Ultimate Strength Hand Salve Sample

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Ultimate Strength Hand Salve Sample
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Pamela W: wash my hands constantly at work... needed to try something new to keep my hands from cracking Sep 29, 2014
Amy S: dry hands Sep 28, 2014
Mark W: Dry hands. Sep 28, 2014
Liza G: rough hands Sep 28, 2014
Esther Z: love this hand moisturizer! helps to prevent dry skin and cuts associated with dryness Sep 28, 2014
Barbara J: Great stuff! Sep 25, 2014
Noranne O: Dry skin in the winter. Sep 24, 2014
Mike D: Just interested in giving it a try. Sep 23, 2014
Lori G: Wanted to try it Sep 22, 2014
R Mason L: I want to give it to a friend Sep 22, 2014
Jayne L: My husband and I have super dry hands and have tried everything! Sep 22, 2014
rachel l: wanted to try it, i need a good hand cream Sep 22, 2014
Annette M: Need for winter Sep 22, 2014
Myrurgia P: To try it Sep 19, 2014
Katie A: had not tried Sep 19, 2014
Bernard W: Use it Sep 19, 2014
Xia H: easy to carry Sep 18, 2014
Katie C: Great hand cream for super-dry winter skin Sep 18, 2014
Sarah H: Never tried this before. Sep 18, 2014
stanley h: Excellent treatment for dry chapped hands that come with cold weather. Sep 18, 2014
Donna O: want to try Sep 18, 2014
AMBER L: wish to try out to evaluate the quality Sep 17, 2014
Kara S: I thought my dad would like it Sep 17, 2014
David W: dry hands Sep 17, 2014
Matt J: Wanted to try it Sep 16, 2014
Dionne G: I wanted to try it Sep 16, 2014
Katherine D: The best hand cream Sep 15, 2014
Yvonne R: looking for a good hand creme for winter. Sep 15, 2014
nancy m: want to try Sep 15, 2014
Sean D: Never tried a hand lotion and I figured I would give it a try. Sep 14, 2014
suzanne r: My hands get dry Sep 14, 2014
Lixue S: I want sth to get my eys condition approved. Sep 14, 2014
Tina H: Aging hands with age spots and dryness Sep 13, 2014
Deborah T: Always looking for the ultimate hand cream. Sep 12, 2014
Joy R: Winter is coming! Sep 12, 2014
Anita H: It is nice to have tiny packet to have for "on the go". Sep 12, 2014
Risa R: I love this product! Sep 12, 2014
Megan K: My boyfriend works with his hands and they get really dry and cracked. Sep 11, 2014
Debra G: Try it Sep 11, 2014
Diana C: first try. will let you know Sep 11, 2014
Yibing L: have a try Sep 10, 2014
Margie M: just wanted to try it for my dry skin Sep 9, 2014
Mariann M: Want to give it a try on my dry hands Sep 8, 2014
Yumi A: I have a very dry hands. Sep 8, 2014
MaryAnn D: to try it Sep 8, 2014
Ena H: I don't recall Sep 8, 2014
Jackie J: My hands are always dry from washing them many times a day. This sounded refreshing. Sep 8, 2014
Eileen W: great product - it really works Sep 7, 2014
Cynthia C: Love it! Sep 7, 2014
Sherryn A: curious Sep 7, 2014
Connie H: Need hand cream Sep 6, 2014
Ally K: I've never tried it before. Sep 6, 2014
Malcolm B: I was able to pick 5 free samples to receive with my order, and I wanted to try this out. Sep 5, 2014
Helen C: Good Sep 4, 2014
Shuai R: for my boyfriend use Sep 4, 2014
Michael K: Want to see if it works Sep 2, 2014
Christopher F: i live in a desert Sep 2, 2014
Denise E: Wanted to try it. Sep 2, 2014
Joanne C: Good product Sep 1, 2014
Nicole S: Never tried it so I wanted to try it to see if i like it. Aug 31, 2014
Susan A: Very dry skin, more so in winter. Aug 30, 2014
Ana R: trying it to see how it works for hands - it is very good Aug 30, 2014
Margaret W: Dry, loose, spotted skin on hands Aug 30, 2014
ray S: want to try Aug 29, 2014
Heather K: I am always looking for hand cream that will work well for my job- still searching. Hoping that this will be the one... Aug 29, 2014
qiaoyun Z: GOOD Aug 28, 2014
Serena P: Looking for a better hand salve. Aug 27, 2014
Courtney H: It is my favorite hand cream! Aug 27, 2014
qingqing z: just try once Aug 26, 2014
Barbara M: Again dry skin on hands also, Winter is really bad, figured I'd try it... Aug 26, 2014
Pamela S: old looking hands Aug 25, 2014
Marisa C: My husband has a labor-intensive job, and this hand salve does a really good job repairing the damaged, rough skin on his hands. Aug 25, 2014
Debbie G: Dry hands, live in the high desert Aug 23, 2014
Zui T: good Aug 22, 2014
William L: Favorite Aug 22, 2014
Nancy H: I live in an arid part of the country, so I'm always looking for effective hand softener. Aug 21, 2014
Christine R: Winter will be upon us soon and my hands tend to dry out. Aug 20, 2014
sandra s: My hands are a mess from being a hair stylist, hoping this helps. Aug 20, 2014
roberta r: my hands get dry Aug 18, 2014
Wendy R: Trying it Aug 18, 2014
Steven W: Have not yet used this product. Aug 18, 2014
Sylvia Z: Travel use Aug 17, 2014
karen s: always in need Aug 16, 2014
Carla S: Because Iike a good hand creme. Aug 14, 2014
Ann T: My hands are dry so I would like to try this. Aug 10, 2014
Francine D: My fingers split on the tips from dryness. Hopeing to try something that works. Aug 10, 2014
Jingsi L: I used it before, it's good Aug 10, 2014
karen o: Tried free sample, impressed so bought regular size. Aug 10, 2014
Ursel E: want to try it Aug 10, 2014
Michael S: Not greasy. Helps within 1 to 2 uses. Nice clean fragrance. Aug 10, 2014
carol g: None compares to this Aug 9, 2014
Tiina L: I have no time to comment but this box won't go away Aug 9, 2014
Wan chun L: want to try out Aug 7, 2014
Sheppard P: softens dry skin and is not greasy. wonderful product Aug 6, 2014
Carolyn E: Like this product Aug 5, 2014
Ellen D: Have used this before. Great hand moisturizer Aug 5, 2014
Spencer W: My hands are beat up and calloused, girls dont like it when I touch them. Aug 2, 2014
Annie H: I think that as we get older we can all use a good hand creme that's not greasy or sticky. Jul 31, 2014
Elaine S: Try Jul 30, 2014
Stephanie R: I'm a nursing student and am always on the lookout for a good product for my hands. This product has excellent reviews. I can't wait to try it! Jul 30, 2014
Gustave L: Good in winter Jul 27, 2014
Esther B: Same Jul 27, 2014
Kimberly K: Great for relieving extremely dry skin on hands and feet. Jul 27, 2014
Laura N: I'm searching for a good hand lotion. Jul 26, 2014
Lloyd E: First try Jul 25, 2014
Thomas B: good moisturizer Jul 24, 2014
Jennifer B: very dry hands!! hope this helps!! Jul 24, 2014
Celestine H: great for the hands. really heals!! Jul 24, 2014
Tariq A: softens hands a must have on planes Jul 23, 2014
Nancy I: want to try Jul 22, 2014
Lynae C: for travel Jul 21, 2014
Yun Z: give it a try Jul 21, 2014
Kate D: why not? i love kiels! Jul 20, 2014
Abby Lynn I: Never tried but sounds good Jul 20, 2014
Paula H: My hands are like an old ladies Jul 20, 2014
Joan M: dry cuticles Jul 18, 2014
Cindy F: love to find a good hand cream. Jul 18, 2014
Allison C: I've heard great things and wanted to try it. Jul 17, 2014
Terra B: my husbands has been complaining of dry hands and thought this might help Jul 16, 2014
George C: curiosity Jul 15, 2014
NORA M: Have very dry hands and nails. Will try this product because its all natural Jul 15, 2014
James M: Suffer from dry skin Jul 14, 2014
Marion C: Use while traveling. Jul 13, 2014
Rachel C: Dry hands Jul 11, 2014
Avis D: I wanted to try this for my hands. Jul 10, 2014
Johanna S: Dry skin Jul 10, 2014
Stephanie P: husband has extremely dry hands, want to try it out Jul 9, 2014
dijia w: just for friend Jul 9, 2014
Debra S: My boyfriend likes soft hands! Jul 8, 2014
Linda C: I have had a difficult time finding something that will help my hands with hydration and wrinkles. Jul 7, 2014
Christopher B: Smooth hands after fighting snakes... Jul 7, 2014
Liliana R: I believe hands are very important to keep moisturize. Jul 4, 2014
susan f: recipient is over 80 Jul 4, 2014
EUGENIA V: I am still search for a good hand cream! Jul 3, 2014
Bobby B: Best hand salve on the market! Jul 1, 2014
Linda P: I love it. Jul 1, 2014
Heather B: Wanted to try, my cuticles are especially dry right now. Jul 1, 2014
Nicole W: Sounded lovely Jul 1, 2014
Karen F: love it. it works Jun 30, 2014
JoAnn G: To try Jun 30, 2014
OD M: THE REVIEWS Jun 30, 2014
Carolyn S: Limited choice Jun 30, 2014
Stephanie H: For my husband Jun 29, 2014
Cynthia D: To try it Jun 29, 2014
sheri s: sounds good Jun 29, 2014
Ariana P: Best cream ever Jun 29, 2014
Janet W: Wanted to check it out and compare to another product.... Jun 28, 2014
Gary B: I use Gold Bond now, and people tell me I have young hands -- I think my hands could look better. I'm sure Kiehl's will make my hands look even younger. Jun 28, 2014
Kat a: friend recommend Jun 28, 2014
Richard K: Wife wants to try Jun 27, 2014
Robyn B: my hands always need moisturizing as I wash them over and over again all day Jun 27, 2014
Vida C: hands are always dry Jun 26, 2014
Nora M: Wanted to try it. Jun 26, 2014
xiaochuan h: good Jun 25, 2014
Joann M: I'd like to see how effective it is on my dry, aging hands. Jun 25, 2014
Carla C: To try it out Jun 25, 2014
Brittany S: Good for keeping in my bag in the winter. Jun 25, 2014
Tracy H: Have severely dry hands Jun 24, 2014
Melissa M: N Jun 24, 2014
Sarah W: I now use the Intensive treatment and moisturizer hand cream and thought I'd try this. The Intensive is working for my hands that garden a lot and even with gloves on your hands get dirt and water on them. I tend to get Eczema on them too. The Intensive works for all of it.
Now I can try this and I'll have 2 winners.
Jun 24, 2014
Kathleen D: i have dry skin/hands Jun 23, 2014
Wyndham W: I spent years searching for a cream that could keep my (always dry) hands moisturized, and was thrilled when I found this. Finally, my hands feel amazing! Jun 23, 2014
Julia B: just trying Jun 23, 2014
Andrew D: I wanted to try it before I bought it Jun 22, 2014
Sumi F: Never tried it before. Jun 21, 2014
Rita G: want to try some new products Jun 19, 2014
Karma G: Just trying it Jun 19, 2014
Steve C: Have not tried it before. Jun 19, 2014
Tabitha T: My mom and I work in a salon and the constant water contact and harsh chemicals leave our hands very chapped. Jun 19, 2014
stephen M: I like to try new hand lotions. All of the other lotions are awesome, so I thought, "Why not?" Jun 18, 2014
Lori B: I'm curious. I loved the description and hope this is a good salve. My hands naturally run really dry. Jun 18, 2014
Sandra S: I work in a place with less than 10% humidity - this should help. Jun 17, 2014
julie w: Love this. Jun 17, 2014
Margaret D: This product is amazing. I put this on at night and the next morning, my hands still felt and looked better. This is no short-term treatment -- it lasts and really is working! Jun 17, 2014
deborah c: to try it out Jun 16, 2014
Bettina W: want to try for winter Jun 16, 2014
Janet S: free. I have dry hands Jun 15, 2014
Susan M: Have liked hand and lotions for Gardner hands Jun 15, 2014
Pamela W: It was free Jun 14, 2014
dorothy m: I'm a nurse and washing my hands at least 20 times a day so my hands tend to be dry. I'm looking forward to trying this product out. I hope it delivers. Jun 14, 2014
Doris J: It woks Jun 14, 2014
RIckey G: na Jun 12, 2014
Revis M: I know it's a good product Jun 12, 2014
Barbara A J: Gift Jun 11, 2014
RJ M: This stuff works great after being out doors shovelling snow snow or having worked on my truck where water and chemicals dry and crack your hands. Jun 10, 2014
Rosemary D: Wash my hands all day as a nurse needed something strong Jun 10, 2014
Laurie B: x Jun 9, 2014
Suzanne M: Dry hands Jun 9, 2014
Sharon V: Have not tried yet and want to give it a try Jun 9, 2014
Luis S: dry hands are the worst Jun 9, 2014
Bernd B: Wanted to try it Jun 9, 2014
Robert B: No specific reason Jun 9, 2014
Denise K: As a fitness trainer and massage therapist, I'm always washing my hands so I'm interested in trying this product. Jun 8, 2014
Cheryl T: dry hands Jun 7, 2014
Marcia V: I have eczema on my hands and am always looking for a solution. Jun 7, 2014
jodi b: want to find a good hand cream Jun 7, 2014
Sue M: Used before & like Jun 7, 2014
Chris J: No Jun 6, 2014
Edward S: Would like to try on my garden hands. Jun 6, 2014
Rufina c: I have been using it for the past 4 years, I am 47 years old and since I have been using it I have noticed my facial "lines" are less noticeable. I get various amt of compliments on how "young" I look Jun 6, 2014
Joanne H: great product Jun 6, 2014
jingxue s: LOVE IT Jun 5, 2014
Barbara M: curious to know how well it moiosturises Jun 4, 2014
Mary T: free Jun 4, 2014
Angela M B: My hands get really beaten up, I'm a pet nanny, so I thought I would try it. Jun 3, 2014
Lorna J: to try Jun 3, 2014
Gloria K: Curious and it's free Jun 2, 2014
Dennis V: I'm using Jack Black lotions and want to see how this compares. Jun 2, 2014
Pamela M: would love for my Mom to try it Jun 2, 2014
Sheranne K: incredibly dry hands Jun 2, 2014
Lisa G: gift Jun 2, 2014
Bonnie G: I have mature hands that are dry Jun 1, 2014
Stephanie H: I wash my hands frequently and therefore need to replenish the moisture. Jun 1, 2014
Julie P: hands are dry Jun 1, 2014
qian H: good May 30, 2014
Carrie G: Salesperson at Dillards had mentioned this product May 29, 2014
Chengbo Z: I need hand cream May 28, 2014
Susan T: I have dry hands and cuticles May 28, 2014
Christine G: My very dry hands could use a lot of help! May 28, 2014
Ilene S: good for traveling May 28, 2014
Suzanne B: because i love to have this kind of thing when i travel May 28, 2014
