Cryste Marine Ultra Riche Sample

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Cryste Marine Ultra Riche Sample
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
HUIJUN C: Give a try Jul 25, 2014
Jan T: like it May 15, 2014
SHARON G: suggestion of sales associate Dec 11, 2013
Marjorie L: Did not like this as much as I thought I would. Dec 3, 2013
stella k: wants to try Nov 29, 2013
Stephrene P: To try out new samples. Nov 21, 2013
ZHAO W: try Nov 14, 2013
Darlene C: Try it Oct 16, 2013
Kim M: Want to try it Oct 11, 2013
Lourdes D: I use this as a standby moisturizer and I really like it. I still prefer the creme d'elegance. Sep 28, 2013
Brianne T: I am interested to see how this smells and feels. Jul 31, 2013
Kathleen H: good face product- especially at night Jun 17, 2013
Maria T: The best facial cream. Not oily and rejuvenates skin to where I looked years younger. I got compliments from my fiance so I wish I could afford to buy this on auto refill. Jun 17, 2013
Deborah W: new product wanted to try May 20, 2013
Roy S: Just to try. May 11, 2013
Lisa Marie S: I've been wanting to try to marine line for awhile. A little too heavy for my skin type but otherwise very effective. Apr 18, 2013
DAN W: have it before, good Mar 25, 2013
Julia B: love this product, made my wrinkles fade and I had much smoother skin! Feb 11, 2013
susan f: wanted to try Feb 10, 2013
susan f: wanted to try Feb 10, 2013
Susann T: wanted more moisture Feb 3, 2013
Allison C: Love the richness of it. Feels effective. Jan 31, 2013
Anastasia M: need a moisturizer that truly moisturizes Jan 29, 2013
Yen-chen C: interested in, would like to try Jan 25, 2013
Alana W: Looking for a new moisturizer. Jan 23, 2013
Lynne Y: I like the product but can't afford it. Jan 23, 2013
Adrienne M: I would like to try it. Jan 18, 2013
Chris R: want to try it Jan 14, 2013
Martha P: I like this product, but only in the winter. I use the Sodium Oil Free Moisturizer in the summer. Jan 13, 2013
joan f: wanted to try. Jan 3, 2013
Linda B: I like it Jan 3, 2013
Nicola V: free Jan 3, 2013
Lisa H: interested in trying Jan 2, 2013
lisa d: to try it Dec 20, 2012
Yu-Chi T: just to see if it's better than RA or ultra facial cream Dec 20, 2012
Eileen S: never used before. Dec 20, 2012
Susan S: I have not tried this one either Dec 18, 2012
Pamela D: Curious Dec 18, 2012
william s: this is one product my girlfriend has not tried yet. Dec 17, 2012
Koma C: never try Dec 16, 2012
John L: needed a friend to try Dec 15, 2012
Phoebe W: just wanted to try it! Dec 15, 2012
Michael F: never tried it and want to compare it to the rosa artica Dec 15, 2012
Sharon M: Trying to determine which product is most effective for sagging skin. Dec 15, 2012
NATALIE T: hope this will work on my dry skin Dec 15, 2012
Kristi W: friend's recommendation Dec 15, 2012
Pamela L: Thought my sister would like it :) Dec 14, 2012
Ann C: Love this for my travel bag Dec 14, 2012
Kailin F: have not tried it Dec 14, 2012
PUYU L: try it. Dec 13, 2012
Cecelia A: I like this product Dec 13, 2012
RENE B: wasn't much left for skincare that I was interested in trying Dec 12, 2012
Sam K: based on the description Dec 12, 2012
Catherine S: Looking for an effect fae cream. Dec 12, 2012
JIEMIN Y: expensive Dec 11, 2012
Amy R: I chose this to see if I liked it. If I do, I will then feel confident in purchasing a larger size of the product. Dec 11, 2012
Maria S: Wanted to give this a try! Dec 11, 2012
Maricela C: to try Dec 10, 2012
Lauren A: I wanted to see how well the cream worked since the Eye Cream was so effective. Dec 10, 2012
J.R. G: see if it works. Dec 10, 2012
Anne C: Just wanted to try it. Dec 7, 2012
Deonne W: Want to try this. Dec 7, 2012
