Amino Acid Conditioner Sample

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Amino Acid Conditioner Sample
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
zhenxi j: Good Sep 17, 2014
C P P: haven't tried it sounds good Sep 15, 2014
Donna B: I'll try it Sep 15, 2014
Min X: may need conditioner Sep 15, 2014
Xing W: To use it with the shampoo. Sep 14, 2014
Magge L: I'm trying the shampoo so I'd love to try the conditioner, as well. Sep 13, 2014
Irene H: To try it. Sep 12, 2014
David L: to try a conditioner! Sep 11, 2014
Joy B: I just want to try it Sep 10, 2014
Beth A: want to try Sep 9, 2014
Dante R: Try something new. Sep 8, 2014
Russell M: To try Sep 7, 2014
Kirsten A: Cleans & protects my hair Sep 6, 2014
Chia-Hua L: Very natural feeling and smooth with just right aroma. Sep 3, 2014
mo c: i like it Aug 31, 2014
Sumie Y: I want to use business trip. Aug 29, 2014
Sebastian P: I thought my wife would like it Aug 28, 2014
XUHONG W: TAKE A TRY Aug 28, 2014
J O: Great product. Aug 27, 2014
glenn s: Wanted to try Aug 17, 2014
marie-claude g: Curious Aug 13, 2014
li z: Want to try Aug 10, 2014
Menglu G: need a conditioner Aug 10, 2014
Ying Z: I want to try it. Aug 10, 2014
Cheryl N: To try it before purchasing larger size Aug 10, 2014
Kimberly T: If ai run out, its good to have samples available. Aug 10, 2014
Jackie K: Wanted to try Aug 10, 2014
Xingqin H: good Aug 10, 2014
Mengpin G: travel Aug 9, 2014
MYPHUONG H: I have been using this product for over 3 years now and I did not have issue with hair lost anymore since using Kiehl's hair products Aug 9, 2014
Mark R: wanted to try it Aug 7, 2014
Elaine S: Try Jul 30, 2014
PatchouliWoman: Because I like the Amino Acid shampoo Jul 23, 2014
coleen j: trying new conditioner Jul 15, 2014
MARCELA M: Tried it and loved it. Wanted my friend to try it too. Jul 15, 2014
Scott S: I'm experiment with new conditioner Jul 15, 2014
Johanna G: I know the product and it's good for travel. Jul 7, 2014
Sarah R: I like coconut Jun 30, 2014
Alice Patricia B: want to try Jun 30, 2014
XUEZHU L: Highly recommended review Jun 29, 2014
YINGXIANG L: GOOD Jun 27, 2014
Lauren S: Coconut smell Jun 25, 2014
Brittany S: Travel. Jun 25, 2014
Michael F: love the shampoo Jun 24, 2014
Anita F: Wanted to try this. Jun 17, 2014
Christine P: want to try it Jun 15, 2014
eugene t: it looks like it is of the highest quality Jun 8, 2014
Susan F: Please bring back the (white) flat-top lid for Creme with Silk Groom. You can't store the (black) rounded-top lid upside down without it falling over.
I'm writing this here instead of sending an email because I've occasionally sent emails to Kiehl's with inquiries or suggestions and have never received a reply.
