Cryste Marine Firming Eye Treatment Sample

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Cryste Marine Firming Eye Treatment Sample
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Christine L: trying something new Sep 17, 2014
ELENA W: JUST LIKE IT Sep 16, 2014
Amy H: This produce keeps under my eyes moisturized all day! I use it day and night. I love it. Sep 16, 2014
Debra P: Gentle, nice weight did not irritate my sensitive eyes Sep 16, 2014
Mel W: Can get enough product for under the eyes! Sep 15, 2014
Abigail A: Need to select an eye cream in the near future. Sep 15, 2014
lunan g: good Sep 14, 2014
Lori L: Dark circles are a huge problem with me Sep 14, 2014
Leslie C: curious? Sep 14, 2014
Ye T: Recommended by friends Sep 14, 2014
Joseph L K: Curiosity Sep 14, 2014
Corleen E: for travel Sep 14, 2014
Sharon P: Just trying out, nevertheless have it before Sep 14, 2014
Yue Y: Like Sep 13, 2014
Gerald Y: great Sep 13, 2014
Jung Y: Because I want to try and find out its good or not Sep 12, 2014
belinda e: To try Sep 12, 2014
Jia S: Order for my cousin Sep 12, 2014
Molly S: Interested to see if i can see a difference in my eye area Sep 9, 2014
YINGYI X: LIKE Sep 9, 2014
Rui L: wanna try before buy the big size. Sep 8, 2014
Anne V: baggy eyelids Sep 7, 2014
nan l: I like it Sep 7, 2014
James Y: Curious about it Sep 7, 2014
Anne A: My eyes need firming! Sep 4, 2014
Thomas J: online Sep 2, 2014
Morton N: to try Sep 1, 2014
Ann V: I have a bag under eye and wrinkle when i smile. I want to try. Aug 31, 2014
jimmy m: Try it Aug 30, 2014
Laura S: Love this product. Works really well. Aug 30, 2014
Richard F: Try out before buying. Aug 29, 2014
Carmella R: wanted to try an eye cream Aug 27, 2014
Vanessa B: Never tried this eye cream and would like to try a new one. Aug 26, 2014
YOUWEN W: it works. Aug 22, 2014
Sandra M: Want to try Aug 20, 2014
Myria M: I wanted to try it. Aug 18, 2014
Yi N: high review Aug 16, 2014
June L: Good size for traveling Aug 15, 2014
Yucheng H: good review Aug 12, 2014
Jiayun L: i want to try it Aug 11, 2014
Carla C: To try it out Aug 10, 2014
Guohuan L: Best rated Aug 10, 2014
Lourdes E F: BASE ON REVIEW Aug 10, 2014
JING C: JUST TRY Aug 10, 2014
Zhiya Y: try a new product Aug 10, 2014
rita h: needed 2 more items Aug 10, 2014
xiaoqian q: I want to try it Aug 9, 2014
Nancy E: the eyes always tell your age Aug 9, 2014
Jun P: It's recommended by my friends. Aug 9, 2014
YU L: have a try Aug 9, 2014
YAGUANG W: TRY Aug 9, 2014
saijie l: i need it Aug 8, 2014
Avi B: try the product Aug 8, 2014
Nazila A: My friends like it Aug 7, 2014
Hanyu Y: no Aug 7, 2014
SISI Y: want to try it Aug 5, 2014
Matthew R: It works! Aug 5, 2014
Lisa B: Like Aug 4, 2014
Tara T: Who couldn't use a firmer under eye area. Excited to try. Aug 4, 2014
Roberta Z: need a new eye treatment Jul 29, 2014
Lloyd E: We use the product daily. Samples are great for travel. Jul 25, 2014
Rosemary G: Sounded effective Jul 19, 2014
Yuanfei X: good Jul 18, 2014
Cindy F: Looking for an eye cream Jul 18, 2014
Tiffany S: love all Kiehl products Jul 18, 2014
Sharon L: I just want to check it out. Jul 14, 2014
TEAYOUN K: eyes need some good food Jul 14, 2014
Sean R: Sounds promising, want to try it out. Jul 12, 2014
Rebecca F: good Jul 11, 2014
Jacky W: ok Jul 9, 2014
Yan J: Eye creme is important Jul 9, 2014
Nga Ling K: good review Jul 8, 2014
Jaii F: To take with me when I travel Jul 7, 2014
Jia D: good customer feedback Jul 5, 2014
Yuxuan W: random Jul 5, 2014
Jeoffrey C: elder use good Jul 4, 2014
Hannah J: love keihl's eye products and wanted to try this out out~ Jul 3, 2014
Kevin M: rated 5 starts (hearts) Jul 3, 2014
Sherry R: Like to try eye treatments. Jul 1, 2014
Curtis Y: Want to try it out Jun 30, 2014
Elizabeth L: great to try a new product without having to spend so much & then not be happy with it Jun 30, 2014
Carol R: I love Cryste Marine products, would love to have the facial lotion re-introduced. Jun 30, 2014
amelia n: wanted to try it Jun 29, 2014
Xiaoming W: just want to try Jun 29, 2014
Casha G: Reviews Jun 28, 2014
GMJL X: GOOD Jun 26, 2014
Meng L: Just have a try Jun 25, 2014
Geneva B: want to try this for my eyes Jun 24, 2014
Angela E: Reviews were great Jun 24, 2014
Artur P: to try it Jun 22, 2014
TK W: firming is very good Jun 21, 2014
Evonda N: I recently transitioned to St Thomas Vi from Atlanta Georgia. My skin has severely changed. Looking to restore my youthful skin Jun 18, 2014
Manwen L: GOOD Jun 17, 2014
Haijun Y: try out Jun 16, 2014
Tawny N: I'd like to try it out because I've heard good things. Jun 15, 2014
Janie C: good reviews Jun 14, 2014
Katie S: Curious Jun 14, 2014
Aaron L: Giving it a try Jun 13, 2014
Charlie B: Your customer recommendations Jun 11, 2014
Kemeisha T: Awesome Jun 5, 2014
Judith F: I have loose skin on my eye lids. Jun 4, 2014
Kathleen H: I want to try it Jun 3, 2014
Sheranne K: over the age of 18 we all need eye firming Jun 2, 2014
Xiaolin L: Friends recommend Jun 1, 2014
Robert E: eye wrinkles Jun 1, 2014
Kristie B: Wanted to try different eye creams May 29, 2014
Mengye W: It seems good May 28, 2014
Carolyn H: Liked the reviews. May 28, 2014
Justina K: Puffy eye reduction and firmness May 26, 2014
Ana Paula de Castro S: Because my eyes need help. May 23, 2014
Chi H: trying eye gel/cream May 20, 2014
Kiok C: just want to try May 19, 2014
Kathy K: I've used the Cryste Marine skin cream and I like it. May 19, 2014
Barbara A: Originally wanted to order this but it was out of stock so I tried the Midnight Recovery eye May 19, 2014
Ya S: regular one is sold outï¼?I want to try because of my black circle May 19, 2014
Catherine R: I need ey firming so thought I would try a sample!! Haven't tried this either. May 19, 2014
Carol S: Top reviews May 19, 2014
Robyn B: looking for more eye care treatments! May 19, 2014
Changjuan Z: Just want to try it May 19, 2014
Tammy P: reviews May 19, 2014
Jeanette T: Same as above. Hope they all work! May 18, 2014
Xiaoming L: just try. May 18, 2014
min qing c: best seller May 18, 2014
ruyi z: it looks good May 17, 2014
KAY S: trying to find a favorite forever eye cream May 17, 2014
Chang L: Try it May 17, 2014
Phanwira T: I want my mom trying it May 17, 2014
Natsue H: wanted to try May 17, 2014
Mary C: I'm old and need help! May 16, 2014
Lynne E: Curious May 16, 2014
Feifei T: want to try May 16, 2014
To Chau R: Based on past viewer's comments. May 16, 2014
Karen L: eye bags May 16, 2014
Xuhong C: The amount of star May 15, 2014
Michelle A: never tried May 15, 2014
Xianming W: try some eye tratment products May 15, 2014
Margaret W: 5 stars, try. May 15, 2014
Ying X: It is good . May 15, 2014
Norma O: Product reviews. May 15, 2014
Jean R: As above. May 15, 2014
Yingyu T: need May 15, 2014
Glen R: So much baggage! May 15, 2014
Wei-Lun C: To see the difference between this one and the one from the Abyssine collection. May 14, 2014
Erin G: Always looking for the best eye cream, wanted to try.... May 12, 2014
Ben W: random May 11, 2014
Jeri W: Ditto... May 10, 2014
kelli c: TRIAL May 7, 2014
Princess S: Wanted to try it. May 6, 2014
Cindy S: Sounded just like what I needed when I looked into it after I collected $50 dollars or more of the products and was introduced the 3 free complimentary samples and decided to give it a try. May 3, 2014
Laura V: Looking to get a high quality eye product and am seeing what Kiehl's has to offer - a lot of friends swear by your products. May 3, 2014
Dan Y: Want to try new product May 3, 2014
Annette B: wanted to try it May 2, 2014
peng z: more people like it May 2, 2014
Zhuan Di L: high rate May 2, 2014
Huiying Z: recommendations by friends May 1, 2014
Cesar A G: To give it a try. Apr 30, 2014
Juan Li H: JUST TRY IT Apr 29, 2014
Eileen R: Looked interesting amped wanted to see how it works on dark circles. Apr 28, 2014
Fredrick M: I can always use help around the eyes Apr 28, 2014
Alice B: Everyone wants firm eyes! Apr 26, 2014
Tianxiao S: star Apr 24, 2014
Kimberly N: Definitely need eyelid firming treatment. Apr 23, 2014
Emily S: To help with the bags and creases under my eyes. Apr 22, 2014
Kelley C: reviews of this eye product Apr 22, 2014
Vicki W: Hope I don't wake up and find it was all a dream, but this made my eyes immensely improved. Apr 20, 2014
Gail B: Never tried before Apr 18, 2014
lily z: its good to use Apr 14, 2014
kathy d: I'm seeing just a wee bit of sag under my eyes. I'm hoping that this firming treatment will be the trick.
