Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment Sample

Formulated with a powerful blend of blemish-fighting Dioic, Salicylic and Lipo Hydroxy Acids, known to minimize the appearance of acne and blemishes.

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Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment Sample
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Mengsi D: I hope it can help my acne Aug 25, 2014
Sharon K: just Aug 25, 2014
Kaarin F: reviews indicated good for those with acne prone skin, want to see if worth the hype/splurge. Aug 21, 2014
Yan L: Just try. Aug 17, 2014
Lisa B: i have acne prone skin when it's time of the month Aug 10, 2014
Dawn Q: For my son to help acne Aug 10, 2014
Claudia D: to clear my acne. Aug 10, 2014
Debbie F: Since Kiehl's is highly rated, I want my daughter to try this out before purchasing. Aug 9, 2014
alonzo b: free Aug 7, 2014
Portia D: i have breakouts Aug 5, 2014
Joseph R: Never used it Aug 4, 2014
Estella D: I have moderate acne and would like to find some effective spot treatment Jul 26, 2014
maggie f: maybe good for me Jun 7, 2014
Allen P: ETC Jun 6, 2014
Jessica A: if anything can get rid of my adult acne i will try it! Jun 1, 2014
Janett A: want to see if it helps with the occasional hormonal acne May 30, 2014
Annjela H: Need a go-to acne treatment for occasional flare-ups. May 28, 2014
Susanne H: I want my 17 yr old to try it. May 26, 2014
Mandie R: I have hormonal cystic acne that I am hoping this product will help relieve. May 26, 2014
DI S: i have acne May 25, 2014
Kristina F: I have acne, still looking for something that actually works May 22, 2014
Marta M: Have teenage daughters that need this type of product. They will try it! May 19, 2014
yilu y: Wanna give it a try May 19, 2014
Kathryn G: I still have acne at 30 years old and I would like a spot treatment for the problem areas. May 19, 2014
Ruth Z: For teenager to try May 18, 2014
ping w: for my daughter May 17, 2014
sisi w: I want to try it for my acne skin... I use a lot of products for my acne,,but all of them are useless... I believe kiehl's,,LOL May 17, 2014
Mia L: I think this product is really useful for when you have blemishes or small breakouts. May 16, 2014
Jinghan L: WANNA TRY May 16, 2014
Michael J: because i still get a pimple May 16, 2014
Aliyah L: Acne fighting products - please work! May 15, 2014
Emily R: I have acne prone skin and wanted to give this product a go! May 15, 2014
Yiran Z: Have a try May 14, 2014
Dennis B: for my daughter to try May 14, 2014
Shuhui W: acne skin type, want to try this one May 14, 2014
Miryam A: acne prone skin May 9, 2014
Joanne A: I would like my daughter to try this product for her acne breakouts. May 7, 2014
chunyan w: using for 2 years , great ! May 6, 2014
erica m: for my son to treat his acne May 1, 2014
Audrey M: spot treatments Apr 28, 2014
Marvin D: Dermis type Apr 27, 2014
Rennie V: trying for first time; heavy beard; sensitive skin. even though I use Kiehl's shaving cream for sensitive skin, when i shave every day, I get small blemishes on chin which bleed when I shave...and I'm a senior citizen! Apr 23, 2014
Cashel M: I wanted to try something new for my acne. Apr 20, 2014
Ellen W: want my daughter to try it Apr 18, 2014
Matt R: Curiosity Feb 25, 2014
Debi J: To try it Feb 2, 2014
Michael C: I get pimples on my face and want to try a new product Jan 31, 2014
xinda k: try Jan 30, 2014
Mallory Z: I have some breakouts. Jan 29, 2014
Samantha L: I want to try it Jan 28, 2014
Michael S: to help with blemishes Jan 26, 2014
taylor h: i love acne blemish treatments, always looking for one that will work for my skin, ive tried burts bees, nieutrogena, elf, they all have worked for me but i like trying new ones as well Jan 26, 2014
Lu Y: I have acne Jan 20, 2014
Kim S: breakouts Jan 19, 2014
Raymond G: NOT INTERESTED Dec 8, 2013
Mengmeng Z: I have acne on my face. And I would like to try this Nov 26, 2013
