream for me to use every day, especially in summer, but in winter my face sometimes needs a more heavy-duty cream. Sep 23, 2012
hayoung h: to try it to know what is good Sep 23, 2012
NGA WING L: WANNA TRY Sep 23, 2012
Tina Z: It seems highly recommended on the site Sep 23, 2012
Dalena D: try to get rid of the appearance of those fine lines Sep 23, 2012
Susan R: to try it Sep 23, 2012
Yiching W: Look "moisture" Sep 22, 2012
Xiaoling G: good Sep 22, 2012
Brandon C: Because it's a new product and I wanted to try it for free :) Sep 22, 2012
Ay-Lih W: To try out the new product line! Sep 22, 2012
Rui Z: try new product Sep 22, 2012
Laura L: intriguing! can't wait to try! Sep 22, 2012
DAWN R: Wanted to try this Sep 22, 2012
Scot S: Thought I'd give it a spin relative to the Abyssine Cream. Sep 22, 2012
mona m: want to see if this works Sep 22, 2012
xiyuan l: just want to try it Sep 22, 2012
JIAJIA G: i wanna try this new product Sep 22, 2012
Qi L: TRY IT Sep 21, 2012
ADRIENNE G: n/a Sep 21, 2012
Xiangying M: just want to try Sep 21, 2012
Susa B: lovely cream Sep 21, 2012
Catherine S: Sounds interesting. Sep 21, 2012
RONG L: some friends recomend it to me. Sep 21, 2012
Edith C: It looks really good and I want to try it. Sep 21, 2012
pansiri s: I want to try Sep 21, 2012
Pan W: new product,i wanna to try it Sep 21, 2012
Haoyu Z: Just a try. Sep 21, 2012
Christine G: lines and wrinkles Sep 21, 2012
Lisa C: Saw good reviews on beauty blogs and reviews on your site Sep 21, 2012
ana c w: to try Sep 21, 2012
Jinny Tuyen L: I just want to try it Sep 21, 2012
Ailin L: light weight Sep 21, 2012
Jun Y: try Sep 21, 2012
Xi Y: I heard this is good, so I want to try Sep 20, 2012
Gwyneth V: Wanted to try this. Heard it was a good product from a friend. Sep 20, 2012
Ursetti G: again to decide if I want to spring for a full one Sep 20, 2012
Katherine H: Wanted to try what Kiehl is promoting. Sep 20, 2012
Terri L: It is a good product without an odor. Sep 20, 2012
cathy h: to try it Sep 20, 2012
Jeannie D: to see if there is difference from the lightweight Rosa Arctica Sep 20, 2012
yidan m: its expensive but i want to try it Sep 20, 2012
ANITA P: New product, just want to give it a try. Sep 20, 2012
Jim F: Interested in trying Sep 20, 2012
brooke g: want to try the cream to go with the eye cream. heard it was thick but i have normal to dry skin, so i will try it out. Sep 20, 2012
Yang W: just want to give a try Sep 20, 2012
Gabrielle V: good advertisement -- piqued my interest. Sep 20, 2012
Bernice S: I love this cream. Sep 20, 2012
Michelle D: To try Sep 20, 2012
chanjoo s: I have been wondered about this product.
I wanna try it first to make sure if it fits and works to my skin prior to buy it.
