Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion

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Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Jen w: I love this product! I will buy it as long as it's available. Feb 17, 2014
Maria S: I want to see if I prefer this over the Olay regenerist micro-derma treatment. Dec 13, 2013
mellisa m: to see how good this works Nov 29, 2013
NAYEOUN K: I wanna try Nov 29, 2013
Randi P: Like to exfoliate so I want to try it. Nov 29, 2013
Daniel L: Give it a try Nov 29, 2013
Anna P: I really like it. I'm 65, this product leaves my skin, fresh. Nov 28, 2013
Jonathan F: Curious Nov 28, 2013
Femmie S: I'm in need of a facial, bad! :) Nov 27, 2013
Lauren S: everyone needs to exfoliate! Nov 26, 2013
Betty C: Delicate texture. I can feel it working and face feel smooth and bright instantly. Nov 26, 2013
Kathleen m: Because I would like to try it Nov 26, 2013
KT A: exfoliation- want to see if it irritates my skin Nov 23, 2013
Alison L: Have used before and it really eliminates the dead skin Nov 23, 2013
Amy G: curious Nov 22, 2013
Ning W: TRY Nov 18, 2013
Susan Y: Travel bag Nov 18, 2013
Nancy S: curious Nov 17, 2013
Ning W: would like to have a try Nov 17, 2013
allison h: SOUNDS LIKE A NON SURGICAL FACE LIFT:) Nov 16, 2013
karen l: new item, wanna try it Nov 14, 2013
xi g: 111 Nov 13, 2013
Karen C: quality of product Nov 10, 2013
Mary H: Interested in seeing what this can do for the stubborn pores on my forehead. I want something that is effective without throwing my skin way out of balance! Nov 9, 2013
Cheryl R: exfoliate gently Nov 4, 2013
Deborah G: looking for a good exfoliator Nov 2, 2013
Jackie B: Curiosity Oct 29, 2013
Yony N: same answer as the top one Oct 25, 2013
Robyn B: To try it out Oct 25, 2013
Arlene G: hoping to encourage new cells turn over. Oct 25, 2013
Michelle H: Age Oct 24, 2013
Nagalakshmi G: For smoothing the skin texture and to minimize pores Oct 24, 2013
David E: Wife wanted to try it.. I don't know!? Oct 21, 2013
Brandy W: interested to try Oct 20, 2013
Anita D: Never tried Oct 19, 2013
Denise M: Honestly I wanted to try more scents but couldn't add the samples to my bag so this was a wild card Oct 17, 2013
Tracie O: I read about it and it sounds amazing. Oct 16, 2013
Eunice M: interesting Oct 15, 2013
Lisa C: Unfortunately, I have just started paying attention to my skin, something I should have done 20 years ago. Oct 12, 2013
Gina C: Makes my skin look lovely and smooth. The best for these purposes. Rejuvenation. Oct 11, 2013
Cathy J: Dying to try this one, I love samples! Oct 8, 2013
Joan H: Just wanted to try it out. Oct 4, 2013
aaron c: great facial scrub uses tiny sea shell particles vs. thick particles like in appricot scrub Oct 3, 2013
Robert C: Want to try. Oct 3, 2013
Nikhat F: I want to try this Oct 3, 2013
Marrae F: Sound interesting...have no idea what it does. Oct 3, 2013
Beth T: Going to Try it over the weekend Oct 3, 2013
Ann H: to try Oct 3, 2013
Lorraine S: Love this stuff. Leaves my skin clean and smoother looking. Sep 30, 2013
shi chyn l: see how it works. Sep 30, 2013
Vicki B: New product for me and am anxious to try. Sep 30, 2013
Dagmar R: I have never tried any micro-dermabrasion product. Sep 30, 2013
kristin h: i have some dark spots and some light acne scarring and i would really like that to be corrected. so i thought i would try this and if i like i might make it mart of my skin regime. Sep 30, 2013
Lizzy B: I wanna try the effect of this product to prepare for a future buying maybe Sep 30, 2013
Brittany G: Makes your skin so smooth and fresh, love this! Sep 29, 2013
Sonya A: Read the reviews want to try Sep 29, 2013
