Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream Sample

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Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream Sample
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
paula h: kiehl's other "line reducing" products work , thought I'd try this one Oct 1, 2014
Jennifer M: Just try it :) Sep 29, 2014
Lisa G: I'm 48. Sep 29, 2014
Irmawati J: I like it Sep 29, 2014
Gary M: for travel Sep 28, 2014
Ling C: it looks interest Sep 28, 2014
Linda S: Wanted to try something new. Sep 27, 2014
Susan B: Because I'd like to see if it's a product that will work for me. Sep 27, 2014
Wenjuan Z: I want to try Sep 27, 2014
Michael W: interested Sep 26, 2014
Tereasa R: just wanted to try it Sep 25, 2014
Francine F: Texture and reduces swelling Sep 25, 2014
Carmel D: I have never received any samples I have selected. I'm sorry I cannot assist. Sep 24, 2014
Annie L: consider new product Sep 24, 2014
Janet L: wants to try it Sep 24, 2014
Daniel C: Puffy eyes Sep 23, 2014
Rebecca P: Works with the above eye cream Sep 23, 2014
Serena K: using another eye cream and wanted to try the kiehls product... Sep 23, 2014
fion w: I want to see if it's worth Sep 22, 2014
Monika C: Trying out Sep 21, 2014
andrea l: want to try Sep 19, 2014
Katie A: have not tried Sep 19, 2014
Ellen L: want to try Sep 18, 2014
Dawn J: I wanted to try this product. Sep 17, 2014
Lori m: Looking for new stuff for eye wrinkles. Sep 17, 2014
Patrick D: I like this product, not every day but every other night. With midnight recovery. Sep 16, 2014
Chad S: to try Sep 16, 2014
Amy H: I use the powerful wrinkle reducer skin serum and love it, so I thought this might be another product I'd consider purchasing in the future. Sep 16, 2014
C P P: wanted to try Sep 15, 2014
Debi C: Free. I'm older! Sep 15, 2014
Grace S: It helps reduce my eye wrinkles. Sep 14, 2014
Lixue S: I want sth to get my eys condition approved. Sep 14, 2014
chen x: reduce eye wrinkle Sep 14, 2014
BO M: good Sep 14, 2014
Mary C: Free. Sep 14, 2014
NICOLE B: It was an offer. Sep 13, 2014
Gerald Y: great Sep 13, 2014
Miki L: wanted to try for wrinkle Sep 12, 2014
Jane Y: haven't found one that worked yet. Want to try Sep 12, 2014
Laurin M: have to try it first Sep 12, 2014
Cai J Y: Good Sep 11, 2014
Dean R: Always looking for effective eye creams. Sep 11, 2014
Lapchi W: The lack of eye creams Sep 11, 2014
Mansa L: Trying out to see if wrinkles will be reduced. Sep 10, 2014
Jing Z: want to try Sep 9, 2014
seo k: yes Sep 9, 2014
zeng qiu xiang z: Give mommy Sep 9, 2014
Dawn F: I am developing some tiny wrinkles around my eyes and am looking for something with a little more focus on wrinkles opposed to hydration. Sep 8, 2014
Rui L: wanna try before buy the big size. Sep 8, 2014
Miriam L: Eye wrinkles Sep 7, 2014
Gina d: I have circles and wrinkles around eyes. Sep 7, 2014
Marilyn B: to try Sep 6, 2014
Priscilla L: looking for a new eye cream Sep 3, 2014
haehyun H: Trial Sep 1, 2014
Jacqueline N: trying a new eye cream Sep 1, 2014
Elisabeth H: I don't want to develop wrinkles Sep 1, 2014
jimmy m: Try it Aug 30, 2014
Jingyi Y: heard from friends Aug 30, 2014
Sharon M: friend recommended Aug 29, 2014