Sep 20, 2012
WEITING L: reputation Sep 20, 2012
Kathy M: Would like to see how it works. Sep 19, 2012
FAN-PEI K: try it Sep 19, 2012
Joanna S: new product wanted to try it Sep 19, 2012
zhouxiaohan f: new stuff Sep 19, 2012
xuesha z: try it Sep 19, 2012
SUNYOUNG K: because I bout it this time Sep 19, 2012
Kamila P: to have a travel size Sep 19, 2012
marie m: trying Sep 19, 2012
Joan G: love this product! Sep 19, 2012
elaine m: Never tried it but have confidence in your products. Sep 19, 2012
David C: Trying out before buying. Sep 19, 2012
Mimi L: Very refreshing. Love using this all the time. Light and soothing. Sep 19, 2012
youngae n: I want to try new one Sep 19, 2012
Can W: I wanna try Sep 19, 2012
JESSIE T: like to try Sep 19, 2012
Xiaoxue Y: looks maybe good Sep 19, 2012
Anqi Z: New product Sep 18, 2012
Lichun C: I would like to try it. Sep 18, 2012
Yan Z: new product, interesting about its effect on face. Sep 18, 2012
XI C: want to try this new product Sep 18, 2012
Lauren K: I read about it and wanted to try it Sep 18, 2012
Hoi Ching Y: Just wanted to try it. Sep 18, 2012
Cheng L: I want to try Sep 18, 2012
Teresa M: Smooth and cooling. Sep 18, 2012
Cindy B: Always trying to look younger. Sep 18, 2012
Ziyi W: want to have a try Sep 18, 2012
Diana Y: No sure, just want to try some new produce Sep 18, 2012
donna l: for my dry skin Sep 18, 2012
AYA S: I want to try something new .. moisturizer. Sep 18, 2012
JING W: wanna try some new stuff Sep 18, 2012
Lei Y: just try Sep 18, 2012
SHUYU K: wanna try Sep 18, 2012
Lin Z: Because on sale Sep 18, 2012
Yu T: no reason... Sep 18, 2012
Kathy F: recommended to me Sep 18, 2012
LEI W: I want to try Sep 18, 2012
YUANYUAN X: wanna try. Sep 18, 2012
Wenxiao S: reviews online Sep 18, 2012
Natalie L: curious how it works Sep 18, 2012
Nan F: haven't use it before, just want to try Sep 18, 2012
Laura G: Wanted to ry your newest product Sep 18, 2012
Huize J: its new Sep 18, 2012
Victoria M: My skin just loves rose, so I wanted to give this a shot! Sep 18, 2012
zhiyan z: this is good Sep 18, 2012
Yujin H: good Sep 18, 2012
Xinfan Z: Sounds cool Sep 18, 2012
linda s: See this on E bay and read reviews. Sep 18, 2012
EUNJEONG W: It's one of my favorite. It remains until morning after trying it at night and it gives a good feeling when I wash my face. Sep 18, 2012
xiao h: a new product I want to try Sep 18, 2012
huiqin q: good Sep 18, 2012
jane f: My skin always looks beautiful after using this cream Sep 18, 2012
ZUOJING M: For trying. Sep 18, 2012
Hui Z: Its new product Sep 18, 2012
Prggy W: The product represents the finest cosmetic quality that I have found. Sep 16, 2012
James F: Wanted to try before buying Sep 16, 2012
patricia m: Didn't try long enough and wanted to try again Sep 16, 2012
Eufemio C: try out Sep 16, 2012
Brooke M: Wanted to try it. Sep 16, 2012
Prithivee F: "will try never use before" Sep 16, 2012
Paige C: Love to try the new items! Sep 14, 2012
simone S: Recommended by a friend Sep 14, 2012
Rene G: new item, wanted to try Sep 14, 2012
Hyesun L: great product. a little goes a long way~ Sep 13, 2012
Jacqueline R: I was interested in seeing if this line works as well as the abyssine for increasing skin tone Sep 13, 2012
Sara S: new product, looks interesting and might be interested in purchasing in the future. would like to try it first Sep 13, 2012
Sonni K: wanted to try for future purchase Sep 12, 2012
Jisang Y: Good Sep 12, 2012
Lisa R: Just for the name Rosa... hopefully it smells rosy. Sep 12, 2012
Fang W: Just try. Sep 11, 2012
XUE X: Wanna try your new product! Sep 11, 2012
Diane F: Wanted to try it. I have never used it but have seen it advertised and thought I would give it a chance. Sep 11, 2012
XUELAN C: This is new Sep 11, 2012
Ula K: want to try Sep 10, 2012