Ya W: marine Dec 7, 2012
Sherry R: Liked what I read about this product and am curious to try it. Dec 7, 2012
Suzanne N: It sounded unusual, with the marine extracts Dec 6, 2012
Sally U: never used it before Dec 6, 2012
Meredith D: great care for the delicate eye zone Dec 6, 2012
Rose S: looks good Dec 6, 2012
Rachael J: I wanted to try a new line. Dec 6, 2012
jim k: just want to see how it feels and does on my skin Dec 6, 2012
Pat I: to try Dec 6, 2012
Marcia M: WANTED TO TRY Dec 6, 2012
Linda G. W: for traveling without having to take the jar Dec 6, 2012
Bethany R: I want to try it - good facial mosturizers are nice. Dec 6, 2012
Ning Z: want to try Dec 5, 2012
Joan N: Review comments Dec 5, 2012
Rosalind P: Good for travel Dec 5, 2012
Lei L: I maybe consider to buy in the future Dec 5, 2012
Barbara K: want to try it Dec 5, 2012
kelli c: I'M GETTING OLD Dec 5, 2012
Latanya H: looking for a good mosterizer Dec 4, 2012
Jing Z: give it a try Dec 3, 2012
Sheila S: I love this product! Dec 3, 2012
susan e: to try Dec 3, 2012
JILL B: travel size Dec 3, 2012
Katherine H: I wanted to try this for my under eye circles Nov 25, 2012
yuan d: Its good Nov 25, 2012
Minjung K: TRAVEL Nov 24, 2012
MIN-YOUNG J: i want to use this one Nov 24, 2012
Franchon M: never tried it. Nov 24, 2012
ZHUOHAO Z: never use, want to try Nov 22, 2012
YUANYU J: never use, want to try Nov 22, 2012
E Oranna M: Read a lot about this. Would of bought it I could spend more today. Nov 20, 2012
Kristina L E: Wanted to try it. Nov 19, 2012
Jeffrey A: Like the ingredients, wakes up your face Nov 17, 2012
sunjoo k: I want to try Nov 15, 2012
Lin S: Wanna try. Nov 13, 2012
AManda S: want to purchase but need to see if its oily Nov 1, 2012
Lexie T: Sounds interesting! Nov 1, 2012
Patricia M: need a super rich lotion for old dry skin Oct 27, 2012
Andrew D: I have never tried it before and I want to. Oct 23, 2012
haejin k: I want to suggest to my older sister. Oct 22, 2012
Elizabeth W: Sounded like it might be good for cooling skin after sun exposure Oct 22, 2012
Mary W: Wanted to try this. Oct 21, 2012
chaehee K: have dry skin and trying to find the product to correct a few skin problems related to age. Oct 17, 2012
Lynne G: Would like to try this product. Oct 17, 2012
Yining L: Reaching the end of twenties, thought might need to try some mild anti-aging product Oct 16, 2012
min-shya k: same as above Oct 15, 2012
Gayle H: To Try Oct 15, 2012
Lynette D: Want to try. Oct 14, 2012
Junko S: I have dry skin and need rich cream. Usually nothing is rich enough for me. Oct 13, 2012
Marilyn S: Exploring new products. Oct 10, 2012
Cheryl W: All the products sound natural and nourishing. This is the first time I will be trying Kiehl's products. Oct 10, 2012
John B: A change. Oct 3, 2012
barbara g: i have dry skin Oct 1, 2012
Marcia W: Reviews were good, decided to give it a try. Sep 30, 2012
JI YEON L: i love it Sep 24, 2012
KIE E: Curious Sep 24, 2012
Heather W: to see if I like it Sep 24, 2012
Hun Pou H: wanted to try Sep 23, 2012
Cathy G: Want to try it. Sep 23, 2012
Lillian L: Just trying it out to see if it is better for me than the Abyssine cream Sep 23, 2012
Jamie J: give a try Sep 23, 2012
Milton J: Haven't used in a long time. Sep 23, 2012
Susan T: Wanted to try it. Sep 23, 2012
Chong Y: I AM CURIOUS ABOUT IT. Sep 23, 2012
Brittaney S: curious Sep 22, 2012
ADRIENNE G: n/a Sep 21, 2012
Gwyneth V: Wanted to give this a try! Sep 20, 2012
CARREN K: just wanna try it. Sep 20, 2012
Peirong L: try Sep 20, 2012
Stefania C: I don't know the product and I would like to try it to see how my skin likes it, and eventually buy it. Sep 20, 2012
WEITING L: reputation Sep 20, 2012
