Facial Fuel Sample

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Facial Fuel Sample
Already Asked: 1 Question, 887 Answers
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Patricia T: New Sep 22, 2014
Annette M: For hubby Sep 22, 2014
xiaobin d: sb Sep 21, 2014
Shari Z: Just wanted to try it. Sep 21, 2014
Monika C: Trying out Sep 21, 2014
Philip B: travel Sep 20, 2014
Yunjeong C: . Sep 19, 2014
Ying Y: try it Sep 19, 2014
Qiang L: very good quality Sep 17, 2014
Christine L: husband has been using Sep 17, 2014
Holly B: melasma Sep 16, 2014
Lori H: looking to try more wrinkle creams Sep 15, 2014
Kimberly S: trying it Sep 15, 2014
Yanhua W: Try Sep 15, 2014
Dan H: My sister asked me to do so. Sep 15, 2014
James S: Enjoyed the other samples of it I used Sep 14, 2014
Christie H: I wanted to try it. Sep 14, 2014
John K: For brother in-law to try. Sep 14, 2014
Mary H: sounded like something good to try Sep 14, 2014
andrea c: fun name Sep 13, 2014
Weili Z: Just try it Sep 13, 2014
Nathaniel M: Wanted smaller size for travel Sep 12, 2014
Jill D: Will check it out. Sep 12, 2014
Ralph A: Try new product Sep 12, 2014
Jennifer L: I liked it Sep 11, 2014
lisa d: try it out Sep 11, 2014
Todd N: To use when I travel. Sep 11, 2014
Hong P: running out Sep 10, 2014
Hsiu-Hua C: Want to give a try. Sep 10, 2014
Angela G: Just to try. Probably for my hubby. Sep 8, 2014
kasey s: because there was hardly anything to choose from Sep 8, 2014
Helen R: Just wanted to try it. Sep 8, 2014
Chunyanuch T: Try Sep 7, 2014
Julia C: None Sep 7, 2014
Amy F: because Sep 6, 2014
Ally K: I've never tried it before. Sep 6, 2014
Manli C: I like it Sep 5, 2014
Shuai R: for my boyfriend use Sep 4, 2014
Sarah C: My husband loves it. Sep 3, 2014
Jonathan N: A Sep 1, 2014
Peggy B: never used before Aug 30, 2014
Synthia W: wanted to try it Aug 29, 2014
Carolyn F S: friend asked for it Aug 29, 2014
qiaoyun Z: GOOD Aug 28, 2014
YOUWEN W: IT WORKS Aug 28, 2014
Petra M: Free Aug 27, 2014
terri m: want to try Aug 26, 2014
Perry G: no reason Aug 25, 2014
Matthew E: no clue Aug 25, 2014
Qi W: like to try now Aug 24, 2014
MONA S: I don't know what it is and would like to try it. Aug 23, 2014
Nancy R: want to try Aug 22, 2014
Kimberly D: just to try Aug 22, 2014
Matthew B: Mens facial wash/moisturizer Aug 22, 2014
Dorothy E: because it's cream Aug 22, 2014
Reem E: Like Aug 21, 2014
Karen C: wanted to try a new product Aug 21, 2014
J.C. T: I have a friend who would benefit from your products. So I ordered this for him. Aug 21, 2014
Cynthia S: not sure Aug 21, 2014
Bobbie H: DON'T WANT TO DO SURVEY Aug 21, 2014
diane c: never tried it Aug 21, 2014
regina j s: need lots of help for my aging face Aug 21, 2014
Sarah W: Just wanted to see what it's like Aug 21, 2014
CHRISTINA J: curious to see what this is like Aug 19, 2014
Jonathan R: Free Aug 19, 2014
SANGMIN P: it doesn't have any reasons Aug 19, 2014
Shelly L: Sounds appealing Aug 19, 2014
roberta r: my face needs fuel :) Aug 18, 2014
Shaundelle D: REVIEWS Aug 18, 2014
Chinawatchara N: I like it. Aug 17, 2014
Lyn G: f Aug 17, 2014
Maria Theresa L: ENJOY THIS PRODUCT Aug 17, 2014
Teryosha A: wanted to try Aug 15, 2014
Brian M: I Aug 15, 2014
sean h: u asked me 2 Aug 14, 2014
marie-claude g: Curious Aug 13, 2014
Linghua K: For my friend Aug 12, 2014
Joanne H: Getting this for my hubby :) Aug 11, 2014
Dawn Q: My husbands favorite Aug 10, 2014
Carlos R: Already LOVE it! Aug 10, 2014
Linda R: for the man of the house.. he needs good skin treats too.. Aug 10, 2014
Roberta H: T Aug 9, 2014
Kenneth K: already use it Aug 9, 2014
WENHUI L: great product Aug 9, 2014
Andrew E: Like trying different facial cleansers. Aug 9, 2014
Schuyler M: try it Aug 7, 2014
Laura C: My husband uses it Aug 5, 2014
Frank L: Recommended by Service Rep.- Toni Aug 5, 2014
Shigang R: Because of recommendation from friend. Aug 4, 2014
Margaret E: try it Aug 2, 2014
Anne S: curious Jul 31, 2014
nancy a: want to try it Jul 24, 2014
Tamara D: . Jul 23, 2014
Joseph C: Want to try something new. Jul 21, 2014
Yun Z: give it a try Jul 21, 2014
David V: I chose this to have a handy travel size for quick trips Jul 17, 2014
Sung M: Want to try Jul 16, 2014
Ada R: Just trying a new product Jul 15, 2014
Deepa S: to try Jul 12, 2014
zheying w: what? Jul 8, 2014
S T: trying Jul 8, 2014
Sean C: I have used it before and like it. Jul 2, 2014
brian f: Good size for one-two day trips, easy to pack inot that 3 oz bag. Jul 1, 2014
Sean A: Are you kidding? Jun 30, 2014
kirsten i: I've never tried this. Jun 30, 2014
zhiyun c: first time try Jun 30, 2014
Carolyn S: Best option Jun 30, 2014
Stephanie H: For my husband Jun 29, 2014
sheri s: sounds good Jun 29, 2014
Abigail F: Wanted to try a new moisturizer. I use a drug store one and I want to try something nice. Jun 26, 2014
thomas t: i wanted to try. Jun 26, 2014
Kimberly S: is sounds like it will be really good for the face. Jun 25, 2014
Monserrate G: Name Jun 23, 2014
Nick R: New to me. Jun 23, 2014
ying d: good Jun 21, 2014
Steven D: It was free. Jun 20, 2014
Christina B: Wanted to see what a "men's" facial cleanser would be like because, like, it's just skin regardless of gender? Jun 20, 2014
John R: Like Jun 20, 2014
Isabell V: See what it's like Jun 19, 2014
XIAO T: very like Jun 17, 2014
Dreama S: want to try it. Jun 17, 2014
Beatrice C: To try it Jun 16, 2014
Jordan C: heard good things about facial fuel Jun 16, 2014