LOVE love Kiehls for being able to try things before you buy the full sizes!
Apr 9, 2014
RM B: to find out how it works Mar 24, 2014
Karen P: Haven't ever tried it. Mar 23, 2014
nicole w: good reviews! Mar 13, 2014
Aisha B: Wrinkles around eyes Mar 12, 2014
Jennifer S: GOOD TO TRY IT ! Mar 11, 2014
Deborah T: Had 5 hearts! Mar 11, 2014
Kang T: To try it on. Mar 11, 2014
chunmei l: Like Mar 11, 2014
Jing H: Haven't used it before. Want to try it Mar 10, 2014
Renita G: alway interested in eye cream product Mar 10, 2014
Rona S: wanted to try it Mar 8, 2014
Liza S T: I want to try this. Mar 8, 2014
Kathleen G: Curious about this since I like the Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado... Mar 7, 2014
Hyun H: i have dark circle Mar 5, 2014
Lu Ann Z: Wanted to try it Mar 4, 2014
Minhee K: reviews Mar 4, 2014
Christopher B: Want to try Mar 3, 2014
JUDITH A H: others ratings Mar 3, 2014
Delores S: wanted to try it Mar 2, 2014
Michelle C: I want to see how well this works! Mar 1, 2014
TANG X: what a try Mar 1, 2014
Patty C: I need to find a good eye cream for wrinkles above the eye. Feb 28, 2014
Corianne P: Customer Reviews was high on this one! Feb 28, 2014
Denise J: To try. Feb 27, 2014
Cheryl B: Wanted to try this one too Feb 26, 2014
Matthew B: My eye bags need help, hopefully this will do it. Feb 24, 2014
Lourdes D: works wonderfully with my eye area. Feb 24, 2014
Dolores E: I thought I would try this one and compare it to Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream. Feb 23, 2014
Sarah Z: I like Kiehls other eye products, so I am trying this one too! Feb 18, 2014
Patty P: Try Feb 17, 2014
Lauren W: Hoping it will reduce my dark eye circles Feb 17, 2014
yu z: friend recommendation Feb 17, 2014
Mine M: my husband wanted something for eys Feb 16, 2014
Christine M: As a lady of a "certain age", I'm looking for a product that will help reduce puffiness under my eyes. Based on your description of this product, I thought it's definitely worth a try. (I'm assuming that this product is more effective for older skin than the Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado -- am I right:?) Feb 16, 2014
xiaoling l: just want to try it Feb 14, 2014
Luz Angela E: the consumer ratings Feb 13, 2014
judith z: I'm desperate for an eye cream that really works to address fine lines and wrinkles. Feb 13, 2014
HANBING H: free gift Feb 12, 2014
Dana M: Would like to try this product. Feb 10, 2014
Gael H: I'm trying different eye treatments. Feb 8, 2014
Jane E A: Interested to see results. Feb 6, 2014
S S: best Feb 5, 2014
John A: just to try see how it gos Feb 3, 2014
Erica B: dark circles are a pain in the tuckus Feb 3, 2014
Jiyoung P: TRAVELER Feb 3, 2014
Heng H: nice Feb 3, 2014
Linda H: Because I have puffy bags under my eyes. Feb 3, 2014
Diane H: crows feet Feb 2, 2014
JingJing H: This is a good product and it is really can firming skin around eyes. Feb 1, 2014
Jennifer L: Getting older, would like to try. Feb 1, 2014
qian y: Eye always dry Feb 1, 2014
Misty M: Always looking for a more effective eye treatment. Jan 31, 2014
Ingrid L: Maintain elasticity Jan 30, 2014
Norma W: Who doesn't want firmer skin around their eyes? Jan 28, 2014
Wenchen T: Hight rate. Jan 28, 2014
hua y: want to try Jan 28, 2014
Dominic L: Have eye problem. Jan 27, 2014
Sharon F: Want to keep my eyes young Jan 26, 2014
Tommy C: Bags under my eyes, try new product Jan 25, 2014
Thomas I: I hadn't heard of it, and I am looking for an eye cream. I am trying various kinds in my search. Jan 25, 2014
Saho Y: It shows higher recommendation marks. (There are 4 or 5 hearts mark.) Jan 25, 2014
john y: JUST WANT TO TRY Jan 24, 2014
Shilin W: try it Jan 24, 2014
Delaney L: Want to try it Jan 23, 2014
Karen C: Want to try it, based on good reviews. Jan 22, 2014
Donna D: Need help with dark circle and bags Jan 22, 2014
Jing R: I saw it has 5 hearts Jan 19, 2014
McCall D: Always reviewing and comparing under eye creams. Jan 15, 2014
Tammy F: Just wanted to try it. Jan 15, 2014
Lihua Z: try Jan 13, 2014
Chen S: try it as i sleep late.. Jan 12, 2014
nancie g: my eyes need all the help they can get! Jan 11, 2014
Melinda L: I trust Kiehls and am in need of a good eye cream. Jan 11, 2014
shenbo h: try this for eyes Jan 10, 2014
Carol S: Very gentle on eye tissue! Jan 9, 2014
MARIA T: eyes are said to be doors of souls Jan 8, 2014
jiewen l: Try Jan 8, 2014
Patricia A B: I am curious about this eye cream and if it will make a difference around my eyes. Jan 7, 2014
Charlotte H: Wanted to try. Dec 31, 2013
fabianne o: could use a little help under my eyes with bags. Dec 27, 2013
Ladonna D: no Dec 26, 2013
Brenda P: . Dec 23, 2013
Yvrose P: Wanted to try additional products. Dec 20, 2013
Rebecca H: eyes starting to wrinkle Dec 8, 2013
Johanna F: x Dec 8, 2013
Jan Elliott E: wanted to try, heard good things about it Dec 3, 2013
Marjorie L: Have not tried this yet. Dec 3, 2013
Pauline W: sharing this with my daughter in law Dec 2, 2013
Yulin P: just wanna have a try Dec 2, 2013
Xialu W: i did not choose this Dec 2, 2013
Yajing Z: try Dec 2, 2013
chuying z: I like it Dec 2, 2013
kathleen s: travel Dec 1, 2013
Phuong N: Want to try it to see if it works or not. Nov 30, 2013
Wenbing X: Want eye cream Nov 28, 2013
yuki W: try new eye product Nov 28, 2013
fanxing s: it is ok Nov 28, 2013
Raymond S: THE BEST Nov 28, 2013
Xiang L: good Nov 28, 2013
ruiwen w: it's good Nov 28, 2013
SIJING L: want to try Nov 28, 2013
Chia Ling Wu C: Never use it before. I would like to try it. Nov 28, 2013
CHUN H: Try Nov 28, 2013
Dong Y: just to try it. Nov 28, 2013
xin z: random Nov 27, 2013
Zhaoyu C: USEFUL Nov 27, 2013
William H: ? Nov 27, 2013
yanming l: just want to try a new product of eye treatment Nov 27, 2013
Yiteng X: recommended Nov 27, 2013
lin z: good Nov 26, 2013
Anna B: just to try... Nov 26, 2013
minshui h: want to try Nov 26, 2013
Jingru F: just try out Nov 25, 2013
Marjorie B: try Nov 25, 2013
Jing W: good Nov 25, 2013
Rongqian Z: Try something new. Nov 25, 2013
Hsiuling L: good Nov 25, 2013
Sigazie B: need to try eye cream Nov 24, 2013
Xiangming Y: Try Nov 24, 2013
jisook y: wanted to try. Nov 23, 2013
P A: i just want to give it a try Nov 23, 2013
David M: To look younger, why else? LOL! Nov 23, 2013
Tehsin N: good quality Nov 22, 2013
Rakesh K: to try it Nov 22, 2013
Jia L: want to try Nov 21, 2013
rosalia Z: I'd like to try an eye product to start taking care of my eye lids Nov 21, 2013
Ya-Hui C: based on customer review Nov 21, 2013
Emilia B: need a good eye cream Nov 21, 2013
Donna D: to try Nov 21, 2013
zhengyao z: I DONT KNOW Nov 21, 2013
Becky M: Highly rated! Nov 20, 2013
Jo Ann M: Travel size Nov 20, 2013
RuiJian C: rate Nov 20, 2013