Lichun C: I would like to try it. Sep 18, 2012
Lauren K: Wanted to try it Sep 18, 2012
anne w: I love this product and have used it before. Sep 18, 2012
Lin Z: This is new, so I want to try. Sep 18, 2012
Anna N: I have used this and like it. Samples are good for travel rather than large bottles. Sep 16, 2012
Candace W: I need to find some day time moisture Sep 13, 2012
Dorothy B: Sounds sinfully rich! Sep 10, 2012
evelyn l: read about it. sounds promising for firming Sep 6, 2012
Chi Man h: "ULTRA RICHE" is great to winter.. "MARINE" sounds so fresh Sep 3, 2012
Hsinchih T: I wanna try it Sep 2, 2012
Jan T: I love this and it fits in my purse. Aug 31, 2012
Rachael J: I always like to try new creams and this is one I had not heard of before. Aug 30, 2012
Kara B: Sounds interesting, I am looking for a firming cream. Aug 29, 2012
Barbara J: I have aging skin with fine lines. Want to see if it feels softer and more supple. Aug 28, 2012
helen c: curious Aug 26, 2012
Tory S: Intrigued to try it out Aug 26, 2012
Mary H: I was told it is similar to creme de LaMer Aug 26, 2012
Gwen F: I wanted this for travel. Aug 24, 2012
michelle m: wanted to try Aug 23, 2012
Lisa J: Keeps my skin firm and soft and has held kept wrinkles at bay. Aug 23, 2012
Maxine M: "I'm getting older, I want to see if this is a viable alternative to the Ultra Facial Moisturizer I normally use." Aug 23, 2012
Joanne L: for travel Aug 23, 2012
Lisa B: I think I've used it before but want to see if it's the same thing I used. May purchase in the future. Aug 21, 2012
Lala F: Want to try to see if I want to buy. Aug 20, 2012
joelle c: wanted to try Aug 19, 2012
Vipanee P: wanted to try some. Aug 12, 2012
Tammy R: Have never tried this product Aug 11, 2012
Quanina Q: i was curious because of the reviews Aug 11, 2012
Nancy B: Interesting ingredients that I have not tried before Aug 9, 2012
Carolyn K: I liked the name. Aug 7, 2012
Stephanie N: Have never tried it before. Seems rich and luxurious. Aug 6, 2012
dianne r: new try for me. Aug 6, 2012
Web S: I heard this is a super rich, super luxurious moisturizer from a friend and figured I'd try it out. Aug 5, 2012
wei h: 11 Aug 3, 2012
Andrea S: Wanted to see how it compares to the
SP 15 Lotion I ordered.
Aug 2, 2012
Linda P: looking for something to tighten up and firm Aug 2, 2012
Christine G: Always looking for some new face goodies as I in my early 40s. Aug 2, 2012
JULIE C: i want to try Aug 2, 2012
suzy d: love this Aug 1, 2012
Richard S: not sure sounded pretty good Jul 27, 2012
Yasmin F: i wanted to see if it helps my face Jul 26, 2012
cornel i: to try Jul 25, 2012
Jamie L: Wanted to try something new. Jul 23, 2012
Lori L: see above Jul 22, 2012
Anne K: just wanted to try it Jul 20, 2012
Sandra R: sample - to try out Jul 20, 2012
Joshua B: My wife loves the free samples and of course Kiehl's products. Jul 13, 2012
Mindy G: How nice to bring this when you are traveling. Jul 13, 2012
Lenora L: Sounded like a great one to try. Can't wait Jul 11, 2012
Debra B: Never used any of these products and want to try them out. Jul 11, 2012
Mrs. N: Wanted to try. Jul 10, 2012
Wanda P: got a sample and it goes smooth on your face Jul 8, 2012
Jenny C: For my mother Jul 8, 2012
Arsalan J: A very good hydrating facial moisturizer. Jul 8, 2012
Huijun Z: have a try Jul 7, 2012
Kristine C: blue Jul 7, 2012
yingjiang y: just want to try. Jul 7, 2012
Gary P: Refresh your eyes. Jul 7, 2012
gengshen w: sounds good Jul 6, 2012
Trang P: free sample. Jul 4, 2012
CYNTHIA M: I had a sample and tried it and it was wonderful. Jul 4, 2012
michel t: to try it Jul 3, 2012
Katherine S: Excellent moisturizer! Smooth and creamy. Jul 2, 2012