Zhouzhou S: I want to try this new product. Sep 10, 2012
Barbara O: my skin has a tendency to be reddish. Thought this might help Sep 9, 2012
Amy S: Love this for Winter. Found last jar in Vail Village - yeah! Sep 8, 2012
Jinyoung Serena K: very good night cream. Sep 8, 2012
Diana M: Very moisturizing, long lasting and nice texture Sep 7, 2012
Keri C: Heard it was great. Sep 7, 2012
Patty B: I received a mailing on rosa arctica so I thought I'd try it in this product. Sep 6, 2012
Ruby W: Just wanted to try and see if I like it. Sep 6, 2012
mary jo c: Limited choice for samples. Thought I would carry in my purse. Sep 6, 2012
mary a: TRIAL Sep 6, 2012
evelyn l: read about it want to try it Sep 6, 2012
RUI D: Rose is always my favorite. Sep 5, 2012
Xueyan W: Try it! Sep 5, 2012
NA L: I don't know how about it ? Just try it. Sep 5, 2012
Susan R: To try it Sep 4, 2012
Jackie H: this is new and i just wanted to try it. Sep 4, 2012
Jia H: Never used Sep 3, 2012
JIHEE K: new item Sep 3, 2012
Victoria K: Good reviews convinced me! Sep 2, 2012
Liang Y: have a try Sep 1, 2012
Myra G: wanted to try Aug 31, 2012
Kailin F: never tried it, curious about it Aug 31, 2012
Guoying C: just wanna try Aug 31, 2012
RM O: Love the product, use it for travel Aug 30, 2012
Cristina C: wanted to try Aug 28, 2012
NING Z: Lightweight Aug 27, 2012
Julia R: It helps! Aug 27, 2012
Merna A: i have used this product and feel it moisturizes deeply. Aug 26, 2012
Tory S: Read positive reviews and wanted to try out Aug 26, 2012
Rowshan Haque H: nice eye treatment Aug 26, 2012
Web S: Saw it featured and wanted to give it a try. Aug 26, 2012
Barbie G: the name looked interesting. Just curious as to what it is. Aug 26, 2012
Marlene H: just curious Aug 26, 2012
S Q: love this moisturizer; samples are great for travel Aug 25, 2012
Fangfang l: for wrinkle. Aug 23, 2012
Joseph J: new Aug 23, 2012
CAROLYN D: wanted to try the product Aug 22, 2012
Sandra P: To see if I like this product Aug 22, 2012
Matt W: Curious to try Aug 22, 2012
Ann S: i didn't Aug 22, 2012
SOONJA L: i dont know Aug 21, 2012
Tisha B: It makes my skin so soft. Aug 21, 2012
QIANQIAN W: I want to buy this item but I want to try it first Aug 21, 2012
DEBRA O: I have used this before & liked it Aug 21, 2012
Ambereen A: sounds good Aug 20, 2012
JINGHUA X: didn't use just try Aug 17, 2012
Nancy B: "I have used before and I iked this product very much" Aug 17, 2012
Diana W: Trying it out Aug 15, 2012
Tess P: am trying other night creams and got this as a sample. Aug 14, 2012
Yifan D: Want to try before get it. Aug 14, 2012
jean f: I have a sample and had no idea what to do with it. The review sounds like it is a terrific product. Aug 14, 2012
jie q: want to try Aug 13, 2012
xi l: just try Aug 13, 2012
Vipanee P: Wanted to try some. Aug 12, 2012
Rebeca B: Looked like a potentially good product! Aug 12, 2012
Nancy B: I have never tried these ingredients before Aug 9, 2012
AGNES P: I would like to try this product and see if this works for me. Aug 9, 2012
Angie B: Sounded intriguing. Aug 9, 2012
Lynne F: Getting old and trying it all. Aug 9, 2012
qing y: I LIKE IT Aug 9, 2012
Ningning W: I like it Aug 7, 2012
Carolyn K: I liked the name. Aug 7, 2012
Sarmila G: i use this Aug 6, 2012
Rosana B: To try Aug 6, 2012
Sue C: This is another one of your products I want to try. Aug 6, 2012
Xiaoyu W: try Aug 5, 2012
Freida R: I have been using this product for the past 6 months and I am happy with it. Aug 5, 2012
Jessica K: Sounded interesting and had great reviews Aug 4, 2012
s-r g: curious to try for myself. Aug 4, 2012
Betty S: try Aug 3, 2012
wei h: 11 Aug 3, 2012
Trang P: just try out Aug 2, 2012
Linda P: want to check it out Aug 2, 2012
Carmen I: Not sure if I've tried it before. Like your
products very much.
