Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque

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Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Shearee G: It was requested by the her of the ultra facial cleanser user. Aug 30, 2014
Rebecca C: i need to try this again Aug 21, 2014
Rhonda C: TO TRY Jun 22, 2014
Eileen S: never tried it Jun 1, 2014
Jeanne L: This is a great product. I noticed results overnight! May 4, 2014
Betty J: trying it for the first time Apr 18, 2014
Ayako H: Because I want to use some special treatment at night time. Mar 23, 2014
Christina M: I wanted to try it. Feb 27, 2014
Meili j: Never use that before try something new Feb 25, 2014
Jiyan L: want to have a try Feb 24, 2014
Amy W: Interested in trying the product. Feb 24, 2014
Lourdes D: wanted to try it Feb 24, 2014
Elisabeth Y: need a good masque. wanted to try for the hydrating purposes. Feb 22, 2014
cristina b: i love this product!!! it makes my skin feel soft and rejuvenated Feb 20, 2014
Betsy C: It makes my skin eel very smooth! Feb 20, 2014
Bingxin F: my skin gets dry in cold weather Feb 18, 2014
Rebecca S: I love masks! Can't wait to try it on my winter dry skin! Feb 18, 2014
Matt M: Minnesota winter...need moisturizing help Feb 18, 2014
Shoshana Z: I have desert-ravaged skin and am intrigued. Feb 18, 2014
Sunny H: Just try. Feb 18, 2014
Stephanie M: Having issue with dry skin due to really harsh winter - hoping this will help. Feb 17, 2014
Jiang Y: I want to try it. Feb 17, 2014
Dale K: sounded interesting Feb 17, 2014
YEJIA X: friend recommended Feb 17, 2014
Maddie C: I've never tried it before and it sounds nice Feb 17, 2014
karen l: would like to try Feb 17, 2014
Lauren W: Wanted to try Feb 17, 2014
Mary C: Have yet to try this product, but I enjoy the other items in the product line. Feb 17, 2014
lisa d: wanted to try it Feb 16, 2014
RUI C: I need it Feb 15, 2014
Heather W: Can't wait to try this Feb 15, 2014
Jacqui R: Want to try Feb 13, 2014
julie s: I have the most sensitive and dry skin. I would love anything to make my skin feel better. I have had good luck with kiehls products in the past. So this is an easy way to try something I might love Feb 12, 2014
Sonia P: Don't know just want to try Feb 11, 2014
beverly l: Want to try hydration Feb 11, 2014
Elaine B: bought this, loved results, want my sister to try this Feb 10, 2014
Larissa F: kiels hydration products are superior on hydration to other lines Feb 10, 2014
Hayeon P: I wanted to try the masque from Kiehl. Feb 10, 2014
Caron S: Something new to try Feb 10, 2014
Nancy S: free promo code in e-mail Feb 9, 2014
Jane H: Dry skin Feb 9, 2014
Linda M: Try Feb 9, 2014
K M: i want to see how it works for my skin Feb 9, 2014
cathy a w: gift Feb 8, 2014
April R: Feels good Feb 8, 2014
Chia Chia T: Hydrate Feb 7, 2014
padtaraluck p: just want to try Feb 6, 2014
Yinghuey T: new product tryout Feb 6, 2014
Alexandra L: I like masques and don't buy them but like samples Feb 6, 2014
Denghui X: RECOMMENDED Feb 6, 2014
Leanne J: wanted to try Feb 5, 2014
S S: it's so good Feb 5, 2014
Ashley N: free w/ purchase Feb 4, 2014
SHIRLEY M: Want to try hydrating mask Feb 4, 2014
Jennifer H: Will try it Feb 4, 2014
Janine D: He likes facial masks. Feb 4, 2014
Vanessa Y: Trying Feb 4, 2014
Nancy F: Interested in something new Feb 4, 2014
Betty S: To try it out. Feb 3, 2014
Deborah S: First time trying it! Will let you know! Feb 3, 2014
lisa t: to see if it works. Feb 3, 2014
Lee Rhea J: I have drying skin, especially in the winter. Need to add more moisture to my face Feb 3, 2014
Diane H: Dry skin Feb 2, 2014
joyce a: Would like 2 try Feb 2, 2014
Frankie O: Something new for me to try from Kiehls since I've qualified for the additional samples. Feb 2, 2014
Jianghong H: Want try it Feb 2, 2014
Julia M: skin feels so dry need help Feb 2, 2014
JingJing H: Try it Feb 1, 2014
Celina T: I want to see if I would like this product. Feb 1, 2014
Karen L: Love all Kiel's products,they do what they say they do Feb 1, 2014
Lin M: to try an overnight mask to see whether it is strong enough tor the dry winter in Denver Feb 1, 2014
Lin X: Try new product Feb 1, 2014
Deborah K: I have very dry skin and want to see if this will help me feel less tight Feb 1, 2014
Holly M: checking out your products Feb 1, 2014
Suzanne K: need good masque. Jan 31, 2014
Jane B: just trying Jan 31, 2014
Nicola Y: I have never tried a hydrating masque before. Jan 31, 2014
Therese W: Love it!! Jan 31, 2014
Samantha L: I want to try it Jan 28, 2014
sandra s: going to try it Jan 28, 2014
TORANCE L: never tried before Jan 26, 2014
JIALIE Y: Because I am finding a proper masque for me Jan 26, 2014
Sylvia W: Like the other Ultra Facial products Jan 26, 2014
Keena C: Sounds great! Jan 25, 2014
Amanda A: I live in Wisconsin and the winter weather is really taking a toll on my skin. I wanted to try a new facial masque to see how it works and how my skin reacts to it before I purchase it. Jan 24, 2014
Frances K: A mask to wear over night Jan 23, 2014
Erin P: I work outside and my skin is subject to the harsh elements. I'm eager to see the results of a hydrating treatment overnight. Jan 23, 2014
Kendra P: I'd like to try some of your masks and treatments before purchasing. Jan 23, 2014
Sujeong A: Always been wanting to try this one out. Jan 22, 2014
Jennifer B: I don't generally put stuff on my face before I sleep but I thought I would give it a try. Jan 20, 2014
Sarah F: dry skin Jan 20, 2014
sara g: looking to try a hydrating masque, so happy to give this on a try. Jan 19, 2014
Jingwen L: i want to try it Jan 15, 2014
Kathy L: like ultra cream Jan 15, 2014
Gina M: To try Jan 13, 2014
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