Gayle V: I chose this because I had not yet tried. Jul 2, 2012
Merry H: travel Jul 1, 2012
Rebecca D: The write-up about the product convinced me to try it Jun 29, 2012
Judy N: read the reviews on your site Jun 29, 2012
Karen M: Want to try the free sample Jun 29, 2012
DELORES S: Wanted to try it out. Jun 28, 2012
beth d: mom Jun 27, 2012
April B: Curious about this product Jun 25, 2012
k w: something i haven't tried yet Jun 25, 2012
Nancy D: love it Jun 24, 2012
Vivian S: My sister recommended Jun 22, 2012
Carole D: This sounds too good to be true. Just have to try it. Looking forward to it. Jun 21, 2012
Diane E: Have used this in the past and like the sample for travel. Jun 20, 2012
BOBBI B: just wanted to try Jun 20, 2012
Deborah D: Wanted to try. Should be great Jun 17, 2012
Zachary M: It looks like it would be expensive. Jun 17, 2012
Yingjie Z: Friend's introduction Jun 14, 2012
Kristin B: paint me curious. Jun 12, 2012
Alexis L M: Always looking for a good face cream and reviews are great. Jun 10, 2012
Pamela B: Wanted to try product. Jun 10, 2012
SI MAN C: I am early 40s and want to try this product to see if it is as good as what the comments made by the users in your website (that sounds good). If it is good on my skin without problem, I may buy this. Thanks for letting me try before my decision. Jun 9, 2012
san ok b: I heard that it is good one. Jun 9, 2012
Trisha A: Have not tried it. Jun 8, 2012
Katrin B: like as travel size Jun 8, 2012
Annie C: i needed extra moist and rich cream Jun 7, 2012
Francine J: always willing to try new products to see how they work Jun 7, 2012
Roberta L: I have dry skin with deep wrinkles around the eye area so want to see if this helps with those wrinkle lines. Jun 7, 2012
Lilies D: would like to try Jun 7, 2012
Pamela D: Familiar with this and like it too. Jun 6, 2012
Kimberly L: looked interesting Jun 6, 2012
Lynette D: Travel size... Jun 2, 2012
Hilary D: want to try May 29, 2012
michele m: just to see! May 28, 2012
Linda G: Feels cool on my parched skin. May 25, 2012
Christina p: sample new moisturizer May 24, 2012
Mary F: I love rich, creamy moisturizers, and this one --in the sample size--is ideal for traveling, when it is a handy size and a dependable restorative after the drying effects of flying. May 24, 2012
Debra D: would like to try it. May 23, 2012
JUDI K: looking for a new moisturizer May 22, 2012
Megan F: Chosen due to great ratings May 21, 2012
Maureen G: looks interesting May 21, 2012
tracy h: trying new night creams May 20, 2012
DI Z: JUST WANT TO TRY May 20, 2012
Laurie L: should be good, wanna try May 17, 2012
Kathryn H: I was curious to see if this was a better moisturizer. They are all good! May 17, 2012
Shyam P: Sounds cool looking forward to trying it May 17, 2012
Irene K: Already use and like and want it for travel. May 16, 2012
Tsung-Ling W: Just want to give it a try May 16, 2012
Sandra M: Tried two other products in this line and love them. This one sounded good, can't wait to try it. May 16, 2012
Judith C: interesting May 15, 2012
Kim B: highly rated reviews May 15, 2012
Emmalie C: To compare your product to others like it. May 15, 2012
Hanyun H: For travelling. May 15, 2012
Linda M: I have been using this for years and love it May 14, 2012
Dina R: This is a beneficial cream to wear at night for plumping up skin; but it is probably too rich and creamy for me to wear every day May 14, 2012
Jason S: great for drier skin when seasonal changes are playing havoc on your face! May 13, 2012
Barbara H: Wanted to sample a new product. May 11, 2012
Yafei T: i would like to try it May 10, 2012
Debby R: Good reviews so I decided to try. May 9, 2012
Chelsea N: reviews May 8, 2012
