Facial Fuel Age Combat Sample

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Facial Fuel Age Combat Sample
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Jay B: Didn't see a change Jul 25, 2014
Kimberly Q: have not tired Feb 17, 2014
YSIDRO G: only tried it once Jan 16, 2014
Ron H: try Jan 13, 2014
Jerome M: Getting old is not fun this helps the age factor. Jan 11, 2014
Lloyd E: Trial, I find Facial Fuel to be too heavy, I have oily skin. Jan 5, 2014
Brenda P: . Dec 23, 2013
Dong hyun K: d Dec 9, 2013
jacqueline r: Free Dec 8, 2013
ethan k: anti aging Sep 20, 2013
Kit L: trying it out Jun 15, 2013
maureen b: never used before Jun 13, 2013
Tim B: All started with Creme de corps, got addicted to it. They tried Facial Fuel moisturizer and Ultra Cleanser, wanted to branch out and try more products. Jun 5, 2013
Ernest Z: First time user May 28, 2013
Carol N: I have never used this Kiehl's product, and want to try it. May 28, 2013
Judith A: Curious May 26, 2013
Gladys M: For my husband to try May 24, 2013
Peggy L: haven't tried it before May 21, 2013
Brad H: never tried this. sounds good. May 21, 2013
justin K: just wanted to try it May 19, 2013
Jared M: try it May 19, 2013
Kevin S: Free May 11, 2013
Angela C: just to try May 5, 2013
PUI YEE L: just want to try May 4, 2013
adam w: im 23.. but I don't want wrinkles! May 1, 2013
Wendy H: I like to try new products to see if it works for my skin type Apr 30, 2013
Daisy C: Got to start sometime with this little lines I see.... Apr 16, 2013
Michael J: Travel size Apr 16, 2013
Frances M: Sounded intriguing Apr 13, 2013
Jocelyn J: trial Apr 13, 2013
Kevin F: Wouldn't buy it otherwise; maybe it will really surprise me. Apr 7, 2013
ethelinda r: i am of a certain age Apr 6, 2013
Barbara S: I have wrinkles Apr 5, 2013
Lixi K: I wanted to try this Apr 4, 2013
Frank Y: Just wanted to try. Apr 2, 2013
Chris W: Just want to try it out. Apr 2, 2013
sidney t: over 50 now, and kiehls is great for the skin" Mar 23, 2013
linda g: travel size Mar 23, 2013
Yongmi C: It's for my husband. Feb 11, 2013
Nicholaus F: Loved every facial fuel product so far why not try another. Feb 9, 2013
Young L: I think that I need some anti aging products for my face. My skin visibly started the aging process. Feb 8, 2013
Priscilla J: Brother Feb 7, 2013
leigh W: My husband likes many of the other facial fuel products. Feb 5, 2013
Marc G: i was in a hurry and it was a man's product Jan 30, 2013
Carrie L: curious to try Jan 27, 2013
Catherine P: Anything to slow down the aging process! Jan 24, 2013
Carol F: Courious about the name of product? Jan 23, 2013
Nathan T: Have tried other Facial Fuel products and have liked them. Haven't tried this one yet Jan 22, 2013
Kit A: to try it Jan 17, 2013
Anthony S: Getting Older Jan 15, 2013
Cliff J: to try Jan 10, 2013
Dain C: random pick Jan 10, 2013
Susan M: New to me Dec 8, 2012
Jamie L: curiosity Dec 6, 2012
Joshua M: better skin Dec 6, 2012
Jieun K: try-out for future purchase Dec 5, 2012
Janice M: Just wanted to try it. Dec 3, 2012
David M: I've used it before and enjoy the quality. Dec 3, 2012
emily a: I read it's good. Nov 30, 2012
DJ H: wanted a pocket sized version for my car. Nov 23, 2012
Michael E: because I am getting old Nov 21, 2012
Sylvia M: uncle's favorite Nov 19, 2012
Denise M: women of my age are always looking for something new and better to help combat age signs on our face Oct 25, 2012
Shuhui L: excellent product Oct 12, 2012
Sue C: To see if I like it. Oct 9, 2012
fred h: want to see how it feels Aug 19, 2012
KIM R: Great reviews! I think my husband will love it! Aug 15, 2012