Richard P: free May 27, 2014
LONGCHEN Z: My sister tolde me to buy that May 27, 2014
Irving M A: Have very dry hands during winter leading to skin cracks. Want to try if this is effective. May 26, 2014
DANIELLE A: Dry hands and cuticles, especially living up in the Colorado Rockies! May 24, 2014
Lucinda S: instant relief for dry, chapped hands May 24, 2014
Edvania Z: Because my husband works hard outside May 23, 2014
Shelley F: I have rough hands May 22, 2014
Brandi O: I love this hand cream - have been using it for over 3 years now! May 22, 2014
Martha T: I have dry hands and after reading the reviews thought I would try it. May 20, 2014
Jeffry C: Want to give it a try May 19, 2014
marcia g: This lotion does an amazing job at moisturizing my skin. I work in a hospital and am constantly washing my hands. My dry skin is non-existent when I use this product. May 19, 2014
ed j: to try May 19, 2014
Kathryn A: emergency purse stash May 19, 2014
Diane B: husband loves May 19, 2014
Marilyn S: Wanted to try May 19, 2014
Katarzyna R: dry hands May 19, 2014
joyce a: Looking for a good hand salve - my hands r very dry May 19, 2014
Beth P: Wash hands frequently May 19, 2014
Branden B: Top rated! May 19, 2014
Neil N: Want to try May 18, 2014
Janet H: Used in the past and like it May 18, 2014
Bettie M: Not greasy, good protection for long periods of time. May 18, 2014
Daren S: best hand cream in the world May 18, 2014
Diep N: very nourishing product May 18, 2014
Dana F: like it and easy to carry in my purse May 18, 2014
linda b: I live in Montana and it is so very dry, this hand salve is my saving grace. May 17, 2014
Anne B: I like it May 17, 2014
Kathleen D: Works great on damaged skin May 17, 2014
kevin k: need a good hand cream May 17, 2014
Mei S: Try out May 17, 2014
Jean M: It worked May 17, 2014
Pamela T: I'm stitch with fibers that dry out my hands. Need a good moisturizer, May 17, 2014
Angela M: Wanted to try it. May 16, 2014
Nga Yan L: My dad and sister love this hand cream. I have tried it once and I fell in love with it. May 15, 2014
Tara S: use a lot of hand cream, looking for something that moisturizes deeply. May 15, 2014
Vivian W: I wanted to try it. May 15, 2014
Rachada C: i use it daily May 15, 2014
Rhonda H: Love this product, just to throw in my evening purse. May 15, 2014
Vickie M: Works great on my dry hands May 15, 2014
Joy R: Love this stuff May 15, 2014
Yiran Z: Great result May 14, 2014
Insook C: just to try May 14, 2014
MEIJIANG Z: My hands are very dry these day, feel uncomfortable May 14, 2014
R N: I have very dry hands that I wash dozens of times a day. I am trying this to see if it will make a difference in the way my hands feel. May 14, 2014
Christopher F: I live in a desert May 14, 2014
paula g: live in MT..VERY dry here thought I would try this May 8, 2014
JOANN G: This hand salve is really effective when I do too much cleaning around the house and my hands feel rough. The next day, my hands feel great and soft again. May 8, 2014
Hope G: Looking for a hand cream that works for someone who washes their hands a LOT! May 8, 2014
Rachel C: i have very dry hands May 7, 2014
Porter L: useful May 6, 2014
Mary S: Dry skin May 4, 2014
Jefrey B: I work with my hands, and they need help! Apr 30, 2014
Blythe F: Love how it repairs my dry hands and arms. Great stuff!!! Apr 27, 2014
Marvin D: Dry hands Apr 27, 2014
Mary Jo B: This is the best hand cream for winter - keeps my fingerstips from cracking. Apr 22, 2014
Susan W: Dry hand skin Apr 22, 2014
Kim S: Want to try it. Apr 20, 2014
Jody R: For travel Apr 20, 2014
WENJING L: very very moisture!! I love it! Apr 19, 2014
TERRI V: for me again... Apr 19, 2014
Daniel M: good travel size. Apr 18, 2014
Randi A: Best hand treatment ever! Apr 17, 2014
Catherine S: Dry hands are a problem for me. Wanted to see how this one works Apr 16, 2014
Theresa C: Have very dry hands Apr 14, 2014
DAVIS T: feels great on my hands Apr 13, 2014
Christa S: I work in health care and my hands are ALWAYS dry so I'm on the lookout for something that works Apr 8, 2014
julie p: want to try Apr 8, 2014
Ashley W: My hands are typically dry-trying to prevent aging Apr 8, 2014
Roberta C: It is a great hand cream. Apr 7, 2014
janet e: dry hands Apr 6, 2014
Desiere M: I have extremely dry skin on my hands Apr 2, 2014
Judi O: This is a staple by my bed, for a final application before sleep. Apr 2, 2014
erika e: want to try Apr 2, 2014
Robert N: Used in past. Like. Apr 2, 2014
Mary P: Fabulous for very chapped and dry hands. Apr 2, 2014
Bernadette J S: Wanted to share with a friend. Apr 1, 2014
yan s: want to try Mar 31, 2014
Shannon R: To try Mar 31, 2014
Phiroza K: need a hand thing for the winter! Mar 31, 2014
David B: I've been using this product for just a few weeks and can't believe how smooth my skin feels and looks already. Had to buy some more!! Mar 31, 2014
Joan M: Soaks in deeply without the greasy residue Mar 30, 2014
Daphne T: I have very dry hands Mar 30, 2014
Cherie H: I love this stuff! I use it every night. Leaves my hands moisturized and when they're really dry it feels healing. Mar 29, 2014
Constance W: ultimate strength for hands Mar 28, 2014
RYAN W: Great product for dry hands, I get the samples because they're small and flat, perfect for keeping in a bag so you always have it when you need it! Mar 28, 2014
gabrielle g: have chronic dry hands Mar 26, 2014
Yan H: easy carry on Mar 25, 2014
Laurie Z: It works really well, and lasts forever Mar 24, 2014
KAREN LEE S: This is my favorite hand lotion. I have been using this for decades! I always have this in my purse. Mar 24, 2014
Kathleen T: I wanted to try it--never used it before Mar 23, 2014
Amanda M: This is the best hand lotion. My hands get very dry and crack in the winter, but this lotion is great - just the right texture and non-greasy. Mar 23, 2014
Sheri T: would like to see how it works Mar 23, 2014
nancy h: I have very dry hands, wanted to try it Mar 22, 2014
Michele L: I wanted to give this to my sister to try. Mar 22, 2014
Katherine K: I am interested in purchasing a lotion from Kiehl's and want to try out various types. Mar 21, 2014
Vincent G: My boyfriend has really dry hands to the point his knuckles crack! Hopefully this helps. Mar 21, 2014
Jill S: dry hands. Mar 20, 2014
Margaret L: Try before I buy. Mar 20, 2014
Julia Z: husbands hands are "VERY" dry and other lotions do not help so would like to try. Mar 20, 2014
Natasha T: I buy the full size for home and carry samples in my purse. Mar 20, 2014
Sallie A: I use a lot of cream on my hands and I'm looking for a product that lasts a while and helps my hands look moist. Mar 20, 2014
KAY C: My hands are very dry and this is by far the best hand salve! Mar 20, 2014
Mary O: have very dry , rough hands. Mar 20, 2014
Katie D: It REALLY works well. I have VERY dry hands and my hands remain moist even after getting them wet :) Mar 20, 2014
Alexandra M: Smells great, works great. Doesn't leave your skin feeling like it has lotion all over it. Mar 20, 2014
irena s: to try it. use a lot of hand cream Mar 19, 2014
Liz S: want to try it Mar 18, 2014
Amelia S: The best hand cream there is. Mar 17, 2014
Bryan P: Good, quality salve for rough men's hands. Mar 17, 2014
Rebecca C: Trusting Steve Harvey' recommendation for my African American husband's skin Mar 17, 2014
Nicko S: It had high customer rating Mar 17, 2014
miu hing c: knew this from magazine, it said it's awesome so wanna try Mar 16, 2014
Lauri B: New Mexico Mar 16, 2014
Priscilla A M: This is a reorder. I love it,it is so effective. I ordered two tubes one for my husband and one for me. We both use it. Mar 16, 2014
Shuang G: It's amazing! Mar 16, 2014
FANGXI D: WANT TO TYR Mar 15, 2014
Errett K: I have dry hands Mar 14, 2014
Ian A: to try Mar 14, 2014
Warner P: As a sample, it is good to have this by the sink. Mar 14, 2014
Jennifer S: Freaked out my hands will make me look old in a few years...trying to find a product I love to fix this crazy obsession. Mar 13, 2014
James B: Wanted to try something new; I'm getting older and with the normal aging process I require a little more moisture on my hands. Mar 12, 2014
Angela S: This is the ONLY lotion I have found that will keep winter dry skin soft. I even use it on my feet when they get dry and cracked. It is amazing. Mar 12, 2014
JUDITH M: works very well-I was hospitalized for several weeks and this was the only product I had on hand and it was great Mar 11, 2014
Roseann S: This is the best hand salve I have ever used! Mar 11, 2014
Teresa W: My hands are always dry. I use Burt's Bees and my cuticles are still dry and scaly. Always looking for something that works. Mar 11, 2014
Amber W: travel Mar 10, 2014
M. Beth M: Haven't used it yet. Mar 10, 2014
Dianelis H: curious Mar 10, 2014
Carol S: Great hairspray - leaves hair soft, but with good control. Mar 10, 2014
Julie C: It's been a long, cold, crummy winter and my hands are suffering from dryness. Mar 10, 2014
Sarah W: My hands need some love! Mar 9, 2014
Franki B: I have very dry hands and I would like to see how this product compares to the Intensive Treatment and Moisturizer for Dry skin Mar 9, 2014
Hope H: to try it Mar 9, 2014
Linda D: I have been using this product for sometime now and I love love love it, it does everything it advertises. I recommend it 100% Mar 8, 2014
Keli G: wanted to try Mar 7, 2014
Nancy C: Wanted a travel size backup - use the salve all the time up here in Montana. Mar 5, 2014
Joe C: It works great Mar 5, 2014
Nathalie V: dry hands Mar 5, 2014
Marcia G: Own this product and love it, too! Mar 4, 2014
Lynda L: I have very dry hands in the winter and nothing I have tried seems to work. Mar 3, 2014
Nancy W: For my husband's travel kit. Mar 3, 2014
Jennifer B: Own it and like having a travel size. Mar 1, 2014
karen p: my daughter has very dry hands will give to her to try. Feb 27, 2014
Lisa F: love it nice to have it to travel Feb 27, 2014
Carolyn C: This is a wonderfully, rich hand cream. Best I've ever used. Instantly transforms dry hands into soft, nice-to-touch hands. Feb 25, 2014
Dina O: I want to try it since so far, non other brand of similar product has work. Feb 25, 2014
Maria d: I have very dry hands Feb 23, 2014
Sarah R: I wanted to try the hand salve as I am thinking about purchasing it in the future. Feb 23, 2014
Paula D: My skin around my thumb nail cracks to where it bleeds. I'm hoping this will prevent that. Feb 22, 2014
Hilarye S: Need a good hand cream, but I am very picky. Samples make trying things easy! Feb 22, 2014
Angie F: I need something to keep my hands moist and soft. Feb 22, 2014
laura k: love the smell and it makes my hair feel nice Feb 19, 2014
Christine D: This is an amazing hand cream that helps with severely dry skin, yet goes on smoothly. Feb 18, 2014
jiyan W: used before Feb 17, 2014
Brooke G: I really need hand lotion for these dry winter months. Feb 17, 2014
Kristine Q: This is my go to hand cream for the dry Chicago winters. My friends make excuses to wash their hands when at my place so they can use the salve! Feb 17, 2014
Elizabeth O: my hands are too dry and darker than body Feb 17, 2014
Wai H: never use begore, just want to try it out. Feb 17, 2014
Jessica Y: It works! Feb 17, 2014
adriana d: to try a new product Feb 16, 2014
Diana N: Great to have extra. Feb 16, 2014
Pam J: just to try Feb 16, 2014
Ilka M: Best hand cream I've ever used! Feb 16, 2014
George C: I have dry hands Feb 15, 2014
russell d: best Feb 14, 2014
Sarah W: Want to see if it moisturizes well before making the big purchase! Feb 13, 2014
Monique K: a must have Feb 12, 2014
Ginny C: Dry skin Feb 11, 2014
Candace C A: I have problems with my hands because I wash them so often. (I have 7 dogs!!) So I need really heavy-duty hand cream. I thought maybe this would help overnight, or, if it's not too greasy, during the day also. Feb 10, 2014
ying w: give a try Feb 10, 2014
Alan B: had not tried it priof Feb 10, 2014
Ian B: wanted to give it a try Feb 9, 2014
Diane S: my hands are always very dry Feb 9, 2014
daniel u: just wanted to see if it worked in the blistering cold of Wyoming...worked fantastic. I bought the large bottle after trying. Feb 6, 2014
Francis V: Use this in winters in Northern Michigan - only thing that keeps my hands from cracking in the cold, dry winter weather. Feb 6, 2014
Doris Z: My winter hands are killing me. Feb 5, 2014
Cheraye L: My have have been so dry hope this helps Feb 3, 2014
Ivone H: My sister deals with chemical products on a daily basis and her hands are really needing some help so I will have her try this out. Feb 3, 2014
Gladys B: I wash my hands very often (I am a Nurse) and wanted to try this product if it gives better hydration compared to other regular lotions. Feb 3, 2014
Barbara G: I have eczema and this helps soothe the dry, scabby patches on my hands. Feb 3, 2014
Tracey P: My hands are very, very dry right now. Feb 3, 2014
Gary S: Really like this stuff--repairs cracks in winter and smells great. Feb 3, 2014
Deborah S: My hands are dry and crack. I hope this will help. Feb 2, 2014
Katherine M: never used - might be useful Feb 2, 2014
Judith R: My hands tend to get dry during the winter. I love kiehl products so i'm open to try new things. Feb 1, 2014
Judy M: Needed it for in my purse! Feb 1, 2014
shari s: friend likes it Feb 1, 2014
Annie Z: I own this product but don't use it too often because of the smell. I wanted to see if mother in law would like it Feb 1, 2014