Janet C: Husband currently uses this every day. Jun 16, 2014
Jessica H: I just want to try it Jun 15, 2014
Lihua C: Hope it will surprise me. Jun 15, 2014
Pamela W: It was free Jun 14, 2014
Neil H: Want to try Jun 14, 2014
Cathy A: For my husband. Jun 14, 2014
Marilene B: I want try . Jun 13, 2014
Joseph M: Because I use it all the time, and I can take this on my travels. Jun 13, 2014
Kathy J: Free Jun 12, 2014
craig d: travel Jun 12, 2014
RIckey G: na Jun 12, 2014
huiling L: want to have a try if it works for me or not Jun 12, 2014
Adriana K: interesting Jun 11, 2014
Kathleen D: New Jun 11, 2014
OLynne N: ? Jun 10, 2014
Miho A: I just wanted to try Jun 9, 2014
Paul B: I use this regularly but dont want to travel with full bottle. So, I use the samples when I travel. Great product... Jun 9, 2014
Robert B: No specific reason Jun 9, 2014
Eunice C: for travel Jun 9, 2014
Denise K: Love the body lotion so look forward to trying different facial products. Jun 8, 2014
Mary S: For my Son. He loves them. Jun 8, 2014
Kimberly T: To be honest, the word "energizing" got my attention. I've never used it and it sounded like it would be good for those days when you just can't get going and need that extra push. Jun 8, 2014
Linda O: for a friend Jun 7, 2014
Ed s: My husband's favorite: has been using for the past 30 years, nothing else compares, Jun 6, 2014
Gregg S: no clue Jun 5, 2014
Heather L: An excellent, simple facial cleanser! Not just for the boys. Jun 5, 2014
Melissa H: first time trying iy Jun 5, 2014
roger n: because of what was in print Jun 5, 2014
scott s: to try it Jun 4, 2014
Sheila S: h Jun 3, 2014
JAMES R: I Saw it on Steve Harvet TV show recently Jun 1, 2014
jung pu y: try it May 31, 2014
Kristin S: Always looking for new face products May 30, 2014
Tiana G: I want my husband to try it. May 30, 2014
Debbie H: free May 30, 2014
Anne V: I wonder what it's like! May 30, 2014
Susan E: WANTED TO TRY IT. May 29, 2014
Nancy V: like the idea of fuel for my skin May 28, 2014
shane m: can bring with me to the gym May 27, 2014
Lauren Marie B: I want to try this. May 26, 2014
Thomas O: It rocks my morning shower. May 26, 2014
Michael M: n/a May 24, 2014
Valerie J: Just to try it. May 24, 2014
Laurent M: Soft May 23, 2014
Steven M: Just to try it. May 21, 2014
Frances S: Need treatment on my wrinkles May 19, 2014
John E: Facial fuels do help- keep the skin clean,so when I travel I don't fall off and use hotel soaps etc. May 19, 2014
Kathleen D: sound s promising May 19, 2014
tomysyne h: just wanted to try May 19, 2014
michael c: refreshing May 19, 2014
Robert E: marketed to men and contains word "fuel" (silly, i know) May 19, 2014
Marla A: I use lots of Kiehls products, but have never tried this one...thought it would be good to try May 19, 2014
Peggy C: curious May 19, 2014
Holly C: i like to try out new face creams May 19, 2014
Marlon M: I like this prod May 19, 2014
MARIE T: can not comment; have not tried it yet May 19, 2014
Jeffrey K: Travel purposes May 19, 2014
Diane B: son uses May 19, 2014
Marilyn S: Wanted to try May 19, 2014
Michelle B: For the sunscreen and skincare benefits May 19, 2014
Allison B: for my fiance May 19, 2014
Karl V: Interested in trying Kiehl's facial cleaning products May 19, 2014
Joel H: It helps the dry skin on my face. May 19, 2014
megan c: sounds cool May 19, 2014
Linglong L: to try it out May 19, 2014
sarah m: Love the p rod u ct May 18, 2014
Lani L: to try May 18, 2014
Anastasia A: Interested in trying May 18, 2014
Lynne P: sounds good May 18, 2014
David F: IT WAS FREE May 18, 2014
Jay B: Used before and samples are great for traveling. May 18, 2014
Lundy T: Always looking for a super-hydrating moisturizer. May 18, 2014
Daniel M: great product May 18, 2014
Greg W: Use it currently...good product. May 18, 2014
Catherine S: My focus in using Kiehl's products is on my face, so those are the samples I tend to try. May 18, 2014
Debra E: Have not tried yet May 18, 2014
Diane G: Want to try it May 18, 2014
Yu Y: would like to have a try May 18, 2014
Janis K: Just curious? May 17, 2014
Eunjae C: I will try this one May 17, 2014
Laura G: Want to try out new products. May 17, 2014
Kathleen D: for my son May 17, 2014
Kathleen K: Have used this before May 17, 2014
kathleen b: popular May 17, 2014
Todd L: Ditto May 17, 2014
Jean M: I need all the help I can get! May 17, 2014
Sayumi T: It is highly rated, and want to see what the fuss is about May 17, 2014
Ashley D: Makes my eyes feel awake and revived after a long day or a restless night of little sleep. May 16, 2014
linda k: thought I would try it. May 16, 2014
Kristin K: to try May 16, 2014
yuanyuan L: like May 15, 2014
Ryan O: other product I use; like to have samples to travel with May 13, 2014
Christen S: To Try May 7, 2014
Christine G: I always need help with my skin. May 5, 2014
Min S: Wanted to try May 4, 2014
F. Ewin H: Have used and like it. Apr 29, 2014
Alex McLane S: Enjoy product Apr 25, 2014
Tatia S: great for travel Apr 21, 2014
Daniel M: great for travel Apr 18, 2014
Liz J: to try it for my husband. He love it. Apr 18, 2014
Christa S: Curious what the Fuel is Apr 8, 2014
Travis H: "This is an excellent product that produces great results Apr 4, 2014
David T: I had previously bought it, changed to facial moisturizer, and would like to compare the two now that I can tell the difference. Mar 30, 2014
Pamela R: Gave as gift. Mar 27, 2014
Caroline D: For my husband to try out Mar 24, 2014