Aug 2, 2012
suzy d: want to try Aug 1, 2012
Katalin M: I got a sample of this and really like it, but frankly, I can't afford to buy it. Jul 31, 2012
Shengai J: I like it. Jul 30, 2012
BARBARA H: sounded interesting Jul 29, 2012
Lisa A: yes Jul 28, 2012
Ruth D. N: useful for travel Jul 26, 2012
Michele C: It really does a great job hydrating and rejuvenating my skin! Jul 25, 2012
Joanne R: looks interesting Jul 25, 2012
Goldie G: I just wanted the opportunity to try this. Jul 25, 2012
Virginia G: free Jul 24, 2012
MARTHA W: liked the sound of it Jul 24, 2012
Logan R: I am considering buying the full size product, but want to see if it is worth the cost. Jul 23, 2012
E B: Bonus Jul 22, 2012
shannon d: rating on product Jul 22, 2012
Karen L: need more moisture in the summer months Jul 21, 2012
Karen H: sounded like something I could use Jul 21, 2012
Marie H: I wanted to see what it was Jul 20, 2012
Soe Su S: want to know texture Jul 20, 2012
margaret w: to try Jul 19, 2012
Shuyan W: Review looks good, want to try before buy it. Jul 19, 2012
Yuna E: I wanted to see how it is different from Ultra Facial Cream since it is the most expensive one out of all mosturizers. Jul 19, 2012
Donna D: I want to see if this product really works Jul 18, 2012
susan e: JUST TO TRY IT. Jul 18, 2012
Joan T: not sure... Jul 18, 2012
Jessica Z: name sounds interesting. Jul 18, 2012
Donna D: curious if it will live up to its claims before investing. Jul 17, 2012
Amy C: Read great reviews, just want to try it out. Jul 16, 2012
monique m: got a sample before and i liked it but its to expensive so i'll just keep getting samples as long as its available. Jul 16, 2012
Lin S: cute color Jul 16, 2012
Holly L: wanted to try it Jul 16, 2012
Cindy L: Want younger looking skin Jul 16, 2012
Bo F: it is expensive Jul 16, 2012
jeong eun s: I'm looking for firming system so I like to try this. Jul 16, 2012
Christine H: Wants to try a light moisturizer for summer days. Jul 15, 2012
lan c: want to try new product Jul 15, 2012
Maycky T: interested Jul 15, 2012
JIA MIN Z: interested in it Jul 15, 2012
Pamela D: Love the product and wanted a travel size Jul 14, 2012
judy g: because it is expensive! Jul 14, 2012
Patricia S: I am choosing a new product and I would like to see how this works. Jul 14, 2012
Margaret F: Curious! Jul 14, 2012
ANN C: Friend wants to try Jul 13, 2012
Meira P: trying something new Jul 13, 2012
Renea O: Want to try this product Jul 12, 2012
Dottie S: Interesting name. Jul 12, 2012
Stephanie S: has good review, wanted to have mom try Jul 11, 2012
Thomas A: to try it Jul 11, 2012
Angela D: Just wanted to try it Jul 11, 2012
CAROL B: hopefully it is a good product so I need to see for myself. Jul 11, 2012
Tina Z: Sample Jul 10, 2012
Karen H: Sample product to see how it performs on my combination skin. Jul 10, 2012
Diana R: After reading the key ingredients I read some of the reviews and I was impressed with what many of them said. Very excited to try this product! Jul 10, 2012
Patricia N: I take these samples when traveling Jul 10, 2012
Sherri C: I wanted the musk sample - but it wouldn't let me order the sample, so I picked this. Jul 10, 2012
Mui G: Looked interesting so I wanted to give it a try. Jul 10, 2012
Paula D: Want to try Jul 8, 2012
JENNIFER H: extra moisture Jul 8, 2012
Meiqing F: New product. The texture looks nice. Jul 8, 2012
Wendy B: This is a wonderful moisturizer over the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Even in winter my face does not get dry. Jul 8, 2012
Mary B: It sounds interesting. Jul 8, 2012