Cara M: want to compare against current hand cream Jan 31, 2014
Dana H: Winter! Jan 31, 2014
Misty M: Love hand lotions! Jan 31, 2014
Suzanne K: need good hand lotion. Jan 31, 2014
Harriett C: Dry winter hands! Jan 29, 2014
Cristin C: keep in my purse for when i need to moisturize Jan 29, 2014
Elissa J: great in winter when you have dry hands Jan 29, 2014
Samantha L: Love this, handy on a quick trip Jan 28, 2014
sandra s: love it Jan 28, 2014
Norma W: Dry cuticles! Jan 28, 2014
Danese M: I have dry hands Jan 28, 2014
TORANCE L: Used before Jan 26, 2014
Ashley P: just sounded liked something i would like Jan 22, 2014
Jennifer B: my hands are dry Jan 20, 2014
sarah c: I love it and having a small amount is great for travel Jan 20, 2014
Theresa M: Dry hands! Jan 19, 2014
Pamela M: My hands get so dry after I wash them. Need something that will luxuriously moisturize them. Jan 19, 2014
Krystale L: Have heard really good things about this Jan 19, 2014
Logan G: Really like my other lotions and thought I would give this a try for my dry winter hands. Jan 17, 2014
Mary P: The best hand cream I know - there is a tube in the kitchen, bathrooms and car at all times. Jan 17, 2014
YSIDRO G: Good for dry chapped hands Jan 16, 2014
Lily L: Love it so much! It really works! Jan 12, 2014
lisa w: my hands are extremely dry Jan 11, 2014
Shari S: have dry hands Jan 11, 2014
Angela A: Wanted to try Jan 11, 2014
megan h: my hands are cracked anddry Jan 10, 2014
Jenni J: i have dry hands and want to check it out. Jan 8, 2014
SHIYU Z: love Jan 7, 2014
Elizabeth S: My hands crack in the winter I thought this might be worth trying. Jan 7, 2014
Mea N: My hands are dry and I hope this is a great solution. Jan 6, 2014
Margaret P: very dry hands Jan 5, 2014
Jennifer L: Winters dry hands Jan 4, 2014
Sandra A: My hands get especially dry during the winter, so I'm hoping this hand lotion will be the solution! Jan 3, 2014
Aneta G: The cream works well on my skin which is very, very dry. Jan 3, 2014
Betty M: My hands look very old. Jan 2, 2014
Paula D: Would like to try as I have very dry hands Jan 2, 2014
Lisa S: it's winter time, hands are dry. Jan 2, 2014
delores h: need something really good for dry hands Jan 2, 2014
Pamela B: Very dry hands in winter Jan 1, 2014
Tammy K: I have very dry hands Jan 1, 2014
Tianhui F: nice Jan 1, 2014
Amy C: AMAZING Dec 31, 2013
Marc M: Awesome product!! Nice size to travel with. Dec 31, 2013
Alice E: Wonderful SOS cream for hands. Dec 31, 2013
Tony K: To try Dec 31, 2013
Kimberly W: Love the feel of it and provides all day moisture. Dec 31, 2013
bernice s: Just to try something new Dec 31, 2013
jun h: want to try Dec 31, 2013
Courtney C: I have tried it in the store and it's too expensive but I love it. Dec 31, 2013
Catherine G: Great Dec 31, 2013
Diane B: Dry hands Dec 31, 2013
Amy B: I have extremely dry and sensitive skin. Dec 31, 2013
Robert M N: Spouse trying this. Dec 31, 2013
Traci N: love this heavy intense hand cream as a very-dry-day supplement to my daily hand cream. Dec 31, 2013
Cynthia V: Good travel size Dec 31, 2013
liz p: love this on my hands Dec 31, 2013
Madelene T: Good for travel. Dec 31, 2013
anne S: always looking for good hand moisturizers Dec 31, 2013
Heidi I: Try Dec 31, 2013
Gayle C: I want to try this and see if it works as well, or better than, the hand cream I am presently using. Dec 31, 2013
Stephanie A: want to see if this is greasy or not, may think about purchasing regular size if i like the consistency Dec 31, 2013
Sofia R: to try Dec 30, 2013
Princess S: Giving this a try, it's not as moisturizing as the Creme de Corps though. Dec 30, 2013
charles v: heard good things about it Dec 30, 2013
Tracy H: Tile setters hand repair for the man who's hands are like sandpaper. Dec 30, 2013
Amy G: I love the Creme de Corps, have very dry hands, would like to give this product a try. Dec 30, 2013
roberta f: i thought it would work! Dec 30, 2013
Lilian S: The Salve makes my hands smooth and silky. I love the way my hands feel after applying the Salve. Dec 30, 2013
Kerri S: need a good moisturizer for the winter and wanted to try it - my hands are severely dry Dec 30, 2013
Sheila D: i want to compare it with the Arbonne hand cream Dec 29, 2013
Barbara C: Wanted to try it Dec 29, 2013
Amy K: looked interesting to try Dec 29, 2013
Deidre B: My dry hands need something extra and I was so pleased with my last samples, that I then purchased the product I decided to give this a try. Dec 29, 2013
jill m: dry hands Dec 29, 2013
Dorothy W: constant dry painful hands Dec 29, 2013
MAry D: I want to try this Dec 29, 2013
Shelley P: Both my daughter and I use the Hand Salve. She even asks for it in her stocking at Christmas! Dec 29, 2013
BOLATITO B: Love it! Dec 28, 2013
Jeanne K: Wanted to try Dec 28, 2013
Diane D: Travel size Dec 28, 2013
Dawn E: Always on the lookout for a good hand cream Dec 28, 2013
Yvonne W: Love this hand cream Dec 28, 2013
Raelene H: I can't use most Kiehl's products - so thought I'd try this as a general purpose cream and leave it in my desk at work Dec 28, 2013
Roger G: Not sure Dec 27, 2013
Ruth C: dry skin on hands -- esp. in winter Dec 27, 2013
heather b: wanted to try it out Dec 27, 2013
Alexandra L: It looked like a good idea for travel. Dec 27, 2013
Judith P: curious Dec 27, 2013
Thea A: This is the best hand lotion by far for keeping hands moisturized during the winter. My whole family now uses it, including grandpa, who never uses lotion (it's for sissies!). Dec 27, 2013
fabianne o: it is an excellent product for dry hands and broken cuticles. Dec 27, 2013
Kristina F: curious Dec 27, 2013
Kristy H: Works well for my dry, sensitive hands Dec 27, 2013
Diane T: With the winter my bands are very dry i need à good cream Dec 27, 2013
Jennifer S: dry hands, cracked skin Dec 27, 2013
Priti B: love Dec 26, 2013
Eugenie T: I am always looking for good hand cream. My hands show my age if they are dry Dec 25, 2013
Mark M: wanted to try it. looking for a hand cream the works in Winter Dec 25, 2013
SHARON B: wanted to try Dec 24, 2013
Erin K: I've tried this before and it is great for dry, chapped hands. Dec 24, 2013
Daniella S: i have dry skin but i dont like hand cream with a strong smell so id like to see how this one works out Dec 24, 2013
Brenda P: . Dec 23, 2013
Kenneth W: I'm in construction and this works great for dry hands. Dec 23, 2013
Hannah T: I wanted to try it Dec 23, 2013
Kim K: Best hand cream ever! Dec 23, 2013
Katie C: I have very dry skin on my hands Dec 23, 2013
Erika B: chapped hands Dec 22, 2013
Susan K: Interested in trying Dec 22, 2013
Jeanne W: Great on hands and smells nice too. Thick but absorbs quickly. Dec 22, 2013
xiaoxue s: is my best ! Dec 22, 2013
XUEFEI L: good one Dec 22, 2013
Marcia D: Great product Dec 22, 2013
robecca w: I absolutely LOVE this product! It doesn't was off each time after washing your hands. It keeps my hands in great condition Dec 22, 2013
Dena W: why not Dec 22, 2013
DeJuan C: This works pretty good on dry hands Dec 21, 2013
Vickey D: Husband loves it. Dec 21, 2013
Theodora Y: wanted to try it Dec 21, 2013
Judy B: wanted to try it before purchasing Dec 21, 2013
Pierce B: looked cool Dec 21, 2013
Erik M: My hands are constantly dry, so I wanted to see if this will help them stay moisturized. Dec 21, 2013
Judy D: The winter months can be brutal on your hands, The Ultra Strength Hand Salve will give life back to your hands! Dec 20, 2013
Kris M: I have dry hands. Dec 20, 2013
Yvrose P: Wanted to try additional products. Dec 20, 2013
Nathan M: Great stuff, use daily. Dec 20, 2013
Linda P: My husband has very dry hands...hoping this helps. Dec 20, 2013
Elizabeth K: Great for night-time application and soft hands. Dec 20, 2013
JUANITA H: I have very rough hands, and I want to see if it would soften them Dec 19, 2013
Elizabeth B: Love this stuff...really works Dec 19, 2013
Michael H: To check it out. Dec 19, 2013
Kimberly G: My son's hands crack in the cold weather and I want to see if this helps Dec 19, 2013
Justin L: Dry hands Dec 19, 2013
Dory S: I have wicked dry hands in the wintertime here in Maine. I hope this does the trick. Dec 19, 2013
Brenda V: Just thought I try Dec 19, 2013
Suzanne C: Love it Dec 18, 2013
Talin D: Wanted to try it. Dec 18, 2013
Vonda T: Trying something new. Dec 18, 2013
Susan W: Great product Dec 18, 2013
Lacey T: For my purse! Dec 18, 2013
Thena G: dry skin Dec 18, 2013
christina m: wanted to try it Dec 18, 2013
kate k: Great for working hands. Dec 17, 2013
Kathleen W: I have very dry hands and would like to try this product Dec 17, 2013
Renci C: want to try Dec 17, 2013
Steven W: Like it Dec 17, 2013
Anthony C: Use this product currently and it works very well. Dec 17, 2013
Sarah M: chapped hands Dec 17, 2013
Kathleen C: I have dry hands Dec 17, 2013
Tara B: Hands down best product for dry skin in the winter - It literally saves my skin Dec 17, 2013
Ann B: Interested to see how it works. The whole family is outdoors a lot, in either very wet or very dry conditions, so I'd like to see how it works before purchasing. Dec 17, 2013
James E: Ditto Dec 17, 2013
Kathleen V: My hands get REALLY dry at work. This is for ME. Dec 17, 2013
Celia C: Great hand cream for my man! Dec 17, 2013
kathryn r: i have very dry hands Dec 16, 2013
Arlene G: Hands are usually dry Dec 16, 2013
Tom R: By order of Big MaMa Dec 16, 2013
lisa s: get cracks in the winter so thought I would try it. Dec 16, 2013
Camille N: I live in the NE, I really need this! Dec 16, 2013
donna r: ? Dec 16, 2013
Christen T: I wanted to try it. My hands stay super dry. Dec 16, 2013
Erin P: Great hand lotion! Absorbs fast and not greasy at all. Dec 16, 2013
TZUYING L: give it a try Dec 15, 2013
Stephanie D: The absolute BEST hand cream. Not greasy, perfect for dry winter cracked hands. Dec 15, 2013
Alexis G: My hands are so dry! Dec 15, 2013
Q U: it works Dec 15, 2013
Vicki N: I can always use a good hand salve. Dec 15, 2013
Maura B: dry hands Dec 15, 2013
Yvonne W: wanted to try it as my hands and nails are very dry Dec 15, 2013
Jessica W: Best hand creme I ever used. After a long day- working, dishes, cleaning-I use this creme and my hands are soft "like a baby's bum." Dec 15, 2013
Siying B: Makes hands feel soft. Dec 14, 2013
Joyce Y: It very moisture Dec 14, 2013
Mary H: I want to try it. Dec 14, 2013
Michele H: Love it. Dec 14, 2013
Lee H: WINTER Dec 14, 2013
Rita G: I have very dry hands and I'm looking for a good hand lotion. Dec 14, 2013
Amy D: winter so wanted to try because my hands crack at uticle Dec 14, 2013
Karen W: Have used this in the past and it was very good. Made my hands feel great. Dec 14, 2013
Iverson W: Want to try Dec 13, 2013
Mark C: Practical. Dec 13, 2013
Robert H: I need hand cream Dec 13, 2013
Mary Ellen P: I have terribly dry hands and want to try this product Dec 13, 2013
amy h: great product Dec 13, 2013
Jan L: To try Dec 13, 2013
eileen m: I need some intensive dry skin therapy for my hands. Dec 12, 2013
Sandra W: I wanted it so that I had some on hand while i was traveling great stuff. Dec 11, 2013
Timothy S: dry hands Dec 11, 2013
Glynis H: My hands are dry! Dec 11, 2013
Rhonda W: free Dec 11, 2013
Randy M: portable Dec 10, 2013
Judith H: My son requested for Christmas. Dec 9, 2013
Dong hyun K: d Dec 9, 2013
Mary Frances S: wanted to try it Dec 8, 2013
ann h: Because I use this and like this. Dec 6, 2013
Judy M: good to keep in the car Dec 6, 2013
Reesa S: Hands get very dry from soap at my work. Dec 6, 2013
Jamie K: I will try. Dec 5, 2013
Diana C: Try out Dec 5, 2013
Angel L: i like it , and its your gift for me for free Dec 4, 2013
Xu x: ok Dec 4, 2013
Renee G: Best hand cream around. Never greasy and sinks right in, leaving my hands feelling soft and well moisturized (especially during those dry winter months). Dec 4, 2013
Donna M: My hands are very dry. I'm always looking for a lotion that is moisturing but not sticky. Hope this works. Dec 4, 2013
C. Gail H: My fingers keep splitting and bleeding. It would be nice to find something which would stop that. Dec 4, 2013
Julianna B: BEST HAND CREAM. EVER. Dec 4, 2013
Jacqueline B: This is the best moisturizer I have ever used! Dec 4, 2013
Maria V: Have tried it before and liked it. Dec 4, 2013
Kelly C: use it Dec 4, 2013
Daryl A: love the hand cream Dec 4, 2013
Sarah Y: Wonderful lotion! Great to have in my car or purse. Dec 4, 2013
Denise T: I have a job where my hands are in the water all day ...also my hands get very dry in the winter...thought this might help Dec 4, 2013
RHONDA D: Great to take on a day trip without having to carry a full bottle/tube. Dec 4, 2013
Annicia C: to try it out and see if its rich enough for dry skin over the winter Dec 4, 2013
simin H: It is a great hand cream for winter. Your skin become very soft in the next morning Dec 4, 2013
Jessie H: To see if it helps my dry hands. Dec 3, 2013
Julie W: Always try to have this handy - for dry spots as well as weather worn skin. Dec 3, 2013
Michael H: I always get the samples for my Mom. Dec 3, 2013
lixian R: new Dec 3, 2013
Ashlie D: free :) Dec 3, 2013
Sue G: I have dry skin Dec 3, 2013
Diane J: Winter dry skin--time to try a new product! Dec 3, 2013
diane e: Feels great Dec 3, 2013
Catherine S: my hands are a mess after washing dishes at Thanksgiving Dec 3, 2013

I keep some of this in every bag, bathroom, and near the sink all winter long. Smells great and keeps my hands from cracking open even in the worst weather.