Joseph B: You offer free samples. Mar 24, 2014
Esther S: for my husband Mar 19, 2014
Bryan P: I use this product daily after showering and/or washing my face. Very good, non-greasy moisturizer. Mar 17, 2014
Nenette A: I liked the cleanser so I thought I'd try another product in the Facial Fuel line. Mar 17, 2014
Gregory P: I use facial fuel everyday. I love the stuff. I have very sensitive skin prone to blemishes. This product doesn't break me out. Mar 16, 2014
Brian P: Great for traveling and weekend trips. The samples are actually more than a 1-time use, you can get 2-3 uses out of them. Mar 15, 2014
Elizabeth W: I hope it will help my dry skin Mar 3, 2014
Landis F: The recommendations on the site were strong. Mar 1, 2014
TANG X: what a try Mar 1, 2014
Shon F: for my son Feb 28, 2014
Matthew B: Giving it to a friend to try...He oft buys keihls now cuz of my reccomendations Feb 22, 2014
paul h: need some moisture Feb 19, 2014
Kimberly Q: have not tried Feb 17, 2014
Tommy s: I want to use it, and then my face looks very excited, and there's no need to drink coffee. More importantly, it's free. Feb 12, 2014
Ian B: wanted to give it a try Feb 9, 2014
Robert M: always good to try a new facial cleanser... Feb 9, 2014
Evelyn N: For my husband Feb 8, 2014
Tracey P: Never tried this product. Feb 3, 2014
Nancee D: The name sounds like it works some kind of miracle for the skin! Feb 3, 2014
Cynthia R: Sounds like a great product Feb 2, 2014
Julia M: daughter might like to try it had it sent to her Feb 2, 2014
Katherine M: never used - try it Feb 2, 2014
Lin M: I like this one with the mint scent, very refreshing. Feb 1, 2014
Ingrid L: Skin is dry and dull Jan 30, 2014
Maureen S: gift for son Jan 29, 2014
Reginald B: Haven't bought the moisturizer yet....wanna check out what works best with my other kiehls products. Jan 27, 2014
Herb T: to try Jan 20, 2014
Noah D: pe Jan 20, 2014
Cheryl A: My husband loves this Jan 18, 2014
Mengke Z: want to see what's the different from facial fuel spf15 Jan 16, 2014
antonio a: same Jan 14, 2014
Luodie P: never use this, so i want to try it Jan 14, 2014
Ron H: try Jan 13, 2014
Nelda M: Sounds interesting Jan 11, 2014
Matthias Z: looked for a lotion to prevent sweating after applying a lotion Jan 10, 2014
Jason Z: can use when I travel for work Jan 8, 2014
Kai Li C: In winter my skin needs product like this; I wanted to try this from your range Jan 6, 2014
Jennifer L: Winters dry skin Jan 4, 2014
Marc M: Great to travel with! Dec 31, 2013
Denise C: Want my husband to try a facial lotion with SPF. Dec 31, 2013
Stanley M: No reason Dec 31, 2013
Judith F: not sure now Dec 30, 2013
Robert M: noticed this in the men's section as well..the name is catchy to me. Dec 30, 2013
Ken M: Favorable reviews for Facial Fuel. Dec 30, 2013
Sunnie C: wanted to see if my husband likes this Dec 29, 2013
John E: to try it Dec 29, 2013
Carl K: Great for use as after shave balm. I particularly ike the one with SPF. Dec 29, 2013
Barbara H: want my husband to try it, I love the products, so thought he might too. he uses soap on his face and he is getting older and I thought a better product would be good for him Dec 29, 2013
Lou g: to add to my existing supply Dec 28, 2013
Annie V: to try Dec 28, 2013
Ina B: ... face needs fuel ... Dec 27, 2013
fabianne o: would like to try it. Dec 27, 2013
Xiang X: good Dec 27, 2013
claire e v: no special reason Dec 26, 2013
Camilo B: to try Dec 23, 2013
Gayle G: husband LOVES this Dec 22, 2013
Lu Y: Try Dec 22, 2013
Elizabeth B: Trying it out Dec 19, 2013
jungtek Y: i want to try Dec 19, 2013
Cairenn V: so my hubby can try something new Dec 18, 2013
Abayomi F: need face cream Dec 18, 2013
Paige P: To try Dec 17, 2013
Lorry A: to try it Dec 17, 2013
Carol B: If this works well I may purchase...fuel seems to be the optimum word here. Dec 17, 2013
Chris D: travel bag Dec 17, 2013
Zach T: Give to a friend Dec 16, 2013
Carolyn W: have not used before wanted to try Dec 16, 2013
XINNI L: FREE Dec 14, 2013
Birdie K: cuz I love my daughter's boyfriend! Dec 14, 2013
Juan S: Will be the first time using. Dec 14, 2013
Rachael C: travel pack Dec 14, 2013
Frank S: Trial Dec 13, 2013
Jeanne K: thought it would be nice for short travel, just bought large size Dec 12, 2013
Ana T. W: Gift Dec 11, 2013
Jianlin L: My wife wants to try it Dec 9, 2013
Anne S: to try it Dec 9, 2013
Lance S: I like blue packaging Dec 8, 2013
Rini G: i use it when i travel Dec 7, 2013
Renee Y: nice for travel Dec 6, 2013
Jiang T: no other better choices Dec 6, 2013
Karen S: For my son to try Dec 6, 2013
Louise B: no reason Dec 6, 2013
Stacie M: The Facial Fuel is one of my husband's favorite Dec 6, 2013
Xingchen Y: want it for a long time Dec 6, 2013
Blanca V: Though I would try out to see how it works. Dec 6, 2013
michele b: Not familiar with this product. Would like to give it a try. Dec 5, 2013
Timothy G: I've used this before. This is convenient travel item. Dec 5, 2013
C C: i want to try it out Dec 5, 2013
Qin L: I like it! Dec 5, 2013
Albert C: want to try it Dec 4, 2013
marcie t: my husband needs some kind of fuel to get going at 630 in the morning, maybe it's this Dec 4, 2013
Yu W: I never use it ,but I want try it. Dec 4, 2013
Venessa L: My husband loves it! Dec 4, 2013
michelle l: My skin looks dry in the winter. Dec 4, 2013
Travis L: looks good Dec 4, 2013
Angie F: My husband loves this! Dec 4, 2013
