Anti-Dandruff Scalp Treatment

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Anti-Dandruff Scalp Treatment
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
David L: to try it. Sep 11, 2014
zoe f: dandruff? Sep 9, 2014
Anne A: Using the WEN system has created havoc on my scalp! Sep 4, 2014
Amanda W: I tend to have a dry scalp and would love to find a solution! Aug 21, 2014
Kaarin F: looking for dandruff relief, if it works will purchase Aug 21, 2014
misko b: wondering if i works Aug 15, 2014
ELLICA C: I want to give my sister to try this, because she has lots of scalp. Aug 10, 2014
Hyun Joo S: I am using this product now Aug 5, 2014
Joan M: to help dry scalp Jul 18, 2014
joshua g: Interested in seeing if it works. Jul 14, 2014
amanda o: Itchy scalp Jul 8, 2014
Hannah J: want to see if this works better than other shampoo Jul 3, 2014
Allen P: Like to try Jun 6, 2014
Alice F: for husband - see if it works as well as French product found during extended Paris stay May 31, 2014
sandy w: have a try for this one May 30, 2014
Gregory P: Keeps my buzzed head looking clear and smooth. May 19, 2014
Judith P: Never tried before May 19, 2014
Elizabeth W: It gets good reviews and I would have bought full size if available. May 19, 2014
Alan L: want to try it May 16, 2014
NORM S: Trial to compare with other product May 15, 2014
Roberta C: Would like to have someone try it that has a problem. Apr 7, 2014
Wing Fai Y: wanna get for my husband to try Apr 6, 2014
Allen M: I am tired of using my current shampoo Apr 2, 2014
Bianca E: I just wanted my brother to try it out. Apr 2, 2014
Rhonda G: winter makes my scalp so dry and it needs a spring refresher Mar 29, 2014
Crystal O: husband's scalp Mar 18, 2014
Maria D: I have PCOS and have been looking for treatments to help unclog the DHT on my hair follicles...hoping something that scrubs and stimulates the scalp will help. Mar 10, 2014
HYUNJIN K: I just wanted to try. Mar 3, 2014
Linda H: Want to try Feb 17, 2014
Gladys B: I have an off and on dandruff and does not seem to get rid off with the anti dandruff shampoo that I use. I may try this hopefully works. Feb 3, 2014
caleb r: i sometimes get a dry scalf Jan 8, 2014
James N: I... ughh... might have an issue with dandruff Dec 16, 2013
Roxana B: I love this product. Best item out there. Dec 13, 2013
maria d: because i wanted it Dec 12, 2013
brandy m: works well for itchy scalp and i have been trying EVERYTHING Dec 10, 2013
C C: i want to try it out Dec 5, 2013
Michelle S: Wanted to try the dandruff shampoo Dec 5, 2013
Loren Lee C: Men seem to have dandruff insecurity, so this pairs well for my husband, with the Facial Fuel. Dec 5, 2013
susan f: This also appears to be fairly new so I thought I'd try it. Dec 5, 2013
Jennifer B: One of my children may find this useful. Dec 4, 2013
Jane S: damaged hair Dec 4, 2013
Anne S: Want to give this a try. My husband has a really dry scalp, always looking for better options. Dec 4, 2013
Harold B: trial Dec 4, 2013
John S. E: Interested in anti-dandruff shampoo. Dec 4, 2013
michael S: wanna try it Dec 4, 2013
Thomas G: for my wife Dec 4, 2013
Tia W: In case I get dandruff I will have a shampoo to use, without having to go buy a whole bottle. Because I don't get it regularly. Dec 2, 2013
Andrew K: Have dry scalp in winter. Checking it out. Dec 2, 2013
Victoria H: Name appeals to me Dec 2, 2013
Apple A: boyfriend has dandruff problems and hoping this helps him Dec 2, 2013
ANNA V: I need this treatment and wanted to try this brand. Dec 2, 2013