Mary W: Heard good reports on this Jul 8, 2012
Jenny C: For my mother Jul 8, 2012
Ruth m: I hope this product is as good as creme de corps Jul 8, 2012
regina l: wanted to try it Jul 7, 2012
Ning G: Very interested to buy Jul 7, 2012
Edith B: To send to a friend Jul 6, 2012
Kim N: Read about it in a magazine and really want to try it. Thought I'd choose the sample before dishing out for the whole jar. Jul 6, 2012
gengshen w: have a try Jul 6, 2012
Deborah S: Curiosity! Jul 5, 2012
Evelyn K: Because if it helps my skin, I would order it. Jul 5, 2012
Mary Babe H: Don't know. Just trying it out Jul 4, 2012
Noel O: I want to see if the ad lives up to its claims. Jul 3, 2012
michel t: to try after reading about it Jul 3, 2012
Bethany R: want to try it Jul 3, 2012
Gage F: New product featured on home page Jul 3, 2012
Esaias J: I have dry skin - though no wrinkles. Jul 3, 2012
Lucy A: have not try this one yet Jul 1, 2012
Merry H: travel Jul 1, 2012
John R: wanted to try Jun 30, 2012
Cynthia V: why not? Jun 29, 2012
Pamela H: sample Jun 29, 2012
Phillip D: looks pretty nice Jun 28, 2012
DELORES S: Wanted to try it out. Jun 28, 2012
Debra W: Wish to evaluate Jun 27, 2012
Manpreet C: Would like to try it out Jun 27, 2012
Julia H: Great moisturizer for aging skin. It's brightened and firmed mine quite a bit over time. Jun 25, 2012
YUN Z: Just have a try. Jun 24, 2012
Susan D: Want to try Jun 24, 2012
Karen A: Wanted to Try It Jun 23, 2012
Ting L: wish it improve my skin Jun 22, 2012
Xiao W: Never used any of Kiehls products and want to try it. Jun 21, 2012
Janice F: I want to get to know this product better. Jun 21, 2012
Julie M: Love and want to share with a friend. Jun 20, 2012
reyhan b: Never tried it before, want to give it a try. If it is good, will order in regular size Jun 20, 2012
BOBBI B: just wanted to try Jun 20, 2012
Marjorie R: GREAT NIGHT CREAM Jun 20, 2012
Minji P: Its great product and samples are great to use in the long airplane flights. Jun 19, 2012
KAMIE M: Looked good Jun 19, 2012
Heejin O: curious Jun 17, 2012
JANET S: wanted to try a new wrinkle reducer. Jun 17, 2012
David G: simply amazing Jun 17, 2012
Yingjie Z: Friend's introduction Jun 14, 2012
Irene D: I wanted my sister-in-law to try this. Jun 14, 2012
Amy P: The description sounded so good I had to try it. Jun 13, 2012
Shari J: Im not sure why I chose this one, I just like the other products and I haven't tried this one yet. Jun 13, 2012
Jane E: This sounds like an extraordinary line. I love the fact that I can sample a product without having to buy a whole jar. Then I can decide if I want to commit to buying. Jun 13, 2012
Karen W: used it once and liked it Jun 13, 2012
Karen W: used it once and liked it very much Jun 13, 2012
Elizabeth S: try it out Jun 13, 2012
Sylvia S: After reading about it, I really wanted to try it. Jun 12, 2012
MENG-TING C: i wanna try Jun 12, 2012
virginia c: trying sample Jun 12, 2012
dardi g: want to try Jun 12, 2012
mary jean p: trial before purchase Jun 11, 2012
Kristin G: why not? Jun 11, 2012
Haley A: wanted to see how it effected my skin Jun 10, 2012
Alexis L M: I'm always looking for a good face cream. Jun 10, 2012
SI MAN C: I am early 40s and want to try this product to see if it is as good as what the comments made by the users in your website. If it is good on my skin without problem, I may buy this. Thanks for letting me try before my decision. Jun 9, 2012
Aurora B: It was nicely described. HOpe it lives up to it. Jun 9, 2012
Sandra M: Easy to throw in a suitcase for trips. Jun 9, 2012