Patrick O: Looking for a good facial moisturizer. Dec 4, 2013
xiuniao m: goog Dec 4, 2013
jiajun p: good Dec 4, 2013
kristin r: wanted to try it for myself Dec 3, 2013
ginger b: not much else to choose from Dec 3, 2013
Xijia W: wanna try Dec 3, 2013
jinsong c: looks ok Dec 3, 2013
Eric F: Travel purposes Dec 3, 2013
Feng L: marvellous stuff Dec 3, 2013
Ian M: Good for travel Dec 3, 2013
Caiping L: Try Dec 3, 2013
Lisa D: try it out Dec 3, 2013
Rebecca C: I don't know Dec 3, 2013
Holly X: I just want to try it. Dec 3, 2013
Pam J: See above...I will choose a product based on the best fit of these 3 samples. Thank you! Dec 3, 2013
Gunnar B: why not? Dec 3, 2013
Anthony W: h Dec 3, 2013
Song W: I think that it can be good for my husband. If he likes it, I will buy the full size for him. Dec 3, 2013
Xu Hua L: try new stuff Dec 3, 2013
Anthony T: try for myself Dec 3, 2013
Erika S: just to try it Dec 3, 2013
cynthia n: FOR MY FATHER-IN-LAW TO TRY Dec 3, 2013
Peter G: To try. Dec 3, 2013
Cynthia F: wanted to try Dec 3, 2013
Susan M: Husband's favorite Dec 3, 2013
Liz M: Want to see if hubby likes it Dec 3, 2013
Qing H: wanna try it Dec 3, 2013
Chunni L: maybe suitable for my skin Dec 2, 2013
peng l: good Dec 2, 2013
TODD F: like for travel Dec 2, 2013
qing l: random picking Dec 2, 2013
Kimberly M: Have heard that this is a light moisturizer. Dec 2, 2013
J O: Good for my husband when he travels. Dec 2, 2013
JEANNE M G: to try it. Dec 2, 2013
Jackie K: wanted to try Dec 2, 2013
xing m: want to try Dec 2, 2013
Kelly G: your brand had great reviews on my travel magazine, so would like to try more of your products. Dec 1, 2013
MI KYUNG C: good Dec 1, 2013
bo w: Lie it Dec 1, 2013
Linda K: To try something new Dec 1, 2013
Janice I: Perfect for the morning face wash. Dec 1, 2013
Patricia W: to try it out Dec 1, 2013
alexa s: my husband uses this Dec 1, 2013
Mary E: As a gift for my daughter. Your products and customer service are excellent! Dec 1, 2013
Brendan O: Great for travel. Dec 1, 2013
Yan C: want to try Dec 1, 2013
Kristen H: I want to try out a few of the moisturizers. Dec 1, 2013
dandan w: new try Dec 1, 2013
Lin T: my friend tell me it is good for men, so I want my father to try it Dec 1, 2013
Pascale D: Just to try Nov 30, 2013
Jolene B: For my husband. Nov 30, 2013
sylvia w: see Nov 30, 2013
Siyan P: I WANT TO TRY THIS. Nov 30, 2013
Corinne H: good ingredients Nov 30, 2013
Buyankhishig T: Wanted to try it out Nov 29, 2013
Lenore S: Son loves product Nov 29, 2013
ALAINE Q: Amazing product Nov 28, 2013
Patty J: Haven't tried it yet Nov 28, 2013
Miaomiao G: my friends recommend it Nov 28, 2013
Sue W: Wanted to try Nov 28, 2013
Regina N: i Nov 28, 2013
Peiyu H: Want try Nov 27, 2013
geraldine j: never tried Nov 27, 2013
GEOFFREY D: Could Nov 26, 2013
Tracy D: The product seemed interesting, so i just wanted to try it. Nov 26, 2013
Barbara S: I hope this product will energize my facial skin. Nov 26, 2013
Linda D: I think my husband should try it. Nov 26, 2013
HONG T: gift for spouse Nov 26, 2013
Linda M: Interested in anti aging skin care Nov 25, 2013
guy d: f Nov 25, 2013
Amritha S: trying new products Nov 24, 2013
Elaine B: Try it Nov 24, 2013
Gaosen Z: try Nov 24, 2013
Yunwei Z: GOOD Nov 24, 2013
Jing L: firet try see if it is good. Nov 24, 2013
Patricia H: want to try Nov 24, 2013
michelle f: something new to try Nov 24, 2013
Linda V: want to try it Nov 24, 2013
Vivian B: To try Nov 24, 2013
Lauren M: Never tried it Nov 23, 2013
Lian B: nice Nov 23, 2013
Patricia P: sounded fun to try. Nov 23, 2013
William M: Travel size (for overnight) Nov 21, 2013
Edward G: trying Nov 21, 2013
Lihe G: For travel. Nov 20, 2013
LILI L: Give it a try Nov 20, 2013
connie s: My husband uses it Nov 20, 2013
Andrew H: something I wanted to try out Nov 20, 2013
Linda G: My husband loves it! Nov 20, 2013
Le-kai W: random Nov 19, 2013
JAMIE C: stocking stuffer for my husband Nov 19, 2013
jiexuan y: 1 Nov 18, 2013
Luyi B: for HIM Nov 18, 2013
joanne c: Person uses it already Nov 17, 2013
jennifer W: great for travel Nov 17, 2013
DIANE F: new Nov 17, 2013
Jason L: good for travel Nov 16, 2013
Wade B: So I'd have more of what I bought...for free. Nov 15, 2013
MaryAnne H: My husband likes this product. Nov 14, 2013
Teena Z: gift Nov 13, 2013
Carol V: Wanted to try this Nov 10, 2013
Shelley S: to try. Nov 3, 2013
chuqian c: want to try Nov 2, 2013
Gregory G: Something to try. Oct 30, 2013
Lynn C: think my husband might like it Oct 28, 2013
Lorraine B: Leaves your skin so smooth and supple. Excellent, as are all your products Oct 28, 2013
robert f: Travel kit Oct 27, 2013
John K T: Try it Oct 27, 2013
Amy C: curiosity Oct 22, 2013
Sujie W: To see if can save my rough skin. Oct 19, 2013
Barbara E: I didn't, You just sent it. Oct 15, 2013
Gwen j: liked it before Oct 9, 2013
Sharlyne B: Ditto Oct 2, 2013
Marjorie L: Trying this one. Sep 30, 2013
Tiffany C: wanted to experience. Sep 26, 2013
Daniel O: Totally refreshing. Sep 24, 2013
Daniel B: travel Sep 23, 2013
Jing L: It looks good. Sep 14, 2013
Christopher N: Hope it'll work well for my skin. Combination acne prone Sep 6, 2013
Mary W: for my husband when he travels Sep 5, 2013
Lenita M: This is a 'gift' for my boyfriend. If he likes it I'll get him a full bottle so that he can stop using my moisturizers. Sep 4, 2013
Anthony H: wanted to try before i buy, heard nothing but great things about it and wanted to confirm them Aug 29, 2013