J H: See if it works better than t-gel Dec 2, 2013
Sean S: Want to see if it works on stubborn dandruff. Dec 2, 2013
ying x: have trouble with scalp Dec 2, 2013
Ellen V: could be useful for my daughter Dec 1, 2013
Roland M: need it, try it Dec 1, 2013
Mona K: I have dandruff so able to see how works Dec 1, 2013
Sharon R: I have dandruff and want to try something that is more moisturizing. Dec 1, 2013
Cheryl K: I have dry scalp, not dandruff, but was told by my dermatologist to use dandruff treatment shampoo rather than regular types. I have had good results with other products and now hope to switch to Kiehl's if it performs as well as your other products that I've used thus far. Nov 30, 2013
Glenna D: to see if it may help with dry and eczema prone scalp Nov 29, 2013
cristina b: want to try it and see if i like it Nov 26, 2013
JARUPRAPAI L: Free Nov 26, 2013
Kiss L: I have dandruff problem, so I will like to try this! Nov 22, 2013
Kate S: have yet to find a successful treatment for my dandruff Nov 21, 2013
CHIEN-CHIANG C: I want to try it. Nov 20, 2013
Roberta Z: wanted to try Nov 19, 2013
Bobbi E: good for travel Nov 18, 2013
Sijing C: Want to try out. Nov 17, 2013
Carrie S: want to try Nov 17, 2013
Candace G: I have dandruff problems and need something that works Nov 16, 2013
Michelle D: Never tried Nov 13, 2013
William H: gift Nov 10, 2013
Mandy S: Have dandruff and want to see if this helps. Nov 2, 2013
Arik L: same will try it Oct 28, 2013
Mokammel K: Wanted to check this product out since I never used it. Looks promising! Oct 27, 2013
melita l: dry scalp Oct 16, 2013
Darlene C: Try it Oct 16, 2013
Melissa R: My friend is looking for a good dandruff shampoo Oct 12, 2013
Brooke S: Looking for new dandruff solution Oct 10, 2013
Andres C: I have drandruff, any nothing seems to help, so I wanted to try this. Oct 4, 2013
Kun W: Dandruff of my hair Oct 2, 2013
Lisa I: Curious Sep 26, 2013
Moira M: To help my husbands dandruff. Tried so many other products, but to no avail, so I am trying Kiehl's because I trust the brand. Sep 24, 2013
noriko m: Curious if it really works. Sep 21, 2013
Joanna F: Haven't found a good dry-scalp shampoo that I like. Wanted to give this a try for free. Sep 20, 2013
Cindy C: To help my scalp. Sep 6, 2013
Ryan S: I have had dandruff before and on occasion will get it. Sep 4, 2013
mark e: interested in trying the product Sep 3, 2013
Jiyoung P: wanted to try Aug 29, 2013
ying y: just try it Aug 16, 2013
Mary M: I have never tried it. Aug 15, 2013
Yesenia A: Dandruff Jul 28, 2013
Elizabeth Helgeson H: want to try it out Jul 21, 2013
Justin M: I have tried a lot of anti-dandruff and hopefully this treatment helps. Jul 19, 2013
Julie S: I've tried many dandruff treatments, this one looks good. Jul 18, 2013
Yvonne C: Wanted to try Kiehl's take on this product. Jul 16, 2013
Tara C: To see if it helps my itchy, dry scalp. Jul 10, 2013
Zhou B: I have dandruff/itchy scalp issue. Jun 25, 2013
Dean R: just to try it... Jun 20, 2013
Ashley H: sounds like it would be helpful Jun 18, 2013
xinyue y: i don't know Jun 17, 2013
EDGARDO D: Want to try it Jun 16, 2013
Annemarie C: my son has a little bit of a dry scalp Jun 15, 2013
Stephanie H: Just to try. Jun 15, 2013
Rhodes S: Trying Jun 15, 2013
Rebecca B: Want my son to try it. He had dandruff and sensitive skin Jun 15, 2013
Michael H: I wanted to try it out. Jun 15, 2013
Susan A: Want my husband to try it, Jun 14, 2013
Rebekah P: To see if it works :) Jun 14, 2013