Jie L: First Try, Friend's recommendation Nov 20, 2013
Anita H: Need it Nov 20, 2013
Xujun L: heard about it Nov 18, 2013
Liping L: try Nov 18, 2013
Yvonne N: not yet for sharing. Nov 18, 2013
LI X: give a try Nov 18, 2013
Crystal W: Wanted to try Nov 18, 2013
WEIPING W: I work night shift. i have black eye, i need eye cream . choose to suit oneself eye cream. Nov 18, 2013
Ling T: like it Nov 18, 2013
QiaoY C: I wanna try Nov 18, 2013
Woongki L: Refer to review Nov 17, 2013
Jennifer S: to try it Nov 17, 2013
Xinhui W: try Nov 17, 2013
Hui Hui A: try it new. Nov 17, 2013
francesca f: i'm looking for an eye cream Nov 16, 2013
yang z: good review Nov 16, 2013
Amaraluck S: trying Nov 16, 2013
Pam O: customer favorite Nov 16, 2013
Fei C: 5 stars Nov 16, 2013
Yuting C: GOOD Nov 16, 2013
Yanming S: good Nov 16, 2013
YUMI S: try out new product Nov 16, 2013
Francisca G: I want to try. Nov 16, 2013
ping s: want to try Nov 16, 2013
janice p: for my eye wrinkles Nov 15, 2013
Margaret L: Never tried it but saw it had good rating Nov 15, 2013
Zhongyu T: good quality Nov 15, 2013
Silvia M: giving a try before purchase Nov 15, 2013
Ina K: I need to find a good eye cream for myself so I just wanted to try this one since the review on this item seems pretty good Nov 15, 2013
Marie L: Just wanted to try it,
Nov 15, 2013
Jing W: wanna try Nov 15, 2013
ZHAO W: try Nov 14, 2013
Bo L: good rating. give it a try. Nov 14, 2013
Xiaoshan L: Want to try better use Nov 14, 2013
yuying n: it is free ,so just it a try Nov 14, 2013
yuwei z: Want to try Nov 14, 2013
huishu l: highest review rate Nov 14, 2013
Jing S: want to try it Nov 14, 2013
dan x: i want to try it. Nov 14, 2013
Jerry W: Lots of people use it. Nov 14, 2013
JING Y: TRY Nov 14, 2013
yong z: Like Nov 14, 2013
zhuoling x: I wanna have a try Nov 14, 2013
huizhong F: I just want to have a try. Nov 13, 2013
xi g: 111 Nov 13, 2013
Hongjin P: good Nov 13, 2013
Yan G: try Nov 13, 2013
Xiao L: S Nov 13, 2013
Yaou R: I want to have a try Nov 13, 2013
Erica S: curious to try it. Nov 13, 2013
MINJEONG L: For firming Nov 12, 2013
Denise F: to try Nov 12, 2013
Stephy L: for eye bag Nov 11, 2013
LEI D: try it Nov 11, 2013
somcanae (andy) y: Wanna try Nov 11, 2013
TAM B: is there too much of a good thing? Nov 11, 2013
Robin S: Good reviews Nov 10, 2013
Janet B: This is my favorite eye treatment - it's like wrinkle glue, without being heavy or greasy. Nov 10, 2013
Karen W: Have never used it. Gets great reviews Nov 10, 2013
Judy M: Sounds good so I wanted to try it Nov 10, 2013
Lynn H: Wonder how it compares to Rose Arctica in reducing fine lines. Nov 9, 2013
Douglas H: experiment Nov 8, 2013
Nicholas H: wanted to try something that didn't come in essentials Nov 8, 2013
KOU J: I love it Nov 5, 2013
Natalie Q: To correct wrinkles around my eyes. Nov 5, 2013
Paula L: Wanted to try Nov 4, 2013
rebecca c: My skin is getting less hydrated, especially around the eye area. Nov 4, 2013
Britton M: Help with dark circles Nov 3, 2013
YUCHEN G: want to try Nov 3, 2013
Collette G: love eye creams so wanted to try this one Nov 3, 2013
Carmileta K S: hopefully it won't have parabens Nov 3, 2013
Jennifer L: Noticing I need some firming in the eye area, let's see how this works! Nov 3, 2013
XIAOYAN S: Daily use Nov 3, 2013
Catherine G: Great reviews Nov 3, 2013
Tingchen L: Kiehl's is the best! Nov 2, 2013
ran l: want to try Nov 2, 2013
chuqian c: want to try Nov 2, 2013
Mengmei T: I might need it when traveling. Nov 2, 2013
Nina S: This was an anti aging recommendation Nov 1, 2013
Joy R: for fun Nov 1, 2013
NAN Q: customer reviews Oct 31, 2013
Bei Y: randomly Oct 31, 2013
Lawrence H: Try it for free Oct 30, 2013
Tiana I: n/a Oct 29, 2013
Hui M: good to experience Oct 28, 2013
Naida G: hope it help mu tired eyes a bit Oct 28, 2013
dawn t: old eyes need help Oct 27, 2013
Lucia V: It had a 5 star rating Oct 27, 2013
Yuchih C: want to try it out Oct 27, 2013
YUZE S: Good to try Oct 27, 2013
Kimberley H: being proactive Oct 26, 2013
vanessa w: want to try it Oct 26, 2013
Caroline C: review sounded good Oct 25, 2013
Lang L: :) Oct 25, 2013
YU W: try some new eye treatment Oct 24, 2013
min l: firming Oct 24, 2013
Yiyang M: for eye Oct 24, 2013
Alison L: I have just begun using this product and want more..just can't afford another jar as I just purchased one. I live in the UK and am stocking up while I am in the US...and too my eyelids needs some serious firming! Oct 23, 2013
Justine B: interested Oct 23, 2013
Katrin B: want to try Oct 22, 2013
Richard E: new item Oct 22, 2013
Melissa S: Because I like this product Oct 21, 2013
Donna P: Have used in the past. Oct 20, 2013
Kirsten K: I wanted to see if this really helped with my dark eye circles. Oct 20, 2013
Miao W: good previous experience Oct 19, 2013
Kathryn E. B: I have never used an eye treatment before. this one was recommended by both the on line assessment based on current problems, as well as a department store Keihl's representative. I suspect that this is the best one for my concerns and would really like to give it an extended trial. However, I remain confused as to which eye treatment will prove best over long term, regular use -- Powerful Wrinkle Reducing, Abyssine, Cryste Marine, or Rose Arctica eye creams. Oct 19, 2013
Anita D: Never tried Oct 19, 2013
HongLi W: Want to have a try of this product Oct 19, 2013
Teresa R: Been wanting to try this - Oct 19, 2013
lan b: I want to try it. Oct 16, 2013
Mary Jane M: same as above Oct 16, 2013
Darlene C: Try it Oct 16, 2013
Julie W: To improve my eyes Oct 14, 2013
Jennifer H: Customer rating Oct 13, 2013
Lisa C: I am noticing fine lines around my eyes, especially when I smile. I don't want to stop smiling so I hope this will help minimize the lines. Oct 12, 2013
Dawn C: Wanted to try it Oct 12, 2013
Mei nin L: Want to try Oct 12, 2013
Kim M: Want to try it Oct 11, 2013
jennifer b: I'm starting to notice fine lines and wrinkles and I'm hoping this will work so I can add it my bag of favorite Kiehl's products. Oct 11, 2013
Allen S: I have crows feet. Oct 9, 2013
Lydia D: Just trying a new product Oct 8, 2013
Jeanne m Lewis: Sample, trying Oct 8, 2013
Brian S: N/A Oct 6, 2013
SUSAN F: Trying as many samples as I can. I have lots of aging eye issues. Sep 30, 2013
Kelly W: To firm up my eyes Sep 26, 2013
Amy P: Interested in seeing how this feels and works... Sep 21, 2013
Jeinette S: I wanted to prove that it will work since i've tried several products from different brand Aug 31, 2013
Sharon M: always looking for new products Aug 27, 2013
ethelinda r: experiment i have sensative eyes Aug 26, 2013
Yingchien L: Want to try Aug 26, 2013
ZHE W: Want to try Aug 26, 2013
xia h: good for skin Aug 25, 2013
Charlotte B: Never tried it. Aug 23, 2013