Dawn C: To give it a try. Aug 28, 2013
beulah w: want my husband try, so he can start using some of your products. Aug 27, 2013
Derek U: Trying to see if it adds to me regimen Aug 18, 2013
Tsipi K: want to try it Aug 14, 2013
demitra c: my bf loves this Aug 12, 2013
Diane N: Oh, the son-in-law! Jul 16, 2013
Nastassia H: Looks good for my husband. Jun 29, 2013
hilary d: one of the only samples left Jun 17, 2013
Xiuling N: wanna try Jun 17, 2013
Lily S: never used. would like to try. Jun 17, 2013
sau w: no other to choose Jun 17, 2013
Joe Z: for travel Jun 17, 2013
YIJIAO S: want to try it Jun 16, 2013
Jonathan W: To take with me on the go Jun 16, 2013
ZHENYU S: It's a new product, I just want to try it on.. Jun 16, 2013
Nina S: I'm always looking for new products Jun 15, 2013
Lori R: you were out of many of the samples Jun 15, 2013
Kit L: Want to try it out Jun 15, 2013
Marisol A: Trial Jun 15, 2013
Ben B: curious Jun 15, 2013
YUNFEI W: I don't know this item. Jun 15, 2013
Adam L: Heard good things about it. Jun 15, 2013
Joon R: I use this Jun 15, 2013
John P: Travel size of something I already use Jun 14, 2013
JUN L: have a try Jun 14, 2013
THOMAS J: Used in the past, like it. Jun 14, 2013
yun l: looks good Jun 14, 2013
Alfredo P: curious about this moisturizer Jun 14, 2013
JOANNA W: never tried this Jun 14, 2013
Hui L: GOOD Jun 13, 2013
Collette P: for my son to try Jun 13, 2013
QIMIN Y: free Jun 13, 2013
EUNA P: Want to try Jun 13, 2013
Maria S: My husband might like it Jun 13, 2013
JIEQIONG D: to try Jun 13, 2013
mark s: traveling and a skin boost after a night out Jun 13, 2013
Bruce P: Took a shot. Jun 13, 2013
Catherine M. K: haven't tried it yet Jun 13, 2013
Jennifer A: give to my boyfriend so he gets why i rave about this product Jun 13, 2013
Jay S: great moisturizer Jun 13, 2013
Maxiel R: To try it. Jun 13, 2013
jay z: seems like a good compliment to the above Jun 11, 2013
Melinda J: for my man:) Jun 10, 2013
Rebecca B: give to friend Jun 9, 2013
Linda S: interested to try Jun 9, 2013
Ade A: I'm not sure what it does. Jun 8, 2013
Karlton T: Like to try it. Jun 8, 2013
Alice F: to see how well the product works Jun 8, 2013
Heinrich S: love these samples for traveling. Facial fuel is my favorite for waking up my skin after a long flight Jun 7, 2013
Jennifer T: for my boyfriend Jun 7, 2013
Kim R: Would like my husband to try. Jun 6, 2013
Jackie J: Makes my skin feel lovely; I use it under regular moisturizer. Jun 5, 2013
Karen W: High quality product. Jun 1, 2013
Yu L: For my boyfriend Jun 1, 2013
Kevin P: great for travel. May 30, 2013
Brandi C: wanted to try it May 30, 2013
Derick L: wanted to try May 29, 2013
Ernest Z: First time user May 28, 2013
Eileen F: Intrigued - wanted to try May 27, 2013
Dan A: Same reason as above. May 27, 2013
rita h: wanted to try it May 25, 2013
Robert S: Really? May 22, 2013
Patricia T: Never tried it before May 20, 2013
Sandra E: want to see if it works May 20, 2013
Jana K: Who does not need fuel for an over 55 year old. May 19, 2013
Henry T: wanted to try after reading description May 19, 2013
Laura C: Try to get my boyfriend into a better skincare routine. May 18, 2013
Samantha B: "Face + fuel = seems like something a working lady could use!" May 18, 2013
Stphanie C: No idea, just thought she might like it. May 17, 2013
Judith W: nice name May 17, 2013
Zenaida F: great traveling size May 16, 2013
Hang Z: Have a try. May 13, 2013
Patricia M: FIGURED I'D TRY SOMETHING NEW May 13, 2013
anna c: want to try it. May 12, 2013
Roy S: Just to try. May 11, 2013
Heather P: Husband likes this May 7, 2013
Daniel D: gift for friend May 7, 2013
Daniel C: for future reference May 6, 2013
Leslie S: "I had 10 cancers removed from my face and my niece dose make up for mac and she suggested it." May 6, 2013
Kelley V: more May 6, 2013
Kaye R: My son loves this. Now my son-in-law can try it May 2, 2013
Andrew C: Love it May 2, 2013
Conni W: â??Wanted to try it to see if it differed from energizing facial fuel." Apr 28, 2013
Chananada H: I'm into good cleansers Apr 28, 2013
Lynda F: My husband wants to try. Apr 28, 2013
robert h: it makes my skin feel soft and brightens my skin tone Apr 27, 2013
Grace L: Would like to try this product Apr 26, 2013
Robert M: like it Apr 25, 2013
Gale H: Sample--to try it out Apr 24, 2013
Lisa H: I have never tried this product and that is why i selected it Apr 24, 2013
Le Z: try Apr 23, 2013
Josh D: Looking for a new moisturizer Apr 23, 2013
Neveen A: want to try Apr 22, 2013
Karen F: Wanted to try Apr 22, 2013
molly g: just to try Apr 21, 2013
Caitlin T: because I have no idea what it is! Apr 21, 2013
Maryse J: blue packaging and name Apr 21, 2013
Barbara J M: others i would prefer not listed Apr 20, 2013
kate n: Looks interesting Apr 20, 2013
Harvey F: Want my face to have the best products on it. Apr 20, 2013
Jennifer S: Again, to see if it works for me. The eye de-puffer worked so well that I had to come back and try more of your products. Apr 20, 2013
Yiying D: I like blue Apr 19, 2013
Richard M: Great product. I need the samples for traveling (Love the TSA requirements!) Apr 18, 2013
Elisabeth K: just want to try it Apr 18, 2013
BRAD C: no particular reason Apr 18, 2013
Alexandre M: great product Apr 17, 2013
Andi Z: To see if it will brighten skin tone Apr 17, 2013
Feng L: gift Apr 17, 2013
Elizabeth M P: new product, didn't want other samples Apr 16, 2013
Mark D: I'm given it a shot...lol Apr 15, 2013