Jun 2, 2014
Peter T: to try Jun 1, 2014
Reyna H: travel conditioner! yay May 28, 2014
Sheila D: trying to find a conditioner that works for aging color treated hair May 24, 2014
Liseth G: Thus works perfect on my 2 year olds hair May 19, 2014
ting n: dry hair May 18, 2014
YANG X: like it May 18, 2014
Alice M: The shampoo was recommended by a friend. May 17, 2014
Haoyu Z: the scent is so nice May 16, 2014
Sushu Z: good May 15, 2014
zhengzhen z: smells good. May 14, 2014
Qi R: Have a try. May 14, 2014
Miryam A: I have the shampoo May 9, 2014
Raj P: Already have the shampoo and want to try the conditioner May 4, 2014
zach c: for my travel kit May 1, 2014
Xinyi P: cuz I did some research? Apr 24, 2014
na s: the first time to try Apr 22, 2014
Jacob H: Wanted to give it a shot to see how well it works. Apr 20, 2014
Suzanne G: Curiosity. Apr 10, 2014
Franchesca R: TO MATCH SHAMPOO. Mar 27, 2014
WENJING L: My friend recommended it to me, so I want to try Mar 24, 2014
Tiehai L: just have a try! Mar 22, 2014
Yanhong P: Friends recommend Mar 22, 2014
Stafanie C: I do not use before and want to try it . Mar 18, 2014
Sumie Y: I always use this. It's for travel. Mar 2, 2014
Landis F: I don't typically use conditioners, so will give this a try. Mar 1, 2014
Lisa F: want to try Feb 27, 2014
Yi L: hair quite smooth after using this Feb 20, 2014
Bingxin F: love the product Feb 18, 2014
Sarah A: Never tried it and I'm curious about it. Feb 16, 2014
Song W: I don't like the sense of sun flower conditional. I would like to try a new one Feb 13, 2014
Lauren L: I need conditioner Feb 5, 2014
Barbara G: Have tried it and really liked it. Feb 3, 2014
Debi J: To try it Feb 2, 2014
tong l: GOOD Feb 2, 2014
Yueyi W: I have a lot hair loss since I came to America and I heard a lot about the good reputation of this product, so I want to try it. Feb 1, 2014
xinda k: i want to try Jan 30, 2014
Alain V: Well I get the shampoo so why not the conditioner? Jan 28, 2014
Shanty T: Just trying it out Jan 15, 2014
Kim R: I would like to try different conditioners for my hair Jan 7, 2014
Lisa A: great reviews Dec 13, 2013
Marianne R: great size for travel Dec 13, 2013
Owen W B: I like samples and sometimes I find new products that I like. Sometimes not. Dec 3, 2013
Sue R: one of the ten best rated items Dec 3, 2013
lingou Z: useful Dec 3, 2013
Hye kyung L: Recommend Dec 3, 2013
HYE-RI K: love that conditioner Dec 2, 2013
Nicholas U: Wanted my wife to try it -she has hair ;) Dec 2, 2013
MENG L: Tong Ren is my hometown. Dec 2, 2013
ann x: Used once, good Dec 2, 2013
weiya x: good rating Dec 1, 2013
Lucy H: Just want to try it Dec 1, 2013
MAYUKA A: wanted to try Dec 1, 2013
Lanxin Z: good Dec 1, 2013
Young K: Amino Acid? I work out and take amino acid supplements. and I think this can swole up my hair. Dec 1, 2013
Brandon R: I have had good luck with other Kiehl's products and wanted to give this a try. Nov 30, 2013
Qunfen L: I want to try it Nov 28, 2013
Yulin Z: friend recommendation Nov 28, 2013
Tong M: I have heard so many good words about this. Nov 28, 2013
Kexin H: want to make sure if it suitable for oil hair Nov 28, 2013
Xingshuo L: want to try for its good reiew Nov 28, 2013
xianqiong s: as travel size Nov 28, 2013
Tzu Miao L: Great Nov 26, 2013
Janet R: I have read good reviews about it and i want to try it Nov 26, 2013
jingwangqi l: just have a try Nov 26, 2013
Chao N: Take a try Nov 26, 2013
mengjuan y: try Nov 25, 2013
xiaochun l: try Nov 25, 2013
chunzi z: Used it before Nov 25, 2013
Ying Ling E: good for travel Nov 25, 2013
Bing Z: same as the shampoo Nov 25, 2013
Kelly C: i have the bottle! just want to use this for traveling Nov 25, 2013
Qing R: try Nov 25, 2013
Mikkel H: Best conditioner ever Nov 25, 2013
Xu Y: good Nov 24, 2013
Kathleen F: Love to try different Kiehls hair products Nov 24, 2013