Kathleen A: There are so many eye creams around. It's good to try new ones to see what I like and what seems to work best. Aug 20, 2013
Sandy N: Curious - never tried before Aug 18, 2013
Kumiko H: Trying o find sorting for eye. Aug 17, 2013
Carly W: I always like trying eye treatments because i notice wrinkles around my eyes the most. Aug 15, 2013
KAREN K: To see how effective the product is firming around my aging 60+ eyes. Aug 12, 2013
Felicia S: Like to try new eye creams. Aug 11, 2013
Nikhil B: because I have veins under my eyes Aug 10, 2013
Shirley C: First time user.
Saw the good review, want to give it a try.
Aug 9, 2013
SUQIN K: I want to try new eye creams Aug 5, 2013
John B: Wire's request. Aug 2, 2013
Katherine E: reviews were good & I am looking for eye cream to minimize under eye puffiness. Aug 1, 2013
Jennifer A: intrigued. none seem to work that well. Jul 31, 2013
ANN F M: Wanted to try Jul 27, 2013
Mary Ann B: Eyes need help Jul 26, 2013
Nyda S: Try out Jul 26, 2013
Linda S: Looking for a new eye cream to reduce puffiness. Jul 26, 2013
Brett M: it was free Jul 25, 2013
Marie D: My eyes have loose skin Jul 24, 2013
Mary Y: Great product! Jul 24, 2013
maxine l: wanted to try another type of eye cream Jul 22, 2013
Eunice L: curious Jul 21, 2013
Kyungran K: good review Jul 21, 2013
Josh F: Firmer is better Jul 19, 2013
margaret t: want to try it

see if it is any good
Jul 18, 2013
PAT S: high rating on the list, so i want to give it a try. Jul 17, 2013
Gina M: recommended by the consultation Jul 17, 2013
Patricia S: Want to try it and it had good reviews. Jul 17, 2013
Syrah G: read its good Jul 17, 2013
Xiao J: I have plan to choose one of them Jul 16, 2013
Donna G: due to reviews Jul 12, 2013
Marie B: Good reviews. Jul 10, 2013
Tara C: Fine lines and wrinkles. Jul 10, 2013
Lee K: with age, we all hope for fewer lines around the eyes. thought this would help. Jul 8, 2013
Laurie S: Lines around eyes Jul 8, 2013
Jaetae S: excellent Jul 5, 2013
Stephen G: and he worries about eye puffiness Jun 30, 2013
Qi Na W: good reviews Jun 26, 2013
Roxana D: It really good product Jun 24, 2013
Simon L: To try it Jun 24, 2013
Qiyun L: Good for my skin Jun 23, 2013
Jenny M: Because I want to try it. Jun 22, 2013
So Young L: want to compare with avoca Jun 18, 2013
Pauline L: Wanted to try. Jun 18, 2013
Linda D: Hoping to find a good eye treatment. Jun 18, 2013
xiao M: just try Jun 17, 2013
Nina T: Sometimes I don't get enough sleep and I don't want my eyes to show it! Jun 17, 2013
ShinHwa L: never used before Jun 17, 2013
Noriko H: This was good but I'm using another product from another company. Jun 17, 2013
Thomas T: Try to see if it reduces puffiness in the morning Jun 17, 2013
Stephanie L: Want to try Jun 17, 2013
Patricia T: Customer reviews on the web site Jun 17, 2013
Teresa C: got eye bags so maybe this might help? Jun 17, 2013
shohei n: Wife's selection Jun 17, 2013
Teresa D: My eyes are showing the signs of aging with sagging. Just curious. Wanted to see if negative comments about texture were justified Jun 17, 2013
Paul E: I wanted to try a product for my eye area. Jun 17, 2013
Anne S: for my mom who is 50+ yrs of age Jun 17, 2013
Peggy L: new to me.. Jun 17, 2013
Lori G: Don't usually use eye creams but wanted to try it without investing money Jun 17, 2013
Chloe W: i've got tired eyes, so try to make my eyes get firm Jun 5, 2013
sharlotte g: these were all part of a xmas gift box, so i gave them all away May 28, 2013
George A: Wanted to try something new May 27, 2013
Zheng L: JUST WANNA TRY IT OUT May 23, 2013
Deborahj S: I want to try this product. May 22, 2013
Mary H: tried in the store and liked it Apr 28, 2013
Borami P: I just want to try. Apr 3, 2013
LaRhonda D: why not? Apr 2, 2013
Lori E: To try - lost sample! Mar 26, 2013
Judy C: Wanted to try. Mar 17, 2013
Judythe S: Friend recommended it Feb 20, 2013
Barbara B: to treat my under eye bags, hopefully Feb 17, 2013
Tawnya S: just to try Feb 14, 2013
sandi m: Because you told me this is the one for me!!! Feb 10, 2013
Anna P: see if I like it Feb 10, 2013
Wenjun X: dry skin Feb 10, 2013
Yang G: for travel Feb 10, 2013
Lu Y: never tried Feb 9, 2013
Sandra A: Love the face cream Feb 8, 2013
Susan M: Read review and wanted to try. Feb 8, 2013
Michael Z: I have a little puffiness under my eyes especially in the morning; no dark circles, though. Feb 7, 2013
Jeehan L: Firming sounds good. Feb 6, 2013
Tugba M: I wanted to try Feb 5, 2013
Cheryl H: reviews Feb 5, 2013
Lisa B: Just to try it Feb 5, 2013
debra s: liked the Cryste Marine facial cream, wanted to try the eye cream Feb 3, 2013
Susann T: My eyes have developed too many lines. Feb 3, 2013
Angelique J: I get puff eyes sometimes. I don't have wrinkles and don't really have dark circles. In other words, I am looking for the perfect "depuffer". Feb 2, 2013
Keith M: I have dark circles and it seems that its hard to get rid of.. so trying this Feb 2, 2013
Melissa H: I've been looking for a good eye cream. Jan 31, 2013
Tress E: Trying a new product Jan 30, 2013
Dana M: looking for a moisturizing eye cream Jan 29, 2013
Elizabeth S: see high reviews about it, want to try. Jan 29, 2013
katie l: I've used samples of this in the past and I really liked it. Jan 29, 2013
Jennifer S: shopping for a new eye cream, haven't yet found one I love Jan 28, 2013
Jennifer C: curious about it Jan 28, 2013
Amireh G: Had good reviews listed and thought my mom could try it, Jan 28, 2013
Gabriella T: good reviews Jan 26, 2013
Robin B: Looking for a good eye product. Jan 26, 2013
Karen T: for husband, trying something new for under eye (sample) Jan 25, 2013
divya sample utest t: nice prod Jan 23, 2013
YAN JIUN L: Never try it. Jan 22, 2013
Lisa W: reviews Jan 22, 2013
Patricia W: Interested in this product line and have yet to try it. Jan 21, 2013
Haydee D: want to try the product Jan 21, 2013
XIAODI H: very new to me, just wanna try. Jan 19, 2013
Holly F: blind shot! Jan 15, 2013
mollie m: puffy dark eyes, looking for something that helps, no products have so far and I have tried many Jan 15, 2013
donna r: to see if i would like it Jan 14, 2013
Chris R: want to try it Jan 14, 2013
Darla L: I have bags under my eyes and am looking for something to tighten them back up. Jan 14, 2013
Patrizia A: curious Jan 14, 2013
DIANE P: want to try Jan 14, 2013
Yi L: needed it Jan 14, 2013
karen c: lines and wrinkles under eyes. Jan 13, 2013
Carmen S: Wanted to try it Jan 13, 2013
Fang Y: want to try Jan 13, 2013
Susan C: friends suggestion Jan 12, 2013
Ween C: Wanna try Jan 12, 2013
isabel f: To try... Jan 12, 2013
Mary O: I'm interested in anything that can work on the delicate skin around the eyes. Jan 12, 2013