Nicholas G: LIke it. Don't need to use it often, but it works. Aug 29, 2014
Olga F: Very good product Aug 28, 2014
Suzanne H: always open for new eye cream Aug 27, 2014
Ellen H: This is a travel size version of a product I already use. Aug 27, 2014
Angela L: want to see if this is right for me Aug 27, 2014
Frank S: Recommended by a friend Aug 26, 2014
Shoushi L: it's good! Aug 26, 2014
HYUNJIN K: I just wanted to try it. Aug 25, 2014
Emilia L: Bring youth back to my eyes Aug 25, 2014
Angie C: I'm always happy to try new eye opening, line-reducing, de-puffing products! Still looking for the perfect one! Aug 24, 2014
lou l: , Aug 24, 2014
William L: Try something new Aug 22, 2014
Jennifer B: I am in need of a eye cream Aug 22, 2014
YOUWEN W: I have already 24 years old Aug 22, 2014
Kathy R: Again, at age 62 every little bit helps! Aug 22, 2014
Christine R: Always looking for a good eye cream. Aug 20, 2014
sandra s: I have wrinkles Aug 20, 2014
Sandra M: Want to try Aug 20, 2014
Lora W: Help with eye wrinkles Aug 19, 2014
John D: Reduces bags... Aug 19, 2014
Shelly L: want to try this. Aug 19, 2014
Shih-Chun C: want to try Aug 17, 2014
leefang n: try Aug 16, 2014
Emily Z: Try Aug 16, 2014
Kitt M: Want to try a different product Aug 13, 2014
Huei C: for my sister Aug 12, 2014
Lewis L: try to see if it can help on the wrinkle around the eyes area Aug 10, 2014
pat p: WANT TO TRY IT FOR WRINKLES Aug 10, 2014
Jose M: Reduce wrinkles Aug 10, 2014
Yuling Z: Want to try it Aug 10, 2014
Yumiko M: I want to try this product Aug 9, 2014
jungmin S: it works to me. Aug 9, 2014
Wan chun L: want to try out Aug 7, 2014
chyuan k: need it Aug 6, 2014
Aleksandra S: want to try it out Aug 6, 2014
Haiyang L: by random Aug 5, 2014
LIN L: GOOD Aug 5, 2014
Joseph R: Never used it Aug 4, 2014
Beverly N: Need a great eye product Jul 31, 2014
Terri B: As I age my eye area is where i need concentration. Jul 29, 2014
karl p: we all are getting older Jul 29, 2014
Hui Y: try Jul 26, 2014
Michael S: first time: eye wrinkle removal Jul 24, 2014
Dominic E: Great product. Little bit goes a long way. Definitely see a difference Jul 23, 2014
Joseph C: Want to try something new. Jul 21, 2014
neringa v: to try Jul 21, 2014
xinyi l: I want to reduce undereye wrinkles Jul 20, 2014
Sharon H: looking/new Jul 19, 2014
Nicole I: Trying out Jul 19, 2014
Haiqing W: i do not know about kiehl's. it is my first time to purchase kiehl's. i just choose it as redom. Jul 18, 2014
wenling z: I like eye cream Jul 18, 2014
Alexis B: random choice Jul 17, 2014
Mary C: Use this product. Like It Jul 17, 2014
XIAOYE L: just want to try it. Jul 16, 2014
Diana P: i have deep eye circles Jul 11, 2014
Marianna G: under eye fine lines Jul 10, 2014
Diana W: Free Jul 9, 2014
Tania A: i love the serum and wanted to try the eye cream Jul 9, 2014
Mandy H: try it Jul 9, 2014
Jeffrey F: like it Jul 7, 2014
Jolanta C: to try Jul 7, 2014
Anne M: Looks like it has great ingredients Jul 5, 2014
Sherry R: Wanted to try an eye cream Jul 1, 2014
Heather B: Wanted to see how it works. I currently have the avocado eye moisturizer. Jul 1, 2014
Shuang Q: just try it Jun 30, 2014
Smon C: Try it out. Jun 28, 2014
Tiffany J: First time trying this, so we'll see. Jun 28, 2014
Huiqing L: I like it Jun 26, 2014