Adam P: Wanted to checkout how this stuff works. Aug 14, 2012
michele h: for my husband to try Jul 20, 2012
Mark B: interested in trying it Jul 16, 2012
Arsalan J: Lightweight facial moisturizer that diminishes the look of fatigue for a healthy looking appearance. Jul 8, 2012
Jerold R: Very soothing Jul 6, 2012
Ines L: To see if it works Jul 1, 2012
Donna Gail S: Wrinkles Jul 1, 2012
Ronald L: free! Jun 29, 2012
Dave S: Wanted to try it out Jun 28, 2012
Tony B: Giving it a try. Jun 25, 2012
Jared C: My mom is looking for new Facial Creams Jun 25, 2012
LORI DAWN K: So my husband could try it out. Jun 24, 2012
Brad B: My friend used this product and I could see the effects even before I found out she was using it. Jun 24, 2012
David J: It was free : ) Jun 23, 2012
William E: Great stuff! Another great product for the men's line. Jun 20, 2012
sangwan p: I want to use this one Jun 16, 2012
Richard E: Needed to pick a third sample Jun 13, 2012
Mary Ann M: Sample Jun 12, 2012
Kristin G: new product Jun 11, 2012
Helen Z: Want to try it Jun 11, 2012
David S: for travel Jun 10, 2012
Alan I: Product I have not used from Kiehl's before. I love the brand and thought I would try it. Jun 8, 2012
Chi Kyeong I: always interested in anti-aging for men. Jun 7, 2012
J. Joseph W: I'm not vain. I just like to ensure that I'm taking care of all my 'bits' and one of my bits is 'eye care.' People always comment that I have great eyes and I think part of that is how I take care of what is just below them right? Right... Jun 6, 2012
PJ H: Hey I'm old. Jun 5, 2012
Lynette D: By mistake... Jun 2, 2012
Sandra H: To see if it is a moisturizer my boyfriend will actually use. Jun 1, 2012
Loraine V: For my husband May 31, 2012
Carmela P: Trying sample for first time May 27, 2012
Manuel R: sample May 26, 2012
Debra D: would like to try it. May 23, 2012
Brent C: Don't know what it is so trying sample May 20, 2012
Bella B: to try May 19, 2012
Shyam P: I like facial fuel line, never tried this product May 17, 2012
Craig W: I read the reviews and wasn't necessarily sold on getting the full size product, so I'd like to try it out for myself and see how I like it. May 17, 2012
Joseph G: Trying out this line of products. May 16, 2012
Dan S: decided to try it May 15, 2012
Donald R: getting older May 8, 2012
Stefania C: I'm 42 and always looking for a good skin product May 6, 2012
Maralene M: For my husband to try May 2, 2012
Sarah I: I love the freebies that Kiehls hands out. I get to try new products, like this one, and not break the bank. I'll let you know how it goes. :-) May 2, 2012
Kristy P: to find out if it is a product we would like to continue to use May 1, 2012
Rico D: Trial Apr 29, 2012
Jennifer E: curiosity. Apr 26, 2012
Ken M: wrinkles Apr 26, 2012
Waikwong Y: try it Apr 19, 2012
Brandon H: I am approaching my mid 30's and would rather that be my secret Apr 15, 2012
michael b: like the way it feels on my face, light Apr 12, 2012
ALVIN L H: I use normal facial fuel spf 15 and want to give this a try. Apr 11, 2012
Curtis P: Even men need protection from father time. Apr 10, 2012
Tom R: I thought I would give it a try. Apr 10, 2012
Gerald M: getting older, curious to see if a new product makes a difference Apr 9, 2012
Sung Joon M: wanted to try out first Apr 6, 2012
DEBRA O: I have never tried this. Apr 5, 2012
Sookhyun L: For my husband skin, it's his favorite product. Apr 5, 2012
Casey J: I choose this product b/c I'm 36 and am mainly concerned with prevention. Apr 4, 2012
Matthew H: for travel Apr 3, 2012
SE MYEONG B: for a trial Apr 1, 2012
Yun Z: try Mar 25, 2012
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