Ji Yeon Y: Because I heard this eye treatment is really good. Jan 12, 2013
Marie D: A friend recommended it. Jan 11, 2013
Michael D: recommendation Jan 11, 2013
James D: Because my friend with flawless skin recommended it. Jan 11, 2013
Pamela D: looked good Jan 10, 2013
Kathleen W: I'll give most eye treatments/creams a try:) Jan 10, 2013
Anamae D: To give to my daughter. Dec 30, 2012
Sharp W: Random selected Dec 29, 2012
lisa d: to try it Dec 20, 2012
elizabeth w: my mom wants to try this Dec 10, 2012
Karen M: good travelling size Dec 9, 2012
xiaolei s: I like it very much Dec 9, 2012
Audrey A: Random pick since I had to pick something. Dec 9, 2012
EUNHEE J: I want to try it Dec 9, 2012
Tammy V: I wanted to give it a try! Dec 9, 2012
Theresa D: Trying to find an eye cream i like Dec 9, 2012
Pei-yu C: Wanna try something new Dec 9, 2012
EUNHYE K: I'm looking for eye cream Dec 9, 2012
Jem G: inherited poor genes from mom. Eye bags even in my teens Dec 9, 2012
Jennifer F: for me - I am getting old! Dec 8, 2012
Kimberly P: Thought it sounded good for my eyes. Dec 8, 2012
Youngeun K: I want to try this for myself, and I am 26. Dec 8, 2012
xiaoxiao m: i did not use it Dec 8, 2012
Jie R: GOOD Dec 8, 2012
Joanne S: I wanted to try something new. Dec 7, 2012
christine s: Didn't know what else to choose Dec 7, 2012
gail m: need to find a good eye creme Dec 7, 2012
Nicole N: Cryste Marine Firming Eye treatment makes the delicate skin around my eyes feel softer and refreshed. Dec 7, 2012
Michele M: Looking for an effective under eye treatment and this got excellent reviews. Dec 7, 2012
Caitlin H: i'm looking for an eye cream Dec 7, 2012
Sherry R: New To Kiehl's Products, and have noticed that I am beginning to really need a good eye firming treatment product. (unfortunately, it happens to us all!) :) Dec 7, 2012
cheryl s: for boyfriend Dec 7, 2012
Marlene H: to try Dec 6, 2012
Lana A: The description and the reviews of the product sparked my interest. Dec 6, 2012
CHIU C: i need eye treatment Dec 6, 2012
Jamie L: might purchase later Dec 6, 2012
Maria M: To reduce fine line Dec 6, 2012
Sally U: never used before Dec 6, 2012
Meredith D: great care for the delicate eye zone Dec 6, 2012
Rachael J: I wanted to try a new line. Dec 6, 2012
jim k: i got dark circles and puffy eyes Dec 6, 2012
Donna S: saw it on the website and wanted to try it before buying a full-sized version Dec 6, 2012
Linda G. W: Love it for traveling Dec 6, 2012
Bethany R: I could use a bit of eye firming Dec 6, 2012
Merrie B: to try it Dec 6, 2012
Merrie B: try it Dec 6, 2012
Diana T: loose skin Dec 6, 2012
Yanmin Z: the review is good Dec 5, 2012
Ning Z: want to try Dec 5, 2012
Jieun K: try-out for future purchase Dec 5, 2012
Joan N: Reviews Dec 5, 2012
Rosalind P: Wanted to try this product Dec 5, 2012
Lei L: I maybe consider to buy in the future Dec 5, 2012
Cheryl W: wanted to try Dec 5, 2012
kathy l: Try it. Dec 5, 2012
Barbara K: want to try it Dec 5, 2012
Amy P: Still looking for the best under eye cream. Dec 5, 2012
ying c: I like Dec 4, 2012
yanqin l: I like it Dec 4, 2012
Anna C: I like to try new products. I've reached the age of 50 and would like to continue pampering my skin. Dec 4, 2012
Jing Z: give it a try Dec 3, 2012
Sheila S: Love this eye cream and love to have samples when I travel Dec 3, 2012
Yangyang L: trying different eye creams Dec 3, 2012
Laury M: curious about how this works Dec 3, 2012
susan e: want to try for myself Dec 3, 2012
Yuesi H: I have dark circle and small wrinkle problem.I want to try something different. Dec 3, 2012
JILL B: see if I like it Dec 3, 2012
Jeanine S: In desperate need of the perfect eye cream, so I'm branching out. Dec 3, 2012
zuzanna a: want to try Dec 3, 2012
traci r: WANTED TO TRY IT Dec 3, 2012
Barbara N: It had really good reviews Dec 2, 2012
Thalia L: good product Dec 2, 2012
Thalia L: good product Dec 2, 2012
Beverly S: Aging lines and puffiness on eyelids Dec 2, 2012
Mary Ellen M: My eyelids are crepy and sagging. My eyes are puffy when I wake up. I know that Kiehl's will help. Dec 2, 2012
Jeanette F: Eye cream is important and I'd like to see how Kiehls is compared to the normal brand I use Dec 2, 2012
alba m: I love this product Dec 2, 2012
Leonard C: I have never used anything for the skin around my eyes...I want to see if there is a difference after use. Dec 1, 2012
Tanvir A: Because my girlfriend said so. Dec 1, 2012
Alec T: 5 star review on site Nov 30, 2012
Beverley H: just to try something different Nov 30, 2012
Qin H: Randomly choose st for eye Nov 30, 2012
En F: like to try Nov 29, 2012
Hung T: HIgh rating Nov 25, 2012
Li C: I want to try a ney eye treatment Nov 25, 2012
Mengting S: I have eye problems Nov 25, 2012
Roberta V. M: I want to see the dark circles fade. Let's see if there's an improvement. Nov 25, 2012
Amy P: never tried it Nov 25, 2012
Karen N: Want to try it Nov 25, 2012
Jingyi Z: to solve my dark circle problem Nov 25, 2012
Andrea G: Never tried it. Nov 25, 2012
Jing X: try Nov 25, 2012
Gyseon B: I'll try before I buy later. Nov 24, 2012
Annabelle T: Perfect for firming, nourishing & diminishing fine lines. I graduated from the Avocado eye cream as I aged, but my daughter uses it now. Nov 24, 2012
Trina D: Wanted to try some firming under my brow Nov 24, 2012
june w: just to try Nov 24, 2012
MIN-YOUNG J: i want to use this one Nov 24, 2012
Tingli Y: wanna to try Nov 23, 2012
wenman l: GOOD Nov 23, 2012
Kui C: try Nov 23, 2012
Li Z: eye is important to women. Nov 23, 2012
Yuyuan P: Dont know what other to choose Nov 23, 2012
Deanna B: I would like to try various eye treatments to find an effective one. Nov 23, 2012
Alison S: I can't decide what eye treatment/ moisturizer duo to use! They all feel so wonderful, and my skin looks better after all of them. So, I try to keep them all around. Nov 23, 2012
Daiwei C: wanna try Nov 23, 2012
Yongxia H: looking for a good eye product Nov 23, 2012
Hui Z: try eye product for fine line Nov 23, 2012
Liping X: nice Nov 23, 2012
cindy w: It got good reviews Nov 23, 2012
Zheng Y: like to try Nov 22, 2012
huiqiong c: based on customer review Nov 22, 2012
Tao Q: like it Nov 22, 2012
Jeremy F: It's rated 5 stars. Nov 22, 2012
Jie H: I'd like all eyes products Nov 22, 2012
Dan W: eye looking young, and you looking younger! Nov 22, 2012
Xi Z: Random Nov 22, 2012
Longteng T: I heard from my friends that this product is very good. I want to try it. Nov 22, 2012
Wandi W: I'm looking for a new eye cream, so I wanna try this one Nov 22, 2012
Pan Y: haven't use it before, so try Nov 22, 2012
Chiu-Ju H: just want to try it Nov 22, 2012
zixuan z: my first time to try this Nov 22, 2012
Jing W: want to try Nov 22, 2012
ZHUOHAO Z: never use, want to try Nov 22, 2012
YUANYU J: never use, want to try Nov 22, 2012