FIFO L: Good Nov 24, 2013
Barbara O: Just wanted to try it. Nov 23, 2013
Suhan L: ... Nov 22, 2013
Shirley S: Wanted to try it out Nov 22, 2013
Helen C: Good Nov 22, 2013
susan c: to try Nov 21, 2013
Wei W: wanna try it before buy a full size Nov 21, 2013
Shannon W: to travel Nov 20, 2013
zhaopeng z: want to try Nov 18, 2013
Wubitu W: Just to try it for the first time Nov 17, 2013
Jud S: For travel Nov 17, 2013
Di Wen H: Try something new Nov 16, 2013
MEI H: never used it Nov 16, 2013
XIUMEI L: recommend b friends Nov 14, 2013
HUI S: WANT TO TRY Nov 14, 2013
chenyue c: GOOD Nov 13, 2013
Doss S: I like the shampoo a lot, so I figured I would try the conditioner. Nov 10, 2013
Melodye C: stocking stuffer for my daughter. Nov 10, 2013
Alissa K: I'm always interested in good conditioners. I haven't tried it yet. Nov 9, 2013
Karen O: Never tried...wanted to try before buying Nov 8, 2013
erika e: very good Nov 8, 2013
Xiaojie F: my friend suggest it to me because my hair very dry. Nov 5, 2013
Stewart E: Trial use Oct 29, 2013
Jue W: my friend recommend me to try this hair product. Oct 28, 2013
Floyd S: curious Oct 28, 2013
Santiago M: see how i like it Oct 27, 2013
Rachela F: Wanted to try this item. Oct 24, 2013
Jingrong T: Others recommend Oct 24, 2013
Jennifer M: I am looking for new shampoo because my current project leaves my hair looking dull Oct 23, 2013
Alexander Q: I wanted to try it. Oct 19, 2013
Susan M: To have a small size to tuck in my bag for overnights. Oct 19, 2013
Gaelen H: Used it years ago and loved it. Oct 14, 2013
Donghui W: friends recommendation Oct 11, 2013
Zoe J: Try it out Oct 9, 2013
NANDANNI L: no reason just want to try it Sep 29, 2013
Michiko S: I am looking for anti itch conditioner Sep 23, 2013
tara t: I wanted to try something that would help with my dry hair Sep 21, 2013
wenjing p: im crazy about shampoo,want to try every brand Sep 20, 2013
Lauren H: My friend swears by the shampoos here. Been wanting to try it. Sep 11, 2013
Gerardo C: Interested Aug 19, 2013
lina l: MOISTURE Aug 19, 2013
Matthew S: Great product Aug 13, 2013
Yiming W: make my hair soft, moisturized and smooth Aug 12, 2013
Tony D: I bought the shampoo so I wanted to try the conditioner also. Jul 28, 2013
Caiyu Y: the rate for this product is high, hope it works Jul 25, 2013
Jennifer M: Would like to see if my hair gets thicker or feels thicker. Jul 24, 2013
David H: Sexy hair Jul 22, 2013
bethany l: dull hair Jul 21, 2013
Alvin M: Comparing to organic root stimulator. Jul 1, 2013
George A: Wanted to try something new May 27, 2013
Kevin S: Great on thick, course hair. Apr 27, 2013
Kristi R: I love trying new hair products and Kiehl's has never steered me wrong in the past. Can't wait to try this sample! Feb 21, 2013
Vivian H: for short travel Feb 15, 2013
Jacqueline W: SOMETHING NEW Dec 28, 2012
Caitlin B: I've used this conditioner at Equinox and love it! Dec 27, 2012
rayleine f: do no know yet Dec 27, 2012
Elizabeth C: Wants to add into the conditioner that I just ordered. Dec 27, 2012
Jasauen J: just to try Dec 27, 2012
TinMay L: i wanted to try Dec 26, 2012
Patricia S: wanted to try Dec 26, 2012
Yan Y: want to try it. Dec 24, 2012
Ryan H: want to try a new conditioner Dec 22, 2012
Naoko K: I really happy to try different hair treatment. Dec 20, 2012
Andrea E: Not sure what it is, wanted to check it out. Dec 18, 2012
Susan s: need a good conditioner Dec 18, 2012
Sharon L: curious Dec 17, 2012
Therese S: Just trying it out. Dec 16, 2012
Karyn W: Like to keep samples of different products in my gym bag in case of emergency. Dec 16, 2012
brie j: for gift purchase, thought of individual buying for Dec 15, 2012
Constance S: Curious Dec 15, 2012
Christina Aline N: my hair needs a new conditioner Dec 15, 2012