Charriet W: description appears to meet my needs Jun 9, 2012
WENG WAI L: just want to try Jun 9, 2012
Susan M: Sounded like something I should try. Jun 9, 2012
S Q: Favorite moisturizer. I get the sample size for when I travel. Can't be without my Rosa! Jun 9, 2012
S Q: my favorite moisturizer. I get the samples because I travel a lot and they are great for the road. Jun 9, 2012
S Q: I really like this moisturizer. It's thick and rich but doesn't leave my face greasy. I travel a lot for work. I get a sample every chance I can to take on the road. Jun 8, 2012
Jiyou O: mom liked this Jun 8, 2012
Christina P: looks like it may keep my skin youthful and wanted to try a sample before buying the real thing. Jun 8, 2012
PENGZHI L: free Jun 8, 2012
Josephine L: seems relaxing Jun 7, 2012
thelma k: wanted to try it Jun 7, 2012
Julie V: My favorite Kiehl's product! Nice for travel... Jun 7, 2012
Roberta L: Description of product Jun 7, 2012
Abraham W: i dont want wrinkles Jun 7, 2012
Mary P: I enjoyed having this during this sample last time as a back up when I traveled. Jun 6, 2012
kirk j: to try it Jun 6, 2012
Janice M: Love this face moisturizer. Jun 4, 2012
patricia r: OMG i love this, made my skin looks amazing. Jun 4, 2012
Esther T: wanted to try new product Jun 4, 2012
Trina L: Handy size for travel Jun 3, 2012
Eleanor N: It looked interesting. Jun 2, 2012
Miriam V: At the salon, we are always looking for better products for our clients. Jun 1, 2012
Chanin O: curious Jun 1, 2012
caroline s: to try the sample May 31, 2012
Ana G. M: I like it May 30, 2012
Hong Jai C: no reason May 30, 2012
Ryan J: simply out of curiosity. i wanted to try the new powerful anti aging C serum. May 30, 2012
Dianne J: I want to try this sample out to see if I will purchase it in the future. I also love the sample sizes for travel. May 29, 2012
Lanier B: Wanted to try product May 29, 2012
Eun Jung K: It was new, Wanna try May 28, 2012
Lynn P: I need all the help I can get May 27, 2012
Inge B: I was told it relates to LAMER May 26, 2012
Carol M: Have a sample and like the feel of it. May 26, 2012
Manuel R: sample for my wife May 26, 2012
Ashley C: Seemed like something nice to try May 25, 2012
Anita W: curious about the herbal ingredient (and It is very nice--the consistency of the cream is very pleasing) May 25, 2012
April D: the info video intrigued me. I can't wait to try it. May 25, 2012
Mary F: Chose this sample just to try it, although--in my opinion--any product deserves at least 2 weeks of use to see how well it works with your skin. May 24, 2012
Ojas S: Looked at most popular and was curious May 23, 2012
shiwon l: want to try May 22, 2012
JUDI K: always looking for a new moisturizer May 22, 2012
jane r: Ditto May 20, 2012
Ruijuan Z: Want to have a try. May 20, 2012
Yunqi H: i just want to try, i didn't know moch about this product before. May 19, 2012
Weiyi Z: Have tried your super classic Ultra Facial Cream and it was PERFECT. Want to try more of your moisturizer products. May 19, 2012
Wendy B: Use this every night and wanted a sample for travel. May 18, 2012
Laurie L: this may be good for my wrinkles May 17, 2012
Erin B: Want to try this. May 17, 2012
Lisa K: I need some refreshing! May 17, 2012
Shyam P: Nice cool feeling when I put this on, feels refreshing May 17, 2012
elaine w: love this product, doesn't travel well in small containers, so sample package is great for overnights! May 17, 2012
Sandra M: Looking for good moisture! Hope it's a wonderful as the other products I've tried. Send me more!!!! May 16, 2012