Yushan L: i just want to tyr Nov 21, 2012
FNU N: try new one Nov 21, 2012
Denise W: crows feet Nov 20, 2012
Harry Z: try to find best eye treatment Nov 19, 2012
zilin z: good Nov 19, 2012
Judy H: Had lots of red hearts, so trying it Nov 19, 2012
elaine b: gift Nov 19, 2012
Ainslie R: New to product, have no tried it previously Nov 19, 2012
Jiefei Y: for my mum whose eyes needs more firmness Nov 19, 2012
Susan V: always looking for eye treatments that work Nov 18, 2012
Bernadine B: I'm 65, need I say more : ) Nov 18, 2012
Carlotta M: "I would like to try out different eye treatments" Nov 18, 2012
xuanbai j: good Nov 17, 2012
Karyl R: Great eye cream to firm the eye area AND prepare it for eye makeup. Love it! Nov 17, 2012
Xiangchun G: REVIEW Nov 17, 2012
Miaomiao Z: try sth new Nov 17, 2012
Angela C: I have also heard good reviews about this product and I don't have an eye treatment to add to my collection so I thought why not try this one. Nov 16, 2012
RONG Y: I WANT TO TRY. Nov 16, 2012
alexis l: it works, Nov 16, 2012
Fan Z: wanna try Nov 16, 2012
Suzanne S: curious Nov 15, 2012
Yi L: Look for eye treatment. Just have a try. Nov 15, 2012
John H: why not? Nov 15, 2012
Debbie L: try Nov 15, 2012
jue w: i want to try this new item. Nov 15, 2012
Anna H: I'm looking for a good eye cream! Nov 15, 2012
DIYL z: excellent Nov 15, 2012
Jingjing L: Just want to try a new eye cream. Nov 15, 2012
Yingjun Z: 5-star reviews Nov 15, 2012
minne x: want to try a new eye cream Nov 14, 2012
Huizi X: try something new Nov 14, 2012
Dongqian Z: I want to improve wrinckles under my eyes. Nov 14, 2012
Bei W: best review Nov 14, 2012
ao z: for my friends Nov 14, 2012
adelina b: my eyes need help Nov 14, 2012
Lesong C: want to have a try Nov 14, 2012
Alice Y: Need to concentrate on treatment on eyes Nov 14, 2012
Qian Y: reduce eye lines Nov 14, 2012
Quanhe W: Want to see how good in wrinkles and dark circles Nov 13, 2012
FANG Y: want to try Nov 13, 2012
Catlin U: I am looking for a new under-eye treatment Nov 13, 2012
Niela M: convenient for traveling Nov 13, 2012
jessica a: I have crow feet around my eyes. Nov 5, 2012
Bobbi H: Great way to try this product. Nov 5, 2012
VALERIE W: Im over 50 i need all the firming i can get :) Nov 5, 2012
Victoria H: Looked good for lines around my eyes. Nov 4, 2012
Virginia S G: to prevent wrinkles Nov 4, 2012
Alice L: I want to see if this is a better eye treatment than I am using. Nov 4, 2012
Sarah W: To try it Nov 4, 2012
Deborah T: Why else wrinkles :) Nov 3, 2012
Angie C: To see if it works. Nov 3, 2012
Nan M: just to try it Nov 3, 2012
Amy Y: I want my eyes to rest but I don't want to pay for it because I'm a teenager yet! Nov 2, 2012
Maria C: Would like to see how it works. Nov 2, 2012
Denise A: Curious Nov 2, 2012
Nov 1, 2012
marjorie t: highly rated Nov 1, 2012
Matthew A: I'd like to try if it works Oct 31, 2012
Dianne M: thought it might make my eyes look younger Oct 31, 2012
Sandra S: Looking for a good eye cream Oct 31, 2012
Stephanie S: For my sister's bday present. Perfect for winter. Oct 30, 2012
Jon V: wanted to try Oct 29, 2012
Michelle K: Who doesn't want to lessen the aged look around the eyes???? Oct 29, 2012
Jon V: wanted to try it Oct 29, 2012
Amy K: since my three kids my eyes are sagging a bit Oct 29, 2012
Janelle O: Sounded interesting. Oct 28, 2012
Catherine W: eyes are puffy Oct 28, 2012
Donnithe P: I wanted to try it out. Oct 28, 2012
k m: Well who doesn't need their eyes firmed?! Oct 28, 2012
Jean L: It had 5 star rating Oct 28, 2012
Billie Jo W: due to the reviews, hope it is good and they offer deals so I can then order a liter pump Oct 28, 2012
Marti L: customers reviews Oct 28, 2012
Harriet J: trying product Oct 28, 2012
Marilyn K: Firming solution Oct 28, 2012
Felicia P: Looking for a good eye cream Oct 28, 2012
Marianne R: always need help with eye wrinkles Oct 28, 2012
Ying Ming C: Based on the review Oct 28, 2012
Elizabeth S: To try and see if it helps my eye issue. Oct 28, 2012
Erika F: I really wanted to try an eye creme and so I chose it Oct 28, 2012
Marjorie C: Looking for eye firming cream Oct 27, 2012
Crystal C: Because I am getting older and would like to see if this will be something I'd like to buy in the future... Oct 27, 2012
Therese K: great reviews Oct 27, 2012
Cherie F: Just hoping it helps! Oct 27, 2012
Fred T: Wife. Oct 27, 2012
Susan S: Good reviews and have never tried it. Oct 27, 2012
Yvonne S: Good reviews Oct 27, 2012
Susan M: want to keep my eyes firm Oct 27, 2012
Ann L: who wouldn't want fewer lines around the eyes? Oct 27, 2012
Lois M: Sounds like it will work very well. Oct 26, 2012
ronnie l: want to change my daily product Oct 26, 2012
Carla E: wanted to try Oct 26, 2012
JULIET H: want to try on the bags under my eyes Oct 26, 2012
Karen D: Eyelids sag and thought this might help. Oct 26, 2012
Susan K: Would like to try it Oct 26, 2012
Debra R: Everyone needs eye help! Your products are so superior. I'm sure this one follows suitr! Oct 26, 2012
kathy s: I am 53. enough said. Oct 26, 2012
Barbara S: Always search for good eye products. Oct 26, 2012
Gladys T: Would like to try and compare with my current one. Oct 26, 2012
Judy S: want to try Oct 26, 2012
Sara M: Looked interesting Oct 26, 2012
Dawn W: I have dark circles under my eyes, so I am always looking for a product to make this better. Oct 26, 2012
Leslie M: Saw the good rating and wanted to try it. Oct 26, 2012
Roberta E: To give it a try Oct 26, 2012
Sheila T: to see if I would buy this in the future Oct 25, 2012
Marianne B: My daughter needs this. Oct 25, 2012
Nina C: looking for a quality, effective eye firming product! Oct 25, 2012
Shati C: I need some good hydration around my eyes without all the funky chemical laden products sold today. So I'm really looking forward to trying this product. Oct 25, 2012
Elizabeth A B: Just want to try it for my eyes Oct 25, 2012
Michelle K: Always looking for a good eye cream Oct 25, 2012
Barbara K: Have not tried this and want to continue to maintain great skin around my eyes. Oct 25, 2012
Rapheal R: will try Oct 25, 2012
Denise A: i need help in that area Oct 25, 2012
angela m: I need firm skin around my eyes Oct 25, 2012
Barbara W: Good customer reviews Oct 25, 2012
Theresa C: I am looking for an eye firming solution so I would like to try this one by ordering a sample. If it works, I will order the product. Oct 24, 2012
Saritha C: See above! Oct 24, 2012
vilma d: I WANT TO TRY Oct 24, 2012
Won Sue L: my friend's recommendation Oct 24, 2012
Jessica K: Looking for new eye cream Oct 23, 2012
jian g l: friend say this is good Oct 23, 2012
M Suzanne L: AGING EYES Oct 23, 2012
Andrew D: I am looking for a good eye lotion to combat puffiness, wrinkles, and dark circles. Oct 23, 2012