Dec 3, 2013
Amy S: I keep this hand salve with me at all times Dec 3, 2013
Charles E: I'm curious to see what results when using this product. Dec 3, 2013
Lily Y: I have super dry hands and I want to give this a try Dec 3, 2013
Jocelyn D: Dry hands & feet Dec 3, 2013
Eileen B: travel needs, dry hands Dec 3, 2013
Cynthia F: wanted to try Dec 3, 2013
Laurice K: Curious Dec 3, 2013
Xiaoyan W: Friends refer it to me. Dec 3, 2013
Craig B: like it Dec 2, 2013
Kendell S: I have been wanting buy this and want to try it first Dec 2, 2013
Veronica G: one of my favorites Dec 2, 2013
Nancy L: try it on my cracking winter hands Dec 2, 2013
Jennifer C: just try it. Looking something for daily use Dec 2, 2013
Reta C: love this product Dec 2, 2013
michael a: use it and like it Dec 2, 2013
Gary K: Kiehl's fine reputation for skin care products. Dec 2, 2013
JIA YING X: for my father's dry hand Dec 2, 2013
Deb A: Want to try Dec 2, 2013
Jennifer J: my hands are dry Dec 2, 2013
Katherine S: It's always good to have around. Dec 2, 2013
Barbara B: as a gift Dec 2, 2013
Melissa S: Best hand cream in the WORLD!! Dec 2, 2013
Cuichan y: sounds good Dec 2, 2013
Winnie L: I have really dry hands! Dec 2, 2013
Sharon H: Use this daily and I like to have the samples to carry in my purse. Dec 2, 2013
Terri M: dry hands Dec 2, 2013
Cheng-Lung W: For travel use Dec 2, 2013
Cynthia H: Best hand cream ever Dec 2, 2013
Elfi N: I chose this product to see how my hands feel after using it. Dec 2, 2013
D. S. C: Hands are often in water, cleaning and winter is here! Dec 2, 2013
ling c: good Dec 2, 2013
Jennifer H: always looking for good hand cream Dec 2, 2013
Jiayi B: Highly recommended by friends Dec 2, 2013
Lilin L: just need it Dec 2, 2013
Xiaoming L: TRY Dec 2, 2013
jin z: Try Dec 2, 2013
Claudia B: Have tried it before, and really like it. Dec 1, 2013
Kang L: try it only Dec 1, 2013
Xiao M: want to try Dec 1, 2013
Cynthia H: I use this product year round. My hands and fingers usually crack open in the winter, but with this hand salve they never get that dried out anymore. Not greasy.... Dec 1, 2013
Monique C: I wash my hands all day at work. When I use this, my skin doesn't seem to crack or dry up as much. Dec 1, 2013
Ann S: to try it Dec 1, 2013
Kun D: need it Dec 1, 2013
Tamara W: Best hand lotion especially during the winter months Dec 1, 2013
Betty W: Looking for wrinkle reducing products for hands. Dec 1, 2013
James A: In the winter my hands get extremely dry. The skin cracks and bleeds often, so I want to try this to see if it will help. Dec 1, 2013
Tammy W: i love it Dec 1, 2013
Janice F: works great Dec 1, 2013
Peggy R: Love it Dec 1, 2013
yuting h: Winter coming Dec 1, 2013
Dione R: Wanted to give it a try Dec 1, 2013
sylvia z: first time use it Dec 1, 2013
Xinh S: Try the new product Dec 1, 2013
Sharon R: I have really dry hands and want to try this as the other Kiehl moisturizers are so good. Dec 1, 2013
annette c: To alleviate the dryiness of the winter weather and frequent hand washing. Dec 1, 2013
David H: I'm a rock climber and want to see if it helps my hands after a climb Nov 30, 2013
Theresa C: I have very dry hands and in water a lot. Nov 30, 2013
Lucine C: want to try hand cream Nov 30, 2013
Sarah E: To carry in my handbag - winter is really brutal. Nov 30, 2013
Harriet B: I use this. Nov 30, 2013
Diana U: My hands get very dry and crack in the winter. I'm hoping this will help. Nov 30, 2013
fei y: GOOD Nov 30, 2013
Joseph B: To try for dry hands during winter Nov 29, 2013
Lingchih C: Good review. Want to try it. Nov 29, 2013
Catherine P: . Nov 29, 2013
Victor S: hand is dry Nov 29, 2013
xiangyu z: Hands are always needed to take care. Nov 29, 2013
Anne S: Wonderful product for when hands have suffered from harsh weather or repeated washings. Great healer. Nov 29, 2013
Sarah S: I'm hoping it will help my super dry hands. Nov 29, 2013
Nicole N: Perfect for the cold weather chapped hands. Nov 29, 2013
Carolyn C: I wanted a travel package of this because it is really good for Michigan hands! Nov 29, 2013
Tonda W: I wanted to try this Nov 28, 2013
Terry L: good product Nov 28, 2013
XIAODI H: good Nov 28, 2013
GONGZHUO L: I want to try it Nov 28, 2013
chuying z: I want to try it. Nov 27, 2013
Cindy F: I love a good hand cream and wanted to try yours! Nov 27, 2013
Susan I: Have very dry skin Nov 27, 2013
Eva C: Gift Nov 27, 2013
Janet D: Friend recommended Nov 27, 2013
Jen M: n/a Nov 27, 2013
Karin R: Looking for a new hand creme for dry, chapped hands Nov 26, 2013
Rosemary R: Best hand cream I have ever tried, hands down Nov 26, 2013
David D: to try. Nov 26, 2013
Karen L: Fits in my purse and I wanted to try it. Nov 26, 2013
Susan D: Winter is here! The only way to heal my hands when I walk the beach in the winter. Nov 26, 2013
Comfort M: To carry in my purse when I travel Nov 26, 2013
Nina L: Good Nov 26, 2013
Xingyue Y: I want to try Nov 25, 2013
jialing L: i dong k Nov 25, 2013
hengrui z: it is good Nov 25, 2013
Pamela F: ? Nov 25, 2013
Yaqiong Y: Perfect hand cream in winter. Nov 25, 2013
Jon A: I have dry chapped hands and hope this will help. Nov 25, 2013
Carol S: Nothing better. It's thick and soaks right in so you're not all slippery. It does have a menthol smell initially. I have grown to love it. Takes a bit. Nov 25, 2013
Dana E: I'd like to try it. Nov 24, 2013
melissa s: travel Nov 23, 2013
Joseph A. P: Excellent product. Nov 23, 2013
wendy g: did not like Nov 23, 2013
Hovey L: I put great value in moisturizing my skin all over and would like to try the effectiveness of this product. Nov 22, 2013
Suhan L: i need it Nov 22, 2013
Susan R: Wanted to try Nov 22, 2013
Barbara E: Need something for winter dryness. Nov 22, 2013
Melissa W: thought would be nice to put in purse Nov 22, 2013
Amanda H: perfect! Nov 22, 2013
Joann G: keep hands soft. Nov 21, 2013
kim c n: great product Nov 21, 2013
Sharon L: I use this hand cream and it really helps. Nov 21, 2013
B A: Dry hand issues. Nov 21, 2013
Jo G: Need help for my hands in winter. Nov 21, 2013
Elaine D: I wanted something for my husband to try, since his hands get pretty beat up at work. Nov 21, 2013
Howard Y: Dry hands all the time, would like to try this out. Nov 21, 2013
Lisa O: Have used this for years - the best hand lotion on the market. Nov 21, 2013
MaryAnn D: to try Nov 21, 2013
Hayley F: for travel- best hand cream! Nov 21, 2013
Kara R: Wanted to try it Nov 20, 2013
Zac Z: me Nov 20, 2013
Linda H: Dry hands Nov 20, 2013
yunyun c: i like it very much Nov 20, 2013
Becky L: There is no better hand cream out there! Nov 20, 2013
Andrew H: my hands are nasty, maybe this will help Nov 20, 2013
Paula S: Wonderful for Travel Nov 20, 2013
Jody B: You can never have too much hand cream! Nov 20, 2013
Linda G: Always looking for a good product for extremely dry hands. Nov 20, 2013
ming g: i like it Nov 20, 2013
Anne M: I use it Nov 19, 2013
Qiuxia H: good Nov 19, 2013
Jill L: great hand cream. Nov 19, 2013
Nikki L: Good for my purse Nov 19, 2013
CHRISTY F: Have dry hands in the winter and wanted to try this product out. Other products don't seem to work. Nov 19, 2013
Lucille C: Wanted to try it. Nov 19, 2013
Alice T: My hands get very dry in the winter, I have never tried this before Nov 19, 2013
Joey C: I would like to try your hand care products. Nov 19, 2013
Nancy L: Best hand cream ever! Nov 18, 2013
Greg T: Work for me. I wash my hands a lot and I use this to prevent from going dry Nov 18, 2013
Penny P: To try a new hand cream Nov 18, 2013
Anita B: Best hand lotion in the the entire world. Use it just before bed and see incredible differences to your hands in a few weeks. Nov 18, 2013
Shawn O: Winter is vicious to the hands of my family members. My husband works in a hospital environment and washes his hands frequently. Actually, we all wash our hands frequently. I am looking for a hand salve/cream that has staying power long after several washes! Nov 18, 2013
Banning R: It's winter time. I love my current moisturizer but thought I'd try yours. Nov 18, 2013
Terry F: dry hands in winter Nov 18, 2013
Angela S: Have really dry hands Nov 17, 2013
Jud S: Want to try it Nov 17, 2013
Brannon B: Complimentary gift due to order size. Nov 17, 2013
Ting H: try out Nov 17, 2013
Andrew G: new Nov 17, 2013
Laura T: curious Nov 17, 2013
Patricia O: For travel Nov 16, 2013
Liz Y: hoping it will be a great hand salve Nov 16, 2013
Candace P: I have never used this and want to try it Nov 16, 2013
Mykel M: Never used it Nov 16, 2013
XIAOMEI L: TRY Nov 16, 2013
Carrie J: My hands get so chapped in cold weather Nov 15, 2013
Yanling G: I am looking for a hand lotion. I'd like to try on this one to see if I like it. Nov 15, 2013
janice p: my hands are cracked and need help Nov 15, 2013
Mark H: I work with my hands and value their condition. Nov 15, 2013
Rebecca R: First time use Nov 15, 2013
Elizabeth W: want to this Nov 15, 2013
Diane S: I am a massage therapist and am always looking for good moisturizers. I also want to see the ingredients. Nov 15, 2013
David L: want to try it Nov 15, 2013
Roxann B: Hands need a little extra help. Nov 15, 2013
Juliana M: want to try Nov 15, 2013
Jamie T: very dry hands Nov 15, 2013
Yingjie W: likes this and want to try it again before buying full size Nov 15, 2013
SHANSHAN Y: LIKE IT Nov 15, 2013
Margaret W: I would like to give some to a friend that has a lot of trouble with her skin cracking in the winter. Nov 15, 2013
Linda R: Nurse, very dry hands. Hopefully this will help. Nov 15, 2013
Mary B: I haven't used this product before. Nov 15, 2013
KYUNG HWA L: Winter is coming! Nov 15, 2013
Sharon B: Great size to toss in your bag. Love this product. It's the only one that keeps my fingers from cracking during the long, cold, dry winters in michigan Nov 15, 2013
Marjorie M: Wanted to try other products Nov 15, 2013
Sylvia M: already know the product and love it Nov 14, 2013
JIHUI Y: try Nov 14, 2013
Rebecca P: wanted to try it Nov 14, 2013
Eduardo G: Just to try Nov 14, 2013
Ruth R: wasn't in the set I sent Nov 14, 2013
MaryAnne H: The very best hand cream...soothing. Nov 14, 2013
Christie F: love this hand cream Nov 14, 2013
Jonathan L: It works Nov 14, 2013
Lisa M: curious for my eczema on hands. Nov 14, 2013
Jeffrey L: Wanted to try it Nov 14, 2013
Shuxiao L: good Nov 14, 2013
Jingjing W: JUST WANT TO TRY Nov 14, 2013
Mary W: Very dry hands Nov 13, 2013
Lillian D: for my purse Nov 13, 2013
Joan P: Keep in my purse. Nov 13, 2013
Lisa B: I wash my hands a lot because I am nurse and heed a good hand treatment Nov 11, 2013
Miriam a E: As above Nov 11, 2013
shannon k: favorite Nov 11, 2013
HELEN F: I have tried other hand products. This cream sinks into my hands and is the best ever! Nov 10, 2013
Carol V: Wanted to try this Nov 10, 2013
Karen M: love product Nov 10, 2013
Corey C: great healing hand cream with no greasiness, I can put on and walk straight out the door Nov 10, 2013
Lynn S: I have cracked fingers from my hands being in water so often. Nov 10, 2013
Elsie Z: trying it out Nov 10, 2013
Danning S: like Nov 9, 2013
Linda H: Hoping to have the same effect on my hands that I saw with the Midnight Recovery Concentrate on skin around my eyes... Nov 9, 2013
James S: no reason Nov 8, 2013
Diane A: Healing moisture for dry Colorado hands. Nov 8, 2013
Jean R: Am a bodyworker who must have soft hands, wanted to give this a try. Love Kiehl's products. Nov 8, 2013
Kimberly B: Looking for a good, winter hand lotion. Hoping this will help! Nov 8, 2013
Andrew D: This is the best hand cream on the planet! Years of obsessive hand washing (dental assistant) make my hands dry and cracked, but when my doctor gave this to me to try, they became smooth again! Nov 8, 2013
Mindi C: For travel - good for overnight or weekend trip Nov 8, 2013
Elena F: I didn't choose this. I chose something else, but this was in my cart instead Nov 6, 2013
Nancy M: Winter dry hands Nov 5, 2013
Karen C: My daughter has rough hands. Nov 5, 2013
Devon O: It's winter and my hands get incredibly dry. Nov 5, 2013
Inessa D: Great hand cream too, wish it smelled like the body butter..?! Nov 5, 2013
Haijuan W: Y Nov 5, 2013
Susan T: to try the product Nov 4, 2013
Victor S: Need better hand treatment Nov 4, 2013
Marjorie T: Wanted to try Nov 3, 2013
Debbie B: Have very dry hands Nov 3, 2013
chuqian c: want to try Nov 2, 2013
M L J: to see if this is better than other lotions i've tried Nov 1, 2013
MINGMING Z: I want to try this one. Oct 31, 2013
Mary B: Winter coming Oct 31, 2013
Amy H: makes my hands feel great! Oct 31, 2013
Jerome M: Grade for dry cracked hands Oct 30, 2013
Karla R: i live in super dry and this works Oct 30, 2013
Sara D: want to try before purchasing Oct 29, 2013
Deborah L: I have super dry hands and never used this so wanted to try first Oct 29, 2013
Donna N: To pass on to someone who has problems with their hands Oct 28, 2013
Janice B: USe it and love it Oct 28, 2013
Christine S: Great for travel. Oct 28, 2013
Katherine H: Great to have in my purse Oct 27, 2013
dawn t: I work with my hands and they need attention Oct 27, 2013
John K T: Try it Oct 27, 2013
Diane W: Have used it for years and it's the only product of it's kind that works for me! Oct 27, 2013
LORI B: I constantly wash my hands and find that they are very dry and old looking. I am particular about hand creams because I do not care for greasy creams so I would like to see if this absorbs into my skin and not everything else. Oct 27, 2013
Wenjuan L: I need hand cream Oct 26, 2013
sameera a: to try Oct 25, 2013
Arlene G: getting ready for the cold weather and keeping my hands nice and soft Oct 25, 2013
KATHLEEN M: hands get very dry in winter Oct 24, 2013
Carol S: Winter is coming so I will need this! Oct 24, 2013
Rachela F: Wanted to try this item. Oct 24, 2013
Theresa A: dry skin Oct 24, 2013
Angela A: This is the dry hand season and I'm looking for something effective Oct 24, 2013
Karen G: Travel Oct 24, 2013
Melissa V: Really rough hands. Something better work Oct 23, 2013
Stephen F: I have rough hands Oct 23, 2013
Michele B: Salve seems to be more protective and concentrated for dry hands Oct 21, 2013
Melissa S: I've tried this before and like it. Oct 21, 2013
Sandi W: dry hands Oct 20, 2013
Richard V: currently using it Oct 20, 2013
Diane K: Helps with very dry hands. Oct 20, 2013
Denise L: Want to try Oct 19, 2013
Patricia R: I love it and wanted my mom to try it Oct 18, 2013
Georgina D: Works Oct 18, 2013
Jaren G: new to kiehls so I decided to try this out Oct 17, 2013
Virginia G. P: To show a friend Oct 17, 2013
Alicia G: to compare to jackblack hand cream Oct 16, 2013
Tara L: Want to try it Oct 15, 2013
Barbara E: Need good hand cream Oct 15, 2013
Nikki N: Great for travel Oct 15, 2013
Jamie B: Extremely dry skin Oct 14, 2013
Weerasak B: Try. Oct 14, 2013
Julie S: Looked interesting Oct 14, 2013
Deborah G: Keep it in my purse when hands are dry Oct 14, 2013
Paul H: x Oct 13, 2013
Diana C: dry hands during winter months Oct 12, 2013
jennifer b: I wanted to see how well the hand salve would combat the effects of the super-dry air in Colorado. It definitely moisturizes well, but it was a little too greasy for me. Oct 11, 2013
nhut t: good Oct 11, 2013
Jill D: I have very dry hands and wanted to see if this would help. Oct 10, 2013
Barbara S: I have extremely dry wrinkled hands and i am hoping this may make a difference in their appearance. Oct 7, 2013
Stephanie P: I'm a nurse with very dry hands Oct 6, 2013
judy i: love using this all winter long! Oct 6, 2013
Brian S: Read reviews and didn't even know Kiehl's had hand cream for men. Oct 6, 2013
Gregory C: Seems good Oct 4, 2013
Xinyue Z: smell good and absorb fast Oct 3, 2013
Tina Y: Try to see how the result is Sep 30, 2013
Bob R: Winter is coming and so are dry hands Sep 30, 2013
Lisa S: Used before Sep 30, 2013
DIANA N: As a health care provider, I wash my hands very often throughout the day and as winter is coming, I'll be in need of a new hand lotion. Sep 30, 2013
Qiong H: HAVE A TRY Sep 29, 2013