Tommy C: Age Apr 15, 2013
Stephanie R: A friend of mine had great success and I am hoping for the same! Apr 15, 2013
Lois D: trial Apr 14, 2013
Karen H: Needing to try something new for my dry skin. Apr 14, 2013
Maria F: Want to try it Apr 13, 2013
Pat C: want to try it Apr 9, 2013
Beatrice S: Sounds interesting Apr 9, 2013
Rebecca T: My husband loves facial fuel Apr 9, 2013
Nancy I: Interested in trying the sample, always helps me decide if I would like to purchase it. Apr 7, 2013
Alan W: Same as above. Apr 7, 2013
Liu L: want to try facial products and decide which one to buy Apr 7, 2013
Irina L: I'd like to try new product Apr 7, 2013
Barbara J: Wanted my husband to try it. Apr 7, 2013
Clare G: Facial fuel - what a great name. At 64 I can use all of the "fuel" I can get on my face! It sounds interesting and worth a try. Apr 7, 2013
Catherine C: trial Apr 6, 2013
Jeffrey H: Closest to his needs Apr 5, 2013
Carla M: Sample: wanted to try before purchase Apr 5, 2013
Tara S: I like the name and the color of the packaging. Apr 5, 2013
DLynn V: Wanted my husband to try it. Apr 5, 2013
Kim F: To try it Apr 5, 2013
Kim D: The name intrigues me. Apr 5, 2013
Harold U: Same Apr 5, 2013
Robert M: I like the other facial fuel products Apr 4, 2013
debbie P: New product to me Apr 3, 2013
susan b: want to try Apr 3, 2013
JULIE W: wanted to try it. Apr 3, 2013
mishi l: sounds good Apr 2, 2013
Carrie O: Hoping it will give me energy all over Apr 2, 2013
Matthew B: It's dat dank Apr 2, 2013
YAN Z: MY WIFE LIKES Apr 1, 2013
Barbara B: don't know Apr 1, 2013
Kimberly N: my husband likes this Apr 1, 2013
joann l: to try it Apr 1, 2013
Ruth G: New and interesting Mar 31, 2013
Ronice B: With climate conditions, skin gets depleted easily, and skin boosts help. Mar 31, 2013
Theodore P: See comments below on my purchase of the same. Mar 29, 2013
Patty C: I've always wanted to try it and this is a great way to see if i like it Mar 28, 2013
Michael M: Facial Fuel sounds neat. lol Mar 26, 2013
Aurora V: new product and interested in trying Mar 26, 2013
Erin F: For my fiance Mar 25, 2013
Andrea K: My husband likes the coolness on his face. Wakes him up! Mar 22, 2013
Kathy H: For my husband when he travels Mar 20, 2013
Kayoko S: I want to buy this next time. Mar 14, 2013
Matthew N: Heard it works Feb 20, 2013
Jennifer W: for my husband Feb 18, 2013
JOE S: Yah yah yah. Feb 14, 2013
susan f: want to try Feb 10, 2013
JOANN G: Just to try it. Feb 9, 2013
Lily P: would like my husband to try kiehl's products Feb 3, 2013
Steve d: Curious Feb 3, 2013
Young y: for a try Feb 3, 2013
Margery Y: Just trying Jan 31, 2013
Joo Yeon L: Free samples are the best Jan 31, 2013
Arlene K: To give is a try and if its as good as the other products I will continue to purchase it from your company. Jan 30, 2013
drew h: want to try a new night/face cream Jan 30, 2013
diane h: want facial products Jan 29, 2013
jacquelyn b: want to try Jan 29, 2013
Sandra R: Not sure what this is, but willing to try it Jan 29, 2013
Joanne C: Never used it and wanted to try it. Jan 28, 2013
Susan Y: Trying for first time. Jan 27, 2013
Francois V: To keep extra at work just in case Jan 27, 2013
Elizabeth J: My Husband loves this! Jan 26, 2013
Natalie C: no reason Jan 25, 2013
Lori S: travel size Jan 23, 2013
Tobin K: The Cobalt Blue packaging stood out. No kidding! Jan 18, 2013
Jane H: wanted to try it. Jan 16, 2013
Stephanie F: my husband loves it Jan 16, 2013
Julie F: I just wanted to have my son give it a try. Jan 15, 2013
Yeon C: I like this product. Jan 14, 2013
Alma B: Wanted to try this product for the first time. Jan 14, 2013
ELAINE S: Wanted to try it Jan 14, 2013
DIANE P: want to try Jan 14, 2013
Paul W: like it Jan 13, 2013
ruth ann k: It has a good feel and great to have SPF built in. Jan 13, 2013
Kit S: I suspect I'll like it. Jan 13, 2013
Abraham M: my wife will try this one for the first time Jan 13, 2013
Carol C: Hoping my husband will like it. Jan 12, 2013
Susan E: Facial Fuel has a good ring to it! Jan 12, 2013
Dana B: Wanted to try product Jan 12, 2013
Zhen Z: Just want wo try Jan 12, 2013
chris d: just to try Jan 11, 2013
Billie C: As a speaker/author, animation is a part of my personality. After an intense day or evening of being with people, Facial Fuel sounded like a refreshing of the face.. Jan 10, 2013
michele h: dont know Jan 10, 2013
Dain C: random pick Jan 10, 2013
DONNA D: Thought I would try something new. Jan 9, 2013
LaVerne H: See if my face feels and looks better. Jan 9, 2013
Kenneth L: Just Trying it out. Jan 9, 2013
yuli k: just trying it out i heard it's good Jan 9, 2013
joan f: wanted to try Jan 3, 2013
Nicola V: free Jan 3, 2013
Anais A: Honestly, it was one of the only options Jan 3, 2013
Louise O: saw product on website and wanted to try product Dec 31, 2012
Barbara R: Thought my son might like it Dec 31, 2012
Min L: I wanted to try this and if I like it I will order in future. Dec 31, 2012
Ying S: this one has a reputation Dec 30, 2012
zhaoxia b: I just try it Dec 30, 2012
Carlyn S: for my husband Dec 30, 2012
Jennifer M: Trial Dec 30, 2012
charlotte c: haven't tried it before. Dec 30, 2012
Mingxia Z: I like it Dec 30, 2012
Yunxi G: would like to try Dec 30, 2012
Kristina B: for my husband Dec 30, 2012
Ziyi H: few other options Dec 30, 2012
Josie S: I wanted to try something different. Dec 30, 2012
Na H: never used it. Want to give it a try. Dec 30, 2012