Julie F: Curious to try it. Dec 11, 2012
Camille O: recommended by my sister Dec 11, 2012
Kanika D: I'm looking for a moisture-rich conditioner that won't cause build-up. Dec 10, 2012
Christine C: I can use this when I travel Dec 10, 2012
Lillian A: give to hairdresser Dec 10, 2012
helen c: think friend will like Dec 9, 2012
Michelle M: Going to give it a try... Dec 7, 2012
Shana W: Goes with the shampoo that I wanted to try. Dec 7, 2012
Caitlin H: i don't use conditioner, but try to do so once a week. Dec 7, 2012
Jamie L: curiosity Dec 6, 2012
Meredith D: Wonderful product for chemically treated hair. Dec 6, 2012
Pat I: to try Dec 6, 2012
Nancy A: Trust the brand Dec 6, 2012
Merrie B: to try it Dec 6, 2012
Cheryl W: wanted to try Dec 5, 2012
Marie S: Wanted to try. Dec 5, 2012
william h: just trying it Dec 5, 2012
Dave J: Wanted to see if conditioner made a noticeable difference. Dec 4, 2012
HAO X: want have a try Dec 3, 2012
Jinling Z: Sure, love this one. Dec 3, 2012
traci r: WANTED TO TRY IT Dec 3, 2012
Dongdong H: want have a try Dec 2, 2012
Bonnie C: looking for a new conditioner Dec 1, 2012
Alec T: need new conditioner Nov 30, 2012
Beverley H: have dry curly hair, want to see if this will help Nov 30, 2012
huier m: love Nov 25, 2012
huier m: like it Nov 25, 2012
XIN Y: have a try Nov 25, 2012
Bonnie C: Trying something different Nov 24, 2012
Olivia H: I love conditioners Nov 22, 2012
Namuni Y: I want to try this. Nov 20, 2012
Ying C: good for travel Nov 17, 2012
QIANQIAN C: I want to try. Nov 16, 2012
Xiaoling G: hair care Nov 16, 2012
Jing A: I want to try it. Nov 15, 2012
HOng L: want to give a try. Nov 15, 2012
Wenting H: haha Nov 13, 2012
Cyndy G: Looking for a new shampoo and the reviews were good Nov 13, 2012
Kanika C: Always looking for a good conditioner. Nov 13, 2012
Meri A: always looking for a good conditioner for my dry hair Nov 5, 2012
Sybil H: Like shiny hair Oct 27, 2012
Martin M: I use it quite often, and it is great for travel. Oct 26, 2012
yanyan z: want to try Oct 21, 2012
Stephanie O: Fantastic, makes your hair super soft Oct 14, 2012
sarah c: I believe my hair is stripped of good nutrients so hopefully this will help Oct 6, 2012
Trisha M: i have occasional dry hair Oct 3, 2012
Mark W: Have dry hair Oct 1, 2012
barbara g: silicone free, but why not the shampoo? strange Oct 1, 2012
luz p: I love it! my hair feels very soft Sep 29, 2012
LING L: sensitive scalp, want to try Sep 28, 2012
Susan J: Wanted to try something new. Sep 24, 2012
Mami T: Love the shampoo so I wanted to try out the conditioner. Sep 23, 2012
Qizhao W: i tried it and decide to buy a full size! Sep 23, 2012
Christine H: Need hair conditioner in domestic travel package. This fits. Sep 19, 2012
shirley w: Easy for travel. Sep 18, 2012
Ziyi W: want to have a try Sep 18, 2012
Zeyu Z: hair dry Sep 15, 2012
Patricia P: I want to try this. Sep 11, 2012
Dongni Y: need to try if it works for me Sep 4, 2012
Leticia W: This product sounds interesting. Sep 4, 2012
Shelley S: I have dry hair and want to try your conditioners. Aug 21, 2012
Lisa O: All time favorite! Aug 17, 2012
karen w: a friend said they loved it :) Aug 14, 2012
Andrea S: Trying it for conditioner. Aug 2, 2012
Ed L: sounds freaky Aug 2, 2012
Denise R: need good conditioner Aug 1, 2012
Elizabeth H: Wonderful conditioner! It works great with my hair type, which is fine, yet thick. Jul 20, 2012
Staci B: I have frizzy hair and this looked like a great solution. Jul 17, 2012
Richard P: great for the gym Jul 16, 2012
Mark B: use it at my gym Jul 16, 2012
Yuhua J: I am using Rice shampoo and conditioner. They make my hair shinny. I trust Kiehl's and wanna try it. Jul 16, 2012
Jonathan E: I like coconut Jul 13, 2012
Thomas T: free Jul 10, 2012
Zac T: want to try a top branded shampoo

Do you have any hair gels i could try?