jennifer b: like product and need for travel Sep 29, 2013
Xiangchen L: it's winter now and i need hand cream Sep 29, 2013
Jalea S: Wanted my fiance to try it since he gets dry skin and we wash our hands a lot. Sep 29, 2013
Judy M: Great hand cream Sep 29, 2013
Walter Michael S: excellent product that I have used before. Sep 29, 2013
Yiran Z: serious dry hand problem Sep 28, 2013
Darcel G: Curious Sep 28, 2013
Pamela N: Winter is coming and I will need something for my hands. Sep 28, 2013
Donald P: Best hand salve for cold winters... heals and repairs rough hands. Sep 28, 2013
Matt R: Like product Sep 26, 2013
Todd k: winter is here, need to keep hands soft Sep 26, 2013
Aaron R: Because I got high. Sep 25, 2013
xiejieqiong A: very ok. Sep 25, 2013
Nancy S: severe dryness Sep 23, 2013
Sun h: Towels not greasy, like Sep 23, 2013
Mengnan H: I want to try it Sep 23, 2013
Beth B: Hands are dry & wanted to see if it works. Sep 23, 2013
don b: daughters like it Sep 23, 2013
Elizabeth H: It is the the best hand cream. Sep 22, 2013
Bingjie X: try it Sep 21, 2013
Tamara K: My hands are really dry iin the winter. Sep 20, 2013
Frances L: Always need moisturizer for traveling Sep 20, 2013
Scott H: to try it Sep 19, 2013
Christine R: Dry hands Sep 19, 2013
Nina G: Want to try it. Sep 17, 2013
Carol A: want to try it Sep 17, 2013
John R: Wanted to try it Sep 16, 2013
Donna C: For travel on the plane Sep 15, 2013
Catherine P: Want to try Sep 14, 2013
William F: I like many Kiehl's products and just wanted to try it Sep 14, 2013
Justin B: Haven't tried. Get dry hands during winter. Sep 13, 2013
Barbara K: Want to try it. Sep 10, 2013
Michele C: I LOVE this hand cream!!!! Sep 10, 2013
Richard S: It seems like a great thing to try out. Sep 10, 2013
Robin R: This is the absolute best solution for my gardening hands and for my cold and icy winters. Nothing works as well. Sep 10, 2013
Jo E: My hands need help! Will buy if it works as well as Kiehl's other products. Sep 9, 2013
Karla T: What man doesn't want softer hands? It's for my brother. Sep 8, 2013
joyce a: I have trouble with my hands and would like to give it a try Sep 6, 2013
Xia S: friend recommend Sep 6, 2013
Frank C: It was a recommendation. Sep 3, 2013
Debra D: My hands get very dry when the weather changes Sep 2, 2013
Yan L: The review is fantastic and would like to find out if this makes much difference than a good lotion on hands. Sep 1, 2013
Margaret R: I have rough hands , looking for a new cream Aug 31, 2013
Jiyoung P: I love have lotion that gives good moisture Aug 29, 2013
Yiyuan Z: like it Aug 23, 2013
Charlotte B: My job requires a lot of handwashing - hands are always dry. Aug 23, 2013
Danielle E: I work at a hospital and in the winter months my hands become very dry and chapped from the repetitive hand washing and sanitizing. I'm hoping this product helps with those dry cooler months. Aug 22, 2013
Cynthia B: Wonder what it's like. Aug 21, 2013
lina l: MOISTURE Aug 19, 2013
Greg G: Would like to try before buying Aug 18, 2013
Ruby H: recommended Aug 16, 2013
Linda W: salve sounds like it would work well and I need something that really takes care of dry skin Aug 15, 2013
sidonie s: to try Aug 15, 2013
dawn ellen t: looking for new hand cream Aug 13, 2013
Geoffrey S: Have been looking for a good product and want to try Aug 12, 2013
Diann C: Most hand creams actually make my hands look redder and dryer so I'm hoping this will work. Aug 12, 2013
Susan D: Very dry hands Aug 12, 2013
Terri D: I experience dry hands and am looking for a product that can help me out! Aug 12, 2013
Diana R: Y not??? Aug 11, 2013
Sara M: wanted to give it a try Aug 5, 2013
Laurie L: Always looking for the perfect hand cream Aug 3, 2013
Ukonnaya B: I work in health care and frequently wash my hands. They look older than my chronological age and want to reverse the signs of aging on my hands. Aug 1, 2013
Natalie P: I've used some before and thought it was one of the best hand lotions out there. Jul 29, 2013
Corinne N: Dry Elbows Jul 29, 2013
Matthew B: To try it and see if I notice any difference Jul 27, 2013
Craig R: Travel. Jul 26, 2013
Amy L: cold harsh winters Jul 22, 2013
P A: I am trying to find a good cream for my hands since I am in my mid 40's and I think it is time to take good care of them. Hope it will work! Jul 20, 2013
Diane N: I cook a lot! Jul 16, 2013
Carly S: I have dry skin. Jul 15, 2013
Betsy M: I have very dry hands Jul 11, 2013
Jim U: Wanted to try this again. Jul 8, 2013
Micha M: I chose this to see if it will help my cracked hands in the winter... Jul 3, 2013
Penny D: My husband is always looking for a good hand salve for his dry hands...hope this is the one. Jul 2, 2013
Kristie B: I put this on right before bed, it works great for keeping my hands soft. Jun 23, 2013
SANDRA D: wanted to see if it helps heal dry skin on my hands Jun 22, 2013
Josh R: I have pretty dry skin on my hands, so I wanted to give this a try. Jun 20, 2013
Dean R: Just to try it. Jun 20, 2013
garrett m: i like it more than the next and the last Jun 20, 2013
Joshua W: Want to try it Jun 18, 2013
Milton J: Good size to keep in a travel bag. Jun 18, 2013
Elaine E: I wash my hands so much that they are always dry! Jun 18, 2013
Eva H: My hands are dry! Jun 18, 2013
Allison T: Great stuff. Jun 18, 2013
Kathleen H: the best hand (& foot) cream ever! Jun 17, 2013
Jason B: never tried before Jun 15, 2013
Joon R: I use this Jun 15, 2013
Vanessa P: I know this product is great. Jun 15, 2013
Betsy P: want to try Jun 14, 2013
Susan A: Want to try it Jun 14, 2013
Laura J. B: I have very dry hands and have not been able to find a good product. I want to try this out. Jun 14, 2013
Rong L: have a try Jun 14, 2013
Sachi M: I am 60, swim 3-4 times a week and my hands cannot get enough lotion. Thought this might do a better job. Jun 14, 2013
Erin S: travel Jun 14, 2013
Mindy N: wanted to try it Jun 14, 2013
Sandy V: Moisturizing properties Jun 14, 2013
THOMAS J: Travel size Jun 14, 2013
Samantha B: Really dry hands and nothing seems to be doing the trick. Also, hoping this is age preventative. Jun 14, 2013
Patricia B: Wanted to try it Jun 14, 2013
Bruce L: Best hand salve ever. If you wash your hands constantly (I'm a nurse) you need this. Jun 14, 2013
Alfredo P: Love this product Jun 14, 2013
elizabeth p: love love love this handcream,and also like to have this handcream in my handbag Jun 14, 2013
Lauren C: have dry and chapped hands all the time, want to see if this one can do a heavy duty job for me Jun 13, 2013
Suzanne W: THis is the only lotion that prevents a crack that I get on my right index finger! Jun 13, 2013
Ellen T: Love this product. Jun 13, 2013
Kevin C: To try the product Jun 13, 2013
Kelly A: wanted to try it Jun 13, 2013
Susan S: I can't wait to try the hand salve. My hands are cracked in the winter (until they bleed!) and overworked in the spring and summer from gardening. I need the best hand cream I can get! I can't wait to try it. Jun 13, 2013
paula w: It is effective and good size for travel. I would like 3 but was only given option of 1. Jun 13, 2013
SARAH B: Love this hand lotion. Jun 9, 2013
Pennie A: I have dry hands and feet and am always looking for something to help Jun 9, 2013
Joseph D: See how it is Jun 5, 2013
Gayle V: Because what I wanted was unavailable. Jun 4, 2013
Quincey Y: I'm always on the lookout for a good hand product Jun 3, 2013
Whitney S: My hands get very dry. Jun 3, 2013
Dorothy M: Just checking... Jun 2, 2013
Xun T: TRY Jun 2, 2013
Simone S: I was interested in this. I need something for my hands Jun 2, 2013
Patti N: This is really great stuff. Hands feel like satin after applying it. Jun 1, 2013
Catherine V: dry skin on hands Jun 1, 2013
Jeeyun J: wanna give it a try May 31, 2013
Elizabeth D: I want to see if it will help my skin. May 30, 2013
Kim G: We just moved to a new climate and the change is having a drying effect on my skin. Just thought I would try this out. May 30, 2013
Anna M: I have very dry skin on my hands from working outside. May 28, 2013
Peiyi M: the detail of this product appeals me May 27, 2013
brendan b: my hands is dry May 27, 2013
George A: Had been using Aveda "Hand Relief," which is good and I like it, but I wanted to try something a little less aromatic. May 27, 2013
Pao P: No other good choice for the samples. May 27, 2013
Dan A: No particular reason. May 27, 2013
YINGQIAN S: recommended by friends May 25, 2013
Chunlan S: good review May 24, 2013
Kari J: Always looking for skin strengthening hand creams/lotions for aging, postmenopausal skin. Want to compare to Aveeno product currently used that I like. May 23, 2013
Jessica T: I work in the medical field and wash my hands countless times each day so I need a good moisturizer for my hands! May 23, 2013
Elizabeth M: Perfect for sensitive, chapped skin, I use it every night. May 23, 2013
Ken C: never received this trial that I asked for May 20, 2013
Kristy B: A friend has several dry, chapped hands. Giving to him to see if this helps. May 18, 2013
Chase B: to try it out May 16, 2013
CAROLYN C: for excessive hand dryness May 14, 2013
Steven U: I currently use an over-the-counter lotion. I just wanted to see what this was like. May 14, 2013
Debbie S: Great hand cream May 13, 2013
jim m: dry hands want to try May 13, 2013
Lynda B: got this for my husband May 13, 2013
Susan A: My hands need a lot of help May 11, 2013
Loralyn K: i'm a nurse; try every hand cream i can find. May 10, 2013
Monica M: Researching better hand salves and this one was labeled "Ultimate Strength". May 9, 2013
Robin G: I am a gardener and am looking for a GOOD hand cream May 9, 2013
GINA H: going to give it a try May 9, 2013
Danae T: na May 9, 2013
sara m: I have very dry hands May 8, 2013
Beverly T: curious never tried before May 8, 2013
Jonathan M: Free + Looking for new lotion. May 7, 2013
Patricia G: everything i get here is terrific May 7, 2013
Kelley V: dry hands May 6, 2013
Prenka V: to try it May 5, 2013
Jennifer I: my mom loves hand creams. May 4, 2013
Maria R: love it! May 4, 2013
Jacqueline M: I have very dry hands May 4, 2013
JORDAN R: random May 2, 2013
Jennifer S: My hands need all the moisture they can get. May 1, 2013
Joanne V: I prefer an ultra rich hand cream May 1, 2013
Cecilia F: I need a good hand lotion Apr 29, 2013
Linda S: have rough hands Apr 29, 2013
Marjorie M: Chosen for relief of dry skin on my hands and something soothing to massage on sore joints in my hands. Apr 26, 2013
Amelia J: love that it's unscented Apr 26, 2013
Stephen C: to try Apr 24, 2013
Eva N: Actually want to try this on my feet and see how soft it can make them. Apr 23, 2013
Sue L: Dry hands. Apr 23, 2013
Terry F: Wanted to try Apr 22, 2013
Carrie R: same line as cream I use and love Apr 21, 2013
Kyle M: I wanted to try this out because as a chef, I am constantly washing my hands and robbing them of moisture. Apr 20, 2013
NANCY L: Have very dry hand/cuticles. Wanted to see if this item will help. Apr 17, 2013
Daniel S: hands get dry Apr 16, 2013
Jeanette H: have had before Apr 16, 2013
Harriet M: Because I like it on my feet. Apr 16, 2013
MARKA S: using Avon, wanted to see if yours was as thick and lasting. I like it. Will order some soon. Apr 13, 2013
Eva Z: Love it so much Apr 12, 2013
Anne W: not even a little bit greasy, I love this stuff! Apr 12, 2013
Fran S: I'm always in search of a good hand cream. I have very dry skin on my hands no matter what I use. Apr 11, 2013
Marisa M: I am a dog groomer and this salve helps with the scaly skin I get in between my fingers from being in the water all day Apr 10, 2013
Kristine M: Very dry and old looking habds. Apr 10, 2013
Jane L: same as above. Need for traveling Apr 9, 2013
stephen l: I have hands of stone. Willing to try anything that could make them softer. Apr 9, 2013
Rebecca T: Haven't tried this yet but intrigued Apr 9, 2013
Jennifer G: Wanted to try Apr 7, 2013
Lynne G: love hand creams Apr 7, 2013
cui y: want to try Apr 6, 2013
RENEA M: I have dry rough hands and I know Kiehl's products can make a difference. Apr 5, 2013
Leah L: Heard it was the best hand salve on the planet - had to try it. Apr 5, 2013
Diane H: Looks like a good travel option. Apr 5, 2013
Joan G: Hands are always very dry. Live in Arizona Apr 4, 2013
SHELLY B: want to try it. Apr 4, 2013
BONNIE L: this is the best hand cream ever Apr 3, 2013
Sharon P: MY hands are beginning to look old. I am 61 and have tried everything to make them look young again. Apr 3, 2013
mary ann v: small size for travel Apr 3, 2013
Gregori H: soft hands are important Apr 2, 2013
Matthew B: It's dat dank Apr 2, 2013
YAN Z: MY WIFE LIKES Apr 1, 2013
Kimberly N: have never tried it before Apr 1, 2013
Jan T: to try Apr 1, 2013
Cindy H: Hands have been dry lately. I would like to try this. Apr 1, 2013
Deborah F: need good hand salve Mar 30, 2013
Sherry R: looking for something for my very dry skin Mar 29, 2013
Theodore P: Always looking for a good hand cream. Mar 29, 2013
Francine N: complementary with the gift Mar 29, 2013
Kathleen F: Hands very dry from winter Mar 29, 2013
David M: Works great on my hands. Mar 29, 2013
Yao L: want to try before I buy Mar 29, 2013
Stefanie S: To take traveling and try it out Mar 27, 2013
AMY S: it works on my cracked hands. Mar 26, 2013
ubonwan P: just wanna try it Mar 26, 2013
Anthony K: Excellent hand cream for dry hands. Mar 26, 2013
Sandra P: My hands are very, very, very dry and I am looking for something to bring back the moisture and softness to my hands. Mar 26, 2013
Judith A B: Always use hand lotion. Happy to try this one. Mar 26, 2013
Florence W A: For my purse Mar 26, 2013
kelly k: thought it would be good for travel Mar 26, 2013
LESIA C: i love this one! Mar 24, 2013
Evann Sue M: Convenient away-from-home size, effective, not-unpleasant eucalyptus scent. Mar 24, 2013
Angela F: It works great on my really dry hands. Mar 24, 2013
Barbara H: cracks on fingers Mar 24, 2013
YINGYI L: just try Mar 23, 2013
Terry M: The very best hand lotion I have ever used. I have very dry skin that cracks easily especially in the winter or after working in the garden. This product replenishes the moisturer and keeps my hands protected. Mar 23, 2013
Alissa Z: I have very dry hands. I have used Eucerin cream on my hands all of my life, but I am curious to see how this stands up. Mar 23, 2013
Kotaro K: I wanted to try this product. Mar 22, 2013
Kelly M: This lotion is very moisturizing and smells nice too. It's not too greasy - which I really like. Mar 20, 2013
LAWRENCE B: My wifes rough hands Mar 14, 2013
Mary H: I have dry hands Feb 18, 2013
Patricia S: for friend to try Feb 17, 2013
Elaine H: interested to see if this works any better than the intensive treatment I ordered. Feb 17, 2013
Carole B: Good size for purse or travel Feb 14, 2013
JOE S: Why not? Feb 14, 2013
Susan D: curious to try it. Feb 13, 2013
Wendy K: I have very dry hands and looking for something for everyday. Feb 13, 2013
cynthia f: as a nurse i wash my hands alot and need a good hand lotion Feb 12, 2013
Yvette R: Dry skin from so much washing Feb 10, 2013
Veronica N A: heard it's amazing Feb 10, 2013
susan f: like your hand creams Feb 10, 2013
Elizabeth B: Want my mom to try because she has dry skin on her hands Feb 10, 2013
Rebekah S: I've heard really good things about this hand salve. So excited to try it for myself! Feb 9, 2013
Nicholaus F: I work outside and during the winter my hands are dry and cracked Feb 9, 2013
Heidi B: winter dry hands Feb 8, 2013
Sally C: want to try this Feb 8, 2013
Linda P: my hands need extra loving care. Feb 8, 2013
Linda D: My daughter gave me a Kiehl's sampler box as a Christmas present. There was a good-sized tube of the hand salve, too. So far, it's helping smooth out spots of exzema on my fingers better than exzema products. As a bonus, which I wasn't even expecting, my hands are looking younger these days, too! Like all Kiehl's products, this product is thick and creamy, yet still manages to sink in, and my hands feel clean yet protected.