Jiao Ji L: recommended by a friend Dec 30, 2012
Yanbing G: want to try the new thing Dec 30, 2012
Gina B: Love this product! Works great and does not break the bank! Dec 29, 2012
Erica W: Just try Dec 29, 2012
Simone A: Curious about this Dec 29, 2012
Gary G: haven't tried yet but would like to. Dec 29, 2012
Ronald B: trial for later buy Dec 29, 2012
Jennifer T: I thought it was for women until just now! Dec 29, 2012
Steven P: enjoy this product. Dec 28, 2012
Fang Z: My husband said that he likes this Dec 28, 2012
Ryan B: I like it Dec 28, 2012
Matt R: easy to keep in car or at work for emergency use. Dec 28, 2012
luyi w: supplemental to my purchase Dec 28, 2012
Zhuohui L: for mom to try Dec 27, 2012
Chiahui F: give it a try Dec 27, 2012
Steven D: good travel size Dec 27, 2012
Emily M: always trying to get the hubby to love kiehls Dec 27, 2012
YA L w: just want to try it. Dec 26, 2012
Brad M: Great product, feels amazing on the skin. Dec 26, 2012
Richard L: This offers an invigorating and refreshing feeling after a long work day or a late night out. Dec 25, 2012
lisa d: for my husband Dec 20, 2012
HaiBo C: try for next time Dec 20, 2012
Arlene L: never try it Dec 20, 2012
Brandon C: curiosity Dec 19, 2012
Matthew T: to try Dec 18, 2012
Patricia C: want to try it Dec 18, 2012
marilyn c: giving it to my son Dec 18, 2012
Mark S: I'm always looking for good skin care products for men Dec 18, 2012
Edwin C: Interested in trying Dec 18, 2012
Anne T: I need a new daily SPF lotion that doesnt make me break out - hoping this will be a winner Dec 18, 2012
Laura A: To put in a Christmas stocking Dec 17, 2012
Louise E: for my nephew Dec 17, 2012
Billie M: Got to try this! Dec 17, 2012
Jeremy R: perfect size of one of my favorite products for traveling Dec 17, 2012
Heather D: I love keihl's and I would like to introduce your products to my significant other. Dec 16, 2012
Koma C: never try Dec 16, 2012
bowei l: try Dec 16, 2012
John L: like Dec 15, 2012
Fernando R: I wanted new product Dec 15, 2012
Yan X: just try Dec 15, 2012
Helena M: to try this myself Dec 15, 2012
Caryl T: nice to have when traveling Dec 15, 2012
Sally F: Have not tried this product and want to see how it performs Dec 15, 2012
Gwenyth S: Curiosity Dec 15, 2012
David K: The name sounded very interesting Dec 15, 2012
Rachel L: Curiosity. Dec 14, 2012
PUYU L: try it. Dec 13, 2012
Kathleen R: Wanted to try it Dec 13, 2012
Marty H: Sounds interesting and the Kiehl's brand is a good brand, so why not. Dec 13, 2012
April B: Wanted to try. Dec 13, 2012
Diana C: want to try. Dec 13, 2012
CHAO-YU L: try to use Dec 13, 2012
Remedios M: it seems a new product...will try Dec 13, 2012
Gayle M: for my husband to try Dec 12, 2012
Martin E: i like this product Dec 12, 2012
Remedios M: for trial and will see if I like it., Dec 11, 2012
janette s: gift Dec 11, 2012
Xian W: I would like my fiance to try Dec 11, 2012
Jane R: Grandson likes it Dec 11, 2012
Sandra C: This was my 'pot luck' choice ...if it's Kiehl's, it must be good! Dec 11, 2012
TOM A: TO TRY Dec 11, 2012
Kelly O: I wanted to try it out Dec 11, 2012
Ana V: My husband loves FACIAL FUEL Dec 11, 2012
Jenny M: My husband likes this product Dec 11, 2012
sunyuwei V: just want to try it Dec 11, 2012
yoora h: l like the name Dec 10, 2012
Mira K: try it Dec 10, 2012
Shuai G: try Dec 10, 2012
Camille S: for my husband Dec 10, 2012
Erica R: travel size Dec 10, 2012
Sheryl S: Never tried it - want to Dec 10, 2012
K U: something new to try Dec 10, 2012
Virginia H: want to try Dec 9, 2012
Barb R: nice way to try a product Dec 9, 2012
Caitlin M: So my fiance could try it to see if he likes how it works on his skin Dec 9, 2012
Elaine T: I'd like to try it Dec 9, 2012
ALlie C: For Brother, he likes this line Dec 9, 2012
michelle m: I have never tried it before. Dec 9, 2012
anne m: just to try Dec 9, 2012
Dina C: limited selection and was purchasing most other offerings Dec 9, 2012
Jingwen W: wanna try Dec 8, 2012
zuchun s: i want to try Dec 8, 2012
James D: Use it when I travel. Less to pack for an overnight trip. Dec 8, 2012
Peggy M: Gift Dec 8, 2012
Mara B: Looks like a good product. Want to tr\y before I purchase the full item Dec 8, 2012
Janie Harden F: to try it Dec 7, 2012
catherine m: my guy likes Dec 7, 2012
Nancy G: To add travel packets to gift for son-in-law. Dec 7, 2012
Joanne S: I wanted to try something new. Dec 7, 2012
Betty G: Never Tried Dec 7, 2012
Pamela C: curious Dec 7, 2012
Melissa C: My husband uses this one. Dec 7, 2012
sharon d: my husband loves it Dec 7, 2012
Deborah F: Good product, slip into travel kit Dec 7, 2012
Patricia A R: to try it out Dec 7, 2012
MARIA E L: to try Dec 6, 2012
Kathy R: Just wanted to see how it works for me. Dec 6, 2012
Thomas W: want to try it Dec 6, 2012
christine h: sounds good Dec 6, 2012
XINYUE Y: try Dec 6, 2012
Carrie D: sounds like a good product Dec 6, 2012
Louis S: I like the product Dec 6, 2012
Pat I: handy for travel Dec 6, 2012
Teresa C: definitely wanted to try! Dec 6, 2012
xiang f: good Dec 6, 2012
hunter m: great to throw in the shaving kit for travel. Dec 5, 2012
Heejin H: I would like my husband to try Kiehl's product. Dec 5, 2012
Ashley M: this product was featured in Allure's best of beauty for men, I want to try it! Even though I'm a chica! Dec 5, 2012
Lin R: just try Dec 5, 2012
STANLEY U: YES Dec 4, 2012
Raegan M: free Dec 4, 2012
Jenny R: 1 of 6 options you had and you said i got 7 Dec 4, 2012