Elizabeth W: Under Eye Area is feeling a little 'loose' Oct 22, 2012
amy h: dark circle Oct 21, 2012
Janice D: Like the reviews and thought I'd give it a try Oct 21, 2012
Barbara M: I am new to Kiehl's products Oct 21, 2012
najwa f: try the product Oct 21, 2012
Regina R: to try it Oct 21, 2012
Randee B: I wanted to try this, to see if I like it. Oct 20, 2012
Michael L: I'm nearly 40 and lost about 40 pounds recently and need to firm up under my eyes as a result of both so I thought I'd give this a try. Oct 20, 2012
MELINDA M Z: to treat wrinkles around the eye area Oct 19, 2012
Jeff B: At my age who couldn't use a little firmness around the eyes. Oct 19, 2012
Heather W: I want to try it. Oct 19, 2012
Jean L: I think natural marine ingredients in this firming eye cream will work without causing any side effects! Oct 19, 2012
Mary S: Use Kinerase..wanting to switch over to this brand.. Oct 18, 2012
LIHUA C: sounds good,want try it! Oct 17, 2012
JoAnn G: Wanted to try it. Oct 17, 2012
Kim G: i like to try anyting eye treating Oct 17, 2012
Kent T: Never tried it. Oct 17, 2012
Kelly M: getting some baggyness under eyes Oct 16, 2012
jillian k: dont know Oct 16, 2012
Beatrice R: to help make my eyes look more awake Oct 16, 2012
Cyrus M: interested in trying product Oct 16, 2012
Judy H: Trying to help the bags underneath my eyes. Oct 15, 2012
Gayle H: I have baggy eyes Oct 15, 2012
Judy R: Under eye dark circles and bags Oct 15, 2012
Betty F: Looking for good eye cream Oct 15, 2012
BIenvenido G: maybe Linette may want to try it Oct 15, 2012
Suamy V: Just to try Oct 14, 2012
Rachel B: I want to try it Oct 14, 2012
judy a: I like the other cryste marine products, so I thought I'd try this. Oct 14, 2012
Lynette D: trying Oct 14, 2012
Lynette D: Want to try. Oct 14, 2012
Wenhsin C: other people's suggestion Oct 13, 2012
Nancy O: In need of new eye cream and wanted to try this one. Oct 13, 2012
Joan K H: I hope that ths product is what it say it is to many product lie and then your unhappy I amhoping to be happy with this choce Oct 13, 2012
Yaxi L: it's good Oct 13, 2012
Eileen H: need firming in eye area Oct 12, 2012
Cindy M: try something new. Oct 11, 2012
Hangyan C: Friend told me Oct 10, 2012
Ellen E: Comparing this to a brand to which I'm very loyal, but is VERY expensive. Oct 9, 2012
Laura P: interest in eye products Oct 9, 2012
Mary F: for fun I guess. I suppose eye treatment isn't that fun though. Oct 9, 2012
Lynn C: Wanted to try it out. Oct 8, 2012
Clare K: I can never have too many travel-size eye creams (i.e. not in a heavy glass jar) and a packet usually gives you enough to determine if you like it or not. Oct 8, 2012
sandra h: the info sounded like something i had not yet tried before..... Oct 8, 2012
Carolyn G: decided to try before I buy Oct 7, 2012
Arma T: Just to try it. Oct 5, 2012
Linda P: multiple lines and wrinkles Oct 5, 2012
Stephanie S: Great Reviews and I would love something for my eyes Oct 5, 2012
Mary V V: Have loose skin around eyes....hoping it will firm it up a little....If i see it works I will purchase. Oct 4, 2012
Tatiana D: no reason Oct 4, 2012
Linda G: I have puffy eyes with crows feet. Oct 4, 2012
XIAODONG B: is good Oct 4, 2012
Ciel L: just to try Oct 3, 2012
Brian M: wrinkles Oct 3, 2012
Younhee S: I want to try this. Oct 1, 2012
Kay R: great Oct 1, 2012
Luci B H: I'm 64 and can always use Eye Cream for sure! Sep 30, 2012
Michael S: Want to try something on my eyes Sep 30, 2012
lubelia f: I want to try if it works better than the cream I use Sep 30, 2012
Sandra H: always need eyecream while traveling Sep 30, 2012
Marie S: I wanted to try it out. Sep 30, 2012
Danielle R: Because I have never tried it before Sep 29, 2012
Doyeon P: my eyes are also dry as my face. i think this one is rich one. Sep 28, 2012
Barbara D: Same thing, just to see if it will firm the skin around my eyes. Sep 28, 2012
Linzi Z: choose randomly Sep 28, 2012
Kimberly R: Need eye bag relief. Sep 28, 2012
Rebekah P: Could always use some firming around the eyes. Wanted to try it. Sep 27, 2012
Linh L: wrinkles Sep 26, 2012
Christine F: Would like to try this. Sep 26, 2012
Antje S: currently not using any eye treatment Sep 25, 2012
Brent W: Trying it Sep 25, 2012
Ling L: want to try out Sep 24, 2012
Samson V: crowe's feet Sep 24, 2012
Zhao L: want to try new Sep 24, 2012
Nora S: looking for a good eye cream Sep 24, 2012
Jane W H: I've used this treatment recently and want to compare the texture and feel to the Rose Artica eye cream I just purchased Sep 24, 2012
Jane L: need an eye treatment Sep 24, 2012
Nikki R: To see if it will assist with my dark circles and puffiness under my eyes. Sep 24, 2012
Randy V: Have tried it. Sep 24, 2012
Debbie W: I have previously used a marine product that I liked. Sep 24, 2012
Zhen C: random Sep 24, 2012
HA LIM K: wanna try Sep 24, 2012
rui z: good Sep 24, 2012
Meghan L: Firming sounds good to me... Sep 24, 2012
Heather W: to see if I like it Sep 24, 2012
Raschel Z: just a guess Sep 24, 2012
Tamara S: been looking for a good eye cream to deminish dark circles Sep 24, 2012
wei w: looks good Sep 23, 2012
Lisa S: I have dark circles under my eyes Sep 23, 2012
Jessica C: I want to try an eye treatment, hopefully this will help reduce my crow's feet and bags. Sep 23, 2012
Amy M: want to try Sep 23, 2012
Runmin Y: want to try it for making choices in the future Sep 23, 2012
Xiaoxue Y: "i need a eye cream, so i want to try one Sep 23, 2012
Lorraine M: I tried the Abyssine eye cream and want to try this one. Sep 23, 2012
Marguerite K: just to see Sep 23, 2012
Susan T: To try it. Sep 23, 2012
NGA WING L: WANNA TRY Sep 23, 2012
Tami M: Want to try it. Sep 23, 2012
Dalena D: try to get rid of that tired eyes Sep 23, 2012
Diane G: trying it out. Sep 22, 2012
Valerie G: just to see Sep 22, 2012
Patricia T: Want to try for future use. Sep 22, 2012
Marsha N: try out Sep 22, 2012
mengshan c: my skin around eyes area is very fragile and dry, especially during the winter time in Chicago. The avocado eye cream was my favorite and I've been using this for years. Now I wanna try something new. Sep 22, 2012
DI H: Give to my mum. :P Sep 22, 2012
Marie P: I heard this is great. Sep 21, 2012
Tracy H: WANT TO TRY Sep 21, 2012
Edith C: I wanted to try. I used to use your other eye cream. Sep 21, 2012
Michelle E: Giving this a try based on the reviews Sep 21, 2012
Sannuella N: My eyes needs firming, upper lids are drooping Sep 21, 2012
Shu Min L: looking for new eye cream Sep 21, 2012
CARREN K: just wanna try it. Sep 20, 2012
carolyn s: Wrinkles around the house Sep 20, 2012
Joan H: To see if it would help the puffiness under my eyes. Sep 20, 2012
Anne F: Need a new eye cream Sep 20, 2012