Christina N: Applies nicely to the face, I put it on before my moisturizer and if feels good on the skin. Helps to prevent new blemishes. Nov 24, 2013
Nadia K: IT IS A GOOD PRODUCT Nov 9, 2013
Herschel D: interested in trying for acne control. Nov 4, 2013
Jackie G: Want to clear up my acne. Nov 4, 2013
Jinying L: my friend introduce this Oct 30, 2013
Vivian Z: want to try it Oct 30, 2013
Guangyu Y: recommended Oct 27, 2013
Yilin Y: i have acne Oct 27, 2013
Amy B: Clear up acne Oct 24, 2013
Jingrong T: Others recommend Oct 24, 2013
Agata T: I have acne and I want to see if this product works. Oct 19, 2013
Nicole B: TO see if it is effective. I seldom use products like this, but wanted to try yours since I really like the other products I've tried from you. Oct 16, 2013
Chandler F: Wanted to have something for those occasions when you need a directed treatment. Oct 13, 2013
Kelly W: Of my son t ty Sep 26, 2013
Samuel A: acne Aug 29, 2013
Kathleen A: I thought my son might like to try this. Aug 20, 2013
Annalakshmi H: To see if it will clear up my skin. Aug 17, 2013
Kim B: I have occasional adult acne and want to try this Aug 12, 2013
Jessica B: Problems with acne Jul 23, 2013
Justin M: Can always use blemish control. Jul 19, 2013
Ashley D: I used it before and it kind of worked. I haven't had acne, but I am now starting to get some. I want it to go away, so I figured I would see if this worked well for me now. Jul 17, 2013
dulce s: I break out a lot all at once. Jul 11, 2013
Susan A: Try out Jul 10, 2013
Christopher B: Because it's free and I occasionally have breakouts. Jul 5, 2013
Rose M: Break out from time to time. Heard this was a really great product. Jul 5, 2013
Diane C: I feel I need a replacement to the current product I am using and hope this one would work Jun 28, 2013
Antoinette G: I would like to try a new face wash that I could adopt in the future. I do not have a beauty routine, however, pregnancy has presented troublesome acne. I need a safe product to useto help clear blemishes. Jun 25, 2013
Hyunsoo K: wanted to try acne product line Jun 18, 2013
Tricia R: I sometimes get break outs Jun 18, 2013
Francisco P: just thought i would try Feb 11, 2013
Juliane P: Give to my two teenagers to try Feb 7, 2013
Megan S: cause i break out on occasion Feb 7, 2013
meili z: want to try Feb 6, 2013
Sha T: good Feb 5, 2013
Jeffrey H: curious to try. Jan 30, 2013
Mia C: I currently use this. I'm over 40 yrs old and once a month, believe it or not, I'm acne prone. This helps tremendously and because I use this my acne scars are minimized or do not appear at all. Jan 26, 2013
Isabela C: been having a lot of small breakouts on my cheeks lately due to stress. ive used household name products before and so far none have worked to my approval. hoping this would Jan 25, 2013
Hannah Mae N: Try it Jan 23, 2013
Wei W: blemish control Jan 20, 2013
Sharyn R: This product look beneficial to some of my needs. Jan 14, 2013
Joo Young H: I have oily skin Jan 11, 2013
Wei F: well I have acne, so I thought I'd give it a try Jan 10, 2013
Carla A: Having breakouts during pregnancy and the reviews looked positive. May 11, 2012
VIVIANA P: For my son who has acne prone skin just finished acutane Apr 28, 2012
Ernest W: For my wife Apr 24, 2012
Ko-Hsin H: Trying new product Apr 21, 2012
Mee V: I wanted to test this product out to see if it can help my skin to clear up. Apr 19, 2012
Chris G: To see if it works Apr 19, 2012
Yifan S: ACNE Apr 16, 2012
William W: Have light acne, most products either dry out skin or don't do much. Apr 16, 2012
Allison D: I have acne prone skin, want to see whether this will work to clear my skin Apr 15, 2012
carrie h: read reviews and wanted to try it Apr 15, 2012
Janice I: to help with acne Apr 15, 2012
Sen Z: Acne Issue Apr 15, 2012
Bomin K: it slowly works Apr 14, 2012
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