Heike F: same Dec 4, 2012
Sally L: Your products are the best, no matter what it is Dec 4, 2012
Lin P: My son likes this item and will put it in his stocking. Dec 4, 2012
Ellyn B: for my son to try Dec 3, 2012
Janice M: Just checking it out Dec 3, 2012
tony n: want to try Dec 3, 2012
Cheyenne S: I do not wear make-up, so I need good skin routine Dec 3, 2012
Glenda P: Im getting old and need all the fuel i can get Dec 3, 2012
David M: I've used it before and enjoy the quality. Dec 3, 2012
Geani B: I wanted to see what it is for Dec 1, 2012
Lisa W: Trying for first time Nov 30, 2012
jodie o: comments made in so many reviews Nov 30, 2012
Renon B: I am a new customer, I would like to try all the products to see what works for me. Nov 30, 2012
NANCY B: I enjoy the softness this product provides after cleansing my skin. Nov 30, 2012
Rosemarie J: TRIAL Nov 30, 2012
Barbara W: I have never used this product and I want to try. Nov 25, 2012
Christopher G: love this line Nov 25, 2012
Peter W: Never tried it before Nov 25, 2012
Yuanyuan H: I just want to try this one. I have never used before. Nov 25, 2012
Joan Z: have not tried this before Nov 25, 2012
Mingjia M: good Nov 25, 2012
Derrell C: See what its like Nov 25, 2012
Tammy T: My husband loves this and this will be the perfect travel size for his dopp kit. Nov 25, 2012
Wendy H: My husband loves this product Nov 25, 2012
qian w: wanna have a try Nov 25, 2012
Bernadette S: same Nov 25, 2012
Li Ping H: Simply the best. Nov 24, 2012
Tianqi Z: Just try Nov 24, 2012
Rhea T: for travel Nov 24, 2012
KIM S: good Nov 24, 2012
Stephen E: Curious Nov 24, 2012
Samantha S: Same as a requested gift item Nov 23, 2012
zhaohu f: TREATS Nov 23, 2012
maxine s: I would like to try something new! Nov 23, 2012
DJ H: wanted a pocket sized version for my car. Nov 23, 2012
Xi Z: Trying it as after shaving liquid Nov 22, 2012
Barbara H: To learn about this product Nov 20, 2012
Jacqueline H: for my husband Nov 20, 2012
Panpan X: TOP 10 Nov 20, 2012
Ellen T: Trying to see what it is and if it is useful Nov 18, 2012
Sonya W: Need a cleanser, so wanted to try it out. Nov 17, 2012
Kelly W: interested in facial fuel reviews. Will buy if I like it. Love Facial Fuel Eye Depuffer. Nov 14, 2012
Limin H: good Nov 14, 2012
Limin H: good Nov 14, 2012
Carl U: Great experience with this product. Restocking supply Nov 4, 2012
Grant W: No idea, just picked one of my 3 free samples Nov 3, 2012
Linda M: I want to try it. Nov 2, 2012
Jeffrey M: Like and use the product Nov 1, 2012
joanna r: trying out Oct 28, 2012
Sheryl S: It sounds like a good product Oct 27, 2012
Sara M: Looked interesting Oct 26, 2012
Roberta E: To give it a try Oct 26, 2012
James H: Read about in GQ magazine. Oct 25, 2012
David M: curiosity. Oct 20, 2012
Kristin R: wanted my husband to try and see if he liked it Oct 19, 2012
Thomas L: I wanted to try it. Oct 19, 2012
Shuai X: like Oct 17, 2012
Jim S: great moisturizer - not heavy - just a dab will do ya Oct 16, 2012
Luis D: Want to try it Oct 14, 2012
Tatiana D: just curious Oct 4, 2012
Victoria R: My husband wants to try it Sep 28, 2012
JONGHYUN H: already use this Sep 27, 2012
Hao-Tung F: cause i have no idea how it works Sep 25, 2012
Elizabeth A: My 12 yr old son has oily skin & am hoping he will be willing to try this product. Sep 25, 2012
Samson V: thinking about purchasing, but it's expensive Sep 24, 2012
Mary H: My son says its great for his skin. Sep 24, 2012
DAVID ANDREWS R: Use it regularly. This size is good for travel. Sep 24, 2012
Lanier B: Wanted to try it Sep 24, 2012
judy l: for my husband to try Sep 24, 2012
Milton J: Wanted to give it to my 21-year-old son to see if it was good for him. Sep 23, 2012
Yuan H: I want my boyfriend to try it. Sep 22, 2012
Michael B: Use it Sep 22, 2012
Michael A: use on a trip Sep 22, 2012
Erica R: Wanted to see how the scrub and and cleanser works together. Sep 22, 2012
Jennifer V: brother in town Sep 22, 2012
seon k: just want to try this product Sep 20, 2012
Charlotte H: wanted to try liked reviews Sep 20, 2012
Michelle D: To try Sep 20, 2012
Breanna M: Fiance to try Sep 18, 2012
Eun Jew K: I just wanted to try this product. Sep 18, 2012
Cara M: to try it Sep 13, 2012
Michelle R: curious about the product Sep 2, 2012
Jiaqi W: want to try this out Aug 28, 2012
Sue Ann D: looking for good moisturizer that is not heavy or sticky to work on aging skin. Aug 27, 2012
Pamela M: My son likes this product. Aug 24, 2012
Linda G: Wanted to try it. Aug 22, 2012
joi e: trial Aug 19, 2012
fred h: want something to try for tired looking eyes Aug 19, 2012
Kai B: I like the product and I'm out Aug 15, 2012
jie q: want to try Aug 13, 2012
Robin V: good reviews Aug 13, 2012
Troy E: I am trying a new brand of facial care. Not happy with the results of my current brand. Aug 12, 2012
Veronica P: The products name sounds appealing!! I could use a Facial Fuel once in a while. Aug 10, 2012
Beverly S: He'd love a sample size of a product that has already won him over. Aug 7, 2012
Mara B: I was told about this product and want to try it Aug 6, 2012
Sue C: Just curious about this one. I want to see how this one works. Aug 6, 2012
Julia P: like to try it Aug 6, 2012
Pamela F: Interested in trying this product Aug 5, 2012
Chris W: Justin Timberlake in Details Magazine Aug 3, 2012
Mallory K: curiosity Aug 3, 2012
Mirna M: to try it Aug 2, 2012
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