cath g: sounds yummy Sep 20, 2012
Jingrui Y: want to try Sep 20, 2012
Robert l: new to me wanted to try Sep 20, 2012
brooke g: new eye treatment to try instead of rose arctica Sep 20, 2012
Gabrielle V: always looking for good eye products. Sep 20, 2012
Mary Alice K: trying to find a new cream. Sep 19, 2012
Ye S: want to give it a try Sep 19, 2012
Kathy M: Would like to see how it works. Sep 19, 2012
Hillary F: i'm getting old and have some lines around my eyes that i need help with Sep 19, 2012
Tongjun G: Want to try it whether it is good or not Sep 19, 2012
Shuting H: wanna try Sep 19, 2012
Cheng Y: new for me, just want to try. Sep 19, 2012
Marilyn C: problem area. Sep 19, 2012
Joan G: wanted to try Sep 19, 2012
David C: Trying out before buying. Sep 19, 2012
BEIBEI W: try Sep 19, 2012
Xiaoxue Y: i need a eye cream, so i want to try one Sep 19, 2012
Lisa L: good product Sep 18, 2012
Yuning W: I got pouch problem Sep 18, 2012
wei j: I want have a try. Sep 18, 2012
xuan z: try it Sep 18, 2012
Lei Y: have a try Sep 18, 2012
Jorie C: looking for something for the dark circles and sagging under my eyes Sep 18, 2012
Kimberly G: like to try Sep 18, 2012
Yu T: have a try Sep 18, 2012
LEI W: my friend recommend to me Sep 18, 2012
yihe W: want to try it. Sep 18, 2012
Wenxiao S: reviews online Sep 18, 2012
Xiaonan H: for mother Sep 18, 2012
Victoria M: Who doesn't want firmer eyes? :) Sep 18, 2012
lisa b: wanted to try Sep 18, 2012
melissa b: puffiness and dark circles, hoping for some relief Sep 17, 2012
Margaret S: I have crow's feet Sep 16, 2012
James F: Wanted to try before buying. Sep 16, 2012
Ariadne A: Have never tried it and make a point to try all of your products at some point. Sep 16, 2012
Eufemio C: Try out for future use Sep 16, 2012
Serena R: to give it a try Sep 16, 2012
Anna N: I like Cryste Marine so wanted to try this. Sep 16, 2012
Rene G: i like this product in past, wanted to retry. Sep 14, 2012
Erin B: Want to try it. Sep 13, 2012
Sara S: looking for a good eye cream, would like to try this bc interested in perhaps purchasing Sep 13, 2012
Juanita C: Need help with aging eyes Sep 11, 2012
kevin s: i feel old and tired today Sep 11, 2012
dongqing x: According to internet, it is suitable for Asian girls. Sep 10, 2012
Wendy C: compare with other eye creams Sep 10, 2012
Erica M: looking for a new eye cream Sep 10, 2012
Joan L: I am not pleased with my current product and I am looking for another one that does the job. Sep 10, 2012
Nancy G: just trying it Sep 10, 2012
connie c: need eye cream and the description seems right for me Sep 10, 2012
Yiwen Y: It states that reduce the black eye circle Sep 9, 2012
Xi Z: need eye care Sep 9, 2012
Julie H: same reason Sep 9, 2012
Keri C: Looking for eye treatment. Sep 7, 2012
sabrina k: i like the fact that it's ingredient from the see Sep 6, 2012
NA L: I don't know how about it ? Just try it. Sep 5, 2012
Jackie H: just wanted to try this. Sep 4, 2012
Paul H: Trying a new product. Sep 4, 2012
Ashley F: I've always used the abysnne or line reducing eye treatment, think my eyes are getting older so thought I'd try this for a 'change'. Sep 4, 2012
mingxia h: want to try if it works for eye lines Sep 3, 2012
Katalin W: looking for non allergic product Sep 3, 2012
Linda D: Wanted to try a different product. Sep 2, 2012
Yvonne L: I love most of the products from Kiehl's and wanted to try the skin care line Sep 1, 2012
Jan T: I want to try it. Aug 31, 2012
Monica S: I have wrinkles around my eye now, I know this will help. I am trying this for the first time, this usually ends up with another purchase, as all my samples have in the past! Aug 31, 2012
Kailin F: Never tried it, curious about it. Aug 31, 2012
Mariana O: I'm very curious about the cryste marine collection! Aug 30, 2012
Rachael J: I love trying new eye creams. This is a line I hadn't heard of before. Aug 30, 2012
Kathleen C M: Want to try it based on some of your other eye products. Ever hopeful... Aug 29, 2012
xiangjun g: I want to buy some eye cream in next month,so I try first.
if you can give me more sample, I will buy soon. thanks!
Aug 28, 2012
Lynn H: Help with bags under eyes Aug 28, 2012
warren b: Like your products. Thought I'd try this along with the moisturizer. Aug 28, 2012
Derik S: Seems to help under eye puffiness. Aug 28, 2012
Sue Ann D: gift- looking for a good, easy to use eye treatment for aging skin. Aug 27, 2012
Jamie F: Have not ever tried and looking for new under-eye firming product Aug 27, 2012
Tory S: Need a good eye cream and want to try this out Aug 26, 2012
Web S: Still have yet to find an eye cream that actually does anything (I currently use Facial Fuel's eye depuffing stick - honestly, I don't think it does much and it's been a little disappointing to me). I've used others before with the same outcomes. Willing to try anything that actually works! Aug 26, 2012
Helen O: curious to see how this would work after a tough day...:) Aug 26, 2012
Karen P: wanted to try it Aug 26, 2012
Ji X: need eye cream Aug 25, 2012
Gwen F: Wanted to try it. Aug 24, 2012
Evelyn B: I want to try it. Aug 23, 2012
Lisa J: Keeps the skin around my eyes firm and soft and drastically reduces dark circles. Aug 23, 2012
shannon r: my eyes are dark and aging Aug 23, 2012
Kaye W: need a good eye cream for firmness Aug 23, 2012
CAROLYN D: like to keep my eyes looking nice Aug 22, 2012
Sandra P: crows feet Aug 22, 2012
Marina B: Wanted to try it out. Aug 22, 2012
Tisha B: I have used the cream before and figured this would work lovely under my eyes. Aug 21, 2012
DEBRA O: Have used before & like it Aug 21, 2012
Lisa B: I'm looking for a new eye treatment. Aug 21, 2012
Gina M: want to try on dark circles Aug 18, 2012
You Bin L: I need eye cream so I want to try some. Aug 18, 2012
elizabeth d: hoping it is as helpful to my eyes as marine firming cream has been to my face... Aug 18, 2012
Lynnda H: Aging eyes - need help. Aug 17, 2012
Beverly R: to try Aug 16, 2012
Jiabin Z: this is great product! Love it! Aug 15, 2012
Margaret Y: Because I've yet to find a eye firming treatment that actually "firms". Aug 14, 2012
Terry F: I have dark circles under my eyes Aug 14, 2012
Jackie M: I have puffy under eyes occasionally Aug 13, 2012
Marsha N: Again--I use Avon Anew and want to try this to see if it is better Aug 13, 2012
xi l: just try Aug 13, 2012
xi l: just try Aug 13, 2012
Laurie S: This is another freebe & is specificly for the eye area ! THanks for all the samples ! Aug 12, 2012
Eileen F: to try Aug 12, 2012
Carol N: I like that it came in a little travel jar. Aug 12, 2012
Cece B: I have wrinkles under my eyes and want to see if this will help Aug 11, 2012
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