Ellen T: Want to try as previous one you carry didnt seem to work and you no longer carry it. Jun 13, 2013
Claire S: for my mother Jun 13, 2013
Kevin C: To try the product Jun 13, 2013
Kathryn L: always loooking for help with my dry scalp Jun 13, 2013
Linda B: my husband has developed a rash with his current dandruff shampoo and needs a good quality effective product. i hope this is it. Jun 13, 2013
SARAH B: See if this works good for my husband or not. Jun 9, 2013
Erik S: Nobody likes dandruff. Jun 8, 2013
Christine S: trying out Jun 5, 2013
Joseph D: See how it is Jun 5, 2013
Quincey Y: I get a few spots of eczema on my scalp and I've tried so many things to help with it. I want to see if this treatment will help with the dry skin. Other than sun, I have not found anything that helps Jun 3, 2013
Tara H: dry scalp Jun 2, 2013
Kim G: My boyfriend currently uses Head and Shoulders....I thought he could use an upgrade. May 30, 2013
George A: Wanted to try something new. May 27, 2013
Dorothy M: We use this product already and like it very much. There are no retail locations that sell this close to home. May 25, 2013
Jenny C: try May 25, 2013
Thipapan T: just want to try May 22, 2013
justin K: just wanted to try it May 19, 2013
Mariana L: I want to see if It will reduce the scalp itch I sometimes get. May 19, 2013
Roy S: Just to try. May 11, 2013
Danae T: NA May 9, 2013
Amelia B: curious May 3, 2013
Lisa S: husband has a beard that gets dry. Apr 30, 2013
Linda S: have dandruff Apr 29, 2013
TING-I L: want to try out a scalp product but not sure how good it is Apr 26, 2013
Eunbi K: wanted to try this before i buy it Apr 26, 2013
Kjell K: Want to try it. Apr 23, 2013
HP S: Want to try it Apr 22, 2013
Iitanyia P: I have a similar condition along my hairline as I do in the T-zone of my face (flaky, redness, itching), so I thought I would try this to see if it helps improve it. Apr 18, 2013
Deborah H: To try Apr 18, 2013
Michelle H: Boyfriend could benefit. Apr 17, 2013
Shirley K. B: This is for my husband's beard. Apr 16, 2013
ethelinda r: have dry scalp Apr 16, 2013
Nadia S: I have dandruff. Apr 14, 2013
Allison D: never used it before, to try Apr 14, 2013
Maria F: Want to try it Apr 13, 2013
Xiaowei Y: Want to see it works or not Apr 13, 2013
Jessica M: wanted to try it Apr 13, 2013
Mary D: my scalp get ichy some time, so I wanted to see if the scalp treatment would help. Apr 12, 2013
Jiajing L: I have Dandruff issue. Want to try something new Apr 8, 2013
RU W: Just try it. Apr 8, 2013
Vilma M: because it works. Apr 7, 2013
Lynne G: For my husband Apr 7, 2013
Simon G: first time trying it Apr 5, 2013
Daiwei C: wanna try Apr 4, 2013
Lisa S: Sometimes my scalp is itchy, especially in the winter Apr 4, 2013
PAM G: 1st try Apr 4, 2013
Dale Z: for my husband Apr 3, 2013
Gregori H: see how it works on my hair Apr 2, 2013
Catherine Alaska B: im terrified of developing a dandruff problem so this is potentially preventitive also i hope it tingles my scalp Apr 2, 2013
Maria L: need help w dandruff at times; dry scalp esp in winter Mar 28, 2013
JIAJIA G: new product Mar 26, 2013
Urszula M: to try Mar 17, 2013
Candyse R: for my father who has a very dry scalp Mar 14, 2013
LAWRENCE B: Trying something new Mar 14, 2013
Linda M: ALways looking for a good scalp shampoo Feb 19, 2013
Anagha D: I have persistent dandruff problem Feb 12, 2013
Juliann c: curiosity. Thought about buying the bottle but wanted to try it first. Feb 11, 2013
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