Abyssine Cream + SPF23 Sample

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Abyssine Cream + SPF23 Sample
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Jan T: gift May 15, 2014
Tiffany J: I did not like this. Apr 24, 2014
Lauri J: great travel size Mar 27, 2014
Kai C: Great for traveling. Nov 30, 2013
Darlene C: Try it Oct 16, 2013
C O: I liked the eye cream and wanted to try the face cream. Jun 26, 2013
Jill B: fine lines Feb 19, 2013
Maria T: To use with the night cream. Dec 28, 2012
Hao L: look pretty Dec 2, 2012
Angel L: love product Nov 23, 2012
Wandi W: my friend said it's good Nov 22, 2012
Brian C: face lotion with SPF is always good Nov 21, 2012
Xinhong Z: Great one for my mother. Nov 13, 2012
HONG Q: try it. Oct 6, 2012
Lu S: just want to try it ! Sep 22, 2012
Susa B: lovely cream and SPF to boot! Sep 21, 2012
Richard P: a little stronger SPF protection. Jul 16, 2012
SALLY ANN S: DRY SKIN Jul 12, 2012
Katherine S: Selected this because it has sun screen in the product. I want to try this product again. Jul 2, 2012
Laura R: best moisturizer I have tried Jun 30, 2012
Kandyce T: you only get one face and one neck, they told me in modeling school when I was 18....I am 61 and I have a young face and neck...just starting to get wrinkles and so I choose to prolong as long as possible. Jun 29, 2012
Karen M: I loved the Abyssine Cream that was sent to my daughter in a Birchbox..she is only 25 so doesn't have wrinkles so she gave it to me to try...my face looked better after 3 days of night use...much better that the more expensive and highly touted products I have used in the past! Jun 29, 2012
Jayme E: want to see if this helps my lines on my face Jun 27, 2012
Alane M: I use this line of eye cream so I was curious about this product. Jun 25, 2012
Melissa S: good reviews Jun 25, 2012
jamie s: I have sensitve skin that reacts badly to sunscreens so I wanted to try a new product and see how it goes Jun 23, 2012
guohui w: have a try. Jun 23, 2012
Yan G: I love it! Jun 22, 2012
lynda b: summer Jun 22, 2012
Alice F: intense + the sun block feature Jun 22, 2012
Monica S: I have used the Abyssine product before and wanted to try again to see if I would like to get the full jar... Jun 21, 2012
Anne H: The reviews of this item are so positive that I am excited to try it myself! Jun 21, 2012
Diane E: Have used this in the past and like the sample for travel. Jun 20, 2012
reyhan b: Never tried it before, want to give it a try. If it is good, will order in regular size Jun 20, 2012
Joseph K: I've heard good things about this product and it's gotten great reviews, so I had to try it. Hopeful and will report back. Jun 20, 2012
Suzanne C: want to try it out. Jun 19, 2012
Gloria S: sounded interesting & has SPF Jun 18, 2012
Michele M: I need to find a new SPF product for daytime use. Jun 18, 2012
Sarah S: I liked that it had a higher spf than 15. Jun 17, 2012
roberta c: cause I like the regular cream Jun 17, 2012
Genny B: want to try your Spf products Jun 17, 2012
Skye G: I am in my thirties and want to prevent the development of facial fine lines. Jun 16, 2012
Melanie L: want to try Jun 16, 2012
Jenna M: trying new face creams Jun 15, 2012
Yingjie Z: Friend's introduction Jun 14, 2012
Lisa S: I like the regular abyssine cream, but with summer I wanted the protection Jun 12, 2012
Sarah A: The reviews have convinced me to try this. After using the dark spot corrector I believe this will help keep the softness of my skin. Jun 11, 2012
Charriet W: description appears to meet my needs Jun 9, 2012
Sucharitha A: This is the best lotion and when I travel for few days I don't need to carry the box. Jun 9, 2012
Mark N: Intersted in cream SPF Jun 9, 2012
Melanie W: I need a good face cream Jun 8, 2012
FLABIA G: summer time-need sun block for my face Jun 8, 2012
Suzanne J: My sister uses this product and loves it. Jun 7, 2012
Aaron R: Asked myself "what would Jesus do?", realized that he'd probably buy this. Jun 5, 2012
barb m: want to try Jun 2, 2012
Eleanor N: Interesting. Jun 2, 2012
Stephen D: for sunscreen May 30, 2012
Nidsuda B: want to try May 29, 2012
Pam L: want to try May 28, 2012
Jessica K: I was looking for a day + night moisturizer, and this had the highest ratings. May 28, 2012
Katherine T: Just wanted to try it. May 27, 2012
Christina p: sample new moisturizer May 24, 2012
Sandra S: Trying for possible future purchase. May 24, 2012
Debra D: would like to try it. May 23, 2012
JUDI K: sunscreen May 22, 2012
Geraldine W: Reviewer's positive comments May 22, 2012
jill t: I have tried this sample before and I really like it. It's a great product. May 22, 2012
Catherine S: I use this cream daily and the samples are great for travel May 21, 2012
Megan F: Chosen due to great ratings May 21, 2012
Maureen G: looks interesting May 21, 2012
Andres S: trying because of sunscreen May 20, 2012
pilar j: I already use this cream, but without spf and this way i can use it during the day May 20, 2012
tracy h: trying new night creams May 20, 2012
hyeunjeung k: i have very dry skin May 19, 2012
Wendy B: Liked it in the past and will be traveling soon. May 18, 2012
Amy S: I am interested in a product to address aging and to minimize the sign of aging before they appear. May 18, 2012
elizabeth l: it looked interesting May 16, 2012
Alexander S: good reviews May 16, 2012
Hansi L: want to try it May 15, 2012
Orea G: Would like my Mom to try the sample before I buy it for her. May 14, 2012