I got the sampler to take in my purse on trips.
Feb 8, 2013
jillian v: My mom is a nurse and she has very dry hands from washing them constantly. Feb 7, 2013
charles r: first time try. Feb 7, 2013
Jiantao Z: Friends suggest Feb 6, 2013
JILL J: looks good Feb 6, 2013
Julia M: Dry hands! Feb 6, 2013
Lavone T: Always looking for a great hand cream! Feb 5, 2013
Caley M: I live in Wisconsin and its winter...need I say more!? Feb 5, 2013
Melissa P: I wanted to try this Feb 4, 2013
Susan A: Fingers crack in cold weather.Trying to find product that will prevent this Feb 4, 2013
Nancy h: it great hand cream. Feb 4, 2013
Linda D: I hv tried it before and it is excellent. Feb 4, 2013
Steve d: I have used this and like it Feb 3, 2013
Venkat K: haven't tried it yet Feb 2, 2013
Melissa H: I have been using this for years. It is the most effective hand cream I've ever found. I like that it does not have a perfumey fragrance. My dry hands can't make it through winter without this. Jan 31, 2013
Patricia B: My hands are extremelt dry. Kiehls foot cream is so great, I wanted to try the hand cream. Jan 30, 2013
Jeffrey H: curious to try. Jan 30, 2013
ELIZABETH P: I wanted to try it Jan 30, 2013
Amy P: Friends tell me it's amazing Jan 30, 2013
SHIRLEY N: My hands are very dry , wanted to try this. Jan 30, 2013
Saunda W: Love the product, wanted size for my purse. Jan 30, 2013
Richard V G: Very concentrated, and extremely hydrating. Jan 30, 2013
drew h: thought my girlfriend might like to try it Jan 30, 2013
Nicol H: Love Creme do Corps and wanted to see how this product feels on my dry hands Jan 30, 2013
Susan Y: Trying for the first time. Jan 27, 2013
Carrie L: Have purchased this before and like it! Jan 27, 2013
Patrick M: Cold and my wife's hands are cracking Jan 27, 2013
Jacqueline W: My heair dresser says this salve saves his hands. So I wanted to try it too. Jan 26, 2013
Jacqueline W: I'm thinking of getting this, too, since the skin situation I'm experiencing results in fingers that can crack and bleed. The creme de corps is working but I have to use it after every hand washing. I'm hoping this salve lasts longer. Jan 26, 2013
Page L: My husband's hands get so dry & cracked -- hope this might help him. Jan 26, 2013
Peter G: to try Jan 26, 2013
Natalie C: I want to try it. Jan 25, 2013
Kate C: Free! Jan 25, 2013
marsha w: like it's effectiveness --- especially in winter cold Jan 24, 2013
Joanne B: Husband's hands are cracking in the dry winter air. Hopefully this will sooth and repair them. Jan 24, 2013
Dolores M: try for future purchase Jan 24, 2013
ASHLEY H: I have really dry hands especially during the Utah winters. This lotion is so thick that I put it on before bed and my hands feel amazing in the morning. Jan 24, 2013
Kelly J: Absorbs quickly and not greasy Jan 24, 2013
dave m: dry hands Jan 24, 2013
Ellen Marie G: Wonderful hand cream! Jan 24, 2013
Glenda J: It works better than any hand treatment I've tried on my very dry hands. It absorbs quickly & completely. Jan 23, 2013
Cynthia R: It's awesome stuff! Jan 23, 2013
Angela E: I have very dry hands and cuticles so I thought I would try this. Jan 23, 2013
Hannah Mae N: Try it. Jan 23, 2013
KARLA H: DRY HANDS Jan 22, 2013
NADA M: I can't find a hand cream that lasts long enough Jan 22, 2013
Saunda W: I am a nurse and wash my hands so many times a day, want to try this. Jan 22, 2013
Lisa W: My hands need some work. Jan 22, 2013
Julia D: Daughter has very dry skin on hands this winter. She has sensitive skin and thought I'd give it a try. Jan 22, 2013
Melissa B: very good and non greasy Jan 21, 2013
Suzanne F: i have very dry hands ... thought i'd give this a try Jan 21, 2013
Judy G: My hands have been very dry this winter. I have been using Bert's Bees. I want to compare and see if I like this better. The scent matters to me too. Jan 21, 2013
Julene M: To try Jan 21, 2013
Mary G: need it Jan 21, 2013
Prof. Denise Jeanne T: Wanted to try this product. Jan 19, 2013
donna b: creepy hands...........I see my mothers hands coming out of my sleeves Jan 18, 2013
Adrienne M: I have extremely dry hands in the Winter and hope this hand salve can help change that. Jan 18, 2013
David H: don't know Jan 18, 2013
Margaret C: same Jan 17, 2013
Cece B: hands like pine cones Jan 17, 2013
Anna M: I have extremely dry hands Jan 16, 2013
Laura M: I thought my husband might like it. Jan 16, 2013
carolyn c: i have trouble with dry skin on my hands and am always looking for the lotion that makes it better Jan 15, 2013
Danwei L: Get recomeadation from other people. Jan 15, 2013
Kamrin G: I have very dry/sensitive hands it the winter. Jan 15, 2013
Kim M: My hands are very dry at this time of year and I would like to see if this product helps. Jan 14, 2013
Yeon C: Want to try. Jan 14, 2013
carol r: I have had a problem with dry skin on my hand for years. Keep trying to find the miracle that will work and make my hands look young Jan 14, 2013
Lauren M: I'm a potter and am constantly remoisturizing my hands- want to see how this works. Jan 14, 2013
Deborah D: dry winter hands Jan 13, 2013
Maria B: My skin, especially my hands do not do well in winter Jan 13, 2013
karen c: carry in purse. ordered large size for home Jan 13, 2013
Emilia B: Will it really work? Jan 13, 2013
Starrene R: Dry skin. Jan 13, 2013
Kit S: Just wanted to try it. Jan 13, 2013
dave h: great for hands in winter Jan 13, 2013
carey m: I get dry hands Jan 13, 2013
Michael S: Been putting off buying hand cream for ages; if this is good I may purchase. Jan 13, 2013
I. Jeanne R: My favorite hand cream. Jan 12, 2013
Colleen H: Looked like others have tried it. Jan 12, 2013
Janice C: Want to try it Jan 12, 2013
Sandra H: This really works to help with hand care particularly in the winter. Jan 12, 2013
Antonia K: Because it works Jan 12, 2013
Nina K: I use hand salves often Jan 12, 2013
Sarah R: dry hands Jan 11, 2013
Kathleen W: Just wanted to try and see if its as superior as Kiehl's hair care products Jan 11, 2013
roberta k: during winter my hands get really dry Jan 10, 2013
Eugenia F V: always protecting & extending life of my hands Jan 10, 2013
Susan C: Great product, this goes in my purse. Jan 9, 2013
DONNA D: I like the product. Jan 9, 2013
Pamela M: Would like to try for dry hands Jan 9, 2013
Charlotte L: wanted to try it and see if better than eucerin Jan 9, 2013
LaVerne H: My hands are very dry and nothing works so I'll try it. Jan 9, 2013
Jane W: I love this product and want to share with a friend so she can try. Jan 9, 2013
Sue H: my hands are so dry this time of yr Jan 9, 2013
Peter R: a whim but just ordered more Jan 6, 2013
Vickie S: Dry hands Jan 2, 2013
Steve M: I had no other choice, I couldn't even select three samples because there weren't 3 available. Dec 31, 2012
martha r: no other samples to choose from Dec 31, 2012
kimberly p: The sampels I really wanted were sold out. I have used this product and it;s great for elbows and dry hands. Dec 31, 2012
Jiashen T: need try some hand cream Dec 31, 2012
Bomi B: need new hand cream so wanna try this. Dec 30, 2012
CHIA MIN Y: never try it before Dec 30, 2012
Sabrina F: dry hands and the title looked like it would be beneficial Dec 30, 2012
sarah p: it's winter, dudes. Dec 30, 2012
Lili D: heard it before, want to try it Dec 30, 2012
marikay o: Hoping that this will be soothing and hydrating Dec 30, 2012
Rebecca A: I have particularly dry hands and I am STILL searching for the perfect moisturizer for my hands. I hope this is it! Dec 30, 2012
Lauren V: handy when travelling Dec 30, 2012
Muzi L: hands are dry Dec 30, 2012
Sherry W: I want to see how rich this cream is. Dec 30, 2012
lynn s: Have used this before. Good item. Dec 30, 2012
Maureen N: wanted to try it Dec 30, 2012
Jiao Ji L: recommended by a friend Dec 30, 2012
Jie L: no specific reason Dec 30, 2012
Jon T: Want to try it Dec 29, 2012
Kristen R: diaper bag Dec 29, 2012
Gina B: Description looks good. We love these products. They really do the job! Dec 29, 2012
Diane B: looking for a great hand cream Dec 29, 2012
Jane M F: Curiosity Dec 29, 2012
Mimi M: Wintertime -- dry hands, I'd like to try this. Dec 29, 2012
Donna M: with colder weather my skin is drier than usual. I am trying this in hopes to remedy this situation. Dec 29, 2012
Delma A: just to try it Dec 29, 2012
Yen-Jung L: i love the smell of it. It's indeed better that other brands for me. Dec 29, 2012
Marie D: good to have in my purse Dec 29, 2012
Gary G: have very dry hands and want try Dec 29, 2012
Brandon R: I am new to Kiehl's and just trying out some products. Dec 29, 2012
gregory b: try iy Dec 29, 2012
Andrea P: Looking for a good hand cream. Dec 29, 2012
Hao L: mom's favorite Dec 29, 2012
Chun Z: like to try it Dec 29, 2012
janet k: I am always looking for a great hand lotion. I wash my hands often and they get very dry. I want to see if this will be the best product for my dry hands. Dec 29, 2012
Tracey L: Extremely moisturizing for winter hands. Dec 29, 2012
Vonda P: Work in the medical field, washing hands constantly and applying gloves, need moisture to be added to hands Dec 28, 2012
Hang Z: I just want to have a try. Dec 28, 2012
Teri L: I have very dry hands due to frequent hand wshing and I am always looking for something that will help my cracked and raw hands . Dec 28, 2012
Karen B: I read reviews on this product & know several people who have very dry hands in the winter & would like to try this to see if it would work for them. Dec 28, 2012
Fanny T: Great product for severely dry hands Dec 28, 2012
Mary W: The older I get the more I need some lotions to help my skin. Dec 28, 2012
jean s: in market for good hand creme Dec 28, 2012
Dong Z: it's new for me and I want to try it. Dec 27, 2012
Caitlin B: the weather is tough on my skin, hoping this will help my hands! Dec 27, 2012
taryn f: i have super dry hands and this really hits the spot Dec 27, 2012
Monica M: wanted to try it Dec 27, 2012
Beverly J L: great hand cream! Dec 27, 2012
John J: Dry hands sometimes Dec 27, 2012
R D: Best Hand lotion ever! Dec 27, 2012
Jasauen J: have sever dry hands Dec 27, 2012
Xiaoli H: it's ok Dec 27, 2012
Michael W: There were only 6 samples to choose. Not much to choose. Dec 26, 2012
Marie H: I need extra moisture for my hands Dec 26, 2012
Royce H: dry skin Dec 26, 2012
Joan H: New product for me. Dec 26, 2012
Elizabeth W: It is wonderful hand lotion and great in my travel bag. Dec 26, 2012
Jing X: For travel size product, I always prefer choosing the less critical ones. This can be used once and the effect is immediate. That's what i'm looking for in samples. Dec 26, 2012
Joanne G: My hands need all the help they can get during this long, cold Wisconsin winter. This product is great to use at bedtime so my hands are ready to go the next morning! Dec 26, 2012
Luis A: Living in NYC, my hands get really dry. Dec 26, 2012
Olivia s: see how it works for winter time Dec 26, 2012
Justo D: Best hand moisturizer out there!!! Dec 26, 2012
sandra l: my hands are dry in the winter so i'm excited to try this cream. Dec 25, 2012
Zayneb M: Winter is hard on my hands. Dec 25, 2012
Stephanie P L: have dry hands want to compare to other products I use before purchasing Dec 25, 2012
Isabell V: My hands take a lot of abuse! Dec 25, 2012
Valencia W: Excellent for severely dry skin! Dec 24, 2012
Seungyeon C: I want to try for my hand. Dec 23, 2012
Nehemiah M: Rough hands my wife says Dec 23, 2012
Mary B: I have dry hands Dec 23, 2012
Stephanie S: wanted to try Dec 23, 2012
Robin B: This is like no other soothing hand salve. Heals instantly! Dec 23, 2012
yollie w: will try Dec 23, 2012
Stephanie S: Introducing it to my Mom. Dec 22, 2012
bettye h: Because of the moisture. Dec 22, 2012
Marcia L: It works! Dec 22, 2012
Linda Q: I'm always looking for a hand lotion that absorbs easlily but moisterizes too. I hope this one fits the bill. Dec 21, 2012
Jane C: Wanted to try this since the their products are so superior. Dec 21, 2012
Michele S: I'm addicted to this and so are the people in my office. I'm really addicted to the smell. I bought it for my dad for Christmas, I think he will love it! Dec 21, 2012
Yanwei H: try and see its effectiveness Dec 21, 2012
Alison S: This will come in handy for winter travel Dec 21, 2012
LaRita J: Just wanted to try this product. Dec 21, 2012
Maureen P: Need a good hand cream Dec 20, 2012
Michelle G: Have not tried this product yet. Dec 20, 2012