Cathleen D: Sounds intriguing May 16, 2012
Sara L: My mom likes to try any aging cream. May 15, 2012
Amy C: Really good reviews May 15, 2012
Beverley W: Wanted to try it! May 15, 2012
Edda S: I wanted to try it May 15, 2012
Peibei S: rosa flavor May 14, 2012
Margie P: Would like to try. May 14, 2012
MARGARET C: LIke to try this new product. May 14, 2012
Bing G: I saw the comments are very good. I love Kiehl's May 14, 2012
Mary C: Wanted to give it a try based on the reviews that I read. May 14, 2012
Jennifer M: I have not tried this and I have heard good things about it.. May 14, 2012
Andrea H: Looked interesting May 13, 2012
susan t: need firmer skin, especially neck May 13, 2012
JOSEPHINE C: I haven't used this product yet. May 13, 2012
Sumedha S: Test it out with my mother, see how she feels YOUTHFUL :) May 12, 2012
susan w: interested May 12, 2012
jason r: it was free May 11, 2012
Barbara H: I like this results I've gotten. May 11, 2012
Marie S: Just to try it on my aging face. May 11, 2012
Jeannie D: curious May 11, 2012
Yafei T: i would like to try it May 10, 2012
Susanne H: Just want to try it. May 10, 2012
Linda L: trial sample May 10, 2012
maureen b: Just wanted to see how it worked May 10, 2012
Ye F: My friends told me it's good! May 10, 2012
Minna M: the product seems to be heavily endorsed on the site, so i wanted to try it out to see what all the fuss was all about May 10, 2012
Chelsea N: reviews May 8, 2012
Rachel S: sounded soothing May 7, 2012
Gregory A: For wife to try May 7, 2012
Linda B: It sounds really good in your description. And the reviews were positive May 7, 2012
I-Ling W: This is the best facial cream created by Kiehl's thus far! May 6, 2012
Susan W: Good moisturizer May 6, 2012
chris m: sounded good wanted 2 try+ May 6, 2012
ling l: try it May 6, 2012
ling l: I recommend it to my friends May 6, 2012
Mary U: want to try it. May 4, 2012
Katherine B: I like rose and I like skin rejuv May 3, 2012
Joo Yeon L: want to try to use May 3, 2012
Joreen B: I've never been so addicted to a moisturizer as quickly as I have been to this one. May 3, 2012
Li Ran C: good May 2, 2012
Sarah I: Hooray for freebies! I can't wait to try this. What a neat thing...saccharides that live in the depths of the ocean, made to protect my face! Kinda cool, if you ask me. May 2, 2012
christine k: curious about it texture and moisturizing effects on my aging skin May 2, 2012
Ann C: wanted to try it May 1, 2012
Rosanne S: am curious May 1, 2012
Veronica F: Heard it works wonders and thought the sample is the best way to try it out. May 1, 2012
STACY H: looked good May 1, 2012
Elizabeth Z: to try May 1, 2012
Janet P: I have already tried this one and like it. Couldn't buy both of them, so I will see which one I like best. Apr 30, 2012
JONGWOO L: thinking of buying one next time Apr 30, 2012
Julie S: Would have bought jar, but website wasn't showing the Ultra Facial Cleanser that website and my USPS-mailed flyer offered, so I removed from cart. Only the travel pouch for the $85 purchase was showing. Let me know if I can add a jar of this, and receive the cleanser. Apr 30, 2012
haley t: I'm 46 and want to see how it improves my skin Apr 30, 2012
Michael C: Sample Apr 29, 2012
R Mason L: I love this product Apr 29, 2012
stephanie t: looks like an awesome product.. Apr 27, 2012
Christa J: Absolutely the best face moisturizer I've ever used. Apr 27, 2012
Becca W: to try Apr 26, 2012
melissa u: new product Apr 26, 2012
Qian C: "sample. Want to try " Apr 26, 2012
naomi b: haven't tried Apr 26, 2012