Dongning W: trying this will help me to decide which product to buy. May 14, 2012
Dina R: This is a great everyday moisturizer with sunscreen. I love this product but is a little pricey so I only buy it occasionally. I tend to buy either this product or the Super Fluid. I love them both May 14, 2012
Mary C: Wanted to try it. Read the reviews and it sounded promising May 14, 2012
Andrea H: trying to find a product that will nourish my skin May 13, 2012
Stacey B: Excellent ratings. May 13, 2012
Catherine G: Love the product - I use the samples when I travel May 12, 2012
The C: wanted to try it... May 9, 2012
Monique M: My friends makeup always looks dewy and she says this cream is the reason why. May 8, 2012
Amanda D: Trying something new May 7, 2012
Ziyuan X: good May 6, 2012
Zhen C: never tried with SPF May 6, 2012
ling l: I want to try May 6, 2012
Jan J: LOVE this product. My skin is very dry but this moisturizer keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day. May 3, 2012
Michele W: Reviews excellent! May 3, 2012
Tara B: Great moisture and protection from the sun, always like to have travel-size packets May 3, 2012
virginia d: love to try face creams and change stuff around- alternating products is good for the skin May 3, 2012
christine k: for its SPF factor along with its moisturizer properties May 2, 2012
Jennifer B: I have not yet tried this product and I would like to sample it for its anti-aging properties. May 1, 2012
pei fen c: new for me May 1, 2012
Janice J: Customer reviews Apr 29, 2012
Virginia M: Want to try something new~ Apr 29, 2012
Sarah M: sample Apr 28, 2012
Susan D: Tried this a while back without the SPF Apr 28, 2012
Nicole A: Like the SPF. Absorbs and able to wear under makeup. Apr 25, 2012
Caroline B: Sample to try... Apr 25, 2012
Kyungsun L: curious Apr 25, 2012
henriette l: to see if it works Apr 24, 2012
P M: LIVE IN AZ Apr 23, 2012
kris h: want to see how I like it Apr 23, 2012
Amy P: read reviews they were positive Apr 22, 2012
Iolet A: Great as a night creme. Apr 21, 2012
Sherri A: To try a Keihl's product with SPF Apr 21, 2012
Lillian S: Trying it out for the first time Apr 20, 2012
Michael S: sample Apr 19, 2012
Lisa S: I'm always looking for an effective moisturizer and the reviews looked good, so I'm ordering this sample to try. Apr 17, 2012
Frankie O: like the light, airy feel of this whereas the rosa arctica is thick. abyssine is smoother and creamier for when I don't want too thick a cream (days versus overnight) Apr 17, 2012
Kai-YUN L: the Abyssine cream is really great cream that keeps moisture on the face especially when the season changes! Apr 16, 2012
suzy d: Have a whole bottle this is what I wear when i run and the sun is out Apr 16, 2012
Gladys C: curious Apr 15, 2012
Wendy B: Use the lotion; wanted a higher SPF for travel. Apr 14, 2012
Leonora B: Just to check on other moisturizers Apr 14, 2012
Michael L: She was right there looking over my shoulder. Apr 14, 2012
Ying C: It has UV projection. Apr 14, 2012
Ethel M: I love good moisterizers. Trying this because the reviews are so positive. Apr 14, 2012
Virginia B: Sun damage is a huge concern. I don't leave the house without sunblock, ever. Apr 14, 2012
Carolyn S: Reviews Apr 14, 2012
Marina H: I'm looking for a new day time moisturizer Apr 13, 2012
RINA D: i will try it! Apr 13, 2012
Donna L: Just finished a full jar of Abyssine Cream w/o sun protection. This is a nice travel idea.. Apr 11, 2012
Xiaomin L: My friend told me to buy Apr 10, 2012
JOY A: I want to try it myself. Apr 10, 2012
Eva H: I use this and it makes a great travel size. Apr 10, 2012
KIMBERLY C: I had tried a sample of this and loved it so much I had to buy the full size; this sample size is great for weekend trips. Apr 10, 2012
Kyle S: to test it Apr 10, 2012
virginia c: wanted to try Apr 9, 2012
crystal g: try Apr 9, 2012
Brenda S: Sounds interesting; would like to try it. Apr 7, 2012
Justine L: Looking to possibly upgrade my moisturizer. Apr 6, 2012
Annie P: Im curious to try different skin creams to find the one that works best for my skin before purchasing a full-sized product. Apr 5, 2012
Shirley Y: It has a great smell, which makes me comfortable in the morning. Apr 4, 2012
diane f: NEED A MOISTURIZER W SPF Apr 4, 2012
Deborah L: Sample: want to try it, compare to other cream before buying quantity Apr 4, 2012
margaret s: Wanted to try. Good reviews. Apr 3, 2012
Jean M: dry skin-looking for a heavier moisturizer Mar 31, 2012
Elizabeth P: curious to see if the 23 spf would feel funny or having a buring sensation Mar 30, 2012
Lucille M: My face is extremely dry & I need some to hydrate it. Mar 27, 2012
tammy h: great for traveling Mar 27, 2012
s q: i like a decent SPF in a thick moisturizer (i have dry skin and hate the sun!). i travel a lot and like to take these paks on trips. Mar 27, 2012
s q: I like that there's a decent SPF in a super creamy moisturizer. I have really dry skin and I avoid the sun like the plague! This makes me feel protected from the sun -- and hydrated. Mar 26, 2012
HYEJEONG J: just want to try different sun cream. Mar 25, 2012
Christina B: This is an anti aging cream that I am going to try and compare to the other samples and the Rosa Artica. Mar 25, 2012
Sa L: Bonus, just want to try. Mar 23, 2012
Pengfei H: just want to try it! Mar 23, 2012
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