Walter Michael S: Try the equivalent of a product I use in the men's line to see how it compares Sep 29, 2013
ruiying h: pores Sep 28, 2013
Maria S: Want to see if it works Sep 28, 2013
Karissa J: Trying something new Sep 28, 2013
R. K: I've always wanted to try this. Sep 27, 2013
Karen F: I am looking for a product to help brighten the appearance of my "experienced" skin. Sep 26, 2013
Katherine M: I don't exfoliate often, so like to use samples when I do. Sep 25, 2013
Michelle J: For travel. Sep 25, 2013
Rebecca S: Like deep cleaners Sep 24, 2013
Karen W: I have never tried any skin product like this and my skin has uneven tones so I thought this could help. Sep 24, 2013
Christopher M: Curious to see if it is able to re-texturize much. Sep 24, 2013
gwen t: friend recommended it Sep 23, 2013
Eddie C: i need a deep cleaning exfoli and this has just that its a physical exfoli that tares down to the nerves and vains! Sep 23, 2013
Nuria K: Never tried before Sep 22, 2013
noriko m: Curious if it really works. Sep 21, 2013
Jordan B: Would like to see what this can do to help with the texture of the my skin. Sep 20, 2013
mary ann e: used and like in the past Sep 19, 2013
Kiersten S: sounded interesting. love your products Sep 18, 2013
Jennifer S: i want to try it Sep 16, 2013
Soo Hyun H: trial for my acne marks Sep 16, 2013
Marit C: Sounded interesting Sep 13, 2013
Morris G: Wanted to try it out Sep 13, 2013
Kasey G: Would like to try it on my fiance. Sep 13, 2013
Lauren H: Looks good. Want to try it. Sep 11, 2013
Marieke M: Need to clean out clogged dry skin. Sep 10, 2013
devin l: emergencies happen Sep 9, 2013
Laura H: Looking for something to exfoliate. Sep 9, 2013
ronald s: try Sep 8, 2013
Susan K: i get microderm treatments every 6 weeks and thy are expensive so i want to try this product Sep 8, 2013
Jackie R: Wanted to see if it will make acne blemishes go away! Sep 5, 2013
GRETCHEN H: I have a scar from a skin cancer graft on my nose and want to smooth. Sep 4, 2013
Susan M: Good reviews Sep 3, 2013
Adelita H: TRIAL Aug 29, 2013
Ruby V: curious to see what this cream will do Aug 28, 2013
Aubrey R: I wanted to see the difference between this and other Kiehl's face scrubs. Aug 28, 2013
Caroline F: I just wanted to try something new. I love professional dermabrasion, lets just see what this does? Aug 27, 2013
AMY L: wanting to try this product Aug 26, 2013
Ying D: not sure what it is. re-texturizing seems exciting Aug 26, 2013
ALINA D: Love microdermabrasion, excited to try. Aug 26, 2013
Marilyn R: Like to try Aug 25, 2013
Ruth M: I am new to Kiehl products...wanted to try a variety of facial skin care. Aug 23, 2013
Leah H: Never tried it before Aug 22, 2013
Patrycja G: love this but expensive Aug 20, 2013
Elise P G: Wanted to try this product Aug 19, 2013
Judith B: Wanted to see if this would really re-texture my skin. Mini facial at home. Aug 18, 2013
Elaine B: Just wanted to try it Aug 18, 2013
Craig Z: Want to try Aug 14, 2013
Amy-Jean C: aging skin needs resurfacing Aug 13, 2013
Kim B: I have never used a dermabrasion before and want to try this now since I just turned 58. Aug 12, 2013
Natalia B: Micro-demabrasion is so comforting on your skin. And Kiehl's has great products. It was a no-brainer. Aug 12, 2013
JACKEY B: My sister does micro-dermabrasions and I thought I would give it a try. Aug 6, 2013
Rita F: To determine the effectiveness of the exfoliation. Aug 5, 2013
Mary Ann B: Sounds good Jul 26, 2013
Tom B: Need to exfoliate. Jul 24, 2013
jen k: would like the travel size. Jul 24, 2013
Nannette K: Another product of yours to try . Jul 21, 2013
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