Jean H: I like trying all the products as each one so far is outstanding. Plus, living in the NE it is not easy to keep hands soft in the winter Dec 20, 2012
Sandra P: purse size Dec 20, 2012
Mary Hastings C: Gift for my sister Dec 20, 2012
Rose R: great for travel Dec 20, 2012
James A B: My wife suggestion Dec 20, 2012
Donna H: I love Keihl products and thought I would try this because of the reviews. Dec 20, 2012
Erica K: Amazing hand lotion! Dec 20, 2012
Vicki M: Try before buy Dec 20, 2012
Susan L: like it Dec 20, 2012
Norene V: Winter is hard on my hands and wanted something for repairing cracks around my fingernails. Dec 20, 2012
kathy m: am a RN and always washing my hands Dec 20, 2012
Stephen E: New product see if it helps chapped hands Dec 19, 2012
Rosemary W: Wanted to try it. Dec 19, 2012
Daniel W: I have a dry hand so I think I may try it. Dec 19, 2012
Sallie C: want to try the ultimate strength hand cream....always looking for a good hand cream. Dec 19, 2012
Maria Luz H: love this hand salve, use it frequently in the winter Dec 19, 2012
karen r: Needed hand cream. Dec 19, 2012
FangFang T: try Dec 19, 2012
Sandra L: currently use it Dec 19, 2012
Ken P: wanted to try it. Dec 18, 2012
Paige L: wanted the pink grapefruit lotion, couldn't get it in the cart Dec 18, 2012
Mikkel P: She has trouble with cuts and dry skin on hands form time to time Dec 18, 2012
Josefina P: To try it Dec 18, 2012
shannon b: for use on the go Dec 18, 2012
Catherine M: Winter weather dries out my hands. Thought I would try it Dec 18, 2012
Ana M: very dry hands Dec 18, 2012
wei f: I just want to try it. Dec 17, 2012
Billie M: strong and soothing. Dec 17, 2012
Phetpilin P: Works great on hands! Dec 17, 2012
Jaclyn B: Being in healthcare, I wash my hands often and they are always dry. So dry that I experience painful breaking of the skin. Dec 17, 2012
Angela S: I love this moisturizer. It really helps my dry hands in the winter. Dec 17, 2012
kethia h: want a strong hand creme for the winter months. Will buy if this is good. Dec 17, 2012
min y: my favor Dec 17, 2012
Therese S: Giving it to a friend to try it out. Dec 16, 2012
Cesar A G: For travel purposes. Dec 16, 2012
Nicole T: Cold weather makes my hands dry Dec 16, 2012
Michelle L: wanted to try it Dec 16, 2012
Nancy C: to try it!! I'm sure its great!! My hands are dry too through the cold weather Dec 15, 2012
Shannon F: Have dry hands and am always looking for a good solution. Dec 15, 2012
Jane S: I need something beside lotion for my dry hands. Just checking it out... Dec 14, 2012
Lori R: My hands are very dry Dec 14, 2012
Megan B: My hands need all the help they can get! Dec 14, 2012
Teresa Y: I want to know if I like this hand cream or not. If so, I will definitely buy a full size in the future Dec 14, 2012
Harley-Dan N: Always open to new (to me) products and even greater benefits. Dec 14, 2012
Lydia R: Just trying it out. Dec 14, 2012
Lisa F: To give to my dad who is obsessed with hand creams. Dec 14, 2012
Rachel L: Living in Maine, I'm always on the prowl for great hand cream. Dec 14, 2012
Nikki M: Because I ordered the larger size. This will be good to keep in the car. Dec 14, 2012
Nancy L: dry hands Dec 14, 2012
Andrew B: i have terribly dry skin Dec 13, 2012
Cleveland E: Because it's good. Dec 13, 2012
Theresa T: knitter. Keeps my hands smooth, not greasy.Does not get on the yarn Dec 12, 2012
Shieko U: looking for good hand lotion Dec 12, 2012
Charlie H: Is there anything hands can't salve? Dec 12, 2012
Terri N: hands always need some love Dec 12, 2012
Terri N: good for travel Dec 12, 2012
YUMI I: for trip Dec 12, 2012
Lucille R: I know I like this product Dec 11, 2012
Xian W: My fiance has dry hands. Dec 11, 2012
Elizabeth H: Never used product before Dec 11, 2012
Le Y: i like this Dec 11, 2012
Susan N: dry hands Dec 10, 2012
Camille S: for my nurse hands Dec 10, 2012
Erica R: want to try Dec 10, 2012
Yolanda P: will be vacationing in cold weather Dec 10, 2012
Sheryl S: Never tried it - want to Dec 10, 2012
Kathryn R: Its a great hand cream Dec 10, 2012
Kathryn R: I love it! Dec 10, 2012
Karen M: right size for travelling Dec 9, 2012
Tammy V: It sounds appropriate for the season! Dec 9, 2012
Barb R: My daughter in law recommended this. Dec 9, 2012
KerryAnn A: Softer hands possibly? Dec 9, 2012
James H: I wanted to try it. Dec 9, 2012
Michelle O: love it Dec 9, 2012
paula r: favorite of daughters Dec 9, 2012
Kate H: great for travel Dec 9, 2012
Beverly K: to try satisfied with other products that I use Dec 9, 2012
Dawn M: This is a great hand cream that isn't too greasy. You can use it and then touch about anything without leaving residue. Dec 9, 2012
michelle m: I have never tried it before. Dec 9, 2012
Leslie S: for me Dec 9, 2012
cynthia r: Great in the winter really does help keeps hands smooth and soft Dec 8, 2012
Bridget B: Perfect for the season :) Dec 8, 2012
Janie Harden F: to try it Dec 7, 2012
Anne R: I like hand creams. Dec 7, 2012
Janine P: Always need hand cream Dec 7, 2012
Janet B: My husband loves this - it's perfect for dry midwest winters. Dec 7, 2012
catherine m: my son gets dry hands from work Dec 7, 2012
Aida F: To know new product Dec 7, 2012
Kathi H: Winter time of course Dec 7, 2012
Anne C: This works well in cold temps. Dec 7, 2012
william f: check it out Dec 7, 2012
Michelle K: i've used this and wanted the person I was sending this to to try it as well. Dec 7, 2012
Sherry R: New to Keihl's Products, and I am in search of a good hand cream that isn't as insanely expensive as the current brand I use. (LaMer) Dec 7, 2012
MARIA E L: to try Dec 6, 2012
Lynne S: wanted a cosmetic bag size of this great product! Dec 6, 2012
Donna M: Love this hand cream. Dec 6, 2012
Kathy R: My hands are very dry in the winter and even crack open. Dec 6, 2012
Thomas W: want to try it Dec 6, 2012
Christina C: Best hand cream I have ever tried. Not greasy at all. I truly love it! Dec 6, 2012
Tracey H: looking for a good hand lotion for the winter months Dec 6, 2012
Jane D: I would like to try it Dec 6, 2012
CHRIS A: to try for first time Dec 6, 2012
Allison A: works in healthcare Dec 6, 2012
Marcia M: WANTED TO TRY IT Dec 6, 2012
Donna S: Love it... use these in my travel kit when I don't have room for the full-size Dec 6, 2012
Bethany R: I want to try this for one of my kids who has eczema and see if it helps him. Dec 6, 2012
Nancy A: Cure dry hands Dec 6, 2012
Merrie B: excellent Dec 6, 2012
Merrie B: excellent Dec 6, 2012
Drenda H: want to try Dec 5, 2012
Heejin H: this is my one of favorite product Dec 5, 2012
kathy l: Try it. Dec 5, 2012
Ashley M: I live in Iowa and the winters are harsh to say the least Dec 5, 2012
Lin R: just try Dec 5, 2012
Debra O: Do I get free shipping for FIRSTORDER????? Dec 4, 2012
Jenny R: 1 of 6 options you had and you said i got 7 Dec 4, 2012
Jaime T: dry hands Dec 4, 2012
Heike F: same Dec 4, 2012
Michelle C: small pack handy for travel emergencies Dec 4, 2012
Sally L: Best hand cream around Dec 4, 2012
Lin P: My son could use this item for his hands and perhaps purchase this for himself. Dec 4, 2012
pauline p: recommended by friend Dec 4, 2012
Latanya H: sounded interesting Dec 4, 2012
Janice M: Winter time Dec 3, 2012
Anna M: Great for my purse. Love this hand lotion. Dec 3, 2012
Jinling Z: Just give it a try. Dec 3, 2012
Beverly S: I have very dry skin Dec 2, 2012
Maureen H: I have terribly dry skin from working in a restaurant and nothing as of yet has worked! So I'm up for anything to get some relief!! Dec 2, 2012
Traci C: Need to find a hand cream that is
good for hands that are being constantly washed from work.
Dec 2, 2012
Eileen F: dry hands Dec 2, 2012
Mary Ellen M: My hands are so dry the skin cracks open. I am hoping that Kiehl's will solve the problem. Dec 2, 2012
Deborah A W: trying it out Dec 1, 2012
Betiri E: My girlfriend thought my mom will love it Dec 1, 2012
Carol B: for my husband who sometimes works outside and needs extra care for his hands Dec 1, 2012
KATHIE T: have dry skin Dec 1, 2012
Joyce N: liked in past Dec 1, 2012
elizabeth k: searching for an ultimate dry-hand cream Dec 1, 2012
Lisa W: trying it Nov 30, 2012
Margaret S: i teach all day! Nov 30, 2012
Kimberly J: I have very dry hands and wanted to try something other than regular lotion Nov 30, 2012
shengtzu h: want to try it Nov 30, 2012
alice v: free Nov 30, 2012
Ginean R: want to try it... Nov 30, 2012
Rae U: Would like to try on my extremely dry hands. Nov 30, 2012
jodie o: I live in the desert where dry hands are a real problem. have tried every brand under the (desert) sun - this one has to work! Nov 30, 2012
Renon B: Winter makes my hands dry, so I decided to try the hand Salve to possibly ordering in the future. Nov 30, 2012
JONATHAN W: Wanted to try it Nov 25, 2012
Sharon E: I like trying new hand creams. Nov 25, 2012
Mingjia M: good Nov 25, 2012
Mingjia M: goog Nov 25, 2012
Rae S: My hands need something very strong now that the cold weather has descended upon us. Nov 25, 2012
Runjian W: friend recommend Nov 25, 2012
Jill K: I have dry hands and wanted to see how it worked Nov 25, 2012
Cheryl H: I ALWAYS have dry skin on my hands from washing them so much! Want to try something natural that actually works! Nov 25, 2012
Betsy D: just curious Nov 25, 2012
Sheila S: it works Nov 25, 2012
Denise D: My hands are so dry in the winter that I think this product will help. Nov 25, 2012
Edna N: see if keep hand's most Nov 25, 2012
traci r: For dad to try. Nov 25, 2012
shu z: in need of it Nov 24, 2012
dorothy t: husbands dry hands Nov 24, 2012
Sara P: I am always looking for a hand cream that is better than what I currently use--the prospect of trying one made by Kiehl's sounds very good. Nov 24, 2012
Marjorie F: My skin Nov 24, 2012
Kelly E: To try it Nov 24, 2012
Michelle E: something new to try Nov 24, 2012
Patricia A S: Use it all winter long! Nov 24, 2012
Bernadette G: good product wanted for travel Nov 24, 2012
Belinda H: I'm a hand creme fanatic and work with paper all day so I'm constantly wanting something creamy but not greasy that will moisturize my hands. Nov 23, 2012
Thomas F: not sure Nov 23, 2012
Mary V C: My hads get very dry during the winter. I hope this will help. Nov 23, 2012
Sheila B: My hands are dry Nov 23, 2012
Kui C: try Nov 23, 2012
Xinyue L: I have never used it before and I want to try it. Nov 23, 2012
Yuanwei L: try Nov 23, 2012
Susan S: to try Nov 23, 2012
Harry H: I work with my hands and they are cracked and dry. This product helps with rehydraying my skin. Nov 23, 2012
Rae D: Reputation for excellent efficacious products . Successful experience with Kiehls. Nov 23, 2012
elizabeth b: Am buying the tube for a stocking stuffer, and wanted to try it for myself. Nov 23, 2012
Anna R: Want to try it Nov 23, 2012
Linda L: I live in a harsh climate and my hand get very dry. Nov 22, 2012
Jeremy F: Used before. Like it. Nov 22, 2012
Karl K: Convenient package; soothing for chapped hands Nov 22, 2012
LU E: i think itis a good one for my hand. Nov 22, 2012
deborah b: i have old looking dry hands Nov 21, 2012
Brian C: wanted to try this out Nov 21, 2012
Claire S: dry hands Nov 21, 2012
Paula B: gardener with rough, dry hands Nov 21, 2012
Barbara H: To learn about this product Nov 20, 2012
lana r: something i would like to try. Nov 20, 2012
Kim B: wanted to try Nov 20, 2012
Joyce S: good stuff for old dry hands! Nov 20, 2012
michele t: Have been thinking of buying it and want to try it. Nov 20, 2012
Donna I: Keeps hands from chapping in the Iwnter Nov 19, 2012
Sonia M: My son has skin issues and have used every product out there and wanted to try it out. Nov 19, 2012
hugh h: i like a good hand salve and love your products so thought i would give it a try Nov 19, 2012
Janis T: Great to have this hand salve in my purse. Nov 19, 2012
Kimberly S: my husband has DRY hands, I'll see if he likes it. Nov 19, 2012
ping s: want to try it Nov 19, 2012
Fran S: DRY and OLD looking hands! Hoping it helps! Nov 19, 2012
Roberta C: would like to try it. Nov 19, 2012
Lisa C: good basic Nov 19, 2012
JEFFERY H: It is in my starter kit and works exceptionally well for dry hands. Nov 19, 2012
Brianna G: Sounds like something my extra dry hands could use. Nov 18, 2012
karen S: need a hand creme Nov 18, 2012
HANZHI Z: i'd like to use a hand therapy after every hand washing and to try different brands of products.