Maru G: Has good customer reviews and I want to see if it works on my skin. Apr 26, 2012
Esana T: I currently use this at least twice a week Apr 26, 2012
LISA G: DUNNO Apr 26, 2012
James S: extra hydration after a long day of daily stressors. Apr 26, 2012
k w: new for me Apr 25, 2012
Deborah P: For ultra hydration Apr 25, 2012
Suji L: I like to use it Apr 22, 2012
Merna A: i was informed that is the most intensive moisturizer Apr 22, 2012
Tatjana S: Just for fun Apr 22, 2012
Iolet A: Kiehl's is always dependable. I'm excited to try this new product. Apr 21, 2012
Nina S: Looking for an anti-aging moisturizer Apr 21, 2012
amy s: just want to try it Apr 21, 2012
Chae K: Looked on home page. Apr 20, 2012
Lillian S: Trying it out for the first time. Apr 20, 2012
ALETHIA A: I hear it works great for wrinkles!! want to try. Apr 20, 2012
JoAnn M: to try Apr 20, 2012
nancy m: just to try the product Apr 20, 2012
Waikwong Y: my everyday cream Apr 19, 2012
Stephanie R: It looked good. Apr 19, 2012
Courtney C: I have dark, puffy circles under my eyes. The condition is genetic and I'm desperate for something to work successfully. Apr 19, 2012
Debbie R: I am going to try it Apr 18, 2012
Bernadette G: good size for travel have larger size at home Apr 18, 2012
Claudia B: Again my face is looking old, and i would like to see if this helps Apr 17, 2012
Christine H: interest Apr 17, 2012
erika s: the product interested me so i wanted to try sample before purchasing!! Apr 17, 2012
Alison H: After reading the reviews, I wanted something for my combination skin and to improve its appearance. Apr 16, 2012
Connie C: want to try it Apr 15, 2012
Elena B: try something new. Apr 15, 2012
li l: would like to try it Apr 15, 2012
Shaunda G: Curious about a different anti aging cream Apr 15, 2012
Sandra J: I am at the age - 51, where I need industrial strength skin help. Apr 15, 2012
Wenwen J: Want to try. Apr 15, 2012
Yang L: for the word Rosa Apr 15, 2012
Irene D: I like to try the new Khiel's products. Apr 15, 2012
Ping F: I've never tried this before, want to take a try. Apr 15, 2012
peggy w: everyone like a youthful glow Apr 14, 2012
Wendy B: Use it every night; needed a sample size for travelling. Apr 14, 2012
SUSAN M: Had never tried it. Apr 14, 2012
Ying C: Want to find out a suitable moisture solution for myself. Apr 14, 2012
Elaine B: My friend also uses this product and I wanted to try it also Apr 13, 2012
Jenna B: Interested Apr 13, 2012
Michelle C: want to see if this helps with fine lines Apr 13, 2012
Wei-Lun C: New product to try. Apr 12, 2012
Lieselotte P: I want to try it and see if it is good Apr 12, 2012
holly f: excellent night time moisture Apr 12, 2012
Leslie H: Just to try. Apr 12, 2012
A.G. L: I have used this a few times and like the fragrance and seems effective. Apr 11, 2012
leslie p: looking for new product line for better skin Apr 11, 2012
ALVIN L H: new product. looks interesting. Ive never used it. Apr 11, 2012
Tina H: love rose oil Apr 11, 2012
Fatima B: Would like to try Apr 11, 2012
NING CHIEN K: anti-aging Apr 11, 2012
Kay D: New to me. Love to try new Kiehl products. Apr 10, 2012
laurel s: i have uneven skin tone and sun damage Apr 10, 2012
judy g: it is enthusiastically recommended online Apr 10, 2012
Maria N: wanted to try it. Apr 10, 2012
Andrew F: Looked great on the web site. Would like to incorporate into evening routine. Apr 10, 2012
Mary Lou S: I want to try a new product Apr 10, 2012
Francisco R: wishing to try Apr 9, 2012
virginia c: to give to friend Apr 9, 2012
Nicole P: customer reviews Apr 9, 2012