Nora M: Wanted to try it before buying. Jun 26, 2014
Anselm C: it's free Jun 26, 2014
Meng L: Just have a try Jun 25, 2014
Marc P: Kiehl's other eye products are very good, so i wanted to try a new product. Jun 21, 2014
kelly m: Wanted to try Jun 21, 2014
Ma X: Just want to try Jun 19, 2014
marie n: can use a good eye cream Jun 17, 2014
Xisen W: good experience for use Jun 17, 2014
Jeffrey A: Wrinkles. Jun 17, 2014
Laura Z: I use the moisturizer for this product and I love it, but I need extra help around my eyes. Jun 17, 2014
Elisa D: Sounded good - I want to try before buying full size Jun 17, 2014
LE C: Online description. Jun 16, 2014
Carole H: great description Jun 16, 2014
Erica K: It looks interesting and I am aging. Jun 16, 2014
irena s: need one. Jun 16, 2014
Yuliia R: I want to get rid of wrinkle, and this cream helps. Jun 15, 2014
Barry F: want to try it Jun 12, 2014
XiaoFen W: Need Jun 11, 2014
Xueying L: Give it a try. Jun 9, 2014
YING S: friends said it is good Jun 9, 2014
jiaying l: I want to make my anti-wrinkle eye care. Jun 6, 2014
Samantha G: Looking for an excellent eye cream Jun 5, 2014
Elizabeth W: looking for a great eye cream Jun 4, 2014
yigao q: nice Jun 3, 2014
Mackenzie M: It works so well! Even though I have wrinkle- free, teenage eyes (college sophomore), it's so nice to put this on my puffy, tired, over used eye-bags at 3 in the morning after I finish my homework and wake up 3 hours later looking like I got ten hours of sleep. My mom also loves it, as she does have actual wrinkles starting to pop up :) Jun 1, 2014
Eileen S: never tried it before Jun 1, 2014
Holly B: Just wanted to see if it will help slow the wrinkle process. Jun 1, 2014
Carla S: Wrinkles. Jun 1, 2014
N K: Worth a try. May 31, 2014
Bryan S: To try it. May 29, 2014
YAO S: my friend commends it to me May 29, 2014
Anita S: Same reason as above May 28, 2014
Mengye W: It seems good May 28, 2014
Rebecca S: Curious to see if I love the eye cream as much as I love the face cream with SPF 30. May 27, 2014
Sheila D: hoping this eye cream will work May 24, 2014
Zhang Y: try it May 22, 2014
zinaida n: to try May 21, 2014
Nilden J: to improve or lessen my wrinkles May 20, 2014
Judy C: To try it out May 19, 2014
Jason B: to try May 19, 2014
Brian O: it's for my girlfriend - she saw samples and wanted them :) May 19, 2014
Marlon M: Curious to try May 19, 2014
Yen Hua L: would like to try May 19, 2014
Ya S: Just a try May 19, 2014
angela c: needed eye cream May 19, 2014
Changjuan Z: Just a trial May 19, 2014
Alba C K: just because May 19, 2014
Rachel S: Never tried it May 18, 2014
Jayson J: Eyes need help May 18, 2014
Ching C: Try it May 18, 2014
Yolanda R: Want to add another eye treatment especially at night. May 18, 2014
Amy M: Very moisturizing. Use every night. May 18, 2014
Qiong J: I used it before, I think it is useful. May 18, 2014
Junko A: I have read positive comments, then I would like to try. May 17, 2014
Mary C: Want to try! May 16, 2014
Feifei T: wany to try May 16, 2014
Shih-ying H: Try it out. May 16, 2014
Joanne S: I can use it for travel May 16, 2014
Younghyun K: just for a try May 16, 2014
zhou q: good May 15, 2014
Maggie C: Take a try. May 15, 2014
Younghyun K: just for new try May 15, 2014
huadong l: I'm trying out all different eye cream. May 15, 2014
Jin x: Another try May 14, 2014
FRANCES H: Always looking for something to keep the wrinkles away. May 12, 2014
Jeri W: Ditto... May 10, 2014
kathy d: Trying to de puff the old eye bags May 8, 2014
Theresa T: Deep smile and sun wrinkles around my eyes. May 4, 2014
Tomoko P: always looking for better eye cream/sample May 2, 2014
Demetrius D: Still on my search for the perfect eye cream...mainly from a firmness and line-reducing perspective. May 1, 2014
Cathy M: wanted to try Apr 30, 2014
Amanda S: because i think my mom needs this Apr 27, 2014
Mellisa C: hope it works! Apr 24, 2014
PATTY R: looking for a new eye cream. wrinkle reducing and hydrating Apr 20, 2014
S T: Great Product! nice purse size Apr 20, 2014
Jina L: Want to try different eye cream. Apr 19, 2014
Zhou S: heard its good never tried Apr 19, 2014
trudie w: thought it might do something Apr 15, 2014
Terry B: Description sounded appropriate Apr 15, 2014
Terri N: Use for travel Apr 14, 2014
Susan P: Curious about result Apr 11, 2014
Christina K: hope it works Apr 9, 2014
Angela D: Interested in trying something new. Apr 9, 2014
Christine G: just to try it Apr 9, 2014
Elaine D: I love protecting my eye and I hope this helps Apr 8, 2014
HEATHER N: I am 40 and worried about looking 40. Apr 3, 2014
Jennifer S: My husband. Apr 2, 2014
Patricia M: Wanted to try it. Mar 29, 2014
candice w: wanted to see if i liked, before purchasing. Mar 24, 2014
zhengqi l: want to try Mar 22, 2014
Anne M: Wanted to try Mar 21, 2014
amy x: have some fine lines, would like to try Mar 18, 2014
Leslie B: Want to try this product Mar 17, 2014
Ashley M: Need a new night eye cream Mar 16, 2014
Fernando C: Trying various eye wrinkle creams to see which works best Mar 16, 2014
Linda S: Helps keep my skin clear and smooth, Mar 16, 2014
Kaitlin Y: wanted to try. Mar 13, 2014
casey x: curious Mar 11, 2014
Mercy D: To try it Mar 11, 2014
Julie C: See above! Mar 10, 2014
Shari Lynn P: see the results of this product Mar 9, 2014
Donna G: if it works as great as the cream, I will be thrilled. haven't found a great eye cream yet. and I have been looking for 10 years. Mar 9, 2014
Janie C: Dark and sagging skin under the eye Mar 8, 2014
Cynthia C: I liked what I read about it on the website. Mar 8, 2014
Miaoling S: Want to try it Mar 3, 2014
Danya Li C: thinking about buying it Mar 1, 2014
Sharon E: Love this product....true to statements Feb 28, 2014
Kimberly B: Would like to try it. Feb 27, 2014
Patsy S: trial - advertisement Feb 26, 2014
Andrea G: I love it! Feb 18, 2014
Kathleen C: want to try Feb 18, 2014
Yongfang L: Looks wonderful Feb 17, 2014
Sepideh B: Need help with eye area. Feb 15, 2014
RUI C: somebody recommend it to me Feb 15, 2014
Sarah M: I have puffy eyes. Feb 15, 2014
Sheryl S: Need some help with the wrinkles around my eyes Feb 13, 2014
Brina S: For me to try out the eye cream. Feb 13, 2014
Marcela A: Trying out some SOS products for the eye area. Feb 13, 2014
Jacqui R: Want to try. Feb 13, 2014
judith z: I'm desperate for an eye cream that addresses lines and wrinkles. Feb 13, 2014
Ivin F R: wanted to try Feb 13, 2014
Lyndsay B: for my boyfriend's wrinkles Feb 10, 2014
April R: Can't wait to try it Feb 8, 2014
Sheri M: Just wanted to try this and see if it works for the small wrinkles under my eyes Feb 7, 2014
Mary H: Just trying it. Feb 4, 2014
Wesley H: I'm about to turn 30 Feb 4, 2014
Jiyoung P: For my age Feb 3, 2014
PATRICIA T: Works. Feb 2, 2014
Cynthia R: I thought I'd try something new Feb 2, 2014
Deborah K: I am getting wrinkles - ugh! Thought I'd give this a try Feb 1, 2014
Irma M: Try on wrinkles Jan 31, 2014
Jane B: just trying Jan 31, 2014
Michael C: Help keep area around eyes nice and smooth Jan 31, 2014
SHU MING C: want to reduce my eye wrinkle. Jan 29, 2014
Tammy H: My eye area is super sensitive and I want to try it before I buy iy Jan 28, 2014
Deidre H: preventative care Jan 28, 2014
Tanya M: I'm looking for a cream to use to reduce wrinkles. I am a 46 year women and am starting to see aging wrinkles around my eyes, Jan 27, 2014
Kim S: dry lines Jan 19, 2014
Beverly Y: try Jan 15, 2014
Merna A: to see if it works Jan 14, 2014
Lihua Z: for my mom to try Jan 13, 2014
Yuechun W: I have fine lines around my eyes. Jan 13, 2014
Stefanie S: I love the face creme Jan 10, 2014
Xiongnan W: Interested in trying... Dec 2, 2013
Josefa B: I couldn't get to it Dec 2, 2013
fuchang z: recommend from friend Dec 2, 2013
Xiaoming L: Just try. Dec 2, 2013
Fei C: try it Dec 1, 2013
Loretta C: trying Dec 1, 2013
Yan C: want to try Dec 1, 2013
Jine Z: More suitable for the skin of her Dec 1, 2013
Phuong N: Want to try it to see if it works or not. Nov 30, 2013
Ying L: want to try it Nov 30, 2013
ayumi y: I never try. but my friends said really good Nov 30, 2013
Harriet B: I use it every day. Nov 30, 2013
yejoo j: I need eye cream Nov 30, 2013
Marcia B: I use it every day. Very few wrinkles Nov 30, 2013
Sara R: Love trying eye creams Nov 30, 2013
Yi-Chia L: a Nov 30, 2013
karen p: want to try Nov 30, 2013
Alice C: I want to try it Nov 30, 2013
Jessalyn S: Need a good eye cream. Nov 30, 2013
Christine L: to try it out since I am allergic to so many creams Nov 30, 2013
GIna V: Use midnight recovery now. Thought I would try something different. Nov 29, 2013
Shaokang Z: I want to try different kinds of eye cream to figure out which one work best for me Nov 28, 2013
yuki W: try new eye product Nov 28, 2013
Zheying J: HIGH RATED Nov 28, 2013
cheng c: try it Nov 28, 2013
Barbara C: To use while traveling Nov 28, 2013
Yikun C: For my Mammy to have a try~ Nov 28, 2013
Liping L: try Nov 27, 2013
Zhaoyu C: USEFUL Nov 27, 2013
Chang L: try Nov 27, 2013
zhinan w: i need eye product Nov 27, 2013
Heike E: Want to try something new Nov 26, 2013
minshui h: want to try Nov 26, 2013
Shu Lin W: Just try Nov 25, 2013
Emma W: wanted eye creams Nov 25, 2013
Xiang L: good Nov 25, 2013
KAREN Z: GOOD Nov 25, 2013
Sindy C: I want to try it Nov 25, 2013
Yun Chih T: like the concentrate, would like to try the eye cream Nov 25, 2013
Yan W: I want to try new products Nov 24, 2013
Xiangming Y: Try Nov 24, 2013
Zheng C: My wife tells me to choose this Nov 24, 2013
Patrick H: none Nov 23, 2013
YUE Z: WANT TO TRY Nov 23, 2013
Xiaoping X: just want to try Nov 23, 2013
David M: To get rid of dark circles Nov 23, 2013
Marian R: i like it Nov 23, 2013
JING Z: want to try Nov 23, 2013
Didi L: try Nov 22, 2013
Leticia M: Great amount for eyes. Nov 22, 2013
Patricia A: I am most concerned about my eye area. Nov 22, 2013
kate a: I would like to try this Nov 22, 2013
Rakesh K: like to try it Nov 22, 2013
Lauren B: to try Nov 22, 2013
Tianpei Z: It is effective Nov 22, 2013
Xuan G: wanna to try something new Nov 21, 2013
Joyce L: Never try this eye cream before. Nov 21, 2013
jing x: i like Nov 21, 2013
CHIEN-CHIANG C: I want to try it. Nov 20, 2013
Yanbin L: it's good and convinient for travel Nov 19, 2013
Lola P: need help with the eyes Nov 19, 2013
Pauline K: just to try it Nov 18, 2013
NB M: I have dark circles and hope this item works to reduce them. Nov 18, 2013
Hou-Pu S: looks popular Nov 18, 2013
Sijing C: Want to try out. Nov 17, 2013
Jennifer S: I know I like it...sample is good for travel Nov 17, 2013
Jane R: Eyes always need help. Nov 17, 2013
Rosanne L: Will check out if this is a better and effective product then what I am currently using. Nov 17, 2013
Hualin H: no reason Nov 17, 2013
Hualin H: no reason Nov 17, 2013
Rui S: try it Nov 16, 2013
Hualin H: NO REASON Nov 16, 2013
ruth g: positive reviews Nov 16, 2013
Melissa P: always looking for good skin care products Nov 15, 2013
Li C: want to try Nov 15, 2013
Yuechen C: wanna try. Nov 15, 2013
Ying C: Good Nov 15, 2013
Eva T: reputation Nov 15, 2013
Allison K: Lord knows I need all the help I can get Nov 15, 2013
Theresa R: I always use an eye cream. I am in my 60's & have very few wrinkles around my eyes so I thought I'd see if I like your eye cream. Nov 15, 2013
Hanifa M: To see if it reduces wrinkles Nov 15, 2013
Yong li D: Try Nov 14, 2013
Hyosun M: I want to try. Nov 14, 2013
Dao C: I want to try various eye cream for finding a suitable one. Nov 13, 2013
Yan G: try Nov 13, 2013
Kristina F: curious Nov 13, 2013
Pannee C: I totally depend on the reviews. Nov 12, 2013
Prapaipis L: No comment at this time, first time to try it out Nov 12, 2013
Tinley I: I'm noticing crow's feet around my eyes. Nov 11, 2013
Nina G: To try it. Nov 9, 2013
Tianxin M: good Nov 6, 2013
Hua L: need to look for a good eye cream for my baggy dark circled eye area Nov 4, 2013
Jennifer L: always looking for a great eye cream. thought i'd try this one Nov 3, 2013
darcy t: to see how well it works on mature skin. Nov 3, 2013
Janet L: Want to know how good it is! Nov 3, 2013
Michelle F: Good opportunity to try an alternative to preferred product. Oct 31, 2013
Sherrie Z: I love the title. Oct 30, 2013
Leah W: Sounds like maybe it's the Abyssine Cream type stuff for eyes? Oct 29, 2013
Sarakorn G: Want to try and see Oct 29, 2013
Katherine H: This feels great and works immediately Oct 27, 2013
Bianca D: Try it out first Oct 27, 2013
Guangyu Y: recommended Oct 27, 2013
Jingyan T: I WANT TO TRY EYE CREAM Oct 27, 2013
Lauren H: Have never tried. Heard it was great. Oct 27, 2013
YUZE S: Good to try Oct 27, 2013
Kimberley H: being proactive Oct 26, 2013
Donald R: As I age I am aware of the "lines" that appear on your face and the eyes are generally the first area people notice. Oct 26, 2013
vanessa w: want to try it Oct 26, 2013
Robyn B: Wanted to try it out Oct 25, 2013
Arlene G: i am concerned about the fine lines forming around my eyes, and would like to prevent any further deepening of lines Oct 25, 2013
YU W: try something new Oct 24, 2013
zelda p: same as above Oct 24, 2013
min l: wrinkle reducing Oct 24, 2013
Louise P: It works. Oct 24, 2013
Jacque-Lynne J: have used this before and quite like it Oct 23, 2013
Tanya L: want to try Oct 21, 2013
Bryana I: Never tried it before Oct 20, 2013
Stacia B: Experimenting Oct 20, 2013
Geri K: concerned about eye area and looking for something that might really work! Oct 20, 2013
Zoe L: Want to see if it works with my wrinkle Oct 19, 2013
Catherine P: To try Oct 14, 2013
Dale C: I use this stuff! Feels great! Oct 4, 2013
Marjorie L: Have not tried this before and would like to see the results. Sep 30, 2013
Regina W: Always looking for a good eye cream! Sep 30, 2013
Jie F: Give a try Sep 29, 2013
Cherilynn W: Need travel sizes Sep 29, 2013
Danielle G: To try it Sep 28, 2013
Lourdes D: Wanted to try the new product. Sep 28, 2013
Arviana W: because it is new, so i want try it , hopefully it's work on me Sep 27, 2013
Livia M: I am looking for an eye cream Sep 26, 2013
Jennifer D: love it Sep 26, 2013
Yifan W: want to try Sep 25, 2013
Bonnie R: haven't tried it yet Sep 24, 2013
Molly G: recommended after skin analysis Sep 23, 2013
Ashley H: i just turned 30. isn't this what all 30 year olds do? Sep 23, 2013
Harsha J: Next on Purchase List Sep 22, 2013
Ye Cheng Y: want to try Sep 21, 2013
Rhonda R: hoping to see a difference Sep 21, 2013
Michael D: obsessed with my eyes Sep 21, 2013
Annette J: just to try Sep 11, 2013
Yingchien L: Want to try. Aug 26, 2013
ALINA D: Need to start using an eye cream Aug 26, 2013
Matthew L: to correct fine lines around and under my eyes Aug 25, 2013
Kathleen A: There are so many eye creams around. It's good to try new ones to see what I like and what seems to work best. Aug 20, 2013
hyun l: Sound's Fantastic!! Aug 19, 2013
Linda D: Trial. Aug 19, 2013
Jay P: Wife's choice. Both of us are excited to try this product. Aug 15, 2013
Craig Z: Want to try Aug 14, 2013
Emily S: wanted to try Aug 13, 2013
Felicia S: Like to try new eye creams. Aug 11, 2013
Amanda M: To try because the moisturizer I typically use is no longer available. Aug 6, 2013
Lisa G: would like to try Aug 5, 2013
SUQIN K: I want to try new eye creams Aug 5, 2013
Mary F: I want to see how it works on my crows feet. Jul 29, 2013
SUN DON J: Sister wanted eye product samples Jul 28, 2013
Yesenia A: For my mom Jul 28, 2013
Eileen L: I need a good eye moisturizer. Jul 24, 2013
maxine l: couldn't decide which eye cream to get Jul 22, 2013
Theresa H: Wanted to try it for eye wrinkles Jul 21, 2013
Joelle O: I have the avocado eye cream and love it, I wanted to try this eye cream because of the anti aging properties Jul 19, 2013
JoAnne P: I get puffy eyes now and I need help with this problewm Jul 18, 2013
margaret t: try it n see if it works ...

i sent in this order because i got a 20% off notice in the mail
Jul 18, 2013
Volker H: want to try Jul 17, 2013
CG W: Want to check it out Jul 16, 2013
qing x: want to get rid of lines on eye Jul 7, 2013
Louisa K: Trying to find the right eye cream for me Jul 5, 2013
Joe S C: Eyes are getting old.... Jun 19, 2013
Linda P: never tried Jun 18, 2013
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