this time i want to try this one
Nov 18, 2012
amy c: I work with my hands and they get really rough. Can't wait to try this one. Nov 18, 2012
Corey C: great lotion, not too greasy Nov 18, 2012
Catherine G: Want my son to try this product!! Nov 18, 2012
Xiaoli C: curious Nov 17, 2012
Angela C: I have very dry hands and haven't been able to find any kind of hand cream/lotion to hydrate them so I want to try this out and if I like it then I will purchase a full size. Nov 16, 2012
Jennifer S: I have such dry hands in the cold weather! Especially now that I relocated to Vermont Nov 16, 2012
Janet C: always need hand better salve Nov 16, 2012
Betsy R: dry hands in the winter Nov 16, 2012
Karan S: like to have travel samples of this Nov 16, 2012
danielle w: Good for travel. Nov 16, 2012
Gabriel K: Thought my sister would like it as a gift Nov 16, 2012
Yupeng w: good for skin Nov 16, 2012
Heather P: I am a RN and my hands get painfully dry during the winter months from frequent hand washing. I've yet to find a hand cream that moisturizes them enough... I am really hopeful this will work! Nov 15, 2012
Margaret R N: My hands always get very dry during the winter. I thought since I was getting a free sample, it would be a good thing to try and see if it would work for me. Nov 15, 2012
Jo Ann A: This is the only thing that helps my "winter hands". Tis the season! Nov 15, 2012
Elaine D: not used before so I am curious Nov 15, 2012
Iris L: This is for me to carry it in my pocket when I go hiking. Nov 14, 2012
Ron J: just to try it Nov 14, 2012
Aaron H: my hands are ruff Nov 14, 2012
Alex V: As a florist my hands are wet all day and regularly stripped of their oils. I'm always looking for something to make my hand a little less like farmer's hands. Nov 14, 2012
LIN X: would like to try. Nov 14, 2012
Sara S: to try it, I work with my hands Nov 13, 2012
Linda C: Best hand cream I've ever used. Nov 13, 2012
Margaret W: smooths rough hands Nov 6, 2012
Kristin T: It's very dry in Colorado! Nov 5, 2012
Ferd J: dry cracked winter hands Nov 5, 2012
jessica a: My hands get extremely dry in the winter. Nov 5, 2012
Bobbi H: Always looking for products to improve my skin. Nov 5, 2012
April S: Love trying different hand lotions. Haven't found one I like the best. Nov 4, 2012
Nan M: I have really dry and somewhat sun damaged hands Nov 3, 2012
Melanie M: wanted to try it Nov 2, 2012
Barbara H: major cuticle trouble - hope this will help. Nov 2, 2012
Judith M: Saw this on TV. My husband and I both have extremely dry skin. Nov 2, 2012
Heidi N: I have dry hands Nov 1, 2012
Jeffrey M: Wanted to try it. Nov 1, 2012
Sandra B: my hands need a good moisturizer Nov 1, 2012
Connie M: hands look and feel really old Nov 1, 2012
marjorie t: 5 star rating Nov 1, 2012
Jean K: Know I like it. Nov 1, 2012
Valerie B: Dry skin Nov 1, 2012
Darryl B: My hands get very dry. Worth a try to see if your product works! Oct 31, 2012
Jerri J: I want to try it out. Oct 31, 2012
Andrea L: Looked interesting Oct 31, 2012
Sandra S: My hands need help! Oct 31, 2012
Stephanie S: For my sister's bday present. Perfect for winter. Oct 30, 2012
Laura H: One of my favorite products. I travel a lot and this is perfect to take with me. Oct 30, 2012
clifford m: 1 of 6 choices that was allowed Oct 29, 2012
Colleen G: emergency stash for my suitcase Oct 29, 2012
Wayne M: Good Stuff Oct 29, 2012
Roseann K: Winter is coming! Oct 29, 2012
Angela G: Winter time is coming. I'm always look ing for a good hand cream in the wintertime. Oct 28, 2012
k m: I have dry hands and can never find a great hand cream. Oct 28, 2012
patricia J: sounds like a good product Oct 28, 2012
Marilyn K: Extremely dry hands, and looking for solution. Oct 28, 2012
Misty W: To see if this is better than the lotion Oct 28, 2012
joanna r: have dry hands Oct 28, 2012
Leola M: free Oct 28, 2012
Trisha P: I have very dry hands. Oct 28, 2012
marsha s: hands are always dry in winter Oct 28, 2012
Sharon T: Have had so much succes with Midnight Recovery, just believe I'll have similar succes with all products. Oct 27, 2012
Kenneth S: I like hand creams, this one looks different from others I've tried. Oct 27, 2012
Richard W: dry skin in winter Oct 27, 2012
Kimeen S: -to try Oct 27, 2012
Anitra B: I am always looking for a good hand lotion. Oct 27, 2012
ronda s: just wanted to try Oct 27, 2012
Evon B: My hands could use a strong salve. They are often in water.... Oct 26, 2012
patricia m: for my sister who has terribly dry,cracked hands from the work she does Oct 26, 2012
Kimberly V: I have very rough hands and wanted to try this product Oct 26, 2012
Toni L: It was one of the free samples offered, good time to try it out Oct 26, 2012
Teresa H: During the Winter my hands crack and I want to see how much this helps me. Oct 26, 2012
Rebecca H: chronic dry hands Oct 26, 2012
Barbara S: I have very fry hands. Oct 26, 2012
Joan W: Need a better hand cream/salve to hopefully have more youthful looking hands. Oct 26, 2012
Donna H: My daughter is always looking for a superior hand cream because her hands get chapped and the skin breaks. Oct 26, 2012
Marianne B: dry skin on hands. Oct 25, 2012
Karen T: with winter coming, a nice hand cream helps. Hoping this is a good one! Oct 25, 2012
james w: my hands are always dry Oct 25, 2012
Nina C: I'm hoping this really works! Oct 25, 2012
Ruth G: My hands always get very dry in the fall. Oct 25, 2012
Sharon H: to see if I would like it Oct 25, 2012
Shati C: My daughter works with her hands all day and her skin gets dry, so this is for her. Oct 25, 2012
Kimberly B: I love it. Oct 25, 2012
Michelle K: Need something for dry,cracked hans. Oct 25, 2012
Denise M: Need help in the winter with dry hands. Have tried everything Oct 25, 2012
Jerrie T: i can be ashy Oct 25, 2012
Anita W: I have dry hands and thought I would try it. Oct 25, 2012
Sharon B: wanted to try product Oct 25, 2012
Jodi L: not something ive used before Oct 24, 2012
Stella G: because once winter starts my hands become very dry - Oct 24, 2012
abdulrahman a: my hands are extremely dry Oct 23, 2012
Barbara M: To see if my "mature" skin likes it! :-) Oct 21, 2012
Beth C: Hands always dry. Normally use Creme de Corps. Wanted to see what I thought Oct 21, 2012
Gerald G: garden a lot and hands get very cracked from dryness Oct 20, 2012
BARTOSZ Z: I have used it before so I know it's good. Oct 18, 2012
Kim G: I have try hands. Love trying new stuff Oct 17, 2012
Barbara R: Very dry hands and cuticules Oct 16, 2012
SUZANNE M: the person i'm buying it for is moving to a very cold climate Oct 16, 2012
Lynette D: Want to know how well it works. Oct 14, 2012
Theresa H: to see how it works Oct 13, 2012
Jennifer F: I am constantly washing my hands, and it can leave them very dry. The reviews on this Hand Salve has me curious of the results. Oct 11, 2012
Sara L: I have extremely dry skin in the winter and this is a good protectant. Oct 9, 2012
Helen Z: Want to try this Oct 8, 2012
Lucy G: Handy to carry in purse! ;) Oct 7, 2012
Kerri C: Only lotion that I will ever use on my hands...fabulous product! Oct 7, 2012
Gwendolyn K: Curious to see if this works well. Oct 3, 2012
Kevin R: Great Product...but your website is slow Oct 1, 2012
diane g: hands are dry Sep 30, 2012
Anne L: great results Sep 28, 2012
Jessica L: My hands are extremely dry. Sep 27, 2012
Deborah M: I buy a french hand cream from Occident or some such french name. I want to see if yours is as good. Sep 26, 2012
Patricia A V: I work in a stationery store and my hands are always dry. Wanted to try before I invested. Sep 26, 2012
Rebeca B: When I am at work, I wash my hands 50X/day!!! Sep 24, 2012
Gwen M: like to try, because I'm a stay at home mom; always washing my hands... Sep 24, 2012
Afsaneh A: My hands are super dry and I'm always looking for a way to keep them moisturized. Sep 24, 2012
Janet F: FOR MY HUSBAND TO TRY Sep 24, 2012
elizabeth l: best cream Sep 24, 2012
Carrie R: I have excessively dry skin, especially my hands and wanted to try something. Hoping it's moisturizing without being too greasy Sep 24, 2012
John W Jr H: curious Sep 24, 2012
patricia w: works great Sep 24, 2012
Mary M: For travel use. Sep 24, 2012
Melissa P: i need to deep moisturize my hands Sep 24, 2012
judy l: want to see if I like it and might order if Ido Sep 24, 2012
Lisa S: My hands are incredibly dry Sep 23, 2012
Cynthia P: Just had a baby so I'm constantly washing my hands. Unfortunately, they are super dry so hoping that this helps restore the moisture in my hands. Sep 23, 2012
Stephanie C: The most wonderful hand treatment in the harshest of winters! Sep 23, 2012
Cheryl S: wanted to try it, I wash my hands a lot & they're very dry Sep 23, 2012
Brittaney S: DRY DRY hands Sep 22, 2012
Susa B: love me some hand cream-wanted to try Sep 21, 2012
Susan W: Not sure Sep 21, 2012
Kristan T: Looking for a new moisturizer. Sep 21, 2012
Jay L: wanted to try it Sep 20, 2012
Jeannie D: dry hands Sep 20, 2012
cynthia r: love this cream really works! Sep 20, 2012
Nathanael L: dry hands Sep 19, 2012
roberta c: great hand lotion Sep 19, 2012
Qian Z: This one is really good for winter. I already buy a full size one, jst want to give this to my friend. Sep 19, 2012
elaine m: Have never tried it but I am looking forward to using it with winter coming. Sep 19, 2012
Angela E: Always have dry hands and want to try this Sep 18, 2012
lisa b: wanted to try Sep 18, 2012
Lillian R J: Want to try for night hand cream w/ gloves Sep 18, 2012
Prggy W: My hands never felt so good as when using the salve. Sep 16, 2012
Kim R: Good product. Sep 16, 2012
Candace W: I have very dry skin and I want to see how it works Sep 13, 2012
Sonni K: wanted to try for future purchase Sep 12, 2012
KWEI FONG C: My friend t
told me that;s good
Sep 12, 2012
Yuxiang L: wanna try it, considering change a hand cream brand Sep 12, 2012
Patricia S: have dry skin...want to try Sep 10, 2012
Lena D: Love this product! Sep 10, 2012
Barbara O: I garden and thought this would be good for my hands. Sep 9, 2012
Betty V: wanted to try Sep 6, 2012
Susan R: Hands are dry, but I am not fond of this Does not work for me Sep 4, 2012
Jackie H: I get really dry hands and wanted to try this out. Sep 4, 2012
YUMI I: it really good stuff, so i wanna bring it to my trip Sep 3, 2012
Eleanor S: i'm always looking for a new lotion to help with my dry hands and nail beds. Aug 28, 2012
Paula L: I want to try a product that is top-strength to help with dry hands. This may be the ticket. Aug 28, 2012
Barbara J: Nothing seems to help the dryness in my hands. Hoping this will do the trick. I love to cook and find that I wash my hands far too much. They have become dry and wrinkly. Aug 28, 2012
Paul S: Great product. Best hand moisturizer on the market Aug 26, 2012
Lynn B: My hands become painfully dry in the winter. Aug 26, 2012
jennifer o: great for dry hand recovery Aug 26, 2012
Barbie G: my hands have a lot of sun damage. I'm hoping this will make them look better. Aug 26, 2012
Elizabeth P: Cold, dry winter in Maine Aug 26, 2012
Georgia W: have a problem with very dry skin on my hands and feet - want to see if this will work for me. Aug 24, 2012
Mengdie Z: try sth for hands Aug 24, 2012
Marylou P: Excellent moisurizer for the hands, with a pleasant, delicate scent Aug 22, 2012
Jayna M: My husband has very, very dry skin. Hoping this helps! Aug 19, 2012
Heydee M: constant hand washing and harsh hand soaps leave my hands dry. Salve works better than lotion. Aug 17, 2012
Cami R: The best hand cream ever! Aug 12, 2012
Elizabeth C: great for feet Aug 9, 2012
Judith S: Dry hands-wanted to try sample first. Aug 8, 2012
Sheila N: I work a lot in the yard and wanted to see how this product handled my dry and sometimes cracked hands. Aug 6, 2012
Diana A: sample Aug 6, 2012
Patty B: Winter is coming and need something for
dry cracked fingers to try.
Aug 5, 2012
Esther S: I wanted to try it. Aug 5, 2012
Pamela F: fulfills a special need Aug 5, 2012
Elaine B: I have purchased this item in the past. Great item! Aug 5, 2012
Jessica K: Need good hand salve for dry, cracked hands Aug 4, 2012
Stephanie S: To have my dad try Aug 4, 2012
Valerie O: My hands are always dry. Aug 2, 2012
Joan L: Great hand salve, rids dryness and wrinkles on top of hands. Aug 2, 2012
Gahl B: I have dry hands and am always on the look-out for something to help them. Aug 2, 2012
andres g: my hands usually crack and my fingers split on winter time, now my hands never crack or split any more Aug 2, 2012
Don B: to try it Aug 1, 2012
Margaret R: Very wrinkled skin on my hands. Aug 1, 2012
pam g: I did choose this for my complimentary samples a couple of times and it never showed on my order.. can you add it for me please? Jul 30, 2012
Deborah F: Good to have during harsh weather. Jul 29, 2012
BARBARA H: wanting to try Jul 29, 2012
Kim O: To try. Jul 29, 2012
Deborah G: I want to see if it improves my gardening hands. Jul 28, 2012
Ruth D. N: useful for travel Jul 26, 2012
Staci B: I used the sample last time and I LOVED it! Jul 26, 2012
ROBERT M: I got this sample for my wife. She loves the way the hand salve absorbs into her skin and does not feel greasy. I do not use hand creams or salves myslelf but I agree that this one is very effective at softening my wife's hands. Jul 26, 2012
Buffy T: Wanted to try for dry hands Jul 25, 2012
darlene s: hard working gardening hands Jul 25, 2012
Danelle A: my hands are super dray so I want to try Jul 19, 2012
bridget w: Wonderful for mature hands Jul 19, 2012
Lisa M: I do a lot of yardwork and work in a public library. Consequently, my hands are calloused and dry from washing them so frequently. This product does the trick to rejuvenate them. Jul 17, 2012
David O: wanted to try it first Jul 17, 2012
Staci B: I have eczema and my hands suffer the most. I have problems finding things that work and products that don't irritate my skin. This product did not contain any of those things that normally irritate my skin! Jul 17, 2012
Linda L: I can use these when I travel. Jul 16, 2012
JAN C: Never used before, wanted to try Jul 16, 2012
Anne A: Wanted to try it. Jul 16, 2012
Daniel D: I have very dry hands Jul 16, 2012
YANGYANG W: Absorb so quickly! Jul 16, 2012
Carol K: Need something for very dry hands in the winter. Jul 16, 2012
Diana S: like to try Jul 15, 2012
I. Jeanne R: I use it - want to give to a friend to try. Jul 15, 2012
jody k: hands are severely damaged from outdoor work this summer Jul 14, 2012
Judith B: Always on the look out for a good hand cream. Jul 14, 2012
Debra B: I work in the yard alot with my hands, so they take a beating. I wanted to try the hand salve. Jul 13, 2012
Jonathan E: Sounded good Jul 13, 2012
Erin S: I am always on the lookout for a good hand cream Jul 12, 2012
Sam W: I haven't found a better product for delaing with my rough hands after brewing beer, wood working or other activites that are hard on my hands. Jul 11, 2012
Stephanie S: Thinking of letting my parents try Jul 11, 2012
Ruby W: Dry hands in water quite a bit. Jul 11, 2012
Dana L: I work with my hands as a farmer & animal groomer! This helps with protection & recovery Jul 11, 2012
Katherine K: Gift for my son in law Jul 11, 2012
Patricia N: Purse size Jul 10, 2012
janice m: hand wrinkle is just as important and visible about one's age. other body parts can be cover nicely, but hands are exposed during driving, and everyday wear more than other parts of our skin.
i want to try a everyday hand moisturizer that can soak into my dry skin after hand wash.
i washes my had too much , due to my line of work.,
Jul 8, 2012
Autumn M: I have really dry hands and I wanted to see if this would work for me. Jul 8, 2012
Ruth m: I work at the post office and the paper dries my hands to extreme. I hope this helps Jul 8, 2012
Juanita V: My hands are usually somewhat dry after so many washings at work. I thought it might be something to try Jul 7, 2012
Eileen S: Wanted to try it. Sounds good. Jul 6, 2012
Diane F: just started with u and wanted to try all of the samples before chosing Jul 6, 2012
Dana W: chapped hands in the winter--would like to see how efective it might be Jul 5, 2012
Mary Babe H: I love this product. As a sculptor my hands are constantly dried out and this does repair.
I chose this sample so that I could take it on vacation.
Jul 4, 2012
Anita D: sample Jul 3, 2012
Gage F: category i have not tried yet Jul 3, 2012
wendy z: wants to try Jul 2, 2012
Oscar R: My hands get very dry sometimes Jul 2, 2012
Mary H: Good protective cream. Sample handy for travel. Jul 2, 2012
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Jerry M: Love this hand cream. Will take this sample to the office. Jun 30, 2012
Judy N: I garden a lot ! Jun 29, 2012
Rita F: Used in the past. Jun 29, 2012
Anne E: Because I was forced to choose a sample. Jun 29, 2012
Laurie W: In need of a good hand creme Jun 29, 2012
Kelly B: I want to try a new face wash Jun 28, 2012
Peggy L: My husband has very rough hands, like most men probably do. I thought he'd love to try this, then I might buy him a full size. Jun 25, 2012
Maryann C: sample Jun 25, 2012
Tony B: Giving it a try. Jun 25, 2012
Judy H: Looking for a great hand cream. Jun 25, 2012
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Michelle M: Always looking for a good hand cream. Jun 25, 2012
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gregory scott a: one of my mothers favorites.. now for her purse Jun 23, 2012
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Lili S: I have dry hands and I have been very satisfied with all the products of yours so far so I wanted to try this as my sample Jun 21, 2012
Sydney F: i have very dry hands from working in a laboratory Jun 21, 2012
cheryl s: dry feet Jun 19, 2012
KATHLEEN M W: Live in very dry climate - AZ Jun 19, 2012
John K: to try Jun 19, 2012
roberta c: I love this product Jun 17, 2012
A. Suzanne H: wanted to try Jun 17, 2012
Jenna M: I have dry hands and am always looking for a good hand cream Jun 15, 2012
Rita D: I love it Jun 14, 2012
Lynn P: Trying something new. Jun 13, 2012
Rita R: I have extremely dry hands. this moisturizes well without feeling greasy. Jun 13, 2012
Susan K: I knit and crochet. Sometimes the yarn tends to dry my fingers and hands. I keep Kiehl's Hand Salve handy for soothing relief. Jun 11, 2012
Helen Z: Want to try it Jun 11, 2012
Rebeca B: My hands get washed 50-100 Xs per day. Could this help? Jun 11, 2012
Caroline B: Good for travel. Jun 10, 2012
Barbara H: We like the lip balm, wonder if the hand cream is as good. Jun 10, 2012
Karen I: My hands are dry and I wanted to try something new to see if there would be a difference. Jun 9, 2012
Katherine H: Great product Jun 9, 2012
Anita J: I've used it before and like it. Jun 8, 2012
Henrieta L: The best hand cream available for dry hands Jun 8, 2012
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Patricia S: That way he can try more products and if he likes it he will buy a bigger container. Jun 7, 2012
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