Jul 8, 2012
Victoria F: I could not get a sample of the i chose this one Jul 4, 2012
JOANNE F: Description was interesting Jul 3, 2012
Ellen G: Wanted to try a new conditioner for my unruly long hair! Jun 30, 2012
Yao W: very good Jun 30, 2012
Kandyce T: My hair is color treated, dry, and very long...I want my hair to shine and I am looking for a product to achieve the salon look Jun 29, 2012
yanyan c: WANT TRY IT Jun 22, 2012
Joseph P: I use the Amino Acid shampoo a lot because I run every day.
This conditioner packet will be very useful when I travel, after a good run.
Jun 21, 2012
Joseph P: Excellent product. Would recommend it to anyone who exercises alot. Jun 21, 2012
Xiaomeng C: Need new conditioner Jun 20, 2012
shanmei w: for travel Jun 20, 2012
Christopher J: Love this shampoo, trying the conditioner. Jun 16, 2012
Maria B: recommended it from someone at the gym Jun 15, 2012
Melanie W: want shiny hair Jun 8, 2012
Carolyn P: This product is very good for strengthening my hair. It is very little fragrance and that is an extra added value to me. Jun 7, 2012
Cierra R: I am curious to try it. Jun 5, 2012
Aaron R: Asked myself "what would Jesus do?", realized that he'd probably buy this. Jun 5, 2012
Kevin J: I love the coconut smell of this and the shampoo but I can't justify spending so much on shampoo and conditioner May 31, 2012
Susan G: I liked the shampoo. May 30, 2012
Stephen D: for travel May 30, 2012
Jennifer B: I started using the Amino Acid Shampoo and Conditioner while living in NY and working out at the Equinox. When I left the gym everyday, my hair felt better than it ever had. My hair is fine and hard to make hold style. When I use this product line, my hair holds it's style and looks and feels great. May 25, 2012
Kristina B: Husband uses this product. Samples are easier to travel with. May 25, 2012
katie c: Great conditioner. Good travel size. May 23, 2012
Keyi C: friend recommended May 22, 2012
Lisa O: Interested in results May 19, 2012
Kitty L: i am trying to look for a conditioner for my hair because some conditioners are too oily. May 17, 2012
Gloria L: Travel Soon. easy carry. May 17, 2012
carolyn g: Never tried May 14, 2012
Minnie L: great for travel May 12, 2012
Michelle T: Want to try it! May 10, 2012
Paul H: wanted to try May 7, 2012
Jennifer N: Wanted to try it May 6, 2012
Susan W: Want to try it May 6, 2012
Judi T: Wanted to try it. May 4, 2012
KAZUMI S: for travel May 2, 2012
Paul G: Never tried it before. May 1, 2012
Paul G: too expensive for everyday use May 1, 2012
soh yun k: my friend recommand May 1, 2012
IRIS H: My hair are thick but i feel they are weigh down. and the volume adding mosturizer seems dry and damage my hair. with the conditioner cold nourish my hair without weigh it down. May 1, 2012
Rachel W: I currently use the olive shampoo/conditioner and tried this once. I loved the smell and texture and am considering switching so I wanted to try it out. Apr 27, 2012
janel a: I wanted to try this out Apr 26, 2012
CHAONAN W: GOOD Apr 24, 2012
JEFF R: I have been looking for a shampoo that will not dry out my hair--hoping that this will do the trick! Apr 22, 2012
Kimberly Q: Never tried Apr 20, 2012
Ainsley M: I have super long hair and keeping it in good condition is hard. I am always trying new products to find one that works well. Apr 16, 2012
Jason S: Need a quality conditioner, cause I have dandruff Apr 16, 2012
Carole W: thinning hair Apr 15, 2012
YI Y: positive feedback, wanna try Apr 9, 2012
Rebecca M: new Apr 9, 2012
BING X: OK Apr 4, 2012
Anthony P: Because you gave it to me... Apr 2, 2012
Trisha S: Still looking for a conditioner that works and is nice to me Mar 30, 2012
Kathleen R: Perhaps like Redken amino acid products. Looking for shine imparting product. Mar 29, 2012
Stephanie C: Have wrinkles Mar 29, 2012
Kathryn N: Love the shampoo - want to try the conditioner. Mar 24, 2012
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