Tiefeng Q: suggestion from a friend May 6, 2012
Connie M: I chose this as a sample because it is rated high. Look forward to trying it. May 6, 2012
Monica M: haven't tried it so thought I would try something i have moved away from and used different line of moisturizers.. May 6, 2012
Tomoko M: I want to check whether I should use this instead of Ultra Cream which I am using now. May 5, 2012
melissa h: sounds yummy May 4, 2012
Constance C: Want to try it. May 4, 2012
Beverly J L: Trying it out. May 3, 2012
youngshin k: GOOD May 3, 2012
Louisa C: riche for night time May 3, 2012
virginia d: love to try new face products May 3, 2012
CHIU MEI C: Try it before, but I want to try one more time so I know if I should buy it next time. May 1, 2012
Francis K: Deep moisterizing Apr 30, 2012
Francisco D: I wan to try this product Apr 28, 2012
Tammy W: good reviews Apr 28, 2012
Sarah M: Sample-wanted to try it Apr 28, 2012
Sharon P: younger appearance Apr 28, 2012
josephine w: want to see how it works. Apr 27, 2012
Qian C: sample. Want to try Apr 26, 2012
ping g: like it Apr 25, 2012
Aimee G: curious. Apr 25, 2012
Heidi Q: one of your customer service reps recommended this for me. Apr 24, 2012
Donna G: Just wanted to try this one. Apr 24, 2012
Charlene D: like to try Apr 24, 2012
Anne P: I've heard great things about this and wanted to try. Apr 24, 2012
Susan G: It's great for night time Apr 23, 2012
Amy P: product reviews Apr 22, 2012
Chae K: Good reviews Apr 20, 2012
Jean S: Am needing to try a product that will help hide all the wrinkles. Can you tell I'm a mess?! Apr 20, 2012
Michael S: sample Apr 19, 2012
Masako R: I have heard about this, but never tried before. Apr 17, 2012
Lynne K: Read the reviewsbut since they were mixed, I thought I would try a sample before I purchase this product. Apr 17, 2012
suzy d: already have Apr 16, 2012
suzy d: already have Apr 16, 2012
Colette B: Looking for a deep moisturizer. Apr 15, 2012
si l: wanna try Apr 15, 2012
Tina C: Based on reading the description of this product, I thought I would like to try it out. I have yet to use this sample. Apr 15, 2012
Yang L: cryste marine sounds moisturizing. Apr 15, 2012
Leonora B: to check out other moisturizers Apr 14, 2012
Rhonda F: I love the firmness and moisture this cream gives my face. Apr 14, 2012
Ying C: Want to find out a suitable moisture solution for myself. Apr 14, 2012
Carolyn S: Reviews Apr 14, 2012
Elaine B: Sample to use for travel on weekends Apr 13, 2012
Sheung Kwan C: Try Apr 13, 2012
leslie p: looking for new moisturizer for multipurposes and this one seems interesting Apr 11, 2012
Darleen T: I have dry skin and am looking for extra moisture. Apr 6, 2012
Sookhyun L: I've never used before but it has a great review. So, I really want to try it first. Apr 5, 2012
Meg S: Sounds good, looks pretty Apr 4, 2012
Irene G: I love this and wanted the sample to travel with. Apr 4, 2012
margaret s: wanted to try. It had 5 stars. Apr 3, 2012
Katherine S: This was recommended to my by a make up artist in the cosmetic section of a department store. I love the smooth texture of this product and how it absorbs into the skin. I've tried others in the Kiehls product line and I still love this one best. Apr 1, 2012
Deborah C: Never tried it, seems to have good ratings, and I am looking for a mosturizer for anti-aging. Apr 1, 2012
Anne O: I need it for travel Apr 1, 2012
Nora T: Firmness Mar 31, 2012
Jean M: possible moisturizer Mar 31, 2012
mary e: wanted to try Mar 28, 2012
Araceli V: Feels refreshing Mar 26, 2012
Linda A: may purchase in future Mar 24, 2012
Pengfei H: just want to try it! Mar 23, 2012
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