Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Lotion Sample

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Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Lotion Sample
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
SARAH G: It sounds like a good product for this time of year. Dec 20, 2013
Elizabeth P: no Dec 16, 2013
Johanna F: x Dec 8, 2013
Yiming W: I would like to see if this lotion could really minimize my pores Aug 12, 2013
Junghoon P: Good Rating Jun 8, 2013
Elizabeth C: Use the scrub and love it Apr 2, 2013
Li W: I want to try the lotion that I never used before. If it works well, I will buy it next time. Mar 24, 2013
sita c: i need help w/pores Mar 24, 2013
Vickie S: I have large pores and always looking for something that helps reduce their size Mar 15, 2013
Rhoda M: I purchased the Pore Minimizing Mask and want to try this lotion. Feb 20, 2013
Ewa R: I have large pores on my face and would like to try this. Feb 14, 2013
Holland B: Curious Feb 10, 2013
Rebecca B: trying it Feb 9, 2013
Chen L: want to try this product, as i was told it is good. Feb 7, 2013
JEANETTE F: need a pore minimizer Avon is not working Feb 6, 2013
meili z: want to try Feb 6, 2013
Tugba M: I wanted to try the product since I use the face wash from rare earth collection Feb 5, 2013
leigh W: See if it will work on my pores. Feb 5, 2013
Caley M: I have used the scrub before and I love it! Feb 5, 2013
Garland K: Large pores from acne when I was a teenager. They are smaller now, but some are noticable. Feb 4, 2013
Bing Y: I TRY Feb 3, 2013
evangeline c: curious Feb 3, 2013
Deborah Z: have never found a product that works for this problem. I'm hoping yours will Jan 30, 2013
Elizabeth S: want to see how it works on my pores Jan 29, 2013
Jennifer S: same as above Jan 28, 2013
Jeff S: My girlfriend is looking for a great facial moisturizer. I love Kiehl's, so I hope she will also find a moisturizer she loves. Jan 28, 2013
Amy J: wanted to try this product Jan 26, 2013
Mia C: I absolutely love the masque. So I thought I would give the lotion a try. Jan 26, 2013
Seoyoun L: my pores are getting bigger Jan 25, 2013
Krista W: I'd like to see a reduction in the size of my pores around my nose and on my chin Jan 23, 2013
Andrea B: The description intrigues me. What is this lotion? Does it do all it claims to do? Jan 23, 2013
Joann F: I just wanted to try it. Jan 20, 2013
Susan M: want to try Jan 19, 2013
Margaret C: same Jan 17, 2013
Brindha M: Want to try it Jan 16, 2013
Laura M: I have tried the rare earth mask, so figured I would try this out. Jan 16, 2013
Alexandra T: I wanted to try it. Jan 14, 2013
Wei F: To go with the face masque I bought, I thought i can try them together Jan 10, 2013
RENE B: will this make my pores look smaller than my eyeballs? that's what I'm hopin' for. Dec 12, 2012
qingling z: GOOD Dec 12, 2012
Charlie H: Who doesn't like free lotion? Dec 12, 2012
TERESA S: Just curious. Dec 12, 2012
kay c: i am older so i wanted to see if this lotion helped minimize my facial pores. Dec 12, 2012
Wanjing X: I'd like to have a try on my oily face ^0^ Dec 12, 2012
John H: no reason Dec 11, 2012
Jessica F: My pores need help! Dec 11, 2012
yidan m: wanna try and maybe buy it if its good for me Dec 11, 2012
Reed W: It had good reviews so I'm trying it out. Dec 11, 2012
Jane B: Love the results of this product; it really works Dec 11, 2012
Ariel E: I have large pore... Dec 4, 2012
Kristen T: pores could be a bit smaller in places, but I have just moved to Denver, CO from Charleston, SC and have found that my skin is already happier and pores smaller... does humidity have that much of an effect? Oct 11, 2012
Marilyn S: Like so many women (and men), the older one becomes, the larger the pores. Maybe this will be a good answer? Oct 10, 2012
anne h: to try it Jul 22, 2012
YUN Z: Just have a try. Jun 24, 2012
Jing G: MIN PORE May 1, 2012
Autumn A: Purchased the clay masque and wanted to try the lotion. Apr 26, 2012
Taylor W: just want to try it out Apr 22, 2012
Ko-Hsin H: Trying new product, and the reviews seem all positive Apr 21, 2012
HUI Q: LARGE PORE Apr 20, 2012
stacy b: wanted to try!! Apr 17, 2012
Jean Ann S: I have large pores Apr 11, 2012
Mindy L: My skin isn't as smooth as it used to be. I haven't tried this yet, but I hear great things. Having samples is the best idea. Apr 4, 2012
Meg S: Sounds interesting Apr 4, 2012
FEI W: pore cleaning Mar 31, 2012
Melissa V: Right now I use Avon Magix under my makeup. This sounded similar, so I decided to give it a try. Mar 30, 2012
S Q: this really works. I like to take sample paks when i travel. i travel a lot. Mar 30, 2012
Linda L: I wanted to try a sample of it. Mar 30, 2012
Youngju D: I think this lotion is pretty good too. Mar 29, 2012
Sharmin R: I want to see if it does what it says on website Mar 29, 2012
s q: this stuff totally works! I travel a lot and take sample paks with me when I go. Mar 29, 2012
Danielle P: Wanted to try it out. Mar 29, 2012
Barbara S: large pores Mar 27, 2012
s q: this totally works! i travel a lot and like to take these paks on trips. Mar 27, 2012
heather p: Wanted to try this to see if it will help control oil throughout the day. Mar 26, 2012
s q: Though my skin is mostly super dry, the pores on my nose are pronounced. I like to use this on my nose -- morning and night. It is like instant results! It must be the clay in it, but it seems to tighten and smooth. Check out the rare earth masque too. Love that as well. Mar 26, 2012
Jessica M: Wanted to see if it showed a difference in my pores